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A New Challenge

We left Coquitlam at 07:00 AM and it was almost 09:00 PM when we got home! Today was the third day of work and I have a very long way ahead until the day I can feel that I really have a job. A. J. works like a horse and his cellular phone never shuts up! Yes. Making money is not easy. You have to dedicate your whole life to your job. And he almost eats nothing during the day. He kept us both hungry until the afternoon yesterday! I luckily had two McDonald's breakfast sandwiches! I'm so tired now but would like to write more. But think it's better to write later as have to wake up at 07:00 AM and hit the road again tomorrow. (Photo: The Sea to Sky Highway is under construction be be ready for 2010 Olympic games which partially will take place in Whistler. Lost of rain but that does not stop these guys from working. Kiewit , I believe was a millionaire if not a billionaire, and is richer now by getting this big project!)

Difficult Move

I'm writing this from my cousin's place in Coquitlam using their wireless Internet. I finally flew to B. C. this afternoon. That was my first flight in Canada which faced almost half an hour delay. Hojam came to my place shortly in the afternoon, we changed the main entrance's lock and I showed him everything and gave him the keys. Then he drove me to the airport. I noticed that he was feeling a little different. He asked me to give Resurrect a call in Kelowna and say that regardless the fact that we don't love each other, we should take care of our friends and support them because we're all actually lonely here. Then in the airport when I was sitting I though there was something wrong with the wings because only after a vehicle came and sprayed hot water on both wings, the plane took off. When I got to Vancouver Airport an aboriginal girl helped me to get to SkyTrain station. I was going to give her my number but didn't find any chance. Then when I g

International Car and Truck Show

I and Ali G. went to the International Car and Truck show in Calgary yesterday. That was my first time. It was really good. You could see anything from super expensive cars like Bentely , Aston Martin and Lamborghini to ordinary cars like Ford , GM , Toyota and Nissan and companies like Hundai that we didn't even get close to it! They have nothing to say. I didn't see companies like Peugeot or Renault as well as other European car manufacturers. It means they are not looking for a market in North America or may be not as active as they should be. Range Rover was there with a few luxary model but when I asked one of the representatives if they are being manufactured in the UK , his answer was a big Yes. I remember that I read online almost 2 years ago that the last British car manufacturer is being sold and Iran and China are the prospective ownerz. Iran later lost the opportunity. What caught my eye the most was a new model of Hummer from GM of course cal


When I bought the Acer laptop, I obviously connected it to the Shaw Internet I had. The wireless switch was on and I didn't notice that. So I received different message off and on from the computer saying for example You're connected to this or You got disconnected from that and I didn't know what's happening. Then I appreciated that the said messages are from the different local wireless sources and I simply could use them. When I switched to this Toshiba laptop I discovered a few unsecured wireless sources, the ones that you don't need a password or security code to use it. And now after my cable was taken yesterday, I'm using them and it's good. There are usu. 3 unsecured available and one could be Futureshop 's and I use whatever has a better condition. The signal conditions are defined as Excellent, Good, Fair, Low and Poor by the system and there are times that you can't get connected at all but that rarely happens. Here's how free Inter


Canada 's population just reached over 31,000,000 according to Statistic Canada and based on last year's census. It's growing. But what makes the population bigger and bigger? That's not the original people, the European -rooted or the other ethnic groups who have been living here for years, for example East Indians and Chinese and it's not of course Aboriginals . It's the new immigrants or mostly refugees. Yes as I said before Canada is the biggest public toilet in the world. They have recently opened the door and let a huge number of Africans , Afghans , Kurds and Iraqis in, mostly murderers, thieves, runaways, former prisoners and war criminals. Why the fuck this fucking stupid Government of Canada doesn't understand this simple fact? I have one answer for that: They need people as part of their modern slavery program. If there's no fucking nigger or motherfucker stinky stupid piece of crap, Afghan or Kurd , Who's goin' to work all tho

Notebook or Laptop?

I sold my computer as I wrote earlier and went to the nearby Futureshop and bought an Acer laptop for $799 . I actually used my Futureshop card to pay it off in a year. Then I noticed I had a problem with the sound system when I'm using Skype or YAHOO Messenger . I also tried to get a Microsoft Office package and the cheapest one I found was $179 excluding GST . I bought that but then returned it the other day without even touching it. I considered that too much of expense. Then I tried to overcome the technical difficulty I had with the sound system and couldn't. So I took it back to the Futureshop . Different people came and struggled with the computer but couldn't do anything to remove the issue. Then finally the first guy whom I met came and he found out through YAHOO Answers that many people have problem with Windows Vista , the new OS which is installed on all of the laptop and desktops, including mine and finally suggested to replace the Acer with a Toshiba

The Second Fingerprint

I received a call from that old lady of CF when I was in Coquitlam regarding my fingerprint. She said all the information for the Security Clearance have been entered and they needed my fingerprint to send it with the form to Ottawa which, as I have been notified earlier, might take a little long, may be as long as 2 years. So I went there last Tue. and two young women in uniform came and took me and a very young fellow for fingerprint. It was like the time I did that for my citizenship but there was no cost of course. The young man, only 17 , was going to join the army as a reservist and was joking around all the time with the girls and me. He even introduced him to me and shock hands. That's their culture they're most of the time happy and are laughing and take everything easy. They actually should. This is their country and they get whatever they want and they are treated very well everywhere and are welcomed. We aren't! I'm surprised that I've been through th

