Wednesday, August 30, 2006


CFIA is responsible for safety of food in Canada. But what I’ve seen so far in them is really disappointing! I guess here in Canada we probably each more shit compare to what we used to, back to the country I was born in, most of the time! People had told me that the CFIA inspectors I used to see back in the company I used to work for, had been simply chosen from the regular labourers of the plant or other jobs with no educational background! I remember once someone pointed at one of them and said that she used to work as a security guard for the plant! They undoubtedly hired her because no educated person is goin’ to work in a shity place like that and also because she was Caucasian! That’s why we’ve faced major problems in beef industry in last few years. The industry solely lost almost $2 billion in last case of mad caw disease. I have already written about that. Those idiots test only 1 out of 3000 cows! God knows how these shit, we eat every day, will affect our future life or decrease our life expectancy! But it’s not that there’s no legislature, bylaw or whatever you call. It’s just they are not tough enough on it, I believe. Yesterday I learnt something very interesting from my new colleague. As I work for maintenance department, I was told that CFIA audits maintenance department regularly to make sure that machines and apparatuses are being used in production area, don’t cause any cross-contamination. For example if there’s a rust, leak, damage or anything else like that, first CFIA inspector notifies the floor supervisor or whoever is in charge and then in his office audit, he checks the documents and schedules, preventive maintenance requests and so on to make sure the said non-conformity is being corrected. Follow up actions are taken to make sure that the non-conformity finally is removed completely and a preventive action is in place in case of need. As you see the regulation is there and is very well defined and established but is that really in effect? I don’t believe so. Let me give you another example: There’s an Afghan guy whom have been known by me more than 3 years and a half. That bastard used to live in former Soviet Union for years but he’s still the same asshole Afghan guy like all of them! I mean he’s a good guy in a way but what the fuck do you really expect from an uneducated Afghan guy who used to be a shepherd until age of 18, then was called to join Afghan Army and fought against motherfucker animals worse than him (!), the Mujaheddin or holy warriors (Amazingly supported and supplied by Americans!) and then was sent to former Soviet Union, out of pure luck, to study history?! Gholam, now a married guy with a recently born son, (He’s got married to a very pretty Afghan girl! But a moron like him, obviously) used to work for a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza for a while. You have no idea how filthy that pizza shop was! Just imagine that once I was in the kitchen where the dough is made, and I saw kind of a water pipe in the middle of the room! And also try to picture a pizza shop which is ran by a Pakistani guy, considering there’s no creature filthier and dirtier than a Pakistani in the whole galaxy, and the pizzas made by an former Afghan shepherd/soldier! who’s gonna eat that shit? Many people! That’s actually a very good business here in Canada and I've already mentioned that. So where in the hell is the fucking CFIA? Probably having affair behind the close doors!
(Photo: T-bone steak is prob. the most delicious red meat you get in the whole world and the best comes from Alberta but the industry suffered a lot in last few years. Who should be taken accountable for that?)

Monday, August 28, 2006

When The Things Get Tough, The Tough Gets Goin’

I started a new job today. It’s a position as kind of maintenance coordinator and basically what I do is I work with maintenance guys on a daily basis to order the parts they need. There’s an Indian lady holding this position now and she’ll be going for her maternity leave soon and I’ll replace her for a period of one year. It’s a salary based job and I work on my on pace and don’t have to clock in and out which is very good. Besides it’s in the city and close to the Downtown, Talisman, Safeway, McDonald’s, etc. The pay is not so good but the benefits are noticeable and I have lots of free time to study, work out and do whatever I want. It’s good for the period of time I mentioned. But I’m goin’ to be focused on APEGGA and the Navy. I went through the information I was given by an officer in the recruiting office. Joining Navy would be a challenging and tough job. I don’t think I’ll be able to marry someone if I join the Navy. But what’s the difference? I’m single anyway! Why would I give up such a good opportunity just for someone who doesn’t really appreciate? I mean the girls from where I was born, all they care about is money and doesn’t matter who they’re really spend they life with! It’s clear crystal to me that they don’t like living in a small town on Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. Most women don’t! The sailor is usu. away from his or her family for months and even when he’s not touring, he’d be in the office, performing assigned duties. (I, at first, thought that it’s sort of rotation job. When you’re on the ship, you’re working and when you’re on shore, you’ll be off but that’s not it!) There are medical and physical tests and interviews that must be attended and passed but I’m gonna get myself ready for all. I’ve already started in a way actually.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stupid Tamil Tigers

