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Visiting a Valuable Friend

I just came home. I met Mr. T. in the same gym and after that we went to a bar next to Marlborough and had wing and beer and talked about life in Canada . He gave me good pieces of advises. I felt a bit dizzy and drunk 'cause I usually don't drink. We had a couple of pints.

Beef Jerky

I remember the first days I came to Canada I used to go to a Mac’s convenience store with The Brave , where a Pakistani middle aged man, Tariq runs it. He's a good man, a geologist who had to retire early because of a problem with his heart. I saw things, packed and vacuumed, looks like fruit bar we have in Iran , called Lavashak and I also bought in Damascus once, but a bit thicker. I found out what it was later but just tried some today, B eef Jerky . Andrew   F. offered me some and it’s really tasty. It’s jerked beef and as I said vacuumed. Jerked mean it’s given sudden trust or push. You can find it with different flavors. The product is expensive as we found, almost $6 for a 80 g. pack but it worth it. I know it’s usual in Iran and may be some other countries to keep meat ready to eat while there’s no special place to keep it like a fridge. I’ll buy some next time I go to Safeway . (Photo: I randomly selected this photo of vacuumed Jerky from Internet and put i

Canadian Budget 2004: Will It Help The Liberals?

The Federal Government ’s finance minister, Ralph Goodale , presented 2004 budget yesterday. The Liberals hope it helps them to win the incoming election. Many opposition MPs don’t buy it and say there’s no concern about Canada’s priorities. The following is some highlights (Comments in brackets are from me): • This is the 7th consecutive balanced budget, with projected surplus of $1.9 billion for 2003-04 which must go to the $510 billion debt. • The government promises accountability and integrity regarding the recent scandals!! • Government to identify $3 billion in annual saving within four years. • Re-establishes a comptroller general to oversee all government spending!! • Reduces debt-to-GDP ratio to 25% in 10 years. • $7 billion over 10 years for cities by rebating GST. • $4 billion is assigned to clean up contaminated areas across the country in 10 years. (It means the country must be really contaminated by different toxic and I don’t know may be chemicals) • About $680 millio

Are They Too Optimist?

After a 4-0-2 series, the Flames was very hopeful to beat the Predators at the Saddledome , last Sat. but they lost to them 1-3 and Suter , the head coach and Oliwa , the Polish defence man , were suspended for 2 and 3 games, respectively. Tonight the Stars was the guest and again the Flames was beaten 0-4. They are sixth in the western conference with 86 points from 75 games and have to face the Coyotes and the Sharks this Wed. and Thu. as road games.

Norooz (2004)

It's Norooz today here in this side of the globe and it was yesterday in Iran . I received e-mails from my cousins Mehrdad and Kamran but didn't send many to my friends as I'm so bored. I just sent one to that girl in Down Under , Parastoo and she replied very shortly. Also one was sent to my previous love(!), Sara in L. A. but haven't received a response from her yet. In the afternoon sent e-mails to my grand-cousins (If I may say) F. R. in IN . and F. S. in Waterloo (In fact he's my double grand cousin!) and also one to my Canadian  fella  Andrew , describing a bit of Norooz to him. I didn't even call home(!), my cousin in Vancouver and many other friends, around. Keiv , Hekmat (The Esfahani man) and also R. T. called me but I didn't pick the phone! This is considered one of the worst Norooz that I've ever had. Note: Distant cousin is the correct term for a son or daughter of a cousin. (Feb. 06)

Unpredictable Weather

Calgary ’s weather is crazy. If you pay no attention to the forecasts, you’ll be in trouble, catch cold and your time we’ll be wasted. Like last Fri. I was goin’ to grocery shoppin’ and had not enough on. Soar throat, headache, runny nose was the conclusion, which lasted to Sun. night. Keiv finally told me to get something from Safeway drugstore. A powder called NeoCitran , with different flavors for different symptoms. And that worked as Tylenol had no effect on me. (I might have needed a higher doze!) It’s snowing right now while it was sunny and windy at noon and partly cloudy in the afternoon!

How Unlucky Am I? (1)

I received a letter from Quality Certification Bureau Inc. today, indicating that they keep my resume in their file for six months and if there's an opportunity, they'll let me know! the company is an Edmonton based, which I applied for a position in Quality field, last Feb.

A Good Lesson for Spinards

10 consecutive explosions concluded in nearly 200 people dead and 1600 wounded in Madrid , Spain , last Thu. Spanish government blamed Basque separatist group, ETA but the group denied that. Al-Qaeda is the second suspect, especially after arrasting 3 Moroccans and 2 Indians but no one still knows who did that. Spanish police says a video tape is found in a garbage bin near the largest mosque in Madrid (!!)which claims responsibility for the attack but I don't trust nobody in such stories. The Al-Qaeda related group, as it's said blames Spanish government for his support to war in Iraq . Spanish prime minister was the second person after Tony Blair , who announced Spain 's support to war in Iraq , last year. I remember when the world was getting ready for the American led invasion to Iraq , last year, you could see Jose Maria Aznar standing besides George W. Bush and sucking up to him! Recent election ended his reign, yesterday I guess, and the new prime ministe

A Career in Qatar

I applied for a job in Qatar through a recruiter in Calgary , last Sat. and when I checked my mail box the before found a form that I was asked to fill it out for that position. And that was sent on Wed. So basically it means I’m one of the candidates for the position because obviously they reviewed all the resumes in two days and then sent me the form. I think this one is gone as I responded late and also I don’t have my PR card which will make problem when I leave Canada and wanna return.

