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Feb., Not a Good Month of Running Practice

Today is the last day of Feb. and I didn't have much chance to do my regular running exercises. There are three reasons involved: 1- The running track is most of the time – actually the best time of the day – occupied by different teams. Yesterday it was occupied from 6 to 9, the time most of the athletes are willing to run. Today it was occupied by Canmore Eagles from 4 to 5 and that was fortunately only the 2 inside lanes and then from 6 to 9 again by others. 2- I was sick for a few days and couldn't attend my regular exercises. 3- I had a trip to BC and that took 3 days from me. So I only had 9 days this month and got my best time ( 10:59:574 ) in this month. I only made 6 laps and got tired soon. I also noticed that my wrist watch’s pin is gone today. Actually I lost its guard, the plastic ring that protects the watch from shocks a few days ago when I was in BC and today the pin that makes you able to switch between the options was gone and I’m no longer able to use


I flew to Vancouver in the early morning of Sat. to meet with A. J. and talk about the job offer he made a few weeks ago when we were talking on the net or phone. He’s running a small construction company and has a few projects in hand. There are two big houses in district of Squamish , a small town between Vancouver and Whistler , which are about to be finished. He has bought two old houses in the same town which are going to be demolished and rebuilt after he gets building permit form the municipality. A few more old houses in other parts of great Vancouver have been bought and they are all going to be re-built soon. What he wants me to do is to work as a kind of project coordinator or project controller for him. You could also call it site supervisor. I really am tired of this shity life now and all I want to do is to work for a few months or years and then go back home and may be live there happily forever! Loneliness is the worst part of my life. At the same time A. J. and so

Bad Luck or What?

Ioana from Randstad called me last week and said that there was a possible opportunity as a Maintenance Assistant and asked if I was willing to try that. My answer was positive. She sent me all the information through e-mail. The interview was set for yesterday, Tue., Feb.20. At first I was wondering why it is set for Tue. and not Mon. Then I found out that Mon. is Family Day and a statutory holiday in Alberta . When I went to the Government building regarding the problem I had with an employer, I was quite surprised: Half of the building was closed! That’s a Government building and because that was not a national holiday, they were working although it was very quite. There were only 1 or 2 customers around. At the same time some provincial employees work in the same building and they were off! Same story in the city: Banks and companies were closed but Canada Post mail deliverers were working because they are Federal Government employees. Anyways that was the story of Famil

An Slow Process

I contacted my file manager a few times and as I didn’t receive an answer, decided to go to the recruiting centre and see what is going on. I was told, over there that the person has been moved and there’s a new file manager. They gave me his card. I e-mailed him and there was no answer and then I called twice and left massages. I finally received a reply to my e-mail. I was told that there are missing information and I have to complete that. The said needed information then came in an envelope. When I opened it and went through, I noticed so many syntax errors and funny mistakes. Sofla which is part of my mother’s surname had been changed to Sofia and known as her nickname probably! I used to work for a company called Almase Saz Co. for about a year and I mentioned that in the form. That company turned to be a government company for unknown reasons! My place of birth has been written Iraq instead of Iran and so many other errors! I wrote a letter in three pages and corrected

Degraded to Class 4

I got my class 4 driver’s license after a long struggle with bunch of idiots and fuckers and also after pre-failing(!) my attempt for a class 2! I was doing very well according to what the trainer told me in the first week but then in the first day of the second week, they sent me home because I was not wearing my glasses! And then in the second day, after we finished the daily prectice, they asked me to go home and come back in 3 months (!) if I’m ready enough! That was because I passed 3 red lights (!) and then I was turning right without seeing a car approaching, according to what the trainer said! They also told me that they received a call from Calgary Police Service indicating what I did at the traffic lights! I can try another company which provides the same sort of training for the same job but I’m not goingto. Because first of all they might be in touch with each other and have a kind of black list and secondly I think I’m simply not good at this job. It’s a very risky job e

