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Disappoinmet at Fiddler's Courtyard

The Chef suggested to try a new bar in the town a few days ago and said that he didn't like Cowboys Tap House anymore(!) but like most of the things he says, he doesn't mean it! It's just something that comes to his mouth, without going through his mind (or goes and comes out without being processed because his brain is ruined as a result of years of drinking alcohol!) and come out!  I agreed and we decided to give Fiddler's Courtyard on Edmonton Trail , a try. We went there at about 17:00 hours of something and there were only two or three tables occupied. A brunet cute girl came to us after we sat and asked us if we wanted to look at the menu. I told her that we first wanted a beer. The Chef wanted a jar but when the girl said it was $26 , he backed off and ordered a draught glass only. I ordered a Kokanee .  There was a couple of old guys watching The Raptors game and one of them were screaming like a female donkey when you shove a big stick up her as

Gate of India and Amato Gelato in a Day

I've become lazy lately and cannot focus on my studies. I have to finish the review and then write the damn examination. This is what I wanted to do today after my lunch with The Lazy Ass but it didn't happen! He took me to this East Indian buffet at the end of the city Called Gate of India. It's not as fancy as some of the East Indian restaurants that you might see here. It's not as bad as some of the dumps that I've been too and hated them and will never step a foot in. To name stay away from the filthy and nasty following places: 1- Faisal Kabab Hut = A cheater place and a noisy, disgusting filthy hole.  2- Hot Plate = A stinking shit-hole where animals graze in 3- Five Rivers (recently changed to Tasty [!]) = Their food is old and they change the damn price every week. Besides if you buy something from the shelf (a little grocery shelf they have) consider the items very old. Once I bought a small tray of Date s and I hardly could get the trays off

Chinese Eat Everything!

If you go to one of these Chinese grocery stores in the city, you'll see things that you barely think they're edible(!) but the Chinese eat them, mostly on daily basis. Why? Because they're cheap and that's how they used to eat in their country where with over 1.1 Billion population, food could be scarce. Although with what Capitalism has done to Communist China , now the middle class comprises a big part of China 's population and they can eat better but they still keep their eating habits. This list here familiarizes you with some of the cheapest food you can get in a market and satisfy your hunger, if you're Chinese or trying to save money like a Chinese : 1- Lo Bok . A sort of radish which comes in different sizes and colours. 2- Bok Choy . It's a sort of Chinse cabbage, I would call it and that's the only one I've tried and liked but must be cooked as far as I know. 3- Su Choy 4- Yu Choy Mue 5- Gai Lan 6- Sing Qua 7- Mo

Our Christmas Gala

The company announced that there would be a Christmas Gala this week and lunch would be served. Why not? As long as food is not as awful as what we ate at the Christmas dinner, I'll participate.  We were working and it was announced that the lunch is available and everyone was invited. I joined everyone else in the break room and surprisingly the lunch was good!  The pretty Chinese girl came up to me and said: This part of the table is for you because you don't eat meat!!! This girl is so pretty that you just want to see watch her talking but I don't know how she has gotten the idea that I don't eat meat! I looked and it was a giant Vegetable Warp and it really was good! There were Pizza as well and I realized that they have all been ordered from Senior's Pizza . The only problem with the Warp was too much dressing which if I go there ever, I will ask them to go easy on. The Pizza was not bad although they, I don't think, offer Whole Wheat Crust a

The Annual Turkey Meal (2019)

The Chef called me after 2 weeks of silence(!) the other night. I was quite surprised because he was supposed to go under Open Heart Surgery on the 16th. He said for some allergy issues or something (which I'm sure he had not understood completely!) the surgery has been postponed to the coming Jan. He then told me that he has gotten the Turkey and he would like to have it cooked with me one of these days. His employer gives everyone in the company a full Turkey every year around Christmas time. We enjoyed that last year but I wasn't expect him to call me this year! Then the day that we were supposed to meet, I was at work and when I finished, I checked my phone and noticed that he had called him. I called him three times to see what he wants and if there has been any changes to the plan. He eventually called me back after the third failed attempt and told me that he was in a restaurant in downtown! The fool sounded drunk! I asked him what the hell he was doing there an

I and the Elevator

One of the things that I always hated in my life was living in higrises or in general any residence that requires you to use elevator, a disgusting confined space that you have to share with any asshole! I stayed away such a disgusting building until the time that I and The Lady had to move to a Surrey building. We lived on 23rd floor. The Lady and even me liked the place despite all the wired guy who lived in the building because it was brand new and it had a good view.  There were so many issues in that building but we stayed there until I first moved to Calgary and then The Lady did and she was not happy about it. There was once a murder and a detective came to our door and asked questions.  In Calgary because The Lady was against living here, she screwed up everything on purpose! I found a place which looked nice but I think she said something to the landlord over the phone that he decided not to rent it to us! Then we got another place but after a few months one nigh wh

