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Canadian is a Culture not a Citizenship

I went to my neighbourhood supermarket a few days ago for a little shopping. I only got a jar of Organic Milk , and a bag of Raisin and Cashew , each. I went to the cashier who happened to be a phony Indian woman in her early 50's. This was a perfect example of a phony person: Fake smile, if I could see that at all and forced(!) greeting and useless chit chat! As soon as she saw the bag of Cashew the man attribute of East-Indian people, jealousy, emerged! I barely have seen any people as jealous and cheap as Indian s and I'm stereotyping. This is based on my observations throughout all these years living in Canada . The bag worth more than $10 and she wondered how I can pay that much for an unnecessary food! So she asked me where I was from. I told her that I was from Rajastan , which is a state in India! She looked at me and first, for a moment she was about to believe that. I added that I was from Jaipour which is a main city in that state! She didn't buy it and now

A Call after more than a Year

One of the things that people, who come from poor countries, think about Canada , I repeat, think, and this thinking is not rational(!), is its health services. They think it's a good system, in comparison to the US 's and of course their own. When I first came to Canada , I remember that there was a monthly amount, a premium, that everyone had to pay, based on the size of their family, to benefit from basic health services. They made it free a few years later. I always resisted paying and when I did it was with delay. I don't remember if there was a penalty for the delay or not. My point was I am always careful about my health. So why should I pay for the health services which take care of drunkards, drug-addict, crap-eater, etc?! The system actually encourages irresponsible people to do whatever they want to do and eat whatever they like(!) because they say: What the heck! If something bad happens to me, I'll go to the doctors and they'll fix me!  I don't know

A Different Type of Massage

I, at times, go to massage places. I mean real places where you can get healthy massage not the fake ones with sexual purposes. This time I found a place which is only 5 minutes drive from my home. From the get-go I realized the person is from Eastern Block . Yes! It is still considered Eastern Block because those people are different from Western European s.  Anyways I reached there with a 5 minutes delay(!) because I, the silly(!), had to go to a bank and get cash. I was not sure if she had a machine. So it was a must to avoid an argument with an Eastern European woman who barely speaks English ! It was a very nice and big house. Clean and organized and part of the house was turned to a little clinic with office stuff, bed, equipment, basically whatever you need to run a business. As I had guessed it was a woman from one of the three countries which used to be part of The Soviet Union and they were the first three which became independent. Now I have no idea what the relationship

Alfons Chickens Out!

I contacted my buddy Alfons down in California to discuss our hikes in Nevada . We were supposed to hike Boundary Peak and then Mt. Charleston , both in the State of Nevada this month and then when my supervisor said that I needed to give him a 30 days notice, I suggested to Alfons to postpone the trip/hike to October but he chikened out!  He indicated the cold and his lack of ability to do a hike in winter. I was aware of that but since he's the one who always brings the vehicle(!) of need (a 4WD ) and is a good company, I was hoping I could convince him this time as well! I really didn't care if he'd be able to reach the summit! Now that he has stepped back I'm left with a delimma! Should I stay or should I go? I'm not really worried about the trip cost. Neither I am worried about the ricks on the mountains. What makes me think twice about a trip of such is the stupid restrictions that the US Government has still in place! I, as someone, who intends to do a

Too Much Unhealthy Fat

The company had a barbecue a few days ago. You know the usual: Burger , Hot Dog , Soda , and few side items. I didn't touch any of them! Too much crap that I don't need! Guys were asking me one after another if I had eaten! The answer was the same: I don't eat this kind of food! I have enough problems without eating this shit! There's no religious reason behind that. I believe religion is a law that is supposed to prevent you from derailing in your life. Not that stupid thing of don't eat this and don't eat that. That's a physician's or a dietitian's job! The fact that people don't eat Pork and Beef for religious reasons is stupid to me. I, in fact, eat port for spite! Not that I intend to jeopardize my health to mock or irritate people. I eat Pork once in a while and that's because it has too much damn fat! I bought a Ground Beef-Pork pack from a supermarket last week to make some meatballs. The result was not bad but look at the pot tha