He Deserves It

NHL suspended Todd Bertuzzi for the rest of the regular season and also the Playoffs for attacking the Colorado Avalanche 's centre, Steve Moore . But that’s not all. The Vancouver Canucks is fined $250,000 and Bertuzzi ’s eligibility for next season will be determined by NHL commissioner before the start of trainings. He also deprived of $500,000 by losing at least 17 games, if the Canucks make the playoffs and go through the first round. (Photo: Bertuzzi weeping during his apology to Moore and the public, yesterday. Is he crying for the poor guy or the punishment waiting for him?)

Bertuzzi in Real Trouble

I wrote about Todd Bertuzzi , The Vancouver Canucks right wing and his violence. This time he did something that made me to doubt his sanity. Colorado Avalanche was in Vancouver , the night before as a regular game of NHL season. It was a one-sided game which ended to a 9-2 win for the Avs . Steve Moore , the Colorado Avalanche centre got a heavy punch on his neck, from behind, by Bertuzzi , which made him ended up in a Vancouver hospital with a neck fracture and concussion. Bertuzzi suspended from the game indefinitely. He made an apology to Moore and the public tonight, while standing with his wife and weeping. NHL officials will announce their decision about him, tomorrow. Bertuzzi , 6' 3" (1.90 m) and 245 (110 Kg) is originally from Sudbury , Ontario , started his career in 1993 with the N. Y. Islanders . (Photo: This image, taken from TV shows the moment before Moore receives Bertuzzi's gift!)

An Al-Qaeda Family; Do You Believe This Story?

There was a documentary on CBC last week for two nights. Abdul-Rahman Khadr who came to Canada last Oct. and claimed he has been recently released by Americans from Guantánamo , Cuba , and denied any relationship with Al-Qaeda , told another story, a full long one, which took almost 2 hours. A. R. (Stands for Abdul-Rahman from now on) said once to the reporters that he was trained not in an Al-Qaeda camp, but in an Al-Qaeda related camp!!! Obviously it’s nonsense and might just be used to fool Canadians and Americans and such people ‘cause everybody knows there’s no difference between these two terms. The documentary sets in two places, A. R.’s Mom and sister ( Zaynab ) in Islam-Abad and A. R. in Toronto . First of all he claimed that his father, who was killed by Pakistani troops, last Oct. was a very close friend to Osama Bin-Laden and they used to live in a compound with Bin-Laden ’s family in late 90’s. He also said that his father fought against Russians in 80’s


I watched Spiderman last night. It’s a good movie. The Base of the story is the same as Batman, Superman and other fictitious American creatures. Good against bad, Nice against evil. But the special effects and cool and calm characteristics of Tobey Maguire as Spiderman and beauty and jolliness of Kristen Dunst makes the movie an interesting one. I enjoyed that. It also reminded me of Spiderman animation used to be on Iranian TV when I was 8 or 9, before the Revolution. I barely remember the stories but the theme song and some scenes r still in my mind, clearly. The second part will be in theatres on July.02.04. I’ll catch it. (Photo: Kristen Dunst in a scene of the movie. She'll perform in the second part too)

Turek on Waiver List

Roman Turek the No. 1 Czech net minder of Calgary Flames was put on waiver list last Wed. by the team after losing the starting goaltender job to a Finnish , Kiprusoff . He just appeared in 15 game this season with a record of 4-10. Turek 's contract for this season is US $4.25 million , following by US $5 million for next year and US $5.75 million for 05-06. What the Flames is gonna do with this huge contract is not clear yet. The funny thing is Kiprusoff had a 5-1 loss to the Stars after being replaced! He only make US $880,000 !


Elena , the gorgeous Russian angel usu. writes me every day unless she’s not in her hometown, that's mostly when she goes to visit her grandma. I still don’t know where she lives. It could be somewhere close to Moscow . Today she responded to my e-mail, where I asked how her travel was and the interesting thing is she always writes from a cyber-cafĂ©. What is written by her is interesting and also strange. It’s indicated that they jump over bonfires and they believe that the bad things of them transfer to the fire by doing this. We, Iranians have the same belief and celebrate the last Wed. of our solar year and jump over bonfire exactly like them and say: I want your colour red comes to me and want my colour yellow goes to you, which colour red of the fire denotes health and wealth and colour yellow of the human symbolizes sickness, unhappiness and distressfulness. The said ceremony called Chahar-Shanbe-Suri which is 2 weeks from now.