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Stupid System

I once let go after 3 months, the probation period, and then in less than 3 years I got another job with the same company in another city of a different province. Of course these companies have no integrated HR system to prevent them from hiring someone who has already screwed them in a different jurisdiction but I was not expecting to see that you get hired by the same company that asked for your removal in and in the same city with a better salary than your previous job! That is what to Z. Y. ! He now works for the client observing an engineering contractor's work. Whether he will be successful or not is another question but I do not think he is so dumb to repeat the same mistake that caused his job!

Columbia Icefield

Our third destination in Alberta was Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park just one hour from Town of Jasper on Highway 93 . Right after Lake Louise you turn right onto Highway 93 which is 20 times less traffic compare to Highway Number 1 , obviously because Highway Number 1 connects West to East and Highway 93 is just a recreational road. This road is only for the people who want to go to Jasper National Park , the numerous lakes and summits in Canadian Rockies or eventually to Town of Jasper and Edmonton after that. It is 4 hours from Jasper to Edmonton . Lots of cyclists on the road and also many motor-homes and RVs and coaches but that was all. It is a little tiring ride unless you stop off and on and the road is one lane each way but because of less traffic it does not cause much trouble. The road got really scary when we were closing to Icefiled  Center . It went so high and then the center was right in front of the glacier. It was a sunny day unlike the f

Banff's Attractions: Cascade Falls

Everybody who lives in Alberta and everywhere else in Canada knows that Banff is the most popular destination for vacations in this country. I guess it even tops Whistler which I have not been to yet, although I lived closed to it, in Squamish for about a year or so. For me Banff is not as attractive as everybody else know. I have been to the Hotel, I have seen all the shops and I have taken several photos from every corner of it. This year F. F. wanted to see more we decided to get on the gondola and go on the top of Sulphur Mountain some 1300 m above the sea level. Fortunately we did not have to wait in a line because that is what I hate the most. Rather than that we got a package to see Columbia Ice fields and cruise  Lake Minnewanka which saves us a few dollars. This was my second ride on the gondola and there was lots of changes up there. It was a bit busy at the beginning but then everybody left and we could spend a little quiet time and take a few photos. Lots

The Damn Tea House

F. F . had wanted to see Lake Louise so we saddled our horses and headed for there today after a breakfast outside. Fortunately because of the day, the roads were not very busy but the lake area was. Tourists from Asia and Britain . We decided t go around the partially frozen late get to the Tea House which was supposed to be not so far away from the lake but we failed. We claimed and claimed and pass all the snow covered and recently avalanche-hit paths and eventually decided to turn around. F. F. was really tired but managed to be a good company. It was me actually who said to go back because we reached a point there was actually no way to and it was getting kind of late. Besides I knew that F. F. was tired but just wanted to follow. We were supposed to reach the Tea House after almost 2.2 KM hiking and that was after a total of 4 KM walk from the lake but I guess we stopped after 1.5 KM or a little more. There was nobody on the path after the way got covered by snow. I

Unstable Businesses

I always believed that running a business is a very hard thing to do if you want to make good profit, stay competitive and be headache-free! But I do not believe there are many businesses like that. Risks are always involved. There are many businesses of different kinds available in 17th Ave. SW Calgary but I personally have seen quite many changes. Many of them went out of business. Many of them still running after 10 years. There were two Sex Shop s which do not exist anymore. There were also two Blockbusters which they went of business one after another, the second time last year almost the same time as now. Many restaurants have been changes and rarely a few have survived. Most of the survivors are chain restaurants or simply put fast foods including Wendy's , McDonald's , Boston Pizza , etc. It's even harder to survive now because now all around downtown you have to pay for parking. I personally prefer to go somewhere that I do not have to be worried about my ca

Hands Free

This little compartment which is actually the inside door handle of the car, is a good spot to put my mobile phone and talk while driving. I only have to hit the number of the person I like to talk you or if I have an incoming, hit the Answer button. After putting the phone on speaker, it's even better than any hands free or Bluetooth ! And don't get surprised over the window crank handle. I ordered the vehicle this way because it's very stupid not to be able to roll up and down the window while you're sitting in there and the engine is turned off! (Photo: The compartment is big enough even for an iPhone or Blackberry)

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I had my first experience with the this model of Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker this week. The result was not so bad when I made a Chocolate Ice Cream . F. F. said that it was a bit dry and gave me 8 out of 10 ! I added 500 ml cream instead of 800 ml and that was whipping cream which should be different from heavy cream, something that I did not find. The problem was after I mixed everything, which was an easy step, I poured the mix into the machine and let it run for 35 min. (!) and at the end it was a soft mixture that I had to put that in the freezer for at least 2 hours! I left it in there for the whole night and the next day. Rather than that I had to keep it's bowl which has a layer of water, in the freezer for hour before mixing the ingredients! So the question is, is that worth going through this much trouble? (Photo: My little bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream made with Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker)

No Pain, No Gain

I had my Performance Evaluation Review today. Went Well, I guess. Two attributes were mentioned for me: Hard-working and possession of Good Communication Skills. My hard works which I enjoyed it mostly paid off here. It was also agreed upon to include two of my request in the form and at the end I was suggested to be work on new assignments. One issue only was arisen and that was based on a misunderstanding but could not get that off my record.   I had once another good review of my work but that one did not help me with keeping the job, much. Both my superior and me were axed shortly after that! That's another story.

