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A Very Different Interview

I was scheduled for the second interview, this one a face-to-face, in one of the towns of Alberta last week. This was as the second part of a job application with one of the major manufacturers in North America which I had a telephone interview with nearly three weeks ago. However I have started this job which I have started two weeks ago (not that anyone cares!) and I had to make up a story to sell them to be able to leave for the interview on time.  This guy that I work with, or I'd say I work for, is a fruitcake (whom I will write about later) and I told him that I had to see a doctor. The nut-job agreed to let me go at 13:00 but kept forgetting and when I told him I was leaving, almost 1 hour and half before the time said that he had forgotten! I was going to say: Why the hell don't you fucking forget the bullshit you say to me every day and when I forget something you get mad! But I didn't. I hope I get a chance to give him shit one day before I go!  Anyways I

A Disappointing Visit/Interview

The strange recruiting company sent me to a company for work about two weeks ago. It was a small food company in SE Calgary where many of the small industries are located. A lady, I guess one of the supervisors welcomed me. I am not a freaking pervert or anything like that but I can't compliment a beautiful lady when I'm writing about a job opportunity, particularly now that I'm freaking single and in continuous torture! She was a tall, blue-eyed, blond lady, taller than an average woman and taller than me, with a nice smile and charming character. This is absolutely right that they say THE FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION. I would love to work with or for such a woman even if she's married and have kids over 20 years of age! There's nothing more important than having a good colleague and boss at work and I barely have experienced that for years!  We sat for a few minutes and he asked a few simple questions and obviously he was satisfied with all. We then

Food Poisoning

I felt really sick one night after supper about 3 weeks ago. I could feel that the food had remained in my stomach. My body was able to neither digest it nor to reject it. I guess I had too much and too mixed! I passed the night without a major problem but in the morning I felt sick in my stomach and I was able to to say that the mixture(!) was still in my stomach. I went to work because every hour would have been deducted from my pay-stub. My stomach reacted to the undigested mixture(!) a few times and I threw up, once in one of the isles and twice in the bathroom. That was when I decided to talk to the supervisor and told him that I needed to leave. I was out at about 10:30 (which later led to losing 5 hours, I guess!) and as soon as I stepped out of the main entrance my stomach reacted. Not once, but I think at least 5 or 6 times. I felt a little better and drove away! I still am trying to figure out what the cause of the sickness was. I originally thought that Kashk , which

Nightmares of a Voluntary Job

I was away from the voluntary job that I believe I'm good at for nearly 6 months . When I came back and checked the website (which I have to use to submit my work), I realized that a large portion of my work has been sent back for rework!  This is not the first time that I see the reviewers of my work, send parts of my submission back and want me to rework and resend it. However at times I see stupid comments and silly and disgusting reactions to my work that pisses me off.  An example of that would be a work that I corrected it based on their stupid comments once and now I see it back again. Some of them seem so fucking mean and disrespectful in their disgusting messages that I have to be careful not to say something back because I certainly don't want to lose this job for the sake of my resume. There's a disgusting fucking East Indian amongst them, who I'm not sure weather is the same person that I met in the last year's dinner. He has mostly stupid and me

CFLRS Notes (40): Sergeant P (P for Psychopath!)

CFLRS has a big group of instructors who have come from different elements and trades. They are needed to train the continuous flow of recruits, arriving in the school on weekly basis, particularly in summer. The flow increases in the summer and I will explain why in a separate post later. It's not hard to become an instructor because for theory stuff, they all read the material from their notes or a PowerPoint file! At times they even don't bother reading. They ask the recruits to do that! Sometimes when a question is asked they might even give you the wrong answer because of language barrier! This one rarely happens. However it's at times hard to remain an instructor because as an instructor you have to deal with lots of people and some of them are really slow. Some others, like me, are simply resistant to orders although they eventually follow it because they have to. The second number is very small. Refusing an order could result in a charge although I don't kn

Contradictory Feedbacks

I worked for these disgusting people through a freaking recruiting company. It was the exact example of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. It was given to me quickly and they said there would be possibilities of a permanent job. I didn't want to work there permanently but just having a job to pay the bills while I'm looking for work is very helpful.  I received positive feedbacks from the supervisor but I had mistakes too which eventually was faded away. I had an argument with an asshole as well but it was not serious but him and the two other fucking disgusting East Indian s could be the reason why I'm not working there anymore. The last day of work I had a serious injury which was not the direct result of work and I was thinking of applying for one position which didn't require physical job but that was for a night shift position and I changed my mind in the last minute. I had to get he manager's signature for the application form and now I wonder that asshole, who gave m

A Briliant Work: Bowling for Columbine

It is an interesting coincidence that I found this movie, a documentary, called Bowling for Columbine at the same time that a maniac opened fire from his hotel in Las Vegas on innocent people who were attending a music festival. As soon as I saw Michael Moore on the DVD in Value Village , where we went to get something for The Chef , a few weeks ago, as I mentioned earlier, I garbed it because I was sure that Michael Moore doesn't make something which doesn't make sense. It's got to be good! And after watching the documentary I have to say that it really is good. It's a briliant documentary. This movie actually show how wrong American s are. This was made back in 2002 and who knows how many innocent people have been killed in the past 15 years because by maniac simply because stupid American s do not accept the fact of gun control. I am not following the news these days to the same level I used to. First of all it's because I don't have a TV . Secon

