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Stupid Sign

I don't understand this system: Are you giving them a break or what? I took the above photo in one of the main parking lots in Calgary and that's warn the thieves of the possibility of being caught while doing their usual business. Nevertheless I don't think these guys who are actually professionals would ever be distracted or misled by these bites. Yes may be in the beginning but not now. (Photo: This picture is taken in an LRT parking lot in the town. The judicial system here in Canada encourages you to do more and little punishments help you to go to where there are lots of opportunities to get trained in different crimes and have enough rest to be able to go back to society!)

If You Can't Feel The Cold, You're Dead!

Calgary is cold again and even me who never complains about the weather was cursing the heavens and earth today! That's because I went out and the damn LRT was out of service for part of the line so I and of course everybody else had to wait for the damn shuttle bus and it was snowing with the regular wind of Calgary ! So I took the train and went to Bridgeland Station and took the train for home from there. So I bring the above expression up! (Photo: I took this photo from the overpass in Bridgeland while it was snowing and the wind blowing! That is supposed to be Bow Valley and you can see Calgary Tower in the back!)

Marble Slab

One place that I don't mind spend money when I'm out is Marble Slab . I know it's full of sugar and fat and is not probably good for me but I've already tried that 2 times. I guess I'm goin' for the third time this week. The one that I've been to is in Chinook Center . You pay a bit more than $6 and get a big pint with three scoops and some toppings. Whatever you get just don't try its Peanut Butter-Banana because it didn't taste real to me. Green Tea, Dark Chocolate and Blueberry is good but overall I don't know how real they are. Nevertheless I will be enjoying it until I find a better ice cream or buy my own ice cream maker. (Photo: These are the cakes from Marble Slab. They look really tempting but have not tried them yet. They must be some $24 and up each, competing with T& T cakes in price. I haven't tried those ones either!)


How many mistakes do you think you can find in this little note? Consider grammar, spelling and punctuation. Prize: Free ride on C-train this coming Tue. from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 4th St. SW to 7th St. SW. (Photo: Don't ask me who wrote that. I only can tell you that the person is not aware of the possible mistakes done!)

If It Ain't Cold, It Ain't Calgary

The temperature plunged down again in Calgary a few days ago after a short break. It's now -17 C and sunny but was really cold when we were out last night. I was walking to a Safeway to get something for my dinner and there was absolutely nobody on the streets as far as the eyes could see! It was some -20 C plus the windchil which makes it much colder. I was mostly fine in my Columbia and had my earmuffs on, althogh had nothing underneath a regular pair of pants. My face and typically the nose was the area of concern. I could feel that liquid inside my nose was frozen! But overall I was fine. Mike whom I spent a few hours with him before the shopping had a hat on, plus gloves and a pajama underneath his pants and was still nagging and complaining! I'll write his story later. (Photo: This image, if you can see, shows a digital board which has both clock and thermometer. It shows the current temperature, a -20 C at the time. I took it from on overpass in the town)

George's Concern

You probably have seen Seinfeld . That is my favorite sitcom. I can't tell which is the best because all of them are great but today something reminded me of George Costanza played by Jason Alexander . He was once fired from work because he wanted to use his boss's private washroom and he was not allowed to! He pretended to be handicapped in order to be able to use the luxury and specoius washroom of the company, in another job. I'm concerned too. When I want to use the bathroom at work, I rather to have it empty. I feel privacy is invaded while I'm doin' my business if someone is around. Most of the time I got lucky but if I go inside and feel there's anybody using one of the two toilets or the two urinals, I'd rather come back later if I don't feel too much pressure! (Photo: Jason Alexander as George Costanza in a scene from the sitcom Seinfeld)

I Did It!

Remember The School of Rock when Jack Black finishes the first day at work? He's looking at the wall clock and as soon as the big hand touches 3 he jumps up and goes: We Did it! Give Me five and goes to the door while seeking high five from his students. I can't do the same, at least for now, with my colleagues at work and I'm as happy as he is if not more! This fucking stupid job is so fucking boring that sometimes I just wanna jump up and down to help myself from sleeping!

You Don't Need A Patch On Your Arm To Have Honor.

I was thinking of pursuing a police career after just 2 weeks on this job. First of all this job is temporary and who knows they will kick me out. This company is hiring like they're recruiting for Iraq War ! Everybody's welcome! I just saw 3 people joining the company after me! I don't really know how they afford to pay these many! In the other hands I know that if the company has to pay them just for a short period of time, like 2 to 3 years, they won't be a problem. The second reason is all I do, and everybody else does, is sitting at a desk, reading, typing and talking and the most. The majority of time they do nothing! If I don't start my exercises soon, I'll gain lots of weight and my problems with Cholesterol , Fat and Uric Acid start again! Nevertheless the pay is good and according to the contract might be increased. If I join any police force, I not only lose a big chunk of money but also have to deal with young kids and asshole rednecks! But when a

Back to APEGGA (2)

I did a very stupid mistake and abandoned writing The National Practice Professional Examination . I spent so much money without gaining anything. Now by getting this new job I'm determined to pass the exam of APEGGA this time. I contacted the office for this matter last week and they told me that they wouldn't allow me to write the exam this Jul.! It was because, they said, my file had been inactive for 2 years. It probably mean that I have to pay reactivation fees which equals to membership fee. I got the new book from Mike and finished chapter 1 but went further. I'm hoping that I can register this week and get myself ready for the upcoming exam.