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A Couple of Awful Movies

I have recently watched a number of movies which they were so bad that I barely could finish them. I'm gonna list them here to let you know that to avoid these trash if you ever come across them. In other words: Don't waste your time and money: 1- Once Upon a Tine ... in Hollywood . A stupid, meaningless and boring movie from the violence-promoter director, Q. Tarantino ! What he's trying to imply with this silly movie, I really don't know. Nothing than unnecessary blind violence that it's seen in his all movies and many mindless people like that! 2- Birdman . I was surprised, a little, as how a movie like that is even considered worth watching! It was very difficult for me to finish it and when I did I regretted that I had started in the first place. The story is about a struggling actor with nothing special. Waste of time! The funny thing is American s wonder why there's so much violence in their country! When you show shooting, murder, killing, blood and simi

Positive Signs

I feel a little silly writing this but I guess everyone in my position would do that, probably! The employer just hired a new lady a few weeks back and I happen to have a good start with her! I'm putting serious efforts to have a good relationship. Now that I see good signs from this lady, it's not I'm excited or carrying myself ahead of me but it proves that my encounter and behaviour had done well. After a short discussion we had last week and then she came back to me for a follow-up, she approached me today and said Hi and said my name. So it means she remembers my name just after a couple of weeks working and we don't interact.  We talked a little bit and then I told The Raven , I'd like to call her here,  that I had brought some Banana Bread and asked he if she would like to try some next time I'm bringing, since it was gone and she said yes and touched me on the arm, like the other times she had done. I'm not shallow but I take that as positive sign. 

The Problem with Bread!

I've been living in this country for nearly 20 years now but there's one thing that I've been struggling with constantly. No it is not job because having a job is many people's issue and many other's dream! The problem simply is: Bread ! In the country that Wheat production in year 2020-21 has been 88,437 KT and nearly half of it has been exported, not having good bread is a big problem. Most of commercial breads not only have Sugar added to them but also you find other kind of shit in them, mostly preservatives. The other problem is most of the bread makers use White Flour . So for me who likes to have Whole Wheat Flour , because it's better for your digestion system and is more filling,  finding a bread, which has all of the qualities, is very difficult. Many ethnic groups make their own breads. People from Indian Sub-Continent , mostly make their own bread but that's awful. They all use White Flour and some use Animal Fat , which is disgusting. Bre

There always is a Problem when Moving

Lazy Ass contacted me a few days ago in regards to help he needed help with moving. I agreed to help him because later on I need him to sign my passport form! So I'm there and happily most of the heavy items are gone already! There's this Hindu guy, a buddy of his, who is there to help. We collect all of the shit and stuff the two cars, mine and his, and go to his new place which by the way is another basement, newer, bigger and more expensive! I don't know how this guy intends to cover all of his expenses but that's his problem! Speaking of the basement, the house is located in a new community in the city which actually, as far as I've seen, occupied by East Indian s of mostly Punjabi decent! You know what that means?! It means bad and rude drivers, lots and lots of kids in every home and automatically out when it's warm(!), strong food smell in the area despite the season, including, mostly, Fried Onion (!), trash on the street as these people think they st