Thursday, November 29, 2018

Another Short Interview

I was to an interview with this tiny(!) company a few days ago. With all the people's profiles now available, it was interesting to see both the founder and the interviewer. Even before going to the interview meeting it was mentioned to me that the interview would only take half an hour. It proved to me that the short interview I had previously could not be the shortest! 
The fella originally from a small town nearby had a number of pages in front of him and would read questions from them and make notes. There was nothing especial about the interview but the company, which was founded in 2010 (and I don't think this would give a clue to curious people to find what company it was!) is very small. I don't mind that as long as I can get a good job. I'm supposed to be contacted for the second interview, if I'm selected. This probably is the last interview of 2018 but you never know. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ridiculous Response!

I wrote earlier about this interview I had back in Oct. I didn't get the position although there was no difficulty during the interview. They barely asked anything technical but it always hard to figure out why they choose a candidate over another one. 
Many times it's based on the compensation. Most of the companies go for the person who ask for less. this was discussed during the interview but I didn't mention or stress on, any number. If it's a recruiting company that is even a bigger issue because they always try to get a bigger chunk. 
Nevertheless I wanted to see if I can get a feedback from the interviewers and e-mailed them. The response was: We went with another candidate but I keep you in mind if any other opportunity emerges! 
I already knew that! I wanted to see what made you to select another candidate over me. That's what I wanted to know! This actually was the only time I asked for feedback and I got a ridiculous and stupid response! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Nice Story that I Sold!

When I went to Nevada and then California to do that hike I had been wanting for a long time, I wondered how I can justify the trip. I was eligible for three days but I needed more. So I said that I was helping a family member to move. It apparently worked. I went and came back with no issue. At the same time I had a coveralls which had been given to me by a previous workplace and I had never worn that. I decided to try because it looked comfortable. As well I wouldn't have to wear jeans and shirts. So I wear it one day at work and told them that I had found it in a box in that family member's basement, whom I helped to move! I added that the relative used to have a tenant in his basement and the guy, who by the way worked in the nearby facility, left without paying his last two months rent! He also left a number of boxes behind and then when we moved everything, we brought the boxes as well! We opened them and this coveralls were amongst the stuff! I said that I felt bad for the guy but considering he left the boxes and didn't pay his rent, I think I can wear that! 
It was so nice that I was able to combine those two short stories and and make a believable one. The fact that I had to repeat the same to many, helped me to be consistent and sell it with confident! Joseph Goebbels, the German politician in Nazi era says: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Mine was not probably very big but I did exactly he says! This, however, does not necessarily mean that I am a follower of his or I approve what he did! Don't try to use this against me. I just needed a good time in the mountains!
(Photo: Pinocchio is an Italian character who in his adventures faces this problem that every time that he lies, his nose extends! This obviously has not happened to me but this was a very popular cartoon series back in the old country when I was in grade school and it was a Japanese made animation! He is used here over Google's logo as many believe that Google lies tremendously to its users!)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

CFLRS Notes (43): Eating and Drinking in Rooms

I thought perhaps Remembrance Day would be a good day a story from the time I tried to become a member of Canadian Armed Forces and apparently I failed. This is story number 43 as seen in the title of the post. For all the previous 42 stories just simply type CFLRS and you'll get them all. 
Eating and drinking, except for water of course, is forbidden in barracks of CFLRS. However similar to other rules, this as well is broken by recruits at times. There was this guy within the second platoon that I was with, a Korean guy, who was a very strong fella, physically of course, but kind of crazy and dumb! Once a couple of, I must say, beautiful Korean girls visited him in his room and later on it was found out that they had brought him candy and other snacks! He approached me and others with this story that, I don't quite remember, he needs money for something or owes to someone. So he convinced me to buy some from him! His price was reasonable and I, at the time, liked a little snack and didn't care about the risks. Therefore I asked T. J. to pay him and told him that I would pay him (T. J.!) later. I don't think there was anyone else doing this kind of stuff. His cover was blown later. I don't know how the instructors found out but perhaps he had forgotten to lock his closet, I would call it, as it was common and I forgot to do that a few times. I guess the instructors considered a sort of punishment for him but just don't remember what it was. 
I per me, I never got that hungry to bring something up from the kitchen, as they call it over there or buy from outside but I used to bring Lemon wedges up to cleanse my face with that and I guess guys, most specifically T. J., would get upset about that and point at that. One night I remember that I just had rubbed Lemons to my face and there probably were a few pieces of pulp still hanging. T. J. said that he thinks he should get me a sort of Lemon-infused lotion. I was about to answer when someone shouted Room! That in CFLRS, no matter where you are, means that either instructors or ranking officers are in presence and we all have to be in attention position. I guess I had washed my face because the instructors said nothing. That was the only time I had a narrow escape although I don't think anything serious would have happened, had I been caught using the wedges my face.
During the time that I spent between the two platoons, I was given the chance to go home once. I bought a bag of Indian snack (East Indian, as they like to call it here!) and hid it in my closet. It was actually no hiding. It was just storing. Nothing happened about that as I transferred it to my bag and there was no problem with having such stuff in your bag as your bag was in the storage room. There was nothing else. Generally one should avoid consuming food and drinks in the rooms. It simply not worth it. Enough food is provided to the recruits three times a day and there's a store, a number of vending machines and a Subway sandwich bar. So there really is no need to risk it.
(Photo: Salad and fruit mostly comprised my daily meal in CFLRS as most of the food was awful over there except for breakfast. Lemon wedges were available to add to your food or salad and I never hesitated to take as many as I could)