As I said it before Canada is the biggest rubbish deposit in the world. Everyone who gets kicked from his homeland, flees to this part of the world. The reason could be anything: from manslaughter, fraud and war crime to anything else that you are able to imagine. Amongst the people you might face here are Tamils, a minority inhibitors of Sri Lanka. Tamil Tigers have been fighting for independence of the north part of the island for years. It’s said that Pakistan supplies them. I’m not surprised. You can expect everything form Pakistanis. If there’s one creature in the entire universe that I hate the most, that’s a Pakistani, first and then an Arab. Look what they did to Afghanistan, Iran, Canada and the whole world, actually by establishment of Taliban. And if you knew how Pakistan came to existence, you'd be amazed! I might write about that shit later.
Anyway a few Tamils here in Canada or specifically in Toronto, where is called the most multicultural or cosmopolitan city, tried to aid their compatriots. One of them contacted a company in B. C. for buying night vision goggles! When he was asked why he needed them for he replied that he wanted them for a school project! The stupid Tamil guy thought those guys are so desperate for his fucking money or he was talking to grade 2 kids. The company men were suspicious and reported on him. An aid network of Tamil Tigers in North America was blasted out immediately after that. A few guys were arrested and funds were seized.
(Photo: A trainer hoists their flag in a Tamil Tigers' civilian training camp in Sri Lanka)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm A Butterfly!

Today I was entitled with the second nickname of mine since I came to Canada! This is also the second title I received this week, after Canadian Citizen which I explained the whole story of it in previous post. And guess what it is? Butterfly! I really like that and I think that fits me very well. That’s what exclusively expresses my personality in a way. Here’s how it was given to me: I was talking to a very pretty Filipino girl who’s been recently hired (She’s married!) and then left her after a few min. and went to Magi, a Canadian girl whom have been known for years just to have a short chat and say kind of goodbye to her. Then when I went back to the Filipino gal again, whom has been entitled Tiger Woman by me, because of the sexy stretch tiger texture pants she wears sometimes, and she said: “You’re a butterfly!” I, first, didn’t notice what she meant. Like a dumb ass! Then realized what it is about after she gave me a little explanation! That's true. I jump from this girl to that girl without really tasting the goodness of each! And that’s not something new. I’ve been like this since the first years of the school, when I really started liking different girls in Polytechnic. I saw many girls but not even one last long. Same stupid story here in Canada as well. God knows how many nice, pretty, lovely girls were available and willing. But I always acted like an idiot. Last Fri. I was gonna talk to Kaajal, the girl I liked right after she started her job in the company, I talked to her several times and asked her out 2 times (But we never really went!) but she was on leave. I guess that’s too late. She must have a bf now. She’s one of the most beautiful, nicest, loveliest and kindest girls I’ve ever seen. But damn me! I did nothing! Zip! I even found a nickname for her: Jewel of Cargill. But never had the chance to tell her that. Yes. I’m a butterfly and that’s why I’m still single!
(Photo: It's simply me! I'm as nice as a butterfly and always go to beautiful tiny flowers!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oath of Citizenship Ceremony

I attended my Oath ceremony today in the morning, something that I was waiting for since my first year of immigration. Well may be not that early but I was looking forward to the date I affirm as a Canadian citizen. I was supposed to be there at 08:30 AM and I left at about 07:50, I guess and God! … that was almost rush hour. And as I haven’t had my breakfast, I stopped at a McDonald’s to grab something to eat. There were only two people before me but God damn! there was an old Oriental woman taking orders and she was so slow like a turtle! I looked at my wrist watch: Almost 08:00 AM! So I immediately left and drove to 5th A St. and 19th Ave. SW while my destination Harry Hays building is located at 1st St. and 4th Ave. SE! So I started walking very fast toward the building and when I was there it was almost 08:29! I saw a line. We stayed in the line and after the documents were checked, we were let in a hall and remained sited until a judge, a very pretty, blond, tall, young lady came in. She was not actually the judge that we had to make our Oath in front of her. She was kind of assistant to the judge. She explained how the ceremony will be held. And then the judge came in, accompanied by an RCMP officer and we all rose. As soon as I looked at her I said: Oh my God! That’s the old lady I saw on the wheelchair when I was in the line! She was a very old lady, probably in her late 60's or early 70's, was walking with difficulty but had very clear and strong voice. As always you see stupid, animal, motherfucker, pieces of craps everywhere and that place was not clear from those moron, pieces of shit, there were a young boy and girl in front row who were kissing and caressing each other. I hardly controlled myself to do nothing toward those motherfucker, animal, stinky pieces of crap who were mistaken the court with her fucking bedroom! I just wanted to smash the fucking boy's head. That would have been so pleasing but I couldn't!
Anyway the old judge rose and we did so all and she asked us to repeat the oath of citizenship in French first! That was sort of stupid and ridiculous because I don’t know French and I’m sure most of the people didn’t know! But she asked us to repeat after her like parrots! Then she read that in English and I and everybody else repeated after her while we had our right hands raised. That was not so bad.
The assistant lady judge named every one individually or with his or her family, then and handed us our certificate of citizenship. I was a little excited at that moment. I went toward the old lady judge, who were sitting, grabbed my paper, shook hand with her and then with the officer, this one firmly, and went back to my seat. We then all rose and sang the national anthem, O’ Canada! I was a little ashamed at that time ‘cause I didn’t know the whole lyrics! But the stupid thing about the anthem is it’s partially French! So what if someone doesn’t know that language!?
That was almost it and we left all after that. Many people had cameras and video cameras with them but I didn’t have anything on me. Most of them were there with families or friends and when they were shaking hands with the judge or the RCMP officer, a picture was taken. But I didn’t have anybody to accompany me, so I don’t have any photos of that memorable moment. I regret that now. But honestly I believe in my citizenship oath and I do what I affirmed to do. The following is part of it and this is the most important part to me and this is something that I’ve been stuck to, from may be 2 years after I came to Canada and got myself together:
… I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.
(Photo: Unfortunately I didn't have anybody with me to take a photo of the beautiful ceremony so I rather to use this photo of two aboriginal RCMP officers among another people which I took in Stampede last summer)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Staff Shortage

