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What Really Am I, Occasionally?!

I sometimes am turned to a real stupid! For example yesterday when Dale Black called me and wanted to set up an interview I told him that I would be on a trip to Ontario ! See? That's really stupid! Of course there's no guarantee to get that job but at least I could attend the interview and give it a shot. So I called Banting House Inn and West Jet to ask them about their cancellation policy and then called Dale (In a city in New Brunswick ) and he called me back and left a message indicating that the interview would be some time in the afternoon of June the 7th. Therefore I'll call him tomorrow morning as he wants me to do so and if it's confirmed, I'll cancel my travel to Toronto .

How Unlucky Am I?

I came home today, was watching TV and eating when the mobile rang. A guy, Dale called from Springwall Co. He was going to arrange an interview for thr next week but I told him that I'd be on a trip! See how unlucky I am? I asked if there was any other time available for the interview and he said the there'd be a little chance because he would be here in Calgary for the interviews for a limited time. I guess the main office is in New Brunswick , somewhere. (Photo: The map of New Bruswick province of Canada and its location in Atlantic part of the country)

Old or New?

I found two girls through Orkut and I'm goin' to Toronto for the first time, to date them. As both of them have sent me their phone numbers, I sometimes call them to see what they really are. I'm in a prejudice process. One of them is a newcomer. She migrated to Canada last July but is very friendly and seems very sociable. The other one has come here almost 1.5 before me, as far as I remember and is much more beautiful, in a higher class and a little tough, I guess. And that's the one who I found first. My feeling is for this one. I don't know. May be it's because she is more experienced in Canada . Her English is very good. When we used to e-mail each other at the beginning, always replied back in perfect English . She also has a job in Telus . The other one as is a newcomer is not as good as should be in English and is a salesperson in a kid clothing store and is studying for TOEFL exam. as she's goin' to school, I guess but once I talked to h

The Second Trip to Canadian Rockies

I and Ali G. traveled to Banff and Lake Louise on Sun. Morning. That was my second trip and his first. Ali G. has been living in Canada for almost 12 years . His family still lives in B. C. We first went to Banff Ave. parked there and took a look. Then went to Banff Spring Hotel and around. The hotel itself is amazing. The building reminds you of old German or Austrian castles and is built from stone. The hotel is decorated with old fashioned furniture, paintings, curtains, etc. I forgot my flash in the car so didn't take any photo from inside. After that we went to Banff Gondola. There was a short line and we rode all the way up while it was snowing. Then the clouds went away and shine shone and I took some photos. Ali G. decided to stay over night while I was worried about my car, parked in a mall's parking lot. I made a few phone calls to Calgary Police Service and also the mall security to make sure that the car won't be ticketed or towed but finally decided