The Things Are Getting Worse

I was going for a little shopping, and damn, by the time I reached the mall, last night, it was closed! The business hours sign at the door says closed at 06:00 PM! Who the hell closes at 06:00 PM during Christmas time?! Idiots?! Then I was going to check desktops at a local Best Buy and drove by the Boston Pizza on 17th Ave., SW. I was shocked: Closed down!! No sign, no nothing! When Boston Pizza closes one of its main locations it's like rats leaving a sinking ship! A popular location of Starbucks , I noticed a couple of weeks ago, is also shut down! These are bad signs for a city. It was heard that the unemployment rate went up in Nov. in Calgary as well.  I hear all these and I'm even afraid to go to Best Buy ! I wanted to buy a computer but I gave a second thought: Should I not buy it?! I still am in my probation for the job that I started a little more than a month ago. I'm hopeful to keep the job but you never know what is in the mind of managers and supe

Good News about AHS

Alberta Health Services or for short AHS is probably one of the most ridiculous organizations anyone could find in the entire world! I remember when I first migrated to Canada  I had to pay a monthly fee to use the services. It was the biggest pain in the ass because I always thought that if I take care of myself and am careful about what I eat or drink and consequently do not need AHS that much, why the hell should I pay them?! Is that because I want the drunkards, drug addicts, fat-f*ucks, smokers and other careless people benefit from that! I certainly would not like that!  My bills, most of the time on those days, would sit on the counter for weeks and then they would get accumulated and perhaps, I don't recall, there was penalty for late payment. Then I moved to British Columbia and the same s*it was there except the fact that Brit"SHIT" Columbia is 1000 times worse than Alberta in every and each aspect of life, unless you live outside the freaking Low

Was my Cover Blown off?

I was at work a few days ago, approaching the office. I realized, from distance, that a guy was starring at me. An Oriental guy. Considering there are many customers who drop by to get their stuff, I first didn't pay much attention. Getting closer, the guys goes: You don't work at that place anymore?!  I focused on his look and I realized he is the delivery guy, a Vietnamese with terrible English (!) whom I had to deal with a few times in the previous job! I, however, denied that and Said: What place? You mixed me up with someone else! And walked away. I was, at the corner of my eye, that he was still looking at me even when I turned my back at him! I don't think he bought that because when he was leaving, he raised his arm as a sign of goodbye! I hope he doesn't tell the guy, although he won't be able to do a thing. I just don't want him to know where I work.

One Day Portion of Fruits

I like these tips and generally most of the things that is indicated in Canada Food Guide but some of them are unrealistic. Not to mention that I do not think many people follow them. Things such as " You need 4 to 7 serving of fruits and vegetables, depending on the age " is not achievable. It not only is unrealistic but it's also impossible. How can you eat that much fruits and vegetables on daily basis?! You neither have time to prepare that nor to eat them. Not to mention the cost. With all that in mind I started having a meal of fruits or vegetables a day after my marriage. The Lady changed my life and for that I am grateful to her until the dayLettucce  I die. Her salads and other foods were fantastic. Now that I'm on my own, I try to keep up with the plan. Here are the two lunches that I've had recently: A.  a- 1  Pineapple (from Costa Rica ) b- 5 organic Banana s (I hope they have more benefit compared with the conventional ones) c- 2  Nava

Eighteen Years Has Passed

It's been 18 years now since I migrated to Canada . I've made such bad mistake which caused not having a comfortable life even after all these years. To name: 1- I didn't buy a property when I had a chance and have spent thousands of dollars on renting mostly disgusting places where not comfortable and cozy. I might be able to do that in 2020 but I spent years in bad rental places. An RBC representative once called me in 2006 and offered me loan, a thing that I doubt they do it nowadays but I refused. 2- Moving to British Columbia was a mistake. I was thoughtless and clueless at the time and spent a little more than a year working for A. J. and then two shitty other job. Had I spent that time on something positive in Calgary I would have been in a better position now. One of the reasons I moved there was my landlord intended to increase the rent from $695 to $1200 by doing some renovations and I was on E. I. at the time I didn't think I could afford that. I

2019 Christmas Party

This year the company that I have recently started working for held a Christma s party in one of the chain hotels (which I won't name) in November. I showed there around 17:15 and there was barely anyone. I was offered Wine (there were two types) but I refused because I'm not a wine guy but soon I realized that's would be all to get. The waiter said that the bar was at the other corner of the hotel, if I needed something else! Are you kidding me?! I'm not paying for booze in Christmas party!! It's once a year and if the employer invites the fellas, he's the one who should pay for the booze! So I grabbed a glass of White Wine and got busy with that! People shows after minutes and soon our table was full. We were people from 6 countries, originally at the table. I like that as long as no person is an asshole. We had issues in my Engineering job and there were a big number of asshole and nose-in-the-skies mainly from Eastern European countries and some fuck