I went to the McDonald’s nearby yesterday afternoon to get a cup of coffee and the lobby was closed! There was a note on the door indicating that the closure is due to staff shortage! You could only get food from drive thru. Same thing in the Burger King next door. They used to run the business from 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Now it’s only till 05:00 PM and food is served just if you order it in drive thru!
When I was at D. H.’s in the evening he told me Subway, McDonald’s and food businesses like that pay $18 to $25 per hour to the employees up in Fort McMurray. So people who work here, rather working up there and make big bucks! Fort McMurray is the base for all Oil Sand projects in Alberta and attracting thousands of people from all around the world and Canada. He said that I have to start a business soon up there. He said that a Pizza business makes lots of money in a short time or I should try any other thing in that booming town. I even can work on a rig, he said. But I’m not sure if I wanna do that. I’ll drive up there to give it a check though. Fort McMurray is 3 hours up north Edmonton. So it’ll be more than 6 hours drive from Calgary.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Seafood Chef

My friend, Hodani, was born in the port city of Bandar-e-Abbas of Iran at the shore of beautiful forever Persian Gulf but has been living abroad for more than 15 years, may be even more as he doesn’t know himself or he’s not willing to recall or talk about. He used to live in India before he moved to Canada and I have no idea how long he lived there.
There’s something that I’m sure about and that’s he’s a great seafood chef. Yesterday he was a guest at my place but instead of me cooking for him, he made something for me. We had Rainbow Trout and Basmati rice. I had bought two fresh fishes from Superstore and we got the essential herbs and seasonings he needed from Co-op then. Here’re the ingredients:

2 fresh medium Rainbow Trout
1 Garlic (Just a few cloves needed)
3 medium Tomato
1 cup enriched Flour
1 teaspoon ground Red Pepper
Canola Oil
1 teaspoon ground Turmeric

1- Wash the fishes with cold water and clear off the scales.
2- Cut each fish to 3 pieces and let them dry.
3- Combine flour, red pepper and turmeric in a large plate.
4- Cover the pieces with prepared mixed powder.
5- Heat the oil over low heat and slowly turn it up.
6- Boil the pieces in the oil until they are fully cooked.
7- Grate the tomatoes in a large bowl.
8- Chop a few garlic clove in the tomato bowl.
9- Pour the mix in to a saucepan and boil it over medium heat.
10- Turn the heat a little down, place the pieces in the saucepan, cover them with sauce and let them to be covered for a few minutes.
11- Serve with rice or pita bread.

I knew that Bandar-e-Abbas used to be called Bandar-e-Gamru and then had been changed to the honor of King Abbas I, after he defeated the Portuguese in 17th century. But I didn’t know Gamru means crab in Portuguese and that's because you could get crabs easily in those years everywhere in Bandar-e-Abbas and that was one of people’s most popular foods. That’s why Hodani knows who to make a good crab dinner. just to remind that Bandar means port in Persian.
Next times we’re goin’ to try crab, salmon, shrimp, lobster and other kinds of seafood and see how his recipes work, having a wonderful and tasty dinner. He’s goin’ to make Ghalye, shrimp cutlet and others as well.
(Photo: Hodani from the time he visited me in Squamish a little more than 2 years of this post! I am not what he is trying to do but may be this is an appreciation to water from a guy who was born and raised in a port)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

I don’t understand this: a few horny guys in Africa slept with monkeys, chimps, gorillas and other animals as literally they are animals themselves, for a few years and got the disease which is called AIDS today and then transferred it to other people all around the world and people, here in Canada hold conferences for that?!
Why don’t you control yourselves when you get horny assholes? What the fuck is the difference between an animal and a human? Should you just follow your desire? So that’s what happens to you. You people instead of wasting your money on such a stupid conference just pull up your pants and stop being an animal. And also stop criticizing the Prime Minister for not participating in such a stupid rally of sex addicts!


