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Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05

I have applied for 29 different positions from Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05, one full year, and have been contacted 9 times only! (only 31.0% of the requests!) Today I had a message from Worley Parsons MEG (What an odd name!) for a position I applied as an ISO Auditor, almost 2 weeks ago. I'll call them to see whether or not an interview is arranged. Regardless of the only position that I applied in Ontario and there was a little chance of having interview for that (Although once I had a phone call from Winnipeg ) all other positions were offered in Alberta or neighboring provinces. The chart pictures facts about the applications. (Photo: This little Pie Chart shows the dispersion of the jobs I applied in a year)

The Package

I just joined a few new friends and we, every weekend gather and talk and have dinner together. There's me H. Jamalnia , H. from Bandar -e-Abbas and another guy called Hamid which I don't like him but tolerate him because of the other guys but may not invite him to my place as next time is my turn. Me and Jamalnia went to H. 's house last night which is located in Downtown. I saw H. was talking to two girls while standing in the balcony. I got close to them and thought there are hookers. One of them was extremely ugly and the other one was really cute, both Asian . I talked to them for a min. and invited them inside. They said it's a package and they work together for $100 ! and then asked me if I'm a big guy and wanted me to show them my penis! I told them that my ex left me because it's small! Then we went to a corner where seemed dark so no one could see us but an automatic light suddenly turned on! Then we tried the other corner which was right in fro

I Missed Again!

I've missed another opportunity and M. M. insisted in her last e-mail that she's not the one whom I'll be married to! I just keep you as a friend, she said. Last time I was talking to her in Toronto she said that I could travel to Toronto again to see her. So I thought there might be still a chance to date her, know her and finally marry her but it's over. R. S. my friend, who does his Ph. D. in Universite de Montreal wrote me in his e-mail last night: Never fall in love with a girl if you don't want to suffer. Most of them ain't worth a nickel! Actually I was not in love with M. M. We just met three days but was so impressed by the way she treated me. She was so nice, kind and friendly and it's really hard for me to find a good match because she should be at least as pretty as her and of course nicer, kinder and smarter. What she did is snap judgement! I guess she thinks that I'm not kind of party guy and who hangs out in the bars and plays card


I have a collection of Iron Mike Tyson 's fights in my PC which have been downloaded all through Kazza . The one that I just had it finished yesterday and watched for the first time is his fight against Donavan "Razor" Ruddock an originally Jamaican boxer who used to fight for Canada . That's one of the most interesting fights that I've ever watched. Ruddock has been knocked down twice during the fight and at the end lost by TKO . At first I wondered what TKO meant and then found it in American Heritage Dictionary as it has got almost every word and phrase in it. Here it is: TKO= Technical Knockout (n.) (Sports) = A victory in boxing, with immediate termination of the match, awarded by the referee when it appears that one fighter is too badly injured to continue. As result of that decision, people rush to the ring and you can't say who's who. Regardless of the chaos, Tyson and Ruddock hug at the end. Seemed someone was objecting the referee'

Back to CQE

I missed my opportunity to write CQE exam in the last June as a result of the damn hard job I do! In order not to pay another $100 (More than that) for the exam, I got a letter from the company and actually they fax it to the ASQ office in Milwaukee . So I can write the exam again this Dec. I also paid more than $600 for a learning program of ASQ . The package, first, asks you to do a pre-test to qualify you and see how good you are. I didn’t do well and got only 50% overall! But seems this is a better reference for quality materials and studying.

NHL News

1- The new NHL season will begin Wed. Oct.05 and I will catch at least a game in Saddledome in this season for sure (It all depends on my financial situation. I'm drowning in debt now!) CBC will cover part of the games in Hockey Night in Canada of course but watching a game as an audience and taking a few photos is a different fun. 2- Tod Bertuzzi the NHL er of Vancouver Canucks who broke Colorado guy's neck, Moore , last season and was suspended for the rest of the games is allowed to get back to the games. Moore 's lawyer announced that he is very disappointed by NHL 's decision and he's still suffering from the pain and is not able to play. 3- There will be a quite amount of changes in the regulations this season while the number of the games have been decreased significantly as a result of the long-term lock-out. (The normal regular season comprises 82 games for each team) 4- Wayne Gretzky officially joined Phoenix Coyotes as the head coach!

Treadmill or Track

I usually go to Talisman 2 or 3 times a week for jugging and workout although I have to drive for a minimum of 30 min. and Goodlife Gym is just 5 min. driving from my place. It's because first Talisman has the opportunity to use the entire sport complex for only $3 in the last 75 min. and after that there's a very good running track there. But a question has been arisen for me recently and that's: Which one is better treadmill or track? When I'm jugging on a track I feel I'm more active and also feel more tired at the end. Besides I can change the pace of my running myself. I'm not that active on a treadmill, I guess, but can see everything. I also usually feel dizzy after using a treadmill, something that has never happened to me in a track. So which is the best?

Britons' gift to the world

If you're a fan of Rock music you prob. know that most of the great bands come from Britain . Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin , AC/DC , Beatles and more. I've recently found an interesting song of Zeppelin called Black Dog ! I actually don't see any relationship between a dog and this song. May be I don't look deep inside! But I truly like the lyrics and may send that to M. M. . God! I can't keep her out of my f**king mind esp. after she put the photo I took from her when we were in Marche Restaurant , in her profile in Orkut website. She looks so beautiful in that photo. I sometimes wanna burst in to tears. Don't know what to do. But know one thing for sure and that's I can't see her till Jan. She's traveling to Iran in Oct. and if I'm lucky and no one steals her heart, I might be able to see her in New Year day of 2006 or around, although she said that I can go there and see her before he flies away. But I think I can't 'cause I'm