Friday, October 30, 2020

The Evil Woman

I have already written about my interview at the job that I'm currently holding. A woman was introduced to me in the company's Christmas Party as someone who had been on maternity leave at the time. She later rejoined the company in early year with a good position. She saw me at work and called me by name! I was surprised. I knew she had know interest in me. A mother of three and married with a new born and a good office position who doesn't do anything but answering phones, laughing with other drivers and probably writing a few e-mails! Her job doesn't even require a high school diploma. Everyone could do that. I guess all you need to know is how suck up to the manager or interviewer and there you go: You got the job, particularly if you're a woman! 
Don't call me sexist or misogynist or any other shit like that. A company which hires a holder of B. Sc. in Chemistry, if it's valid and legit, and if she was not the bottom of the class, from a Third World Country which has no reputation for intelligence and put her in charge of Operations is nothing but a bunch of fool loser! 
The woman has always a smile which I finally realized that is fake! Smiling outside and all the dirt and filth is inside! But everyone eventually shows their real face, if they have two. I started sending e-mails to improve performance, increase quality and decrease cost but she did nothing. She just answered my first e-mail and it was a lie and ignored the second one. That was when I stopped writing to her. She, however, kept a friendly and nice relationship, although I don't work under her management, directly. I realized I had no chance to get to the office. So I said: The hell with them. If I list a number of disgusting things that she has done recently, you would agree with me that it is a nasty, evil woman. Once he bought Durian and kept that in the office for three days to becomes doddered and then took them home to enjoy! The entire place smelled like there was a gas leak and no one dared saying a word! The other time a customer wanted to get into the loading bay to have something he had purchased loaded to his truck while she was parked there. She ignored the fact that the customer was there and didn't move her car! We had to ask the customer to go to another loading bay! It was unbelievable especially because she kept apologizing without moving the car! We all thought she would but sat at the damn desk and gazed at the monitor, pretending that she was working! I think if she had been in the interview, she would have not hired me. It's obvious that she ignored my advises as a specialist because she felt that her position might be in danger. I just try to stay as far as possible from her, now that what kind of witch she is!
(Photo: The office woman is really pretty but similar to this photo she's dark and ugly inside)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Second Iraqi Whom I Met

I realized a new employee had been added to the department next to us, a little than two month ago. I always take the first step, maybe not always, but most of the time, when it comes to making new friends. With women I'm shy but with men, for friendship only, I have no issue. So I started talking to this guy by bringing up the place he is from! I had been told that he was from Iraq but wanted to see what he says. I asked him if he was from Tikrit! He said he was from Baghdad and asked me if I knew anyone from that town? I said: Yes. Saddam Hussein! That didn't set him off and later on we spoke a little until we got a chance to get together in a cafe. From what I understand he is an educated guy from a good family. He now drives a car which looks brand new and it's a bit odd for someone who is new to Canada and just lives by himself. It means he has money that is brought from the oil-rich country. 
I learnt interesting things about Iraq that I never knew and was curious about. The country that invaded my country of origin and then we fought for 8 freaking long years, the longest war in the 20th century with no winner at the end and just left two devastated country and billions of dollars wasted and millions killed, wounded and or disappeared. Being a Sunni Muslim and a very religious one too, now he has doubts! some of interesting things that I know from him now include: 
1- While Syria was supporting Iran during the war, Jordan, ruled by King Hussein, was backing Iraq. Both countries received billions of dollars from the supported countries either in shape of crude or cash. According to this new friend, Jordan is now a very nice country with everything they need! Grew from zero to all in 8 years. That's always the nature of war: While there're countries that get devastated, the others benefit, grow and enjoy. 
2- The city of Khorramshahr was captured by Iraqis at the beginning of the war but then was liberated by Iranian forces. The seize took a little more than 13 months and when I asked him why the Iraqi forces were easily defeated and ran away like rabbits he said because they were cowards!
3- Despite his education and this doesn't have anything to do with the war(!), he never worked in his field. He was in crude trade or something like that. Here, even if the job market was good, it would not be easy for him to find a well-paid job.
Iraqi soldiers ran away from the city of Khorromshar in southwestern Iran in May of 1982. They even left their helmets as seen here
I will never know this guy, I'm sure! Despite the things that he has told me, it is still a question for me as how he got a nice care and why he would go to Starbucks and spends $18 on two cups of coffee and two small cookies! People, many of them, are not what they seem. I hope this one is not a dangerous one! I'll write more about him soon.
(Photo: This is a memorial for the soldiers who were killed during the 8-year Iran-Iraq War from the Iraqi side. If you can read Arabic you can see that the name of different countries have been written on the memorial wall including Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan and even a piece of shit land called Mauritania! Not to mention that there are shit-lands, without a doubt! This clearly proves that Iraq was not alone in the war. The Western countries supplied them with all the weapons and the Arab countries with soldiers. On the top reads: There's no room for Ba'ath Party [the party of Saddam Hussein] in today's Iraq! The thing that I hardly believe. Ba'ath Party in today's Iraq is accused of helping, aiding and suppling ISIS which is another topic to cover)