I’m studying for NPP exam. of APEGGA and there are too many interesting things to learn. Regardless of the fact that I’m not satisfied with my pace of studying, and that’s why I’d like to re-schedule the exam, I find the whole course very interesting and difficult at the same time. NPP or National Professional Practice Exam. is basically talks about Canadian law concepts such as tort, duress, misrepresentation, proof, consideration and all kind of knowledge that a professional should be aware of to be able to practice. One of the interesting concepts is mistake. According to the Canadian law if a mistake is conducted in a contract by one of the parties and the mistake is learnt by the party whom the document containing mistake has been sent to, continuing to the contract is considered fraudulent and a charge might be taken against him or her. But if the offeree doesn’t know anything about the mistake, he or she won’t be charged. Simply put a just and reasonable person won’t insist upon profiting by another’s mistake.
But why do I bring up this story here? I’m taking you back to a few months ago when Muslims, the very civilized, polite, decent, kind-heart, peaceful, educated, understanding people ran demonstrations, threw stones, climbed up the walls of the embassies, burnt the flags and did many other stupid things just because of a few cartoons of Muhammad. Those people knew that the Danish cartoonist, the newspaper editor or whoever was responsible for that made a mistake and he was not aware of what he had done, but behaved abnormally and proved that they are insane.
(Photo: One of the cartoons of Muhammad what was published by the Danish newspaper in late '05. I really don't know what the artist want to say. Is he saying that the women are protected in Islam blind-folded while they are deprived of their basic rights?)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Taste of Calgary

P. M. came to my place yesterday afternoon and we went to Marda Loop for a kind of street festival. There were Cuban dancing, beach volleyball, live music, arts and crafts and other fun as well. What caught my eye and was very interesting to me were a few guys dressed like Star Wars characters! There were Dart Wader, Luke Skywalker, an Imperial Soldier and others as well which I couldn’t recall what exactly they are. They were actually advertising for a comic store in the city called Comic-Kazi!
Gloria, a friend of P. M., was there and actually that was her who had called P. M. and told about this festival. She was with two old girlfriends of hers. P. M. and Gloria work for the same construction company. She’s an average-looking girl in her mid 30s and a little crazy! I’ll tell you what she did later.
We left there at about 05:00 as that was the end of the show and headed to Eau Clare Market for Taste of Calgary. It’s a food and beverage show which was held for the 10th time in Calgary but that was my first time. Different restaurants offer samples but not free. You have to buy tickets and there’s also live music and crafts like everywhere as well. I started with Thai Chicken Salad but I didn’t like the noodle they use in it because it was hard. Gloria kept saying that because the salad is served cold, the noodle is hard but that’s not an excuse in my view. P. M., at the beginning didn’t want to spend money but then at the end he bought some. I bought 20 for $15. A good sample usually costs you 4 tickets and rarely 5. You can also get things for 3, 2 and 1. For example Starbucks' Pomegranate Frappuccino only costs 1 ticket and is good although it’s a very small cup. I haven't had tried that before we went to the show but that’s not something very special. I guess it’s only pomegranate that makes it special for people here as it’s not a common fruit. It’s very expensive here and hard to come by. I remember I used to buy a few for I guess about $2 each form Safeway last year and that was only for a limited time and I didn’t see that again. It’s because people are not familiar with that here and don’t know how to eat it! But those ones were very good and I guess grown in the California, the US. Anyhow Gloria had too much, even more than me! She liked to try everything but they were both there the day before too! Then Gloria asked me to get Aylan for her and I was wondering what it was. That was a yogurt drink from a Turkish restaurant like what we have in Iran and is called Doogh but that was awful! There was no taste and seemed like someone just added a huge amount of water to a low fat yogurt! Hojam, my friend who’s in Vancouver now makes excellent yogurt drink with homo (3.25%) milk which when you start drinking you don’t wanna stop! They also offered kind of very thin bread with spinach in it, Baklava and some other Turkish cuisine. I looked at the menu but didn’t find the name of the restaurant. Then there was the time for Sushi. I’ve had tried that before but used to by it ready-to-serve form supermarkets. Gloria was very willing and excited to help me to try everything good and she pushed me toward it. There was a small line for good or items which were new to many people. So I stayed in the line with Gloria beside me. I noticed there’s a Canadian girl pushing me from behind. Something I’ve never ever had experienced before in Canada! I thought she was drunk but that was not very likely to happen in there because where alcohol is served is separated by fence from the rest of the exhibition and no one gets drunk in such a place at 07:00 in the afternoon! Besides police patrols the site continuously. So I just ignored her and was listening to a group of Canadian young fella who were describing the items of Sushi dish. You can find friendly and nice Canadian people here everywhere as well as the one who was pushing me. I was listening to them and suddenly Gloria pushed the girl so hard that she got back almost 2 meters! I was kind of shocked especially after she was called bitch by Gloria. She then started apologizing and said she was sorry. I said: well. You should be. You were pushing me from behind. The girl’s bf showed up but nothing happened we paid for the food and I sat on a bench and Gloria started to teach me how to have Sushi! Sushi, a Japanese cuisine has a method to have. But I should emphasize that there are different types of Sushi, just like there’s different types of Pasta. I’m not describing the ingredients and differences here because that, itself, takes a huge post. I’d like to say that Sushi is served with Kombu, which is very hot seaweed and brings the tear out of your eyes. I remember once I bought Sushi from a supermarket and Kombu was included obviously (There’s a very common Sushi available here in supermarkets here and that’s, I think, is a regular one). The seaweed is green obviously and looks like very viscous dough but not sticky. I didn’t know what it is, at the time, and after I tasted it and realized its taste, I thought it’s something like waste left from wrapping the food or something like that!! Anyhow ginger, soy sauce, rice and raw fish are the main ingredients and I leave the whole research to you. Gloria wanted me to try it with chopstick and she was very willing that me enjoy the food. The other thing I tried was Oyster. It’s seafood like Mussel that I had tried before but there’re differences. You squeeze a piece of lemon on it and then slurp it in and chew it up. That’s an expensive food I guess as I paid 3 tickets for just one. Gloria got a dish of Ethiopian food which was basically comprised of baked beans with sauce and flavours like lintel, chickpea, etc with bread. P. M. got the same but he didn’t like the bread. We sat at the table in front of the southern entrance of the market where the booths are located and when they finished and we started looking around the merchandises, fruit flies came over! There were in thousands and everything was covered in a few minutes. Luckily these small insects don’t bite but it’s very unpleasant to feel them all over the body! Gloria bought a pair of pants and tried a belly dancing custom on and finally chocolate mousse was our desert and we sat at the tables in front of the Starbucks stage for a few minutes and watched the live music that was being performed. I guess Gloria wanted to get something to drink but when I mentioned that we ran out of tickets she seemed she didn’t like it and asked us to leave. Actually that was the best thing to do ‘cause there’s no point for sitting at the tables and just watch while beer and liquor is being served and people are enjoying themselves. We then left. Although Gloria is a crazy girl but is a good friend to hang out with especially because she’s not afraid of experimenting and spending money on what she likes. P. M. told me that she got married to an Arab man last year just to make it happen for him to stay in Canada. Seems like they are not close but they live in the same place. P. M. has tried to find out if she’s willing to sleep with her and asked her once how her sex life is and the answer was disgusting. He thinks he can ask her if she wants to sleep with him or not but I think it’s too late. We said goodbye after I dropped her at her place and we’re goin’ to have lobster together in Red Lobster in near future.
(Photo: An imperial soldier pointing his laser gun at me while Luke Skywalker or another Jedi knight poses holding his laser sword. I took this photo in Marda Loop. The soldier later took off his [her!] mask. He [she!] was a very pretty blond girl)

