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Calgary Strikes

Calgary was the host of Red Wings tonight, for the third game of the 2nd round. They played fantastically and downed Detroit , 3-2. They lead the series 2-1. The next game is this Thu. in Saddledome again. (Photo: Kiprusoff stopped 27 shots and was selected number one star of the game by Mastercard)

What's New With The Friends?

Elena 's still in touch with me, writing almost everyday. Renay , the pretty, nice East Indian girl sent me 2 e-mails as a forwarded message and I replied back. She stopped sending me. I also send a card for her birthday but she never answered or e-mailed me back. It means it's over. East Indian s are real racists. I barely see an East Indian girl with a guy from anywhere else or an East Indian guy with a girl of another race. As I mentioned before she thought I was Gujarati and sent me her number, showing her interest in me. Gujarat is in western India . I met a Colombian woman in Superstore , while we (me and Keiv ) were leaving. I gave her my number and she gave me her. We met in a Second Cup in Signal Hills and talked for 2 hours. Luz Elena 's a middle-aged woman, I can say in her late 30s, having 3 kids. She told me that she broke up with her husband after 15 years just 2 days before I met her in Superstore ! She speaks English with strong Spanish accent. V

Canadians vs. Americans

In the second round of 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs 3 Canadian teams face Americans ones. Calgary versus Detroit (Seed 1 of Western Conference) , Montreal versus Tampa Bay (Seed 1 of Eastern Conference) and Toronto fights Philadelphia (Seed 3 of Eastern Conference). You can easily tell that they have rough time ahead.

Operation Eagle Claw

Not longer after 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran , few stupid university students stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took 52 diplomats hostage for 444 days . The story of that raid is not goin' to be said here 'cause it's a complicated, long and controversial one, which will be discussed in detail, hopefully, later. What is gonna be narrated here is what Americans did after negotiations failed with Iranian authorities, after a six months period to free the hostages: Operation Eagle Claw . On the evening of April.24.1980 , six C-130 s left Masirah Island , Oman , and eight RH-53D helicopters departed the USS Nimitz in the Arabian Sea . Both formations headed for the location code-named Desert One, a remote area close to the city of Tabas in Khorasan province, west of Iran . The operation has been planned and exercised for months. What happens after that seems a bit complicated 'cause what we know is what Americans say and you can't trust them. They

Special Offer

I received a text message on my cellular phone, last week, stating that I was awarded a 5 day trip to a Caribbean beach, including hotel and food. I smelled a rat immediately. Also told myself that I can't go for several reasons. I don't have my PR Card, I may not be able to take 5 days off the work and ... So I forgot about it. Yesterday I decided to call Telus Co. to find out what's goin' on. The answer was something that didn't make me surprised: That was a fake message! A scam!

The Dalai Lama in Canada

China invaded Tibet in 1950. That’s the first thing says about Tibet . I really don’t know if it’s a true statement or not ’cause Tibet is a land attached to China or as Chinese government claims, it’s part of the main land. So it’s like saying Canada attacks Nova Scotia and takes over it. I guess no one knows the truth. Chinese claim that Tibet is part of China and Tibetan and Western countries blame China for killing Tibetan and occupy the independent state. Anyways the Dalai Lama , which is the general name for Tibetan spiritual leader, (I guess this is the 13th Dalai Lama ) is in Canada now. He first went to Vancouver . Many people get there to meet with him and listen to him, including some from Washington State of the US . He then went to nation’s capital and met Paul Martin . This is the first time that a Canadian prime minister accepts the Tibetan leader. This will have negative effects on China-Canada relationship. I personally like Dalai Lama . First time

What Do They Ask You?

I was supposed to get a phone call from Simmons Canada , last Fri. for an interview with its Quality Control Manager on Mon. but didn’t get it. It means this opportunity is gone too. Although it was not a professional one but seems good as it was an afternoon job, in the city, close to my place and a secure one. And the most important: no physical, labour job. I could focus on my studies and also do my sport exercises, and lot more. Now I’m gonna write the important questions in the interview and also some phone interviews I had and CT 's. The best possible answers are presented too. ( Simmons questions comes with an (s) and CT ’s with a (c). The phone calls are indicated by (p)): a) Questions: 1- (s) Why did you choose Calgary to live? It’s Oil and Gas Industry city. My answer: I chose Calgary because it's a less expensive city for new comers compare to Toronto and Vancouver where most of immigrants settle down. I don't know whether or not it's a good answer. I gues

They Make The Second Round

I was watching the Flames-Canucks game 7, while preparing my resume for a position in Edmonton . After a 3-3 tied series, everything is depends on tonight’s game in GM Place , Vancouver . Calgary was ahead 2-1 until 5 seconds to the end but the goalie accepted a goal and let the game goes to overtime. I was so angry that turned off the TV! But I know that Kiprusoff was under so pressure that gave up everything in the last seconds of the game. Actually he did not but he was tired after more than half an hour physical and spiritual game and I think the head-coach should have replaced him. Iginla scored 2 beautiful goals for Calgary but should wait and c what happened in overtime(s) In the other game, tonight, Montreal Canadians eliminated Boston Bruins with a 2-0 shutout. After a 3-1 lead in the series, the Bruins lost to the Canadians and … Wait a minute… … Calgary scored in the 1st overtime… …Great!! The players are shaking hands and say goodbye. Actually the Canucks