Monday, October 26, 2020

A Subsequent Outage: Internet!

When I came back home after the power was back on last week, I realized that the internet was down! Now that the entire half of the day was wasted and that was the only think I needed! So I got on the phone with this Shaw guys! What a hassle! These guys nowadays encourage you to communicate with text message which is awful but I had no choice because I would have had to wait for the phone for more than 1 freaking hour! So I started exchanging text messages with a guy and with no exaggeration, I spent 1 hour without a result! The guy eventually related the internet outage to power outage! I don't know how their relationship could be except for the period that the power is out! 
I checked the modem the next morning and same problem. At the end of the working day when I came home, again Internet was down but I used any opportunity I got, at work, to send them a message! It was working in the afternoon and I sighed but again the next day when I came home it was down! I got really mad but what could I do? I have a stupid contract with these guys! So I contacted then again and this time their step by step instruction worked and I haven't had any issue ever since!
(Photo: Lack of connection to the worldwide web usually comes with a message and a small dinosaur! I never knew what the dinosaur might indicate! Does it mean that lack of internet would take us millions of years back to the era that dinosaurs were roaming around?!)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Ridiculous Increase

There was a discussion, as part of a meeting, this past week that there will be a wage increase for a number of employees who their performance is considered good! So this past Fri., which was a payday, I checked my pay-stub. There was an increase! A ridiculous and stupid amount:  $0.37!!
I don't even know why they bothered! If I work 40 hours a week, which is usually more than that, the total increase would be $14.80 and in a month, disregarding the overtime, would be $59.20
I had a number of mistakes and then a few snitches complained about me. So my file is really not clean but at least I expected them to increase it by $0.50 and they even denied that! With the job market so bad, I guess I have no choice but to stick to this stupid job and survive. 
(Photo: A rally in the US to request to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. An increase of such nature could cost millions to businesses which would lead to thousands of job cuts. A problem that Capitalists have not been able to overcome after decades!)

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Disaster of a Power Outage in Canada