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I read a good point presented by a reader of Calgary Sun today when I was having something in McDonald’s. What he asks is if Islam is the religion of peace and goodness why hasn’t been a rally by Muslims so far condemning what has happened so far to the world in terms of terrorism, for example Madrid train blast or London Underground attack? And he’s true. Muslims keep saying that this is not real Islam. So If this is not what it's known as Islam, then what is that? I list what people have seen as sign of Islam in past few years:

- Massacre of school kids in town of Baslin in Russia by Chechen Muslim militants.
- Destroying Buddha giant statues in village of Bamian in Afghanistan by Taliban.
- Explosion of Pan American airplane over Scotland by Libyans.
- Beheading Westerners in Iraq by Sunni extremists of Al-Zarqwi and others.
- Recognizing Taliban by criminal, motherfucker, pieces of crap, filthy Arabs of UAE.

And many more. But I’d like to insist that I don’t believe in Sep.11 story. That has been all done by Americans. And that’s what makes me feel they might have done other similar things as well. My point is these are all come from ignorance. The people who defend Islam and call it religion of peace or the stupid morons who convert to Islam either have never read Koran or have read it and believe in all that shit in it. Because violence, war, terror, execution, stoning, extreme punishment, lashing and things like that is attributes of real Islam. How actually Islam was spread? How did Arabs get to Iran and India in the east and Africa in west? They invaded those territories and said: Join us or pay us!!! This is the real Islam. And the people who follow that religion these days are not out of the two groups I just mentioned. One last thing: Islam has another attribute which gathers people from the different backgrounds together and that’s again ignorance!
I'd like to mention what Momani, a Jordanian journalist mentioned after those mess by Muslims all around the world because of a few cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. He says:
" Muslims of the world be reasonable, What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?" He got fired shortly after that!
(Photo: This funny cartoon is published in today's Calgary Sun, implies how moron a Muslim could be. The caricature points at the new rule in Western airport that doesn't allow any liquid onboard. There probably be demonstrations, stone-throwing and embassy-burning for this one as well in a few months!)

