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Three Weeks Later

Three weeks has passed so far and I have applied for 11 positions with receiving two responses only. I've written about the first one and just a few days back I received an e-mail from a well-known company in the city which had posted a position in Abu-Dhabi indicating that they had decided to go with another candidate! I never wanted to work in that area of the world but it's not a time to have many choices available. I should be a little more active in career searching but the problem is there just simply not many positions available or if there are, they are mostly filled quickly by Canadians who are introduced by their friends, family members and relatives. I. on contrary, do not have many people in my circle.  The other disappointing news is Shell has just announced that they had cancelled one of their projects due to lack of pipeline to transport the crude, indicating rail transportation is not economical in this case. Moving would not be easy, that's another

Hike to Bull Creek Hills (Kananaskis)

The Hope was very determined to do another hike with me but he is afraid of ice and snow and early rising! So we sat together to check the available trips. Due to the ridiculous winter so far we were able to do many hikes but eventually he suggested to go to southern Kananaskis and do Bull Creek Hills . We met at our rendezvous point at about 07:10 and headed south. Bull Creek Hills are close to where I had a hike with my other buddy a few months ago. It is located in Highway 541 . It is far away so by the time we pulled in to a road side parking spot, put our gears on and walked to the trail-head, it was almost 09:40!  The trail goes into the forest and The Hope following a book that he had just bought from MEC took us to to so-called view points just to cover the entire trip that we had read earlier. The first one was supposed to give us a good view of Holy Cross Mountain but due to low fog we barely saw anything! Then we turned back and went up the trail and got ourselves

A Little Practice

I went for a little Ice Skating practice to Crowchild Twin Arenas yesterday afternoon. To my surprise it was busier than ever! Normally we are there 10 minutes ahead of time to put our skates on and get ready and even after 10 min. barely anyone gets on ice. Yesterday while I was getting ready there were already as many as 10 people on the ice, mostly kids! It's a bad weather now and no outdoor rink and people like skating so they come to a public rink which barely cost them anything.  I didn't feel very confident the whole time one reason being when I'm in Olympic Oval I'm practicing beside the people who are mostly way worse than me. in Crowchild I'm with guys who have been doing it for years or kids at ages of 10 or 11 who skate like professional hockey players! At the same time I had not been on the ice for almost a month and a half and sadly I had not tightened my skates! So all of them put together made not a very confident practice but overall was no

Back to Mobile Phone

After more than a year I finally was forced to switch back to mobile phone. The landline we had was fine but on different occasions things happened that The Lady was really not happy with that. We checked a few service providers and eventually we went to the cheapest one: Wind. I still have the other mobile which is used by The Lady and I have been with them since 2006 but the handset is old and she's looking for a new one but is not easy for her to chose one. I got this telephone handset by Alkatel which I like so far. I paid $114 with taxes and everything but it is good. I really didn't want to spend this much on a handset but when I first got a Chinese copy of Nokia C2 , I realized that it was a piece of shit just after one day! The bastards have copied the phone and eliminated some of the features and are selling it for some $50 ! The next least expensive in the market was a flip phone from LG for approximately $100 . So The Lady told me to get this One Touch phon

Is EI Helpful or not?

I received this letter from Service Canada just a few days back indicting that I would not be eligible for EI until March next year! This was, according to them, due to the money the company has deposited into my account as a final pay! So I am on my own for the next 5 months! Nov. , Dec. and Jan. are not hiring months unless you want to work temporary part-time, Christmas related jobs in retail and delivery. I just had a call yesterday in response to a delivery job I had applied from one of the major delivery companies in the continent. They wanted me to sign a contract up until 24th of Dec. for a part time job of 5 hours a day, I guess 5 or 6 days a week and the job would start before noon and finish in the afternoon! I really don't know who would want to do that. Not simply because it is a part-time temporary position. Because the timing sucks! Students cannot do that. The one who have full-time but underpaid jobs can't do that. The only person who could do that wou

A Memory of the Devastating War

I asked my friends and relatives whether they had any memory from the first days of the devastating 8-year Iran-Iraq War on its 35th anniversary which was less than a month ago and all of those silly buggers only got a few answers: 1) A friend whom I used to be a classmate with on grade 5 and grade 7 and then we both went to the same engineering school but did different programs said that he did not remember much and those days were no truly the days he would have wanted to remember. Fair enough.  2