Mistake Proofing

There’s an Exit sign almost everywhere here. Restaurants, government buildings, residential buildings, supermarkets, convenient stores, cafes, plants, etc. There’s also one above the door in a downtown’s Tim Horton's . Every time I’m there, I see people mistaking that door with another door, going to the above floors, which is a business building and of course is closed on that time of the day. (usually a weekday or weekend evening) The idea behind using such a sign is mistake proofing . This term which is called Poke-Yoke in Japanese , represents providing an intervention device or procedure to catch the mistake before it translated to non-conforming product. This one, in Tim Horton's cafe seems not working. I’ll study more about this topic to find out the possible reasons of failure of usage of such a devise and will present it here. (Photo: This picture taken from the sign on the top of one Downtown Calgary's Tim Horton's is added in Aug.17.10!)

Another Loss for Vancouver

The Calgary Flames beat the Canucks 2-1 in Vancouver and now the series is leaded by Calgary 3-2. The next game is scheduled for Sat. If the Flames win, Vancouver is eliminated. Otherwise there will be the 7th game in GM Place .

A Good Photographer Always Has a Camera Handy

I went for a ride to Glenmore Park , Fri. and Sun. afternoon. There were very nice days but windy and changing and also partly cloudy, especially Fri. Glenmore Reservoir was still partly frozen but very beautiful, although it was about 20 C, sometimes. Ducks , Canadian Geese and some other birds were sailing. The park was not crowded. On Fri., while I was heading home on a hill I saw beautiful flowers like Saffron . I wish I had my camera on me. The whole ride took 01:35:15 218 . The other day it took only 01:31:30:744 , although I stopped for some photos. Today it was snowing and a little bit cold. It’s very unpredictable weather here and you will face problems, if you don’t listen to weather forecast.

Great Win

Calgary Flames just crashed Vancouver a moment ago, a shutout, 4-0 . The last one was a empty neter by Iginla . The next game is this Thu. in Vancouver , while the series is tied 2-2 . Kiprusoff performed well by stopping 20 shots . It was the second game in Calgary . They lost the first one last Sun. 1-2 . (Photo: Mika Kiprusoff , the number one net minder of the Flames, originally from Finland, listens to his coach during a practice)

The Interview

I just came from Simmons interview. The first face to face, I can tell technical, interview in Calgary for a Quality Control Technician position. There were 2 interviewers, Sharline , the lady who called me and Mark, the Supervisor . It went well, I guess, but don't know whether or not they wanna hire me, as there are other candidates. I was relaxed, smiling and talkative. We, me and Keiv , get to Moores and then Sears to buy a jacket and tie, before that, so I was well-dressed when I was there. The interview took about 45 min. and I was told there'd be a second one with the Quality Control Manager, if necessary.

Where Do the Immigrants Settle Down?

A recent study shows that new low-income immigrants go to large cities and of course face many problems there. As you see in the bar chart above, Vancouver and Toronto , the largest and the 2nd largest Canadian cities, respectively, have more low-income immigrant population. Windsor in Ontario is a black community, mostly and Calgary hosts Afghans , Kurds , Indians and Pakistanis . Montreal is a base for African-French people, like Moroccans . Iranians mostly go to Toronto and Vancouver . It’s being downgraded for them going to any other city with a population less than 3,000,000 ! They love traffic, pollution, noise, small expensive apartments and high living expenses while mostly having no good job or career, unfortunately, but honestly some of them are really successful in Canada . I'll name some of them later.

Khadr Family Is Back to Canada!!

Khadr family, which I wrote about before, is back to Canada . The mother and the paralysed son, karim came to Toronto yesterday, from Pakistan via Britain but the sister (The very extremist one!) the fugitive brother, the detained brother and another sister (How many are these f**ks?!) are not here. This proves how crazy Canadian s are! The Canadian Citizenship is now turned to Canadian Citizen-cheap ! Every jackass gets citizenship and a passport and does whatever s/he wants to do and no one complains! The Canadian Security Intelligence Service claims that has everything under control and Khadrs are not a threat to the nation. The f**king bitch said to CBC documentary reporter that they have lived with Ben-Laden family. Now she was playing a role and weeping in the airport, saying we have no tie to Al-Qaeda !! I wonder isn't she ashamed? These f**king Arabs lie as much as they can and it's like breathing for them. It's said many Canadians are insulted by what t