Dental care

I’ve spent thousands of dollars (Yes! Thousands!) for my dental care here so far. Fortunately part of that has been paid by my insurance company but that’s only a small portion. Today I had an appointment for a few crowns of my tooth. When I was there last time to have my check up, the hygienist lady told me that the crowns would cost me so much that might make me broke. Then she talked to the doctor and notified me that it would be free! Unbelievable! The doctor and his assistant, a very pretty blonde, blue-eyed tall, slim (Don’t get excited!) Canadian girl worked on my tooth for almost 2 hours and finally they charged me only $17.00! Considering a labourer earns almost $12 an hour, that small amount of money is nothing. I’ve been booked for the next weekend to be inserted by splints. That’s gonna cost me bucks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Never-ending War

A large terror plot was just thwarted in London Airport yesterday and few people are in custody now. The Scotland Yard is still looking for more suspects. The terror links to the filthiest creatures the world has ever seen (after Arabs of course) Pakistanis! I'm not telling you what has happened so far 'cause you might have known already or can easily find it in the news. But there're few things that I'd like to mention and there're questions as well:
  1. One of the experts on CBC said that because Hezbollah has gotten the world's attention lately by challenging Israel, that would've made Al-Qaeda to plan a large attack on Westerners to gain its leadership in Islamic extremism. I think that's true. Those morons are both crazy. That's part of Shia-Sunni conflict we see in Iraq these days.
  2. But that could be just another show by Westerners to say how intelligent they are and how they care about their people while also just could be another way to disgrace Muslims and Arabs in particular, esp. as we're closing to Sep.11.01 anniversary, with that stupid new movie of Stone, World Trade Centre which I've already talked about that.
  3. Why the hell do they take all the liquids from even Caucasian people!!?? It's a new rule in all the UK, the US and Canada's airports that no liquid is allowed on board! They have already proved how stupid they are. There's no more evidence needed for that! These morons are taking bottles of Juice, milk and water even from kids and Moms??!!
(Photo: Crowd, line up and confusion. This is what you would see yesterday in London's Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world, if you were not lucky and were there!)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Free Haircut

Hair stylists make good money here. A regular haircut at least cost you $15 and if you need more services like dye and everything could go up to ... unlimited! I was looking for a place to have my hair cut and decided to go to Simple Scissors first. That's were I used to go. A few nice Filipino girls. But when I got there, I just saw a short Filipino guy with a big mustache and a tall Canadian guy with long blond hair at the table eating something. Obviously the first guy was just a hairstylist who rents a chair in that salon and the Canadian guy were a new fucker of the girls. Because I know that place very well. The owner is single and the girls who come over are usu. single young girl and mostly horny, looking for handsome guys.
Anyhow the girls were not around and I just got myself vanished immediately and drove off to a Great Clips at 8th. St., right in front of Safeway. I'm giving you the address 'cause there are nice girls around most of the time and give you a good haircut. I went there and they let me know that today is my free cut day! There was a tall Russian woman, prob. in her mid 30s and she cut my hair nicely. Just try to avoid a girl called Mitra if you're there. She chews your ear and bullshits you all time long you're sitting there, with that stupid ridiculous accent and poor English. She's a short woman in her late 40s, big eyes and extra make up. Just one more thing: You must have been there several times before you get to the time of your free haircut.

A Very Tight One Amongst Many!

I'm neither a pervert, nor a guy having regular sexual relationship with different women. But I'm not totally in the dark. I went to a massage studio tonight which I rather not to mention the name and address as it would be free advertisement for them and that was a great experience. There was a young Oriental woman which I barely say how old she was ... You know how they look like: petite, sweet, silky long hair and ever bearing smile. And of course fair complexion which is of course different from Caucasian people. She, at the beginning acted very friendly, obviously to induce me. With a very bad English accent, she brought an album and showed me her photos, mentioning the places she was to. She insisted that she was a student at the time! Then she started massaging my back while sat on my hip off and on and continuously talking. That was not bad. Then she left for about 3 min. and when got back asked me what I want her to do for me! I asked her what she could do. She has already stated that she was born in Tokyo but the way she talked looked like she's from Vietnam or countries like that. I've lived enough in this part of the world and have seen and talked to enough people from different ethnicity that can easily say who's who! But didn't spoil her fun. Then she kind of used sign language and combined that with her special English(!) and made me understand that she does hand job! She was, at the time, rubbing my testicles and asked if that was OK with me! Of course that was OK and I started getting hard slowly. Then I flipped over and asked how much that would cost me while I was getting closer and started caressing her. She said that would be $60 and when I asked what if she takes her dress off, she said the total goes up to $120! I told her that I had to check my wallet while I knew how much I had and said that only $60 left had been left. She agreed but asked me never to mention to the Canadian woman, her instructor and boss, the madam(!) that she did that only for $60 and then began to undress. That was one of the most beautiful bodies that I had ever seen! I helped her to take off her pantie and she became totally naked! I asked if she puts it in her mouth and she said no. She also said that she doesn't do sex. But whenever a woman says that, it means she really wants to have sex. Then she laid back and spread her legs. She got a very pretty hairless body with bushy pubic hair but her genital area was shaved. she grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I was playing with the pussy of hers. Then I asked her to pee for me and she was like just was waiting to hear that! We went to the tub and she even turned a light off, stood and opened her legs. I opened her labia and she started moaning. I tried my middle finger in her pussy and that barely went through! she peed a little while I kept pushing my finger in and rubbing her clit. and that was awesome! I wish I had a rubber! Looked like she was enjoying as mush as I was and finally she made me kind of 2 times cum! That almost never happens! We cleaned a little and dried off and I left. When I was getting out I noticed another guy was waiting. That was probably the guy whom she left for when I was in the room. I, then, called Hodani which I was supposed to meet and went to his place. We talked for a while and drank beer and then had our dinner. He had made rice and beef stew and that was very tasty, especially after having that huge relief and pints of great beer it acted like a great fuel for my body. He made the stew out of beef, garlic, banana pepper, a few more herbs and stuff. I guess when I got home it was almost 01:00! I had a great time in that massage studio and Hodani's place.

