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Forest on Fire

Forget to say that the town of Kelowna and area close to Albertan border was on fire for a couple of days. As a result, Calgary 's sky was hazy and people were asked not to do physical outdoor activities, like biking. (Photo: This satellite image taken from Kelowna area in BC, two days ago, shows the heavy smoke raising to the sky)

No Writing For A Long Time

I haven't written here for almost 3 weeks. Too busy. We work 6 days a week like a horse! Time for nothing. But several interesting (May be not just interesting) things has happened. I tell you one by one: 1- I failed APEGGA exam.! This one is not interesting at all. I could pass it but didn't study enough and happened what shouldn't have happened. I have to write it again. I'm planning for April. 2- I met Mr. Taheri in a gym. I called him and made the appointment. His Mom is a very old friend of my aunt. He has been living in Canada for almost 15 years, I guess. Have a Ph. D. in Material Science as far as I know and used to teach in a university in Saskatchewan, now running a bakery! he must have been kicked out from there! 3- An East Indian ( Hindu ) sweet girl called Renay , originally from Fiji now living in Edmonton , sent me a message and asked for friendship. I replied back, although I was one who had to pay for the message. After 3 weeks I called her. She