Religion: The Absolute Bullcrap in any Format

I had heard a lot about The Last Temptation of Christ years ago when I used to be a university student. I heard that it was even banned in some Christian countries. So once I borrowed that from a friend and watched. Obviously I didn't get much because first of all like most of the movies we used to get in Iran it had a very low sound and picture quality and secondly I was really good at English , I mean considering that it was a good VHS tape, I wouldn't be able to understand much. And the last but not the most, I had to watch it, hiding from my family because of the explicit scenes in the movie. I really didn't find what the director or the writer; Nikos Kazantzakis wants to say, in a nutshell. I rented the DVD finally the weekend before and got completely disappointed. That’s one hundred bullshit. The movie or the book is obviously is an autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth , a Jew (Why is a Jew become a prophet for Christians ? I don’t know!), who all of a sudden b


I was driving to gym yesterday and it was not really bad, the road and the weather. As I was approaching 39 Ave. , I noticed that when I push on accelerator, it really doesn’t work. It doesn’t boost the engine. That was strange because it had never happened before. I thought that’s because of the cold weather and the engine is still not warm enough. That could be the reason. I was in lane 2 and all of a sudden the engine went off! My goodness! I didn’t even have control over the steering wheel! I turned my right signal, checked the mirror, did shoulder check, fortunately there were not too many cars behind me and lane one was clear. There was only a truck and he was a cautious driver. I turned right to 39 Ave. and parked a few meters away from intersection while turned the key back! I sighed. That was close. If it was a weekday or a busy day, I’d be in real trouble. I waited for a minute inside the car and then ignited the engine. It started! I simply turned to the first back alley a

Mullah Nasreddin

Mullah Nasreddin is a fictitious comedian which is known in different cultures by different names. The factual accuracy of his existence is disputed. I remember the funny jokes related to the events of his daily life when I was still in primary. One little funny joke which is applicable to the situation of the Government of Canada is this one: Mullah Nasreddin was seen poking his balls with a big needle! He was asked why he was doing this to himself, making such a misery! He said that he didn’t have anything to do and he was bored, so thought it would be better to do something that makes him a little busy and excited! The Government of Canada sometimes is so busy with the problems it makes for itself, the problems that are not the nation’s issues, which actually deflects it from what it’s supposed to do. Arar case was the recent issue that the Government was involved in and that not only made the RCMP ’s chief to resign but also cost about $M 10.5 to the taxpayers! Stephan

Freezing Rain

 Freezing rain is probably one of the worst whether conditions in North America . There are actually many different ones(!) but I haven’t experienced them all yet. Today I dealt with Freezing Rain and I was quite ready and conquered it. The first time it happened and I was driving, I was so frustrated and that was stupid because I didn’t know what to do! I turned around, parked and went home! Today I was going to the gym and there were snow all over the car. So I took out the new snow scraper/brush I had bought recently and started cleaning the windshield, windows, etc. Damn it! That was so hard to be removed. The snow would be removed easily and then there was a thin film of ice on the windshield. That took extra effort and time to be removed. Then I started the engine and drove to the gym. In this case you have to turn your defogger on and put it on high, while your wipers are on as well. And I did. Even an old car like mine would be fine. But that’s much worse than snow or a

The Last is the Best

I didn’t go for my regular exercises to Talisman yesterday because I had to go for my medical exams and I waited for almost 2 hours to be examined by the physician. Fortunately Salim , the other applicant drove me there which is actually too far from my place and I took the train and went back home. But the two days before that I had my last day of running exercise in Talisman and I scored big: 11:04:445 and that’s really good starting this Jan., as I mentioned earlier, I’m doing the real 2.4 Km. Also this month I decided to use a different type of chart to present my performance and also promise that I will have a complete analysis soon. (Photo: Jan. running exercise is depicted here in this bar chart. Although I didn't go to gym for about more than 9 days but still was able to do the exercise for 11 days and get a very good result at the end)