The Long Weekend of Civic

I just got home after a very busy day. But busy not in a positive and productive way really. Mostly was waste of time, unfortunately. I've recently been a little thoughtless and have to give myself a hint (I'm!). P. M. came over Sun. afternoon and after a good workout in Talsiman and dinner we went to his favourite place, Metropolitan. But that was closed! We were told that they close at 12:00 on Sun.! So we went home and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That's kind of weird movie in my view: A science-fiction which is also supposed to be a comedy, obviously because Jim Carrey stars in it. The story is very unique, pure, noble and new to me but P. M. later said he had seen another one with such theme. How did it happen? I don't know because he's a very slow guy! I'm sure there are another movies that focus on the topic of memory but this one is really good. Two gorgeous girls perform in it: Kate Winslet and Kirsten Dunst. Then in the morning or better to say around noon of Mon. we went to his home to fix his pick up's tail light but was not very successful as it's broken badly and must be replaced. They have a nice house with a huge backyard, kind of the house I like. We had lunch in there and around 04:30 headed Downtown for this year's Heritage Festival. What we saw was only a very few people and one stage and tents around. Each tent represented a group of people and every few minutes a group of people performed their dance or music or both. Funny thing is Afghanistan had two tents, representing fucking nothing! What the fuck really these worse than animal random creatures have to represent? Molla Omar, Taliban, Bin Laden or photos of their nasty, ugly ruined country?! Basically what was there was bunch of young ugly Afghan guys who used lots of hair gel to form their hair or mid-aged women with infants, shabby cloths and headscarf! I'm really sorry for Canada which is being turned to a big shithole!
Anyway Metis, a Fijian girl, a Vietnamese girl and few other people performed and that was nice and pleasing. We left at 06:00 PM and that was the time the program was ended. It was started at noon. P. M. also recorded a few short video clips but as it's silent, it's not really good.
(Photo: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in a scence from the movie)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rob Zombie

I was acting as a couch potato last night and encountered a kind of entertainment news or report on CityTV. The girl was the host of a guy with long hair, beard and headband, obviously a member of a Rock or Metal band. I shortly after noticed he’s Rob Zombie. I've had heard about him earlier but never got to know him really well. He was answering the questions regarding his recent tour while shots of his and his buddy’s performance was being seen: You know acting like crazy guys, shouting, jumping up and down. But I like it sometimes. It’s exciting. That’s how you get relived. The funny thing here is he was talking about how he picks his band’s member and he said he was looking for a normal(!) person and that was extremely hard for him to find such a scarce! That’s interesting while many people might think that he’s not normal. I've never been a big fan of Metal but that doesn't mean that I don’t like it. He’s also a director. He only works in musical and horror genre. Check out his website and also his page on YAHOO Music if you like.
(Photo: Rob Zombie doesn't look very abnormal here! Does he? What do you expect of a Metal singer? Suit and tie? If you think he's not normal then none of us are in a way!)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

You Get Screwed Here Anyway

The capitalism system of Western countries has been established in a way that the money you earn here, no matter how, would not stay in your pocket for a long time. It gets disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Companies keep calling you, offering different types of services and steal your money legally. I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday while a lady from MBNA with a strange accent (prob. French or may be Eastern European) called me and started describing a kind of travel insurance plan! I stopped her and said that I did not need a service like that but that was not easy to convince her.
Then today I talked to a Telus Mobility agent and complained about the amount they charged me and finally decided to cancel my contract. The guy tried to make my mind changed and described different plans with lower monthly charges but they sound cheating to me. So I did cancel my contract with them effecting Aug.31. They are looking for new customers at the moment and that’s a bad sign for them. Especially because I told them that I would never recommend Telus to anyone! I have to pay more than $100 for the remaining months of the contract, I’m not using. I might go with a monthly plan of Fido after that. You have no stupid contract and can cancel it any time you want, actually after 3 months. Or may just get a normal residential phone line.
Those bastards in American Express screw me as well. It’s been few month that they charge me for kind of stupid accident insurance plan or something like while I called them several times and asked them to cancel it.
You have the same problem with your vehicle. When I used to have that brand new Toyota Echo, I had to pay a $300.52 as monthly payment, a $140 or less for insurance and of course gas, oil change and maintenance as well. Then I sold it and bought this old Chevy. Today I paid almost $65 for oil and air filter change and as there’s a leak, I took it to a dealer and the girl told me that it’s a little more than $100 an hour to get the car fixed! And you never know: If the technician says he has spent 3 hours on the car, you gotta pay more than $300 for that then!
So they empty your pocket either way: You have a brand new car or a damn old one, doesn’t matter.
(Photo: The old Chevy of mine. I really miss my Echo but at least I don't pay huge amount of money every month. I hate being in continuous debt. I'll have a post regarding insolvency soon. One point: I tried to upload this photo in other posts several times but there's something wrong with this damn Blogger and I simply couldn't. The photo is taken by me using P. M.'s digital camera an HP Photo smart 320. [I'm not saying it's a work of art! Don't get agitated!])

