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Soylent Green

The story of Soylent Green goes back to almost 12 years ago , when I was in high school. A friend of mine who I call him The Little Mouse here was a big movie watcher. He actually is the one who had a big impression on me. You know what they say: It takes a village to raise a child. He was part of the village. But obviously way behind my parents. Anyways one day he told me about the movie he had recently seen and called it green biscuit, narrated it a bit to me. I forgot that and never recalled it until last week. I was talking to my love and she said that she just had finished her breakfast. I asked her what she had had and she said tea and biscuit. I said mentioned to her that she should have nutritious breakfast for example, egg, butter, cheese, honey, baked beans and so on and suddenly there was a spark in my head: I asked her if she had green biscuit for her breakfast and she asked what green biscuit was. I told her all I knew. I said that someone’s investigation leads to fin

A Rare and Beautiful Scene

I was on the bus on my way home and was dead tired and sad too. I was tired 'cause had not enough sleep but was dark and gloomy because no matter what I do, it just doesn't help to get somewhere. That's a different story and I'll talk about that later. Anyways in one stop two guys boarded; both young, Caucasian , in their mid or late 20s and probably labourers. They sat in front of each other in the back part of the bus and started a chat. That didn't get much attention as it's something everyone does. Another guy, probably the same age, got on a few stops later, same features: young, Caucasian , clearly shorter than the other two guys and a bit older. These are the things that I noticed later because he first came in like everyone else and didn't make any impression but here, when he was passing the guy who was sitting before me, kicked him hard on his foot! I, first of all, didn't get surprised and thought they were buddies or simply co-workers.

Thick Fog

Fog is another weather phenomena that could be seen here in Canada and specially Brit”SHIT” Columbia as a result of high humidity in the air. There was a very thick one yesterday evening in White Rock . S. T. said that it was because of air pollution, like the one in 1950s in London, England but obviously not as bad as that one! That smog which stayed over London for only a few days, killed thousands of Londoners . This one was near no danger, at least to my knowledge but was very hard to drive in. I had slow down and open my eyes widely. Vision was very limited. The picture might say it all. (Photo: I took this picture using my camera phone, not because I like taking photos by that. Just because it's handy. It was yesterdays evening and you can see the light beam in the thick fog. I'm behind the wheel. Can easily tell the thickness of fog)

Free Case of Beer

I finished my work out today and was heading to the post office nearby to get a parcel and heard somebody was yelling in the parking lot of the building. People usually avoid such things but I walked right to the guy! First I thought he was drunk or mentally ill but when he got close I found out that he was calling his dog. He asked me if I had seen it and I said I had not. He then asked me if I needed beer! I had a case of beer in his hands and he was going to through it to the waste been. We were standing by it and were talking. I took a can out and asked if they were expired. He said that his wife bought them today and he just didn’t want them. I took two more and he added that his wife was an alcoholic and he, himself was an alcoholic and didn’t want any booze in his house. “Take them all” he added and left me while yelling his dogs name. Poor guy. Many people here have problem with alcohol, cigarette and drugs. I actually was going to get something to drink. I’ve been thinking of

Patriot Games

I eventually watched one of the movies today which I heard about a long time ago: Patriot Games . It’s one of the numerous movies that Harrison Ford has the leading role and of course defeats all the bad guys eventually and wins. In the beginning I thought it was a Cold War movie but then it turned to be an IRA -related one. He has another one on that matter: The Devil’s Own . Ford is as good as every movie and the story is unpredictable and kind of makes you to chase it but I don’t think that’s one of the movies that I like to add to my collection, unless it’s a free download! One thing that’s mentioned in the movie and is something that I’ve never thought of and could be true is Libya ’s desert is a great training camp for all the oppositions groups from every corner of the world. They could hide there with no suspicious and no one but CIA and only using high-tech equipment could ever find them. Shining Path , IRA and German Red Army are amongst the groups that are named i

Israeli Produce

Israel says that he has reached the objectives of his operations and now is willing to have a ceasefire, after 3 weeks. I don’t know what Hamas says and I don’t care. I just appreciate what Israel did to those bastards. They all supported Saddam in the 8-year Iran-Iraq War and named him a hero after his death. I don’t want to write or think more about that but I bought a bell paper from Price Smart Foods this week and that a produce of Israel and organic!! Can you imagine that? Vegetable come from Israel ??!! Isn’t that any other way to get that thing here in North America ?! Sometimes I see things that can’t describe them. Just unbelievable!


In this struggling economic world of today which everybody’s trying to resort to whatever available to survive, one car dealer I heard that from the radio when I was at work yesterday presented a new offer: The offer says if the buyer loses his or her job one year after buying the vehicle, the vehicle could be returned! Isn’t that good? Vehicle sales have dropped sharply in the US , Canada and Europe and that caused many problems for the communities and related industries. One other offer I read in the paper and is not as attractive as this one was purchasing two vehicles, a big luxury sedan and a mid-size 4-door pick-up truck for a price of almost $41,000 . No payment for 90 days, the first two months on us, No GST and many other offers are advertised these days to encourage people to buy vehicles. (Photo: A bus full of passengers, mostly poor refugees from East and South-East Asia in the afternoon of Fri., in the worst city of Lower Mainland, Surrey. The temperature is above zero a

The National Post

I don’t know if I’ve ever written anything about the National Post but it’s a media for Jews and anti- Muslims . at the time, should be mentioned that they are reflecting the other side’s opinion’s as well. I sometimes buy it ‘cause it has good articles and news from around the world. Conrad Black is its founder, the person who was trialed and is spending his time in prison now. Black ’s story is a complicated one and I didn’t follow and not goin’ to say it here but one cartoon in the yesterday's issue of the Post is very interesting and you can see it here. This one, I believe it. Hamas and other Muslim fundamentalists don’t care about their family, kids and their own people. They fight for their ideology. So as the cartoon says they hide in the residential buildings, mosques, hospitals and schools, but I think that’s what everybody else would do. Weren’t the partisans hiding in the houses and schools and hospitals during the WWII ? Or Vietnamese in the houses and everyw

The Worst Month

Dec.’s Cooper Test practice was the worst. I only went to the gym 6 days and 1 out of that 6 times I couldn’t even finish the exercise! Sickness, tiredness and bad working schedule could be is blamed. The result could be seen in the above column chart. Hopefully 2009 is better than '08 in all aspects including exercise.