I was on the phone with a Financial Advisor from my bank, after a short visit to a branch, and just when he said that he had sent an e-mail to me I realized that there was no power!! I had never seen something like this, in fact since the old days in the old country. There were, at times, power outages in the old country and there were result of two phenomena:
1- During the war years, 1980-1988: During these years there were at times blackouts or power outages as this was considered a defense mechanism when the enemy planes would show in the skies. I don't know how effective it was. As well there were power outages due to shortage of fuel for power plants. Also there was this rummer, once I remember clearly after all these years, that the enemy bombers have bombed, for example, this power plant! I don't know how true it was. There was never an official explanation or alert
2- After the war: The power outages were very rare but occurred. The reason, if I remember correctly, was indicated as some technical difficulty.
An oil lamp similar to what I, at times, used in the old country to study. Something similar to this goes for $100 or more on websites
With that in mind when I saw the power outage I was not prepared because an incident of such here in Canada could be fatal while in the old country you only lose a couple of hours or more of TV program! As unimportant as that! I remember that there were even night that I studied using old oil lamps and it was okay. Here as soon as the power is out, if you don't get out of the house, if you can(!), you're dead! You cannot cook and eat because the damn stove or range is powered by electricity. You cannot check anything because both your computer and internet are powered by electricity and you might even not be able to get the hell out of the house because your garage door is powered by electricity as well! 
I was lucky on that day because I had parked in front of the house. So I jumped in the car and went to the first McDonald's but before that I called to report the outage and I was told, after calling the Calgary area number, that I should have called Fortis. I was given the number and I reported the outage to a, of course, automated system! In the McDonald's I realized that Fortis Alberta handles the power generation and supply at parts of the province and I saw a map with good detail including the time that the power would be back on: 18:30. 
So I said to myself that the entire afternoon is gone! I wanted to do some job searching and application and instead I contacted Lazy Ass and went to his place. This time though, unlike the other times, he took me to damn Burger King and I had an awful meal. We were supposed to watch a movie on his big screen TV which he had recently bought but a buddy of him called and he ditched me with some bullshit story but I think it had something to do with an illegal way that he makes money! I said: f*ck it! I headed back home and luckily, as the website had said, the power was back on but the damn internet was down! That is the subject of the next post! 
(Photo, top: A resident, with the help from a military person, is covering their windows during the WWII in the US in order to protect the property from the anticipated Japanese bombing in California. I remember that we did the exact same thing during the devastating 8-year war, especially the first year) 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

My Experiences with POF

I decided to try POF once back in 2016 and the result was quite disappointing. Only met one woman and that was a disastrous meeting. I, on that time, was in much worse shape (shit!) that I'm now. So I didn't care much. The woman was ugly and I mean really ugly and at time we spent some hour or so outdoors in chilly whether, walking! At the end I gave her my e-mail address but she never contacted me!
Then I decided to give it a try two months back and I had a couple of good starts which didn't take me anywhere and eventually got to meet two women at the same day! The first one asked me to join her " for a walk ". We ended up walking up and down the damn hills of Nose Hill Park for 1 hour and a half! If it was a normal day and normal life, I wouldn't mind that but for someone who works 6 days a week and normally between 8.5 to 9 hours, the 7th day is usually a relaxed day. Then another stupid thing happened. I asked her if she wanted to join for a coffee and she said she only drank coffee in the morning and for contacting, again, another stupid idea: Join me on Whatsupp! Can you believe this crap?! The other thing that I forgot to say is that was the same freaking woman that I had seen back in 2016! I asked her if we had met and she denied! My assumption was either she had amnesia or pretends not to remember me! 
Anyways the next day I installed the damn app and she added me and we exchanged a message or two. But then I told me: What the hell are you doing?! Are you so desperate to associate with someone as crazy as this old woman who instead of exchanging numbers wants to communicate through mobile apps?! I deleted her from the list first and then eliminated the app from my phone! I always hated these seasonal and frequent changes in the silly social media: Facebook, Whatsupp, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the similar shit. I never had a profile on any and despise them all. Why the hell would I violate my own rule just to possibly be with a crazy old woman! Fuck it!
I didn't get the chance to meet the other one but at least she gave me her number and we spoke! Her craziness has probably another shape!
(Photo: Nose Hill Park which used to be called Nose Hill Environmental Park in a cold fall day. I did so much cycling back in there back in early 2000's when there was no sign, bench, garbage bin, etc. put there by the municipality. I had a 9.1 KM walk after 6 freaking days of work with this woman who said we WERE GOING FOR A WALK! It was not simply a walk and it's not the only reason why I prefer not to see that woman again!)

