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The Last Day

I went for a little jogging, the last day in this fucked up year(!) of 2015 , to Stanley Park and saw a few guys turning part of Elbow River to an outdoor rink! It was not very cold and that made me wonder how the guys dared skating so freely and smoothly on the frozen river!  I went and came back and by the time I was on Rideau Bridge again, they were almost done and even put their hockey nets on the ice!  I have been feeling relatively down lately although my sleep has become normal since The Lady has come back. This is mainly due to being unemployment and the weather of course. The weather is always like this at this time of the year but now with being at home most of the day and wasting time, it feels bad.  (Photo: This is taken from Rideau pedestrian bridge over Elbow Valley looking east. It is taken with this shity, stupid camera of my mobile phone(!) or maybe I don't know how to use it but for a fact I knew it has only 5 Mega pixels! One of the guys is shoveling

Workplace Stories (22): Ass kissers and Retards

I'm not brilliant but I give this right to myself to say that there were lots of ass-kissers and retards in the previous job of mine that they were there simply because they had supporters from the country of their origin or they were excellent ass-kissers while being at the same time, retards! People who barely spoke English or knew the basics of engineering or manufacturing! People who whatever they did was simply routine that the learnt in the company!  I met my Newlywed the other day and he named few of them whom have also been laid off! That was a big surprise to me: 1) There was this piece of shit, liar from somewhere in  South America who worked for the company for over 7 years . He was simply there because his wife, I heard, was from the same country as the manager's and he also had studied in the country. This guy did not have the slightest clue of his surrounding and was a laughing stuck! Everyone was making fun of him and talked behind his back saying who s

The Ride of Boxing Day

I was supposed to join The Chef today to enjoy a turkey that normally he receives at the end of each year for New Year but a bastard fucking piece of shit cheapskate Pakistani coworker of his, apparently has taken the turkey for himself! I mean seriously am I being rude here or Pakistani s are probably the nastiest creatures in the entire universe?! So the program was canceled and probably will be held tomorrow. The fucking bastard told The Chef today that he had purchased a turkey instead and would give it to him tomorrow!  Nevertheless I called The Hope to see whether or not he's back from his trip. He is. We decided to meet in Crowfoot Shopping area where there are a few cafes. I wanted to surprise him so I got on my bicycle and left around 16:50. The temperature was around -11 º C at the time, of course without considering windchill. If we added that it would go down to -18 º C or something. I took Bow River Pathway and headed west. It was not bad but it got dark

A White Christmas

After all those miserable weeks of mild weather, finally a cold week and few mm of snow was seen in the city and around! I haven't left the city for more than a month of so mainly because of this shit situation of unemployment but the snow and ice shall be good for the people who enjoy that by skiing, snow-boarding and probably outdoor skating and hockey. We haven't even been out to skating for a while now! Nevertheless a white Christmas is always better than a brown one, no doubt. The temperature today was around -17 °C , a true Canadian temperature for winter. The Lady had this plan to go down to the US, to see a few family members so we headed to the airport last night. The roads were slippery and congested by traffic. When we reached there by a few minutes of delay and I dropped her, I went and parked nearby to see if she needs something so I can go immediately. After almost half an hour I called her and realized that the bastards of Air Canada had not let her board

Asking Too Much, Giving Too Little

There's a common belief within engineering and professional community that working in manufacturing sector brings not much in to your account while taking too much out of you at work.  I have seen many of the job postings with lists of qualification and responsibilities and at time one might think: Who the hell has all these certificates and qualifications!? Apparently there are people who hold these positions and also not to forget that there are so many dickheads in all these stupid so-called EPC , or whatever the fuck their names is, companies. With that in mind and also knowing that the economy is doing very badly and that's basically because there's not much in Canada (!) to work with, I have to grasp whatever is available before being forced, automatically, to apply for any job such as Superstore 's and similar(!) and run out of money! For that reason I agreed to go to this interview session, to this brand new building somewhere in the outskirts of the city to d

Taco with Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover

We got a Taco kit from Old El Paso last week. It was a Beef Taco kit which includes soft tacos, meat seasoning and Guacamole seasoning. We had some Turkey from our Thanksgiving left which The Lady had kept them in the freezer ever since. She thawed them and mixed them with the seasoning. Then added the Guacamole seasoning to the mashed Avocado , heated the Turkey and added some cut vegetables. In the meantime I warmed up the Taco s in a frying pan. I'm not a fan of White Flour bread of any kind. It actually is not good for me and I have been advised against consuming that and we always but Whole Grain bake products and eat moderately but no Whole Grain Taco was available and we wanted just to stick to the kit.  The Lady also made some Salsa by simply adding diced Tomato and Cilantro to another seasoning we had and the result was just amazing! Turkey Taco with Salsa and Guacamole and cut vegetables. I guess I probably had 6! I forgot to say that we added gra

A Good Week of Alberta Winter

The temperature finally went down enough to make me able to have a good sleep at nights! A few centimeters of snow, although not enough but is enough for hundreds of accidents at this busy shopping time of the year! I found a new outdoor skating rink close to our place but it has been so cold that I haven't dared trying it yet. I went to for a walk and jog to Stanley Park today but it was so cold that I only did a Power Walk . When I get back to the vehicle I couldn't even feel my fingers! It was almost -14 º C without considering the windchill!  The weather forecast indicates a bit warmer week ahead, nothing above zero though. I will give that rink a try and also will have to try my camera which has just come back from repair. This is subject of another separate post, after I try the camera. (Photo: I took this photo this morning from the inside of the vehicle looking out of the driver's window! It was around  -14 º C without windchill but not much snow. I wipe th

A Recent Screening

There are still a few jobs posted here and there and regardless the fact that the unemployment rate has gone up, employers announcer their work-force needs in the related websites. I had a job application back in the last days of Nov. and received a message in that regard stating a screening through phone would be conducted! The company is located here in the city; so it was a little bit of surprise as why I am not being invited to their location. Being only screening by HR , it's no surprise that screening could also be done via telephone. I guess in that way the HR person can easily take down notes and the candidate is saved form a trip.  I received the called at the exact specified time and the questions were started by the usual Why did you apply for this job?! and went on not very bad but at one point near the end, the person indicated that I would be recommended for a different position rather than the one I had originally applied but in the same field of course. It was a

Food Bank

I never reveal anybody's identity here in this blog and if anyone is introduced, a nickname is selected and assigned to him or her but this time I won't even use a nickname. One of my buddies decided to check the Food Bank out and an arrangement was made through that last week. I accompanied him to assist with the stuff, which is specifically called hamper in there, as well as having a new experience.  Upon our arrival a gentleman in his late 50' s probably great us and offered a candy. It was almost 10:00 AM and I had not eaten anything since last night's dinner. So that felt very good. Food Bank is basically ran by a big number of volunteers. Many of them are men and women in their 50's and 60's who freely dedicate themselves to the organization. There are younger people there as well but every one is nice and smiling. You have no idea how this affect a poor hungry person and even a regular person who reaches up to them.  We stood in a line which was

Don't Install Windows 10

For weeks this message appeared on my desktop to upgrade my operating system to Windows 10 for free. Finally I agreed to that and upgrade was performed. The result: Shit!  First of the its appearance is ugly. More importantly I am now unable to uninstall or install programs. My Internetcalls has problem and I decided to uninstall and re-install but a stupid message appeared on the screen and denied that. My chess is gone and I'm no longer able to play! I guess they are going to provide that as an App that the interested people must buy!  The quality of the photographs the system shows, when you open them, looks very low! I don't know how this one could happen because I use the same monitor, same hardware, same everything, except that the stupid Microsoft has changed something, probably, that I don't know what it is.  I know normally it takes a few weeks or at times month to the user to get used to the new system but there are issues that have nothing to do with

Disgusting and Disturbing Winter

It is Dec.09 and the temperature barely has gone below -6º C except for a few days. There's no rain and snow and you look everywhere around and you this disturbing brown colour sours your eyes, except of course at night that the lights of dwellings and some businesses illuminate.  I once saw people skating at Olympic Plaza two weeks ago, it was I think but I barely think that the ice is good and other outdoor rinks are suitable for skating, to mention, Prince's Island Park and Bowness Park . But the question is why the winter is remarkably mild? They say it is because of global warming, a result of too much greenhouse gas emission. Who emits this much green gases to have such a significant affect on the weather that the average temperature of winter in December in Calgary now has gone down to around 4º C ?! They say countries such as China and India are the most contributors to greenhouse gas emotions and I guess two weeks ago they had a global conference on clima

Lowest of Loonie

In the string of good news that I have heard in the past month or so, this one was added on the top of it: Canadian dollar hit its lower since 2004 ! It was traded for US $0.74 ! At the same time and it looks they have hands to hand with crude because a barrel of WTI was traded for US $38.05 !  So it is true that 2016 doesn't look much better. There's a saying in Persian which goes: A good year has its pleasant signs shoeing in spring! and that is because Persian year starts in spring and it literally means that if your spring is pleasant then your year most likely will be good as well.  I'm just chilling at this moment! There's not much to do. I'm working on another certificate which I will write about later when it finishes. There are not many jobs available to apply. The last position I applied was in Toronto and I never heard anything from them since. It was the 29th of Nov. Rather than that I do a little bit of exercise, cooking and cleaning at hom

Pre-Christmas in NE Calgary

This weekend I went to The Chef 's place in NE as he needed me to help him again. I rode his bicycle all the white to Whitehorn Station and from there got on the train to Westwinds and again rode the bike. He wanted to go to a clinic for his injury and I drove him. It was waste of time as he was told that he should have seen the physician who did the surgery on his injured knee.  Then he had some banking to do and I took him to two different banks. NE Calgary as most of the people know is a community of refugees and foreign workers. The majority of the population of the neighbourhoods comprises of Punjabi s, Afghan s, Pakistani s, Bangladeshi s, Hindu s, Filipino s, African s and all foreigners who have sought Canada as a refugee asylum.  Since it's closing to Christmas time, most of businesses and of course most of Christian s households put up a Christmas tree. While barely anyone celebrates Christmas in NE , businesses do their routine similar to the other bra

12 Years of Air Miles

Points and rewards are part of shopping culture in West . There's barely any business without points, flyers, discounts, rewards, promotions and stuff like that. They wouldn't survive.  Air Miles is one of the most popular, probably because you can collect points which turns to free plane tickets to everywhere you like! Very tempting. Ha? How much actually do you have to spend to collect enough for a flight.  A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Air Miles indicating that it was the 12th anniversary of collecting points with them. 12 years since Nov-11-2003 and how many points have I collected so far? 3795 only! It is a little more than 316 points a year and considering that I collected most of my points from grocery shopping at Safeway supermarket, the main source of point, and every $20 you spend, turns to 1 point, it means that have spent a little more than $15 a year there!  The fact is nobody gives you free tickets for free. There are other companies and

The Chance Got Bigger

I went to the CAF office to write the examination which had been booked for me. I was the only one who wrote an examination of any kind today, not that it was significant or anything. It was stressed several times that I would not be allowed to disclose the test materials so of course I am not but I was a little bit shocked as how the exam had been arranged.  The exam was computer based, similar to probably all CAF exams today. Compare to 9 years ago when I had my first application out, CAF has advanced technologically which is good. There was only one subject on the test which became tougher to answer as the test progressed from its first level to the last. The whole session took about hour and half and I was a little nervous and at the end I was not very hopeful. That was due the problem that appeared to me as soon as I sat myself down and started the test! We had a couple of good vegetable pizzas from a local Pizza 73 yesterday and it was tasty in a manner that we gobbled a