Sep.11.01 Is Still Americans’ Concerns

Planes crash to World Trade Centre towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC , which the US Government claims was planned and performed by Al-Qaeda network is still debatable in the States . National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice delivered a testimony before the Sep.11 Commission, last Thu. Al Gore , the former vice president testified behind close doors yesterday, for about 3 hours and now the papers accuses George W. Bush of being aware of the attacks a month before and doing nothing to prevent them. They say he focused on Iraq instead of Al-Qaeda , although he knew there was a possible attack on the US soil. (Photo: There might be people, or better to say there are people who are just spying on everyone just to see what they can use against them. As I don't want this little writing to be used against me and get charged according to ant-terrorist act I must stress that it's just a question: How all the major US media, including Concocted Non

Great Job By The Flames

It's 03:38 AM and I'm writing here! I went to a Tim Horton's to study and it was good but eating too much and drinking two medium damn cups of coffee keeps me awake. When I was driving back home around 12:30 AM , I saw Flames fans driving joyfully and waving flags. I thought the Flames must have beaten the Canucks and that was true. They slammed them in the 2nd game in Vancouver . A 2-1 victory. Now the series is tied 1-1. The next game is set up for Sun. in Calgary .


5 out of 6 Canadian teams have made Playoffs but 4 of them have to face in the first round, which eliminate 2, automatically. Calgary  will face  Vancouver and Ottawa  will face  Toronto . The Flames lost the first game in GM Place , a 3-5 loss and the Senators beat the Leafs yesterday in Toronto , 4-2.  (Photo: The above shows the final standing of both conferences after 82 games of regular season. z= conference champ., y= division champ, x= clinched playoffs)

Another Opportunity: This one in Calgary

I had a phone call from Simmons Canada , 3 days ago, was invited for interview to have a job as Quality Control Technician . The interview is set up for the coming Mon. @ 13:00 hours. If I pass the interview, it’ll be a permanent afternoon position in Calgary .

Infected PC

This damn computer is driving me crazy. It’s full of different types of viruses. I think I have to spend more than $65 to buy a virus detector and fix it. I was not able to use it yesterday and the day before. Sometimes it starts writing by itself! Look this is what is written by the computer: We’re in her the the to the- her her to the the were the. The were to do . were the new say they a a a this a a a a a a a a a- the two in the her her new way they the . If he a a a key a a a-. The two- so the a day . Her care and the two- the- and who will be save the the

The Investor Steps Out

Victor Lee , the Hong Kong based millionaire who was to put $650 million to save Air Canada from bankruptcy says he's taking his money out as the airliner faces a $1.9 billion loss.

How Much Can You Eat?!

I and Keiv went to a Tim Horton's for a cup of coffee and also studying Sat. night. That's what I usu. do sometimes with him. After that Keiv said: " let's get a booze, go home and drink it with our dinner ". So we got to a liquor store and Keiv was looking or a Margarita but didn't find it. Even when he asked the salesperson who was a f**king stupid East Indian , probably a Sikh , it didn't help us. Therefore we got a bottle of red wine and headed to a A&W , which is my new discovery, bought food and went home. We both drank just one glass of the 12.5% booze and it tastes so awful that you can't believe it, mostly because we didn't know how to drink it, probably. But the funny thing is Keiv had to lie down immediately after he had his meal and drink and was not able to move! So I let him be there for almost 2 hours and he slept on the floor. When I woke up the next morning, I didn't see him. He said later that he'd left aro


There are cheap movie theatres in the city that you can go and watch old movies there. By old movie, I don’t mean 50s or 60s movies. I mean last year’s movies and movies of a few months ago. Sometimes even the ones from like 5 or 6 years ago. Not older than that. Among them is Dreamplex , right next to Sunridge Mall . The ticket is only $3 . Andrew called me yesterday morning and said he’d come over to go and catch a movie together. So we went there and watched Monster . Incredible movie. I almost cried at the end, especially when Andrew said that’s a true story. Charlize Theron performs as a prostitute named Aileen Wuornos and her performance is unbelievably beautiful. It’s so realistic and she’s too much in to the character that you think it’s literally her. She won 2003’s best actress Academy Award and Golden Globe for that. If you wanna watch a good movie, it’s highly recommended and If you are as emotional as I am, expect weeping too. You may burst into tears. We went

They Made It

The Calgary Flames beat the Coyotes last night at the Dome and clinched playoffs after seven years. There are still 2 games remaining, the first one in L. A. and the second one against Anaheim but they celebrated their victory last night with a crowd of 18,419 . Jarome Iginla scored the game winning goal in the 1st period. He's at the top of the scoring players' list with 40 goals together with Rick Nash of Columbus . I may watch a playoff game in the Dome .

A Narrow Escape

I was heading home tonight from Keiv 's place, driving down 14th St. There's 10th Ave. right after the bridge and the road makes a downhill. The speed limit is 60 Km/h there and I remember I saw the cops there, using a camera and detecting the drivers who were speeding, several time. I was listening to a nice song of Led Zeppelin on radio and suddenly saw the policeman behind his camera! Fortunately I wasn't speeding. I passed through him and sighed and saw in the rear view mirror a car was caught by him!! If I had been caught, I would have been in a serious trouble. Not only for speeding but also for not having insurance on my car which results in a $2500 fine, I guess. (Photo: The red dot on 10 Ave. shows where the cops use the camera to catch violators)