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'07 Finals

I finally had the cable guys over the day before and my cable got installed. So I could watch the second game of 2007 Stanley Cup Finals in Anaheim , CA. between the Senators and the Ducks . The first game was won by the Ducks 3 to 2. I watched the scoreless first period where the Senators and apparently their goalie were under constant attacks. Then in the second period I had an eye on the TV and another one on the food that I was making for dinner! (Something with zucchini, I give you the recipe, if you're interested. It's healthy, simple, and delicious) It was scoreless again while Ottawa lost a 5 to 3 opportunity. Then the third period came up finally and it was up and down and up and down but that was Anaheim who took the advantage of a home game and had more shoots. I was done with the damn food and less than 7 min. to the end I sat and said to me: Let’s watch the rest with a little more interest in hockey! But in 6 min. and few seconds left, the Ducks scored and


I took the gravel road right next to the neighbourhood where the line of houses end and went all the way up. I was going to take the trail map I bought from the adventure centre but thought I’d be fine. So I passed where the road gets to two branches and the right one, which I think is the one I took last time I went for a walk, belongs to Squamish first nation people and rode up. My back was a little sore because of all the rocks of that stupid wall which I had to lift but I was fine. After a few minutes I reached a flat part of the road with a nice view of all the mountains, the valley and trees. I took a few photos and then my Gosh! I looked down and saw the wreckage! There were at least four cars down there! All destroyed, of course. One can imagine what has happened to the passenger. I, for a moment, was terrified and felt a shake all around my balls! At the same time I wish I could get down there and see the vehicles closer. I, then resumed my ride and it was slope down till I r

Amazing Handset (Not handjob!)

I was so tired yesterday morning when I got up. That was because of another stupid thing A. J. did and again made us facing a problem with the house, this time with the retaining wall. That’s another story that I‘m not telling here but what happened is when I woke up and went to the washroom I saw a pile of shit in the toilet! I was so tired the night before that I forgot to flush! So I flushed and was goin’ to wash and suddenly dropped my mobile phone in the toilet! Oh my! I quickly took it out and tried to dry it out! Of course it was not working! Happily I just flushed a min. ago but still there was shit on it! So I put it on the floor outside under the direct sunlight and went to work. I then checked it in few hours and amazingly the handset itself was working! And finally after a few hours it was receiving the signals and working perfectly! (Photo: My handset after it got saved by me and sunny sun! Thanks to Sony Erickson!)

A Short and Beautiful Ride

I have to find a way to get rid of this crappy laziness which has been sticking to me since I really don’t know when! I decided to start that carpentry book and finish it and actually I did start yesterday and enjoyed a lot but couldn’t do it today! Then that’s my cycling which has been postponed lately, mostly because of too much stupid work that I have to do and secondly because of the damn rain. I know the deep reason is loneliness which is not goin' to be discussed here. Today was beautiful and sunny though. But I was stuck at home behind this damn computer and just once stopped by at the project site, did a grocery shopping and went back. I was going to check on that girl whom was seen a little ready but I’m stupid and didn’t! So finally at about 16:00 I decided to go for a ride. I went all the way to the University . There's a long slope up in Garibaldi heights and then a right and left turn in the neighbourhood and I found myself there. It’s going to be opened this f

Flashback (11): Ellen

I used to talk to a girl who, I think, still resides in Toronto , back to the early days of my immigration. I guess it was 2002. I found her through an Iranian dating website among a few others. She was a refugee probably slid in from a South American country, as she said once. But I’m not sure because she was a lair. Ellen , as she used to be called in a real state office or something like that, used to tell me the stories that she would forget later and contradict herself! She also used to yell at me and curse at me on the phone and when once I asked her why she did that she would say that she was under so much pressure and needed to get it out! She was broke; I guess and lived based on the welfare and the money I think she gained from an old men. I think she used to sleep with them in exchange for food and accommodation .Once she asked me to go there because she said wanted to rape me! Obviously she was in a bad situation but I would never travel all the way to Toronto to fuck

