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20 Years Now

Yesterday, the 29th of November was the 20th anniversary of my immigration. No celebration. No regret either. I wanted to go to the cafe that I sent my first messages home to tell them I was safe but was too tired as a result of the trip.  There won't be any celebration at all, not even this weekend because I have not achieved my goals in these past 20 years. My past 20 years have been mostly full of failures. One after another. Big and small. costly and cheap, in terms of money, of course. A failure is a lack of success, lack of accomplishment, reaching something that you had planned for. It's always costly because you have lost the most valuable thing: Time!  My marriage fell apart and I'm single for nearly 6 years now! Not that my marriage was so good when we were together but I know we loved it each other and now that we're not together, I miss her a lot and I know I won't be able to find someone like her again. The women I have met in the past 6 years, I can&#

Austin to IAH and the Return

I reached home last night and I was so tired that I barely could walk! I think it was almost 22:20 when I got home and dragged myself up. I'm still tired and my right ankle and right knee hurts like crazy! I think it's the result of sitting still for hours. The drivbe from Austin to IAH and then the flight from IAH to YYC .  What I did was I left early because I didn't want to take any risk when I was flying back to YYC . I left around 07:45 , got some gas from a nearby Shell and headed east on InterState 71 . The road was not bad, in terms of usuall crazy American drivers(!) and I only made a very few short stops, although I should've made more for a number of good photo opportunities, untill I reached Houston area and basically after Katy, TX where I stopped for the last gasoline and it became really crazy! I must add that instead of my GPS , I used my phones GPS which looked more accurate and more updated but still I was nervous and uncomfrotable on the road

Stress in Austin

I'm back in Austin and I'm going to settle down here until I fly out of the US because this processes of getting a room, checking in and checking out and carrying your stuff, is stressful and exhausting. When I first arrived in the vicinity of the city, I decided to find a place. The useless, stupid GPS directed me to two wrong addresses! I think I'd need to update the damn thing when I get back. Then I found a hotel and tried to book for Covid-19 Test because I apparently need that to go back. I tried Target and Wal-Mart pharmacy and both said they didn't have. An urgent care center, close to the hotel offered the test for $300 ! I then went to a Walgreen and there I was told that I had to book online.  Booking online, after I got the room was a disaster because the online questionnaire is designed for a resident of the US not a Canadian ! I eventually was able to register by going around some parts or altering answers(!), with the hope that I'd not affect the

Guadalupe Peak, TX

I'm heading back east again after doing the hike of Guadalupe Peak . I'm staying in Fort Stockton, TX , tonight. Very tired and both of my knees hurt! It was an easy hike overall for a summit which only stands 2667 m. and the elevation gain is roughly 914 m. but what happened was I, first, when I got there, I had a little difficulty finding the trail-head and the visitor center was closed. So I referred to my phone and the GPX format file that I had downloaded and I found it. Then I realized that there's a campground just at the trail-head where many people are about to start their journey(!) from there. I head up the trail and I passed 3 or 4 parties when I realized a fella is approaching really fast. I turned back twice and he was shoulder to shoulder with me. A taller man with all white beard but he was very comfortable and relaxed. We started talking and going up together which was very good for me but I think perhaps that's why I have painful knees now because I

766 Km (476 Mi) in one Day!

I'm in Carlsbad , NM now and back to Mountain Time ! It was a very tiring day because I decided instead of flying to Albuquerque and coming down NM and reaching Pine Springs , TX , approach from west! That was because there's no direct flight from Calgary to Albuquerque . WestJest goes to L. A. and then passes you to an American airliner and they fly you to that city. Air Canada flies to Denver , CO and then pushes you further south. The latter is more expensive. I realized that the second option was better now that I have driven 776 km in less than 9 hours ! Between the tiredness, road safety and cost of gasoline and food, it'd much better to take Air Canada option but that's lesson learnt too late!  The drive was actually not bad because  Texas   Inter-State 10 West is wide and there was not much traffic. The problem started when I hit 289 North which is under construction and particularly the last 40 minutes which got dark and the road was reduced to 1 la

Crazy Driving Day!

I'm writing from the second reserved hotel in Texas , in Downtown Austin now but I made a bad mistake! I thought I'd be okay to drive a long distance but I was wrong! I'm not a US driver! Some of these guys are really crazy and they have no respect for speed the posted speed. Besides there's not much enforcement on the roads! After checking out of Staybridge in NW Houston , I grabbed a breakfast, as they had nothing and then headed to Downtown Houston . Driving to any downtown in North America is not a wise thing because you either would not find a parking or the available space is usually unreasonably expensive. I parked on the street close to Toyota Center and went to the visitor information which was quiet and no one was there but the two fellas who were working there. Toyota Center , on the other hand, had a long line of youngsters all around it! Apparently a concert had been planned for the night. Here's the crazy thing I did: I drove all the way to Galvest

Not such a good start for a Trip

I'm writing from a hotel in Houston , TX and I gotta say, it hasn't been such a pleasant trip so far! YYC was fine. No problem at all. At the CBP counter I had a chat with a Black officer who was very friendly and nice. No issues at all. I don't even see a stamp on my passport. Then WestJet flight was a usual. enough legroom, couple of cheap drinks(!) as usual and nothing else. My stress started at George Bush Intercontinental . No check or nothing at the airport and I went to the designated spot for the Rental Car Center shuttle. It must have been at least 20 shuttles and buses passing by and none stopping, which made me nervous that I would miss my reservation! A bus eventually came and I got on! The car renting process was easy with this difference that firstly they gave me a Camry , instead of Corolla and then the guy asked for coverage which would cost another $130 ! I declined that and said that I would come back a few days before the actual return day and would

The Chinese-Vietnamese in Canada

  Canada has developed itself to be the garbage can of the world(!) for decades now. Everyone who has an issue finds their way to this country and is accepted easily. Why? Because the country needs more people. More cheap labour, more population to consume the junk food and buy cheap houses and more people to bring revenue to the government! Therefore it's not a surprise to find: Child molesters Corrupt cops and military officers (even engaged in genocide and war crime)  Slum prostitutes and drug dealers Professional thieves Sex offenders  Fundamentalists and extremists Wife Abusers And other sorts of evils in this country. Do the government and society care? No! The Government knows and doesn't care and the society looks at all of the foreigners with the same eye! They dislike them all! To them it doesn't matter if a person like me came as an immigrant after 5 years of sending documents, doing medical tests and such or a filthy pig who comes from slums of The Philippines

The Signs

I haven't written anything here for a long time because there's nothing to write! It's just the disgusting work and then coming back home. Work at the side of the former nasty residents of slums and then coming home, eat, do a few things and go to sleep and again the same! Over and over. The only difference is that now I work 5 days a week which is much better. Less torture! Almost the same money. My plan to date the Blue-eyed Lady hasn't materialized, though! I tried to go to her office several time and she seemed to have a visitor every time! I eventually had an opportunity to have a little chat with her and she was very nice and smiling all the time! I think something very good had just happened to her because she usually is not that way. She said that I could go to her on Fri. afternoon and I thanked her.  I dropped by on the day and she was on a sort of telephone conference. She even didn't here me knocking twice and finally a few minutes before going home I