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The Questions

I finally asked The Blue Eyed Lady out today! And I got a polite no as answer! Here's how it went: I was working on the floor and saw her walking way. I said: Good Morning. She went Good Morning. How are you. I approached her and got really close and looked into her eyes and went: I have questions and I was hoping I can get a few minutes from you. The questions are accumulating inside for months and it's not good. She was smiling the entire time and listening. When I said " ... It's not good ... ". She said: It's not! So in my mind she was coming along. She finally agreed that I pay her a visit. So I went to her office in the afternoon with so much hope! In fact I was a bit day dreaming! I would do this! I would do that! We would go here and there! I started with this question that I had prepared myself for(!): How are you!? And she said that she was fine. I said that my " How are you " was not like the " How are you " that she normally ge

A (more than a) Month Long Wait

I finally received my copy of The Endless River in mail, yesterday. I had ordered it before Christmas . So it took more than a month to arrive! My original thought was to give it to The Blue Eyes Lady as a Christmas gift! What a stupid idea! I haven't even had a chance to ask her out! Let alone to find myself in a situation to give her a Christmas gift! I know everyone likes a gift and as a person who works for the same company as she does, I still give her the gift and tell her the truth. In fact yesterday shortly before leaving I saw her and she waived at me but when I was going to her office, I realized she had gone!  I'm going to make the move this Mon. and if things go well, maybe I even don't open the disk and keep it for her and tell her the truth! Apart from that the album is amazing. Purchase and enjoy. You can get it from Pink Floyd 's official website . (Photo: The cover of The Endless River, by Pink Floyd. The album was originally released in late 2014 a

A Note on the Door

There're a couple of hot topics in the news these days and since I'm not interested in neither of them, because most of the news is bullshit, these days, I'm only mentioning the one that somehow I am related to it. Bank of Canada has decided to increase the interest rate and I'm not sure if it has or not yet but what I do know is that the housing market at almost every corner of the country has been flooded with customers whom their offers, at times, have been $100,000 higher than the asking price! Some house hunters even, they said, skip home inspection which might cause them issues later after possession is made.  With that in mind, when I got home the other day I saw a note on my door. First I thought it was from one of these silly neighbours who want me to do something! " Shit! What the hell do they want this time? " That's what I asked myself. I went inside and looked at the note and it was from a local real estate agent who wanted to know if I woul

The " Why Not " Story

There's not much going on in life. Just going to work and coming home. Having something, going to bed and the next day, same shit! Whether is a bit milder. That's the only difference. Not that it's a good sign. Global warming and we will have a hell of a summer this year. So no that there's not much going on, I'd like to say the story of this older Caucasian fella who used to work with me in the same company some 8 years ago and I'd like it Why Not! Why " Why Not "? No! It was not what he would use often. The phrase " Why Not " if changed somehow, gets you to his first name and because I don't want him to be known, I'd use this nickname for him here in the post! This fella, who is over 60 years of age used to be all over the world! From Alaska to Iran to Thailand and other corners of the world which people cannot even dream to be there. he started as a welder and now is a sort of office guy but because he has difficulty working

Hellmann's Sends you to Hell, Man!

Grocery shopping is at times feels interesting to me. I generally hate shopping, and that was one of the issues I had with my wife when I was married but at times I find it fascinating when I go to supermarkets for food! Most of the supermarkets remind me of the scene in The Shawshank Redemption where one old inmate is freed after many years of his sentence, I don't remember his character's name though, and is given a job at a grocery store, as a bagger! How does it remind me of that? Same disgusting crap which used to be sold in the 60's is still being sold today in year 2022 ! It means no improvement has been made in the eating culture of people here in Canada . The so-called food which could cause all sorts of health issues are poured into stores! There are isle in a supermarket that I never go to! Here is a few example of the so-called food that I always have avoided: 1- Canned meats, vegetables and fruits 2- All sorts of dried meat under the title of Jerky! god (with