Strange Experience with a Recruiting Agency

I don't know what the hell happened that the bastards at the freaking labour job I had called the damn recruiting agency and told them that they no longer would need me. I had a good performance and the supervisor was appreciative but I had a few faults too. However I didn't expect them to stop using my service. When I asked the agency for feedback they said that the company had indicated the slow work as the only reason while the last week everyone was told that they could register for overtime and of course I didn't because I didn't want to hurt myself.  Anyways just a less than 2 hours after that I received another telephone call, this time from another recruiting company which I had applied for a similar position. I was scheduled for a face-to-face interview after a few minutes of talk on the phone.  I went to their damn office the next day and it didn't start well. At the beginning I waited for about 10 to 15 minutes and then an ugly woman asked for my

A Great Opportunity

I was given an opportunity to present myself for a very good engineering position in the province this morning. It was a phone interview or as some call it, phone screening which took more than 1 hour . They, at times, don't bother continuing if they are not satisfied with primary answers but this one was probably one of the longest telephone interviews I've had so far. The call was dropped two times during the conversation and the person had to call me back. I was told that I would be notified by the end of the next week. This was quite understandable for a permanent position in a somehow stable company but we'll see. I was a little surprised when I was called at the beginning considering the nature of the job but I assume I presented myself well enough in the resume. I hope my presentation during the screening was as well as my resume because no one would want to miss such an opportunity.

There's Always Fun with the Bum!

The Chef called me on Fri. evening and the minute I picked up and listened to him I realized he was drunk, as he usually is on Fridays! This actually is not a surprise to me. Many people work the whole week to get drunk on Fri. and Sat. This is part of the culture. We talked for a bit and that was it. I later found out that he had to leave his friend's, the one who they spend their weekends together drinking together in the public, for some reason. Then later I received a call from an unknown number when I was in the bed, because I had to go to work the next morning. I didn't pick up but when I checked the message I found out that was him again! He had lost his phone again for the second time in the past two months! He gets drunk and he loses his telephone. I'm surprised that he has not lost his wallet. That would have been a disaster. Anyways there was no word from him until Mon. morning that I received a call from an unknown caller. It was him calling me from a pu

A Decision in 11 Minutes!

I received a phone call from a well-known company in Canada for the position I had applied for about a month ago. I was not very hopeful for that but I thought my resume was not too bad. There was a short interview for the $14.5 job although the original advertisement posted it as $14 ! You see? I'm in a situation that even a job with minimum wage, which was hiked a little more than a week ago to $13.6 , would attract me(!) considering that my first job in Canada which I obtained in 02-Jan-2002 , more than 17 years ago paid me $12.30 !  This reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld called Chinese Restaurant where all of the characters except Kramer  (Who later complained about being excluded from the story) are in a Chinese restaurant, waiting to be seated. Jerry turns to Elaine and tells her that she goes to a group's table who are eating and picks an Egg Roll , eats it and walks away without saying anything, there would be $50 for her here! Elaine asks George wea

Inglewood Wildlands

I spent a little time today on my volunteer work. Now that I have to do this stupid and disgusting job, I need something to keep my brain active. It was a beautiful, although a little bit cold, day: Blue sky of Calgary and puffy white clouds! The scene that I never get tired of watching! Then I thought I should take a break by going out (I was in a McDonald's ) and see if I can take a few pictures. I found myself near Inglewood Wildlands after a few minutes. Such a gem in Calgary .  I have been to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary twice and this is just next to it. I decided to go there instead of the sanctuary when I saw the sign. Although much smaller area but it still worth walking into.  Apparently this place was the site of another refinery and then was turned to a so-called wildland, after the refinery was shut down, of course, by different organizations.  This apparently had a significant impact on the neighbourhood. There is a row of houses just where the wildland is l

The Amazing Story of District 9

There has been nothing work (like a horse!), job searching and occasional meeting with buddies (whom are not many at this stage of life as everyone is married and busy with the family or far away). This disgusting recent job of mine is killing me and there's nothing that I can do but resting, eating and some web surfing when I come home, before I hit the sack between, usually, 20:30 and 21:00! There's one more thing that at times, I make myself busy with: Movies. I and The Chef visited a Value Village store in the city because he wanted to purchase a winter jacket and a pair of winter boots. I don't know why someone who has been working for one of the most stable industries in the country for the past 10 years , making $20 an hour, I assume, would be shopping at such a horrible place but that's the subject of another post. I happened to find a few cheap good movies in there, including District 9 . I had heard about it several times and I and The Lady wanted to

Hard to Do Policing in Canada

I've applied for 4 police forces, yes four(!) throughout the country and have failed all of them at different stages! Here there are: Province of British Columbia : Two municipalities (of course I'm not going to name them to protect my identity) - I failed Memory Test for and they rejected me. - They indicated that they were not hiring at that moment!  Another one which I'm not even going to name the jurisdiction:  - I had a credit problem at the time and that resulted in my application to be rejected despite the fact that I had passed their main written test. A Prairie province(!): - I failed the written test(s) once and then passed the second time. I was interviewed before even being evaluated physically, which still sounds strange to me. I failed the interview and never pursued that career since.  Now with that in mind, I guess I'm somehow lucky that I haven't been selected by any of the above to do policing business because all y