Friday, April 26, 2019

I Can Do IT; I Must Do it

There's nothing revealing about my posts regarding the training for the position that I have been working on for the past 14 months or so. This note, like any other ones that I have posted so far so far in the past 15 years and few months, are for my own. If someone enjoys reading them, and at times gains information, which might happen, good. If they don't, they don't have to read. 
Having said that, we will have our mid-term examinations next week: Tue. and Wed. We have been working to be ready for them in the past 7 weeks. I'm not very confident but what I know is I can pass them, both because I know my areas of weaknesses and I have time to study for them. I need to manage my time for the studies, and as well, get the necessary material. Then during the practical examination, which will come first, I will have to make sure that I take my time, pay attention to detail and focus. 
We had a chance to practice our written test and I didn't do so well (I got only 69%, yeah you can laugh!) on that but that's not the end of the world. First of all there were areas that I had not covered and there were areas that I had issues with. I know those areas and I will focus on them. Secondly, and this is important as well, I have to focus and avoid skimming! I have to sit to the end of the examination and if necessary, read all questions twice and answer them twice. 
When I was doing my P. Eng. and I failed the Law and Ethics Examination the first time, lacking only 1 or 2 scores, what I did was I read the reference materials, 3 times each and answered all of the practice questions. Then at the end I had 10 extra min.(!) which I spent it on reviewing the answers and of coursed I passed. That will be my strategy here as well. Read as many time as possible, focus on the exam, do not skim and get what you need to get.
(Photo: Nike has been my favorite brand since high school although it was next to impossible to get a product with that brand in those days for a number of reasons, noticeably the time because that was the war time and then they were expensive on that time in the old country considering they were actually made in the US. I think they are expensive even now in the old country although they are not in fact made in the US any more but that's mainly due to the fact that the rate is horrible. Anyways Nike's motto here is the closets to my post's title and that and the reason above are why I used it here) 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Disastrous and Disappointing Start!

I woke up by a noise early this morning. Not that I had a good sleep the night but when I looked at the clock, the face was blank. I immediately realized that we had a power outage. Looked at the mobile phone and it was past 05:30, I think. I went back to sleep and then woke up by the mobile phone's alarm at 08:00. Still no power! 
Breakfast was available. I had my breakfast and started studying. Then I went back to dining area again to grab a coffee and continue my studies there. Just a few minutes to that, we had a fire alarm! Great. Nobody knew where to go and there was no sign or direction to Master Point as usually is the case in everywhere. We went down and then out and I entered the main entrance and asked the security guy about the situation. He said there was an evacuation but didn't provide more information. 
Fire Department guys came right after that and it took them 5 minutes(!) to go in and then everyone went back in! I went back to the room to see if I could turn the computer on and find out about the outage. As soon as I got connected and found the website, I was about to select the town and the power came back on. I started writing and I guess it was not even 10 minutes that we lost the damn power again! I went back to the website and I realized that no outage or maintenance is mention for the region(!) and then again power came back on! I wonder what that stupid Mouse and Cat Game was! I then logged off before more in and out occurs! 
(Photo: Using this simple animated picture for this post might help to understand how frustrating power outage could be)

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Apr. Long Weekend 2019

This evening is unofficially the beginning of the Apr. long weekend. Here more than 80% of the guys are gone home to be with their families. For me it was not only the cost of trip and the hassle of it, but also the long flight. I intend to have a productive time by studying, doing laundry and exercising. 
Today we had an hour of fitness which was turned out to a 40 min. light exercise session by the lazy assess who do nothing but laughing at everything they can. The thing about these guys is that many of them are in their late 20's and still act like teenagers! I guess some haul their stupidity all the way to their grave! A good example of these guys this fella whom his ethnicity is not going to be revealed here because I then would be accused of racism. A total clown. He's 29 and he thinks by telling stupid jokes and laughing hard at almost anything could become popular! Wearing backward hats and shorts with no shoe or socks and beard, make him looks like a total jerk but is he the only one here and generally in the society?! No! The new generation of the guys think of nothing but their cellphone, American Idol and other immature amusements of the time.
However the strangest thing hasn't been that. Today at the end of a class there was this guy standing at the door and giving hug to everyone!! I was actually going to use more exclamation marks but I didn't! I went to university with some classmates for 4 years and never hugged them! In the entire time that I was married, it was only the last 2 years probably, that I would give my wife a hug once in 2 or 3 days!! This freak hugged everyone only after a few weeks of training! What is it that he was trying to achieve?! Buying friends? Reaching arousal? Being nice? You tell me!
(Photo: Nothing represents the Apr. long weekend better than dyed eggs)