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Disgusting Heat

I'm sitting here at home and this is f**king disgusting, this heat! I went for a walk in the afternoon around 18:30 and it was not this bad but noon time was quiet hot, I'd say around 30 degrees Centigrade . The radio said Las Vegas is 44 ! Yes 44 degree C ! I wonder who would be the loser going there but considering much of activities are indoor, I don't think people mind that! I went for jogging yesterday by the river and it was not very bad and I did a good 30 min. but silly me took a tumble as soon as I was about to cross the river over the pedestrian Crowchild Tr. bridge, rolled over, jumped up and continued!  I could not sleep because of the hot weather and when I woke up in the morning I realized that I had screwed up and my ankle was in pain. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't break it but I guess I twisted it a little bit. I used a lotion and wrapped it with one of those bands. Feel better now but I'm pretty much screwed! Don't know when will g

Enemy at the Gates

I watched another movie of few ones that I had downloaded back in 2003 from this sharing Website, Kazza ; Enemy at the Gates . It might sound crazy that the movie, in avi format, was recorded on a CD in 30-Nov-2003 and of course  had been downloaded earlier, more than 11 years ago . I finally asked myself to give it a try a few days ago. Not very impressive movie but OK. The fact is the movie is a combination of two propaganda and exaggeration systems: 1- Hollywood . ( The US !) 2- Soviet Union . The movie is basically the story of a Soviet sniper who in the battle of Stalingrad (now Volgograd ) kills quite number of German soldiers and officers and became an aspiration for the people of the city and the resistance forces. The opening scene of the movie, partially reminds me of what I have read several times about Iranian invasions during the devastating 8-year Iran-Iraq War , the usage of human wave. Although this method never worked very well but lack of leadership,

Stupid Invention

I read it once that Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It's a bit hard to believe because apart from North America , this beverage is not consumed as much anywhere else. At least that's what I've experienced. The three big countries in the world, China , India and Russia are not Coffee drinking nations. It's not a popular drink in Asia at all unless for the people who wants to show that they are Westernized(!) In my recent trip to Iran after more than 6 years , I noticed that coffee shops have become popular among the youngsters because that makes them feel modernized! While drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited and results in heavy fines, Coffee is the next thing to alcohol that people can drink to show they are from a high class society!  But Coffee is a favorite beverage in Arab countries and it's consumed completely different. It should be added here that Coffee was originated in Yemen , the county which is in the depth o

Turtle Mountain (Crowsnest Pass)

I finally got a chance to reach the first summit of 2015 by going to Crowsnest area in southern Alberta . Although I had driven through Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod on my ways last year, I had never been to Crowsnest municipality district and I have to insist that it is such a beautiful area and I will have other programs for sure. I set my wrist watch as well as my new Fitbit Flex for early morning and my destination was Turtle Mountain where the disaster of Frank Slide occurred in 1903 . I left the town when sun started coming up , heading south on Highway # 2 and at the town of Nanton I took Road 533 to west. The little town of Nanton where I had this idea in mind to buy a property in, maybe in a few years from now, is located almost 70 km from the city skirts. I was once thinking of doing my work commute from this town but that distance could be a problem, very tiring. That'd another subject to discuss maybe later. Road 533 takes you to Cowboy Trail and Ch

Fitbit Replacement

I had troubles with my Fitbit Flex activity tracker for about a month or more. I finally decided to communicate with them with through e-mail and address the issues. I did that last week and the answer was that they would send me a replacement. Good. It's obvious that they can see that there's no pattern in my exercise and at time I lose recording my activities due to the problems the system has. The other issue was the exercise period confusion! I would go for a walk at 12:05 for about an hour and the system would show my walking at 10:00 AM! So it's now replaced and I set it up. I hope there will be no problem no more.  (Photo: The replacement device in its pack. It took less than a week to arrive. Thank to Fitbit for that but as you the charger USB adapter is included which I already had. I'd appreciated, Had they sent a wristband as I broke the large one and I know am using the small and is not very comfortable. I guess it's some $20 for a new one which

Stupid vs. Crazy Stupid

The story of a young woman being stuck by a big pick up truck while trying to stop it after the driver drove off the gas station without paying, was all over the news last week. I didn't want to post anything about it as this is not a news-blog but then felt that I should write something to clear a few things in case someone is interested to know as this would have never happened to a Caucasian or even East Indian fella, had the Centex gas station attendant been from that ethnic group, if I may put it that way. Here is what the media was reported about the victim: She was a new immigrant from Iran and a  graduate of Chemical Engineering program who had recently moved to the city and been given a position as a Process Engineer within an engineering firm but then shortly after 3 month was laid off. Her husband worked for the same company in a Piping Engineering position, also was recently laid off due to economic downturn and the couple were struggling their newly built l

Rainy Weather Led to Skating

This weekend I missed another hiking/mountaineering opportunity, this time to rainy and cold weather. My plan was to go to Kananaskis and climb up The Wedge , the mountain we had a failed attempt a few weeks ago. My alternative or Plan B was to go up Mt. Lady MacDonald in Canmore but I had to drop both and instead I ended up in Crowchild Twin Arenas for practicing Skating.  It was almost the same number of people this week as well but surprisingly blue arena, where the public skating takes place, was much colder! I never wear gloves while skating unless it's a very cold winter day and I'm outside but today it was chilly in a way that when I finished exercising and got off the ice, I could not even undo my laces!  Skating, and I've mentioned earlier, is a tough sport and I believe 1 hour on ice is too much. That's probably why there's unlimited player replacement in hockey! Not to mention the physical challenge the players deal with in addition than to sk