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Lazy Ass's Long List: Uptown Pizza

I, now, have visited Lazy Ass three times in his new place and every time we go out to eat. That's mainly because he has a long list of good places that we can enjoy food, mostly East Indian. This time he suggested to try Vietnamese but I'm off Noddles and that kind of shit but the place we went to had no less carbohydrate than the place we were supposed to go, firstly! 
We went to this bistro/cafe in downtown called Uptown Pizza where they serve East Indian food and drink alongside Pizza! I left it to him to order our food as he's the expert. We got a Rice dish, which contained colourful Rice and meat, possibly Lam(!) and a tray of two bowls, one contained Ground Meat and Potato with a sprinkle of Parsley and the other one Split Peas with a plate of Bread. The food was hot, spicy and delicious but it had so much fat, carbohydrate and oil than I didn't have anything but water and coffee the next day until 05:00 PM! Lazy Ass had even a bottle of Mango Drink which was from there for $2.99 but I guess they had bought it for $0.30 probably! It was bottled in Pakistan, I later read. 
A rice dish from Indian sub-continent is called Biryani and contains White Rice, some vegetables and a sort of meat. The interesting and totally coincidental thing is is a completely different dish which is only served in Isfahan, Iran is called the same!
The funny thing is on the way home, Lazy Ass stopped at a Burger King and got himself two Cheeseburgers, a large Soda and a Hershey Pie! I first thought he was joking when he said he was going there but it was no joke! I got a pie as well for tomorrow but if this guy gets any sort of serious illness in about 5 years or so, I won't be surprised! 
(Photo, top: The dynamite tray, I would like to call it. It has so much fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate that could stop some people's heart!)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Peanut Cookie

The disgusting, nasty, redneck previous owner of the property didn't live any of the appliances manual for me. I really wanted to use the oven of the electric range but didn't want to cause any damage. So I decided to ask the neighbour who seems a nice lady and we once have talked. I heard noises from her place one day and I realized he was moving stuff around in the balcony. I asked her from my side if I she thought our appliances were the same. She did not think so but agreed to lend me her range's manual. I quickly took a look and found the document and returned the original to the neighbour.
That's when I baked the Peanut Cookies. But then I thought to myself: If a Peanut Cookie, according to Kraft, is simply made of Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar and Egg, why don't I eat it the way their are mixed, without baking?! I mean we all eat the three ingredients, some on daily basis. Don't we? In that case I not only save electricity but can enjoy a sort of raw food! 
Peanut Cookies under the dome! The muffins are store bought and they're not by the way. Raisin Bran by Compliment
Anyways the result was not bad. I think I just have to bake less, if I'm baking it at all. I will give a few to the neighbour lady as she said that she would look into anything that I may bake and of course a number for Mom and Farzin. I stopped eating Butter years ago perhaps 15 years ago or more and switched to Peanut Butter because a good Peanut Butter, not a disgusting once which is made by No Name or other fraudulent, disgusting, commercialized retailers, has no Cholesterol and even has good Protein. This was something never known in the old country and I'm happy to enjoy that. At times, at work, two teaspoons of Peanut Butter and I'm good to go for another 2 hours. 
However because of what I wrote above, I think, I would bake other things in my oven rather than Peanut Cookie. I would go for Pizza, Pita and even Subway Bread
(Photo, top: Peanut Cookies before they're going to the oven)

Monday, October 12, 2020

The People of Thanksgiving

I don't think I've done anything in any recent Thanksgivings but the other day I was sitting at home and I received a text message. I was surprised as who would send me a message at this time of the day, shortly after I had come back from work. I looked at the phone and it was my realtor! Why would she send me a message, was the first question that came to my mind! We are done, although she helped me a few times after I moved in. A Caucasian woman, especially a married one has nothing to do with me! They mostly, majority hate people like me but her message indicated that she had me in mind in the Thanksgiving and thanked me and added that she had dropped something at my door! 
I went down and I saw a box from Cobs Bread! I don't eat stuff like that because it's full of sugar but I thanked her and she responded by saying that we would visit! 
I know that's not what you might think but I don't know what that means. I wanted to give her something and I will but this box will be taken to work and will be given to some office people who were nice to me and offered me food last week. I'm sure it will have a good impact.
(Photo: Box of Cinnamon Rolls from Cobs Bread, dropped at my door)