3 out of 7

I had a message from a lady in one of my credit card company’s security department, yesterday. She wanted me to call her. I thought that was not really important and ignored it. In the morning I tried the number and it didn’t go through and then I got connected once and the agent started asking stupid question they usually ask. Oh ... by the way I went to a gas station to buy gas for the generator and the card didn’t work! I got angry and just in the middle of conversation I hang up! Then I called the main number and asked the lady to cancel my card. She was trying to convince me that it was a security problem but I said they did that because of my previous nationality. I was really mad. She said that she would add that as a reason and we ended the conversation. The card is cancelled after about 3 years. Then after a short time a lady from the security department called but I told her that I didn’t want to talk to her and I had already cancelled my card! This is the third time I cancel

West Vancouver

I went to Tim Horton’s for my breakfast today and sat there for a few min., calling my friends in Alberta . I called Hojam , Ali. G. and Hodani and only the last one picked up. We chatted for a while and then I decided to go for a ride but not riding my bike. I decided to drive the van in Sea to Sky highway and take photos. Then I said to me why don’t I go to Wal-Mart and buy the digital camera I was going to. I went there and the same girl I saw the first time I got there, was there: Amber . Caucasian , average-looking, tall and bit shy. She’s way too far from Jasmine . She told me that the camera I was looking for was sold out and there’s one left and that’s the one on the desk. Why I’m saying this bullshit story is because I think there might be a chance to get here. I think I have seen signs but better be sure before I run for it. There must be something wrong with me because when we were goin’ to the stock in the back and I was walking shoulder to shoulder with her, I fel

A Beautiful Scene

When you work for A. J. , it has advantages and disadvantages like any other job. Prose and cones. He bullshits you a lot, things like: “My management is ...” actually worth less than a piece of crap in toilet! or “I’m engineer!” You are for sure! And many more. At the same time you should look at the glass half full: I learn many new things that might be helpful to me to be a site supervisor or a builder in a few years, I drive the vehicle that the company owns and I pay not a penny for that, I don’t waste time and money on getting to job and back, he pays for food and takes me to restaurants off and on and the last but not least I see funny scenes that I probably won’t forget for years! I let you to taste one of them: Once we loaded the van and there were a few pieces of long lumber heading out of the back door. They, I guess, a little longer than 12 feet ‘cause I can push them in. I told him a red flag is needed to be attached to the end of the woods in order to make it easily vis

A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted

I was talking to Mike , the framer, about the two big houses A. J. is building and they are about to be finished. He said that he didn’t think selling them would be easy. A. J. , himself, said the same thing last night when we all were sitting at the dinner’s table in a Greek restaurant. The fact is, as Mike said, and I guess he’s kind of right, the houses are just not simply this little town's style. People, who buy house here, would like to buy something like a cottage, all-wood and simply not a luxury mansion. Who’s really goin’ to spend $800,000 on a house in a small city like this? What A. J. says is when Sea to Sky Highway is finished, it’s only half an hour drive to Downtown Vancouver . That drives people who work in Downtown and that could be a well-paid job to buy an expensive house like that. If I had money or could borrow money from a financial institution, I would never buy a house like that in that neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful place though. But just two fuc

Stressed Out

I received a mail from Jasmine last night. I was a little surprised because she never has done that before and I never had time to spend with her. It was only about the new maps though. Then I went to see her this morning because I thought that's a sign but when she came to the desk, as beautiful as ever with her magic blue eyes and told me that she would move to Vancouver, I was shocked. We never had the chance to get close. I mean I never spent time or better to say had time to spend time with her but always hoped to find some and make her if not my girlfriend, at least a good friend and companion of mine in the city that I know nobody. She said that she had a plan to go to Thailand and teach scuba diving there! She said that she had been already there once and fell in love with it! She said that she would go to Israel and the India and Thailand would be her final destination. I asked her if she would go by herself and she said that someone would be with her in India, I gu


When you drive around in Squamish you see logging trucks a lot and there's a sorting log place, I would call, because I thought it's a log mill first and Jasmine said that they just sort them, in the town that I saw when I was up the Chief . So you would think there'll be no jungle in a few years. That's partially true. They cut trees and cut more and more every day because they not only export it, especially to the US but also make most of the house out of wood. So they wouldn't be much left soon but Jasmine said that first they have to get license and then they make the Government sure that they replant the cut threes. She said that there are places that the jungle is rejuvenated and gave me a brochure. I have to check it out as soon as I find a free time. But she also added that they can't do that to the national parks. Here's the question now: What percentage of Canadian forest is national parks and how efficient their refreshment procedure. She wa