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Like Father, Like Son (2)

A nasty human-like creature joined our team two weeks ago, temporarily, for a small project we were involved in. This useless f*ck was supposed to help, of course. That's why you join when you're called! However this useless as*hole mostly walked around and yelled in his nasty disgusting mother tongue, at times: Arabic! It turned out later that he was a Syrian, probably born in Canada and his father was an Imam!! Unbelievable but true! For those ones who don't know what an Imam is I can summarize that term with this expression: An Absolutely useless and obsolete creature! To elaborate on that, Imam is basically a Muslim clergy who bullshits people and brainwashes them for his own or his faith's own purposes. That's what Imams have been doing for years in Muslim countries. In some countries they are known with different terms. For example in Saudi Arabia they're known as Mofti. In Egypt they use the same term, I believe. In Afghanistan the term is Mullah. All same cr*p and all disgusting.
So what can you expect from an Imam's son? Nothing! To be as useless as him. I feel really sorry for Canada. They're filling their country with people who the first chance they get, they will turn this country to another Afghanistan or Iraq or at the best, Saudi Arabia! Wake up Canadians or Sharia Law would be the regulations that you people have to go with, soon.
(Photo: This is known to be the only published photograph of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the leader of Taliban, who was killed in 2009. I decided to use this to show what a real Mullah or Imam could do. And yes! They are all bad. It's just the matter of getting the chance to be as bad as this one!)

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Recycling and Reusing

I was talking to one of the middle managers, I assume he is(!),  about recycling in Canada and he made a good point because I truly am disappointed by the way these as*holes at work and generally everywhere in the country, who pay little or no attention to recycling and reusing. I asked him when the concept of recycling had been introduced to Canadians and he said 25 years ago or something like that, as he was not sure. I remember recycling of paper had been started in the old country then. I then asked him, by pointing at an empty can in a garage bin while the recycling bin was only 3 feet away, why is that. His response was both interesting and truthful! This is what he said:
There's nearly 1.5 billion people in China and almost the same in India (or generally Indian sub-continent, I'd say), see how little or no attention they're paying to environment in general. In North America there's barely 350,000 people live. How would they make a difference?! 
He is right. He added that it used to be better but people don't care that much now!
I understand how frustrating it can be but that's no excuse. In my personal opinion, which I didn't mention it to him, Capitalism cannot exist without countries such as China which makes cheap products and countries such as India which provides cheap labour. Both cheap products and cheap labour produce lots of garbage and pays no or little attention to their surrounding. All of the products in North America and produced elsewhere coming to this part of the world, mainly from China, Bangladesh and Vietnam, have wrapping, boxes and all other sorts of garbage and why I'm saying garbage is mostly people don't reuse them or recycle them. Some of the products the Westerners have produced in the past 50 years or so it's almost un-recyclable! plastic bags, oil and solvents are amongst them. Some are so dangerous that there's almost no solution for them as how to get rid of them! There are a few good  (in fact bad!) cases explained in Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering and Geo-science. So people being stupid and lazy because more than 3 billion people at the other side of the globe pay no attention to environment (and you're partially responsible for that as well, no doubt) is only an excuse. That eventually affect their life. What's funny is how ridiculous Environment Canada and this stupid the so-called Green Party are! That pile sh*t, useless, moron, the leader of so-called Green Party was arrested protesting the extension of pipelines to British Columbia, not caring about the millions and millions of plastic bags which are deposited to the environment on daily basis! At least we know that if there's a problem with a pipeline, that could be resolves or there are preventive measures but the damn plastic bags and other similar products remain in city landfills! 
This is a very long argument to go on with. I guess I will post more about that soon. In the meantime feel free to express yourself in comment area but avoid coarse language, please, if you could! 
(Photo: The so-called leader of the so-called Green Party was arrested protesting the extension of Kinder Morgan Pipeline in British Columbia. It is said she should be held criminally responsible for what she has done but I doubt that in a soft society of Canada that a murderer is sentenced to 3 years in prison anything happens to her)