Friday, October 09, 2020

Raja Food

Lazy Ass called me after 2 months a couple of weeks ago. He usually calls when he's lonely and by that I mean he has no gf! He once had a married(!) Mexican girl as his gf and according to him they were in love but they have broken up several time. That girl actually was the reason he was thrown out of the house. Then he was with other girls while now he lives in a basement. I don't mind visiting him because it's always fun! We talk about here and there and we laugh. The other night he, as usual, took me to a place to eat but considering he's out of work, we paid separately. It's strange for me to see and understand someone with no job, no nice place to live, no plan for the future, no education, no support and no direction in life and in debt to be able to chase girls and women or lie down on his bed and watch a movie on a big screen TV, which he has purchased recently, by the way, I think it's 55"(!) but some might see that's the age. He's no longer a teenage. He must be 25 or older and has none of the above and seem it doesn't bother him, at least now! 
Anyways he took me to this sort of bistro/cafe/bar place called Raja Food
Load Western music was being played and colourfull lights were blinking while I saw Hookah on the tables! There was no one in the place but the guy, apparently a Pakistani, was expecting us because Lazy Ass had called him and had even ordered our meals. We later learnt that he usually closes at 09:00 PM and that was why the place was empty, according to him. He just kept it open for us! 
You imagine a so-called bar where no alcohol is served(!) but Hookah is available! Then load Western music is played in a way that you can not hear your companion and have to scream! Flashing lights are seen in different colours and it feels that you're in a disco and a beard guy with thick East Indian accent and dark teeth, possibly from smoking Hookah(!), serves you East Indian food! That was the environment!
I realized, as soon as the food was delivered that Lazy Ass was passionately
This is how the place look like where they are trying to do, hopefully, some cleaning and sanitizing before its closure
exchanging messages with someone. That was the Mexican girl apparently. He is trying to get her back and she refuses! While I was enjoying the food which was a sort of Grilled Chicken Leg, Fries with East Indian seasoning and Salad, he was struggling with himself and the food. Eventually he put the phone done and started playing with the food! The portion was not too big but I only paid $10 for that. I need three dishes like that to be full, at least but that was enough, under the circumstance! Lazy Ass, by talking to himself, was trying to convince himself that it was the best thing to do at the moment: To let the girl go! I was getting sick of his stupidity because there was the same shit two months ago! The guy just have no self-respect and lets the girl play the game. I finally tell him to go. We got a box and he took the rest of the food home to probably throw it out in a few days! I dropped him of while he was asking me to visit him again tomorrow but told him that I would not be able to. 
As per the restaurant, would I go or would I recommend that? Most likely no! I hate smoking anything and I can imagine how disgusting that place would be when one or two people are smoking Hookah! Food is okay but I can get the same food in a really nicer and cleaner place with a little more dollar. I only went there to accompany him and that was it!
(Photo, top: My Grilled Chicken Leg certainly look good appetizing here. Those fries, by the way are sprinkled with a type of amazing East Indian seasoning. I do not eat fries but that night I had not had lunch and finished the fries and the whole dish within a few minutes. Really tasty)

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Disgusting Disgraceful Builders of Canada (DDBC)