Following my visit to Global Mini Skirt Show yesterday, I had another short visit today, this time mainly to pick up lunch tickets that one of our contractors had offered. I went there and found the booth but I was told that the tickets had been given to the joint and I had to go there to pick them up.  So I and my buddy from work walked to the bar/restaurant called Loungeburger . We were welcomed by the staff and the contractor's representative and since the lounge was full, they directed us to their patio which was not bad. We were shortly approached by beverage waitress. We had a pair of beverage ticket. I ordered what one of the guys that we sat with, had already ordered and was drinking. It was apparently a draft beer, although I have no good experience with that product. My colleague just wanted a drink of water. The beer arrived shortly and then we ordered food. I realized that the menu given to us was different from the restaurant's main menu because I had studied

Global Mini Skirt Show (Jun. 9-11)

I spent a few minutes in this ridiculous show called Global Petroleum Show which is held in Calgary every year at this time of the year. I went there only because I was supposed to pick up something from one of the exhibitor's booth which I didn't find it by the way!  So you go there and and similar to most shows in Calgary it is in Stampede Park and BMO Center . There are an army of people, probably volunteers, some of them, to help you register but you also can register by scanning the bar code on your registration confirmation letter. So basically those people are there for nothing but consuming oxygen! But hey don't forget that there are lost of garbage that they hand to you or you can pick them up such as a leash that you attach your badge and hang it from your neck and other useless stuff which all end up in landfill! What a waste and what a bunch of fucking inconsiderate idiots these people are! Why do you have a badge and why do you have to hang it from your

Fitbit Flex = Piece of Shit

I started having problems with this activity tracking device called Flex from Fitbit more than a month ago but I neither contacted their customer service nor joined a forum to get help. I knew the first one would be useless and the second one would probably not very helpful either.  The problem was with charging. The damn device would charge but would discharge shortly and without the regular e-mail notification. Now instead of charging every 2 to 3 days I had to charge every day which was a pain in the butt. I lost lots of hours due to that and then yesterday I went for a 25 min. jogging in the morning and when I came back I realized that the piece of crap has not recorded that activity.  Today was the worst. I simply put Flex Fitbit having problem with battery in a search engine and lots of result was shown indicating I was not the only one having that problem. Then I got home and I realized that the system is not synchronizing! The last time it had synchronized it was short

Exercising in a Cold Place

Summer is upon us and officially will start 2 weeks from now but for many the heat has already started its job. The temperature has not gone more than 25 degree Centigrade but I felt it one I was running down at the Bow River Pathway at around 09:30 this morning. We had a plan to do our Ice Skating exercise so we hit the ice in Crowchild Twin Arenas for the first time in 3 months. The temperature in the blue arena was cold and felt so good when we took shelter from burning sun in the afternoon. There were only as many as 8 people on the ice for the entire time. It felt a bit tough at the beginning because we had not have practiced in 3 months but then it was fun and we were enjoying. I have no idea how much it costs to the communities to have their arena up and running in summer but it should not be cheap. I know they all have funds from municipality but how? I don't know. I know Olympic Oval takes the ice off in summer and puts it back in Aug. That's due to the cost of

Bourgeau Lake

This weekend's climbing/hiking program was kind of screwed again. I have not been able to do a decent, lovely and joyful hike/scramble since I left Utah . The original plan was to go up Mt. Allan in Kananaskis . I read everything and prepared the information and even was ready to print the map but at the last moment I realized that the trail had been closed until June.21 because apparently this is Big Horn Sheep  lambing season. Good for them! I then switched the program to Bourgeau Lake/Mountain in Banff National Park , another hike that I had been wanting to do for a long time. I problems with this one were two, maybe even more: First of all I had to drop The Lady at her work. So by the time I reached the trail-head it was almost 10:30, at least 04:30 hours later than my usual commencement time. Then there's this entry fee to the park. Some $19 . I wouldn't mind paying that much but that is good for a day and a half not a short hike up to a lake in between mountai

Is BMW i3 a Complete Failure?

I saw BMW i3 in BMW Welt (German for BMW World ),  which is a free-admission showroom and exhibition in Munich , last year. I was generally excited about the place, going from this corner to the other, taking photographs and reading things. I read many positive points about this electric car including usage of recycled  material and polymers to make it light and at the same time safe for the driver and passengers. There was not much about the electric power though until a few days ago I decided to have a look at the BMW Site. I'm seriously thinking of buying a BMW . My first thought was to by a 3 Series , a sedan which you can easily keep it under 40 K. Then when I realized that i3 could be well kept under 45 K , I said: Why not i3 ? It's nice. It's modern. It's BMW !  I checked the available information as well as a few clips on Youtube . The result was quite disappointing and discouraging. Here is why I would not have bought an i3 , Had I just decided to purc