Friday, August 04, 2006

How Far Is This Goin’?

Gasoline price is continuously going up and seems there’s no end to that. It was ¢103.9 in June.24 and then went up to ¢110.4 in July 07. I filled up half for ¢115.9 yesterday. It has been at this price for almost two week but experts say it’s even going higher. So by paying $30 I only bought 26.69 liter of gas! This is the cause of millions of dollars lost sale in recent months for the three major auto makers in North America.
A recent poll in city of Calgary shows that only 41% of people say they’re traveling in this long weekend! Some say they’re barely able to drive to a grocery store!
With storm season on it's way and all those stupid confrontation between Iran and the West, there’s a high likelihood of having the prices up to … well ... I don’t wanna know!
Prius owners seem the only one unharmed. This amazing hybrid is very popular now and the interesting thing is there’s not much different between a new and a used one.
But somebody should do something about this. Automakers have already made hybrid cars but that’s not enough. Researches for a new fuel have not reached the point that a revolution in auto industry could be claimed. But may be they have discovered or invented a replace but don’t wanna announce it soon, with all those dealers and stocks packed with unsold sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks. Just like cancer cure. Many people here in North America believe that the scientist have found the ultimate miraculous cure to cancer but don’t reveal it as long as they make good money with the medicine they sell! They might be true.
(Photo: This digital picture shows how much every litre of gas worth in the afternoon of July.07)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Truth is Immutable

Oliver Stone has recently made a movie called World Trade Centre that we see its teaser and trailers on TV these days. Seems he’s goin’ deeper and deeper every year! The director who made JFK and Platoon, two of my all time favorites, especially the first one which says who really runs the US, have already ruined his reputation by the movie Alexander! (Imagine a movie which someone like Angelina Jolie preforms in it. That could be the ultimate stupidity and extreme boredom!)
This time he proves that his era is over and there’s no credit for the director who tried to help the world to understand the truth. World Trade Centre which will be in theatres in Aug.09 would be an untrue story based on false statements. No matter how good it’s directed and how beautiful the stars show it to us.
Everyone who has a little brain in his or her skull and able to think, understands that all what happened to New York, Washington and the other cities of the US, had been done by the people who rule that country behind the closed doors. Michael More has described part of the story in his documentary called Fahrenheit 9/11. Enemy of the State is another good movie which leads you to appreciate how restricted the US security system is. So whoever believes all the bullshit has been said so far about terrorist attacks and so on, is not only a fool, but also is a retarded moron.
A friend of mine who lives in Toronto sent me a video clip a few months. That was an investigation of a few Americans about what happened in the morning of Sep.11.01 in part of the US and aftermath. That was a long clip from Google Video, more than an hour. Today I tried to open the link and watch is again but a message appeared on the screen indicating that there’s no such a video available anymore! That was actually a good proof but it’s gone. Here’s the link:

But as D. H. said once, the truth is always there, no matter whether we believe in it, argue over it or deny it.
I, myself, hate Arabs and terrorists and am an atheist but never support such an absurd movie and ban it in advance. Why they did that? This is the question asked at the end of the clip. But I have no answer to that because that just made more trouble for the US and its allies and made the world a more unpleasant place to live! No matter where you are.
(Photo: This genius cartoon shows how the stupid behaviour of Americans in the world literally make the opportunity for bastard predators like Al-Sadr in Iraq to get recognized and known as someone who deserves to be listened to. Although I always appreciate Americans for war on Iraq)

The Career I Love

I just finished a long process of a position application in oil and gas industry as Quality Assurance Manager with Canadian Natural. That’s actually the best online application process I’ve ever seen so far. The job market is not very good at the moment. In the last 2 months I’ve only found 3 positions which fit my background and education while the last interview I had was in the last week of May! But this one’s the right position for me and that’s exactly what I’d love to do. Undertakings like:

Building teams
Work assignment
Preparing reports
Data gathering, analysis and conclusion
Meetings and discussions
Planning and scheduling
I know there’s only a little chance, but I’ve applied. My resume is not bad though. As Kamix used to say I wouldn’t lose anything. It’s just a few min., may be hours research and spending time on resume to enrich it. The companies rarely trust foreigners in application of key positions like that but I finally get what I want and I’ll fight until that day. The deadline for application is Aug.18. Why don’t you give it a try?