Lobster Dinner

Just the night before I fly to B. C. , I met with Hodani and that was the time he showed his interest in making a lobster dinner finally. We had talked about that several times but never happened. So we drove all the way to a Superstore and bought two giant lobster which cost almost $50 . We boiled them live in a large container, I'd say, and took about 20 min. to get ready. But when Hodani started to take the meat out and throw out the shelf and everything, we didn't see much meat in them! Actually most of the meat is in the tail and that's why tail is sometimes sold separately, frozen. The meat is more delicious than crab's and that's probably why it's more expensive but comparing a crab and a lobster which have almost the same weight and size, you get more meat from a crab. Lobster is suggested for people who don't like the sweetness in crab meat. Anyhow that was another experience and I liked that. But whether or not I buy a lobster again? That de

Capital Punishment

A mid-aged man called William Pickton has been on trial since I guess two months ago. Officials predict that the trial may take more than a year. Pickton first time was arrested in 2002 in Port Coquitlam , B. C. He used to run a pig farm in there and is accused of murdering more than 40 women, all drug addicted street prostitutes. It's also said that the court will cost probably millions of dollars definitely not as much as what has been spent so far for Air India trial. A group of people oppose these kind of trials. These people from Edmonton which spoke out after a man murdered a teenager in that city and then was put in trial for that. They are demanding capital punishment back. The last time someone was executed in Canada was mid 60s and it actually was stopped in mid 70s. The opposition say spending too much money of tax payers is just useless and waste. The murderer must be punished in the harshest way, hanged, injected or sent to the fire squad. Regardless of wha

Home Show

Ali G. and I went to a Home Show last Sun. afternoon. At the beginning I wondered why he's interested in such a show but as I was bored and didn't have anything to do, I accompanied him. There was a $12 admission for every one and I paid and i noticed that Ali G. wanted me to pay and he was right because the last two times we went out he almost paid $20 for me and I made that even. The reason he wanted to see the show is he's an ambitious guy as I noted before. He said that his dad's coming to Canada and they're planning to build a house. So he was gathering information but that was stupid. He doesn't even know the basics of construction! He, for example when was talking to a cabinet maker asked: In what stage of construction you would start your work?! And sometimes when the company men asked him about the specification of the house he simply said that there was no house and that's only in his mind! So I said to me: Dude! That's too much! grow up.

Getting ready to move

I sold both my computer set and car through and got a little easier for my move to BC . A man and his two sons came for the car which was priced $400. They told me that they would drive to Saskatchewan ! I don't dare drive that around the city but I don't know may be they were lying. That usu. doesn't happen with Caucasian people. They finaly agreed on $300 and I didn't argue because I just wanted to get rid of the car, its $80 monthly insurance and almost $100 gas bill. Then I received a callfrom a woman for the PC, its big IKEA desk and the old but strong and good chair left from Resurrect time. She came over with her brother. Obviously there were a few things wrong with the PC and I mentioned them. They, the motherfucker, stupid, piece of craps, the Arabs said they would call me in the evening after I fix the problem and they never did. So once again Arabs prove that they are the worst creatures (I don't consider them as humans) in the wh

Bad Feeling

It has been a long time that I wanted to have a massage and everywhere I went, I was rejected directly or indirectly. I went to that one in the 4 th St. a few times but that one usu. closes early, sometime around 06:00 PM. Then I tried a new one which is close to my place. There was a fat (well … just a little big!) Caucasian woman who asked if I ever been to a massage studio and I told her that I had been a long time ago. I also said that I’m not feeling really well when she asked how I was. She didn ’t like the answer, especially when I said I hated the day which was so windy and sunny. She said that people usually would not come to a massage when they don’t feel bad! I really don’t know what the fuck was wrong with that stupid fat ass bitch. Seemed like she just simply didn ’t like me! We were following this stupid argument while I was sitting and my phone suddenly rang. I tried to hear who was calling but didn ’t hear anything and hung up and continued. Then the telephone rang

Dicks and Balls more than Pussies and Tits!

One disgusting and very unpleasant thing that I’ve faced here since I started goin’ to gym almost every day, is what you see in the locker rooms. Most of the people get totally naked when they change in the locker rooms and you see men’s asses and dicks hanging in front of them! Mostly every one takes a quick look (or may be longer if he’s gay!) at others dick and compares the shape and size with his! I mean this is what most of the time you can't avoid. It’s inevitable! Caucasian ’s and Black 's are most of the time bigger than people from the other races. Also Caucasian 's are most of the time not circumcised.  I believe that a not circumcised penis is more attractive and sexier for women but medical science says there’s a more likelihood that a man who’s not circumcised gets genital-related disease, let’s say for example AIDS . But I’m sure that women like to suck non-circumcised cocks because it emerges and pops out after they play with it and gets hard. Anyways I, mo

You Can’t Turn a Donkey to a Horse

I had to let a stupid scum in as a lack of enough money and being in debt. Actually that's not so bad but I've been very conservative and coward lately! Hojam introduced a Kurdish-Iraqi guy to me, a guy who claims he's only 17. But what Hojam told me later is these motherfucker filkthy animals always claim that they are younger than their ages in their IDs so they are eligible to receive Government funds and aids. Anyhow the first thing I did when he moved in was that I asked for half of the damage deposit so I paid my more than $500 debt to Citibank . But the guy is an animal. In the first week he spent here, he didn’t take a shower, not even once and used to stink like a fillty goat! Then I took him to the Zellers nearby and bought shampoo, shower curtain, detergent and other stuff but that didn’t make much change! The point is all of the bad things I have done so far in my life to different people who honestly are not just a few, return to me now in a way. Of