I I worked in residential construction as a sort of Site Supervisor for a bit more than a year and learnt a lot. I worked for that cheating, fraudulent, bastard, A. J. who by the way is a relative! The bastard deducted $100 every month, from the agreed-upon salary for insurance! Although the contract was not in writing but it was still considered binding and I could've filed a complained against the piece of crap but I didn't know at the time. It was then when I realized who these builders in Canada, similar to the old country, and perhaps the other parts of the world, become rich and I think everyone knows a little.
Using shit material, utilizing cheap labour, cutting the corners, skipping the codes and standards, providing temporary cheap solutions to problems, you name it!
In the province of Brit " SHIT " Columbia where there's a big pool of disgusting, stinking cheap labour available and without any bias they are mainly from Punjabi Indian background, A. J. utilized these fellas a lot to keep the cost of construction low. For example a job that a Caucasian would do for $2.5 per mܑ, a Punjabi and not to forget, also a Chinese would do for $0.25 per mܑ!
One of the 5 ceiling lights in the kitchen. Three of them should be taken out and two, I'm hoping to be used over the range
The difference, however would not be negligible. That's where I would have come to show! I was the one who had to fix and correct every shit job that these cheap assholes have done. A keen inspector, though, would catch them all and list them for the fucking piece of shit, A. J. 
With that in mind, now I'm in this fairly new residence, built in 2018, I can see some of the shit work similar to what A. J. used to present(!) in her so-called projects! I remember once there was a big house in Squamish for sale. The listing price was nearly $780,000. It was a huge single family home with an attached suite to rent. One day I recall clearly that a Caucasian tall blond lady walked in. This was she said when she step her first foot in: This is an Indian built house! That was it and she stepped back out! 
The house was, of course sold later to a Russian family as everyone has expectations. 
When I moved in to this place, I realized that the asshole builder has installed up to three bulbs in a number of the fixtures! I generally hate to waste too much on my electricity bill, let alone how disturbing too much light, particularly artificial light is to my eyes. So I went to the nearest Canadian Tire and spent over $100 on an aluminium ladder to get the disgusting bulbs out and I did that all this morning. I took a total of extra unnecessary bulbs out and still have three more in the kitchen's ceiling which requires, perhaps an electrician to take care of it! The ladder is good because I will need to do other things and that's a tool in the house but i also have to get rid of the nasty Microwave Oven, possibly through an electrician as I never use such a disgusting machine. In fact what I did was I disconnected that from the electric board in the garage the first day I arrived in the place. What I would like to do is to get rid of it which is hanging unnecessarily over the range and replace it with two of the ceiling lights. That not only save my eyes but also gives me better illumination for my cooking. Builders are the same everywhere. Some worse than others. They are all a member of DDBC!
(Photo, top: The bulb flower I made with 18 freaking extra bulbs that I have taken off in the house!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Stupid Ruling Regarding a Spy's Death

I wrote about the spy that the American's were looking for, in Iran, for a long time, a little than a year ago. I am no fan of the Islamic Republic but at the same time I do not approve of everything that the US wants to do at each and every corner of the world, being the World's police! For that reason when I read the story of the American spy, the CIA agent, Robert Levinson and his disappearance in Iran, after landing in Kish Island in Persian Gulf, I had no sympathy for him and his family. 
How dare you, the family of the spy, to go to the country that your man went to, to collect information and then harm the people with that information, to ask for his release! It is thought the guy was handed to one of the groups that Iran works with in Afghanistan or somewhere and possibly died there. Now a stupid judge in the US has ruled that the Iranian government has to pay the family of the disgraceful spy a total of $1.3 billion! What a stupid joke! If the world would work like that then most of the revenue of the US Government should have been paid to different countries all around the globe as a result of the US intervention! 
First of all the US Government or in fact the Americans should be punished for the 1953 coup in Iran when the elected government of Dr. Mossadegh was toppled by an American-led coup! And I'm not even going to the other parts of the world. Stupid, stupid and stupid! That's what you are judge!
(Photo: One of the picture of the American spy and CIA agent, Robert Levinson which was released to the public after he was disappeared in 2007. The sign should read: This is the result of 30 years spying! It is believed that this spy has died sometime this year. The funny thing about this dead fella is that he met Dawud Sallahudin, a Black American Muslim, who assassinated a former Iranian diplomat in the US, in 1980 and the fled the country and has been living in Iran ever since!)

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Moon Cake

There has been nothing but hard work and home chores in the past 4 months and even before longer before that. Therefore there hasn't been anything notable to write. Bringing the stuff to the new place, trying to organize things and still I am far away from a comfortable house. 
That aside, a week ago there was a sort of Chinese festival, I thing and they distributed a sort of " treat " called Moon Cake! I've heard of Moon Pie which is an American confection but I've not tried it.So I decided to try this Chinese thing although I have no good experience with Chinese baked items and food, in general. 
An opened Moon Cake. The disturbing(!) Yolk can be clearly seen
It was not good! The so-called cake is basically made of some disgusting/unknown flour plus a think pate which should be a type of Bean, as that's what the Chinese use for their filling and then the oddest thing is a salted cooked Yolk in the center of cake which tastes disgusting! I'd never pay a Dime for something like that but I've been told that a small box of that goes for $50! Perhaps the person was trying to add some value to Chinese culinary world! 
(Photo: A Moon Cake. Similar to most Chinese products, it is provided wrapped and in a plastic container)