Good Example of Bullshit P. Eng.

There was this discussion with one of the Supplier's representatives and also a colleague as well, the other day. The topic was that this Supplier had provided 8 almost identical products to us and they all required a type of test. The test according to him (I never checked any Spec.) was performed on 10% of the area which was supposed to be inspected. The gentleman stated that the 8 items were among more than 180 items which have been manufactured for different customers, for example 16 for customer A, 27 for customer B, etc. He provided the qualifications of the inspectors but the test reports are not available!! When I asked why, his explanation was that the 10 % was chosen from the 180 and something unit, meaning ours could be amongst the tested one, could not be!! So how the hell am I going to accept it? I have no idea! A test has been performed, not knowing on what and no report is available but there are good qualified inspectors! And the person is a holder of P. Eng. fr

The Atheist

I had to go to the other corner of the city without driving so I went to the train station. While waiting for the train to come, I noticed this older guy roaming around and watching me. I realized that he was looking for someone to talk to and I didn't mind it. We got on the car and happened to be on the same seat. The guy asked me what time it was and when I said it was around 05:30 PM he said it felt like 02:00 or 03:00. I just nodded. Then he turned toward me and asked how I was doing with my senior relatives, friends or something like that. To cut the crap I said that I had no friends and relative here. It didn't make him stop. He started going on as how the Government was not paying attention to pensioners and welfare receivers and such. And added that if anybody complains the Police will shot him. He said" I'm Canadian and I'm ashamed of who I am now. I'm American and I'm ashamed of my nationality now. I did not wonder that he had dual citizenshi

Dairyland Milk

There are lots of talks on daily basis about food in North America , what is healthy, organic and non-organic, etc. Mostly bullshit and lies. I have written about this several times, saying this food is good today and bad tomorrow. But there is this one that I experienced myself and it is quite amazing: I got to the Overrated Company to get some milk for my cereal and got this 1 L., 1%, Dairyland organic and had some. Awful! Because it's 1% and I did not look at the label. That was around Apr. 20th when I bought it. Then left it in the work's refrigerator for a few days and brought it home, then, left it in the fridge here for a few more days until yesterday which was 18 days after expiry date! I had ran out of coffee cream in the morning so I took the jar out, smelled it. Fine! Added it to my coffee and drank it! What the hell was that!? Milk or whitened water!!? I don't know! (Photo: The disputed milk with the expiry date clearly readable on the side. Does Dairy

The Crushing Hit

I was leaving the room, at work, yesterday afternoon to do something exactly at the same time that Y. Z. accompanied with his Project Manager was coming towards me. I did the thing quickly and came back and sat at my desk and realized that he had his jacket on and a thing in his hand and left. I had verbally attacked him the other day and already had a bad feeling about what had happened. I wanted to make up to him. May be even going up to him to say I was sorry because he took it all without saying much. So today his subordinate called and said he wanted to talk. I asked him what had happened and he said Y. Z. no longer worked for the company. He did not give much detail but later on I learnt that apparently he was in a meeting when he was called in and they asked him to hand them their card, escorted him to his room to take his stuff and took him to the nearest exit! That came as shock to everyone. Apparently the client was not happy with him so instead of complaining to th

Kuwait's Punishment

This Aug. 2nd it will be 22 years since Iraqis invaded Kuwait and occupied the little country for a few months until the US coalition led forces liberated it. But why I am writing about it and why now is the question. This colleague of my, well we do not work together closely, is a reasonable man whom I like. Always helpful and we get good chats at time. He was in Kuwait shortly after the Iraqis withdrew. I must say that to me, Iraqis invading Kuwait was a good news at the time because Kuwait aided Iraq during its war with Iran both financially and practically. How practical it was? Since Iraq had limited access to Persian Gulf , Kuwait let Iraqi forces use the three major islands of theirs named Bubiyan , Failaka and Warbah . Anyhow T. M. was in Kuwait shortly after the war was over. I guess he was running a shop during the time that different nationalities were trying to put out more than 400 oil wells which had been set on fire by Iraqi bastards when the

To fool the one

My work has changed a lot since I started a little more than a year ago. It is most of the time no longer like that . The Repulsive Turd , my supervisor who barely can tell the difference between his ass from his elbow, is now easier on me basically because I know how to fool him. I mostly confirm whatever he says, usually by nodding. When he says something which is stupid, absurd and not funny at all, I laugh as load as he does and when he is talking I turn to him and show that I am all ears! I show enthusiasm and smile! Rather than that when it's time to work, I work like a machine and stay more than usual without asking for the overtime pay. I already have been told that I should not be worried about the extension of my contract with the company after it is over. While I can not entirely depend on that, I can say that it is almost done. In the meanwhile I use my time whenever possible to learn, so I can use that in my next career. I have hard exams to come as well which will wr