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White Pride

I missed the White Pride rally last weekend. It could have been fun because the population of Caucasians taking part in the rally was huge: 16 ! The funny thing is this guys let everybody from every corner of the globe let in and they start bothering them? The fact is 16 is not the true number of the people who are fed up with the unsuccessful multiculturalism but I guess the majority of White Canadians and other inhabitants, I would say, feel the same. But these idiots are so ignorant that don't understand that a rally with 16 young guys who are being led by a 25-year-old walking down the streets does not do any good but dishonoring them! Obviously these guys have no organization. They could have done many things to show they power. I feel sorry for them. I would probably feel the same if I was them but I think majority of the White people here are in a better shape compare to the others, in Canada . (Photo: Three White Canadians are showing their pride, two by sitting by th

The Armory Is Fully Loaded Again

The Western countries' armories get full every often and they have to find a way to use them up and fill them up with the modern ones. It was Iraq's turn in 2003 to be the lab for the new American weapons' test including F-117 and many other items. Now it's the time for Libya to be tested against new French and American missiles and airplanes. Even Canada has sent F/A-18 s. They probably will say that the jet are no longer operable and now it's the time to replace them with F-35 s! The Government then will put an end to all the criticism from the opposition! I don't really know how Gaddafi 's regime who was building a good relationship with West is their number one enemy again! They say that his loyalists aim civilians but these civilians are actually the rebels who fight against the regime. We will see how long this war take. (Photo: A missile is fired from an American submarine to Libyan targets)

Kicked Out!

I was playing chess last night and lost my temper and started swearing at the guy! This time as soon as this happened, I got kicked out of the game and Live Chess completely. Several attempts were made but failed. I had received warning before but never knew it could be serious like this. I thought I was out permanently but I checked today and I was fine! No need to create another account!

Throne of Blood

There has been years that I wanted to buy this movie to be able to watch it as many time as I wanted: Throne of Blood . An adaptation of Shakespeare 's Macbeth . I even rented the movie once from a Rogers , the one in 17th Ave. which closed now. I always encountered prices like $50 , $60 and over. This time I found it in the HMV store in downtown for some $25 and bought it. Now I have to say that I'm not that impressed. I've been always a big fan of Kurosawa and have watched most of his movies; downloaded and owned Yojimbo, Rashomon and Seven Samurai but this one was not as good as what I expected. Anyways I will watch it again and I might get something more in the second and third time. There's also this other Kurosawa 's movie available at HMV with the same price: The Hidden Fortress . I downloaded once but lost it amongst many other. I might buy it later. (Photo: The opening of the movie like some other scenes is amazing. Here shortly after that

Barn or Station

Look at this C-Train station: Doesn't it look like a barn? ...well it is Alberta . It must resemble something from the Province ! This Province is all about beef, cowboys, farms, wheat and other grains. Oil also! The stupid thing about these stations is that you have to go up a set of stairs and walk on the overpass to get there! I don't know who the wise person designed that! In a city like Calgary that there is always one severe weather condition, it would have been much comfortable and easier for Calgary Transit customers to find their way through an underpass, if such a thing ever had been built. Toronto and Montreal have subway which protect people from cold and everything else. Lower Mainland has Skytrain and although you have to go up to get to some of the stations but they are all covered and equipped with elevator. Calgary with all resources for the City with giant oil companies lack a clean, nice and comfortable transit system. And one main reason for that is

Higher Temperature = Colder

The other day it was -2o C something and really cold. Then a day after that some -17 C but much colder! It was unbelievable but the reason was the damn wind! Calgary is subject to strong winds because there's nothing around it. So when the wind is blowing in the winter it makes the weather felt much colder than it really it should be. I was walking on 5th Ave. SW yesterday when the telephone rang. I took it out of my pocket to answer it. When the conversation was ended my hand was so painful that I couldn't even move my fingers! I put it in my pocket and pressed it on my thigh for a while before I actually felt my fingers! (Photo: The amount of snow fell is not too much but if there's no plowing the sidewalks are so slippery that walking is impossible. The City cleans, sands and salts sidewalks in downtown and the major roads but in general the citizen are obligated to do the front or around their residence)


No! I'm not going to write about the very low temperature in Calgary again! Not that I've written enough! May be I have! I'm goin' to write about one temperature problem which I had never thought about before I noticed that a few days ago: I was reviewing a few documents when I realized that in a dimensional check report, the temperature during measurement is mentioned. Something that I had never paid attention to until I read the report! I remember years ago when I was working for this company, we had several dimensional checks and also the guy whom I eventually had a kind of argument with (which led to my termination eventually!) had the same thing while a client's inspector was present. The guy was an illiterate moron who was put there because anybody else would have asked for a big salary and the client's representative was someone who knew nothing but just following a few papers and I was an inexperienced guy who was enjoying the opportunity given to h

Talisman Again

I went to Talisman today for the second time. It was cold but not as cold as Tue. Not many things have been changed but the prices and fees! I was a bit sore but I was OK in general. The damn track, the main reason I go there was booked but I made myself busy with everything else. I noticed that workers where working on the roof when I was walking to the facilities from the C-Train station. That could have been because of the snowfall. I have to decide if I want to get my monthly pass or not. (Photo: The roof was the reason for Talisman Center 's closure. I hope the problem is removed otherwise there will be no income. Workers are seen on the top in severe weather condition)

Anger Kills You Like Poison Does

My late Dad was an angry man. In general most of my family from my father's side are angry people! Well not most of them. One of my uncles who used to be a banker and got really wealthy and has been living comfortably for years now is an angry man. Or may be to say WAS because he's too old now! Not that the old people don't get angry. They don't have that much blood to boil! I, myself, have been in so much mental pressure lately but I believe one reason also that I get angry so easily is that I inherited that from my father's side family. I probably can get help from a specialist but have not tried anyone yet. Most of the reasons why I get mad are the mistakes that I've made and can't forget them. Or things that I know make me mad and I keep doing them! Stupid, Ha? My aunt told me once that I should stay away from the things that make me angry. She's an angry woman herself, 'cause she's my father's sister! Anyways one of the thin