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600 Km for 68 min.!

I drove all the way to Edmonton for the second time in 2005. I was invited for the interview for a Quality Coordinator position. A lady from human resources and the guy who currently holds the position and is supposed to be moved to the lab, were the interviewers. That was a different interview from the last ones I had. Some of the questions they ask are: 1- What made you to study Industrial Engineering? 2- Why did you choose quality control or why did you switch to quality control field? 3- What’s your definition for quality? 4- Have you read the culture of our company (in the website)? 5- Why did you choose Calgary as a place for living? 6- Are you ready to relocate to Edmonton and if yes why are you going to relocate? 7- Why did you establish a metrology management system for the company? (It’s in your resume) 8- Are you familiar with Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing? The following are my answers: 1- A friend of mine introduced the major to me, explained the courses

Signs of Spring

I went for a ride yesterday at about 12:53 and returned after almost 2 hours . It was not bad, partly cloudy, and snow was melting but it was windy as usually it is! I was fine in my jersey and short but my toes and fingers was almost frozen, esp. my right hand. It was numb and God! bothered me a lot but as clouds were wiped away and sun started shining I felt a little bit better. You could see the signs of spring everywhere: Flocks of Canadian geese, ducks, squirrels and other kinds of birds and mammals. Calgary Zoo , as I went by, was crowded. Families brought kids and animals were out of the shelters. (I should go and see the Zoo this summer) I was goin' to call and ask P. M. to join me but didn't, although I was almost close to his place. (Photo: Canadian goose is a lovely and amiable bird. Every time I see one, I wanna jump, grab it and give it a kiss on its head and neck, but never has happened! They roam around freely everywhere, sleep and graze themselves and if y

New Opportunities

I've applied for at least 3 good opportunities in Alberta recently, all in oil and gas industry and all in manufacturing. One of them, Black Cat Blades , called me yesterday afternoon when I was sleeping on the floor and woke me up! I jumped up and gazed at the Mobile's screen, was trying to find out who the hell it was! As I found it's a call from Edmonton , preferred not to answer as I knew it's a career related call and I have to get ready for the questions. So I let it ring and thought they leave a message and I call them back and everything will be fine, but they didn't! I checked my mail-box and read their message, led me to understand that my voice-mail system is not working! I just renewed my contract and the idiot didn't tell me, last week, that I should have reset my voice-mail system! Therefore I e-mailed them and mentioned I would call them Mon. morning. Hopefully I don't lose this opportunity or the 2 others in here.

Flashback (2): Dave

I had a Canadian guy as my roommate when I used to live in D. H. ’s house: Dave . He was a drunkard and worked for a body-shop. He used to come home usually with a bottle. I remember once D. H. and the kids were gone and I was alone. Dave came in and started talking to me. I noticed he was drunk. He took out his wallet and the next moment bills were raining all over the place. Although it has been about 2.5 years but I remember exactly that there were three $ 100 and a few more bills. I was tempted to grab them but didn ’t. I felt sorry for him. He was an ugly short guy with a problem with his mouth, like Jean Chretien ’s, who was kicked out of home because of his misbehavior. He used to say that he had a row with her gf and they broke up but I hardly believed it. Anyway when D. H. and kids came back, I ran to him and said: Dave is here and he’s sober and lucid! He lifted the TV and was about to drop it and I stopped him! The reason I said so was, first of all I was sick an


I stopped talking to N. N.  about 10 days ago, may be more. She was one of the girls that I was thinking of for marriage. She's the right one for me. She's kind of - I don't know how to describe that - inatractive girl, both in terms of charachteristics and feature. I'm fine with the feature if the girl is cool. For instance Victoria is not really a pretty girl (I wish I had a photo of her) but she's very attracitive. She got a very beautiful smile, she speaks English fluently with a very sweet accent, she got a very nice body and she's smart and a real athlete. So all the attributes mentioned attract you so much that u don't c anything wrong in her face. N. N. is not pretty nor active and attractive. Doesn't speack (well actually write!) English the way I axpected and is not into anything! Kind of really boring girl! But she literally relied on what I asked her: Marriage! Now I focus on two girls: M. T ., my former colleague in EIED and one of the