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Tradition of Seed Growing

A little more than a month has passed since the Iranian New Year , Norooz , was celebrated. Not that we celebrated it largely but didn't forget it either. One of the traditions which starts before the Norooz , which is the first day in Iranian calendar, starts is growing a seed. This seed could be Wheat , Lentil or any other thing but I think it is limited to 3 or at the most 4 different types.  We had not done that for a few year and this year The Lady decided to have some. I guess she grew 3 different plates, with 2 different seeds. Growing a seed outside soil requires great attention. Adding enough water, putting a damp cloth on the seeds for a specific length of time and checking on it every night. Eventually the result was good and we had a green nicely grown plate of seeds at Norooz time. The unlike the tradition we decided to cut the stems and leaves every few days and add them to our salad! The result was good! Tasty and healthy.  Just a few days after that I saw

The Cursed Pipe: XL

The approval for the construction of the pipeline which takes Alberta 's oil to the Gulf of Mexico is postponed by the US Government again. It obviously is not a good news for Albertan s as well as all of Canada. The new  Premier of Alberta and the Prime Minister both expressed their concerns and disappointment. There are other impacts of this decision. One important one is the grain growers' concerns. If there's no pipeline then the oil should be transferred via rail and that means no locomotive for grins to be moved and exported out of the country. I do not have good statistics but I know for a fact that Canadian grains and seeds get exported to all over the world and interruption to this could either to loss of market or people going hungry! But what affect this might have in all those Oil Sands extraction projects? The producer might want to slow down a bit and that means lay offs and slower economy for the country. The aftermath of this will be huge, like

Highway 22 (North of Highway No. 1)

When you look at the newly available Google Maps with all the information you think it is a complete map that could be used as a reference for almost everything. Outside the cities and towns normally what's shown is nature and what's related to it such as forests, stream, lakes and such as well as roads of different kinds. At times you see other information such as airport or so. I was looking at the area that town of Sundre is located yesterday and studies the road. I wanted to go there to see how it would be to get to Maze Peak later on. I took Crowchild Tr . and I have to say that after years of living here I had never traveled at that side of the City and beyond it and I was amazed! First off Crowchild is connected to Bow Valley Tr. when the city limit is ended! I never knew that and then as you turn on 22 and the magnificent view of the Rockies are in front, you see many big mansions all around HWY 22 built on acreages. That's when you realize where rich peop

Southern Alberta (Vulcan, Lethbridge, Milk River)

I had been planning for the long weekend of Apr. for about 3 weeks! A few first options had to be cancelled due to weather issues. Chinese Wall , Ptarmigan Tunnel and Cyrpt Lake were the first three plans which had been all put aside due to closures and amount of snow in the related area. I eventually picked Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park and decided to check a few things before reaching there. Was not a very vise idea as you are about to see: I wanted to start early to be able to see as much as possible. Another reason is I stop frequently both for rest and photography. As well I do not drive fast. So I left home between 05:45 and 06:00 AM it was, I think. My first stop was the Town of Volcan . But why a small Prairie town in the middle of Province? I encounter the information in regards to this place in Google Maps although I have never been a die hard fan of Star Trek , I decided to visit the place. When I was a little in the old country and of course before the deva

Delusion Over the Weather

Just when everyone thought that spring has arrived the new forecast showed a few days of mix of rain and snow. It started when we were going to the C. O. P. last night and turned into snow by the time we arrived there. Then when I went to get the car this morning, I realized that I had to scrape the frozen snow off the windshield and windows. I could not just simply brush them off.  The snow continued falling until the evening with a few short breaks. Maybe it's still snowing but it was not cold. Even the wind was not bad.  (Photo: Snow in morning had covered the ground, buildings and everything else to a minimum of 1 cm)

Skating at C. O. P.

We started a skating learning course in C. O. P. today. It was a good start, I should say. There were not many people and the trainees were divided based on their skills. We practiced everything we already knew but the instructor helped us get better. I practiced Backward Skating and Backward Bubble and my improvement was significant after the tips given by the instructor. So the first impression was good and it was not as bad as what some have say. There was an error and that was the forms we had to sign. They were not the ones they had e-mailed us but we still were able to reach at the rink on time. The route map they had sent was helpful as well of other instruction. So, again, the first session went really well and we learnt and we had fun. I fell once on my left knee and had a little pain and that was when we were asked to practice Hockey Stop but rather than that there was no other issue.  Winsport part of the C. O. P. has a few rinks that Hockey is also thought and

Separatism is Condemned, Everywhere

There was this news that made me very happy: The Quebec separatist/racist party is defeated and the leader has resigned! I don't know how people can show their faces and announce that they would tear the country apart by making their territory, province or anything a separate and autonomous state! I mean what the hell was she thinking?! The example of all the countries who were together and now are tiny little of cat pow in the map should be a good example of them. Should it not? Look what happened to former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan which was on the verge of being cut to pieces after years of civil war. Look at the Korean Peninsula and what happened to former Soviet Union ? Are any of them better off now!?  Canada was started with Quebec and Quebec will remain a part of forever.  We had and still have same stupid claims in the old country and that's actually not in one corner but a few different parts. It is certain that the government discriminates against mi

Troubled PC

My desktop is down again and I'm writing these with my 7 year old Toshiba laptop which at times could be as slow as molasses! I took it to Best Buy and asked them to transfer the available files to an external hard drive and haven't tried it yet. I didn't ask them to fix the computer though. We decided to buy a or maybe two new computers of different kinds but haven't found what fits our best yet. I really don't know what caused this time's problem but I transferred a few photos and contacts to my old iPod Nano and after that worked with a PC for a few hours. The next approach was completely unsuccessful. I was not able to run the operating system. So here I'm now writing on this old machine and the good side of this is my time on computer has significantly decreased! If I only could use this opportunity and do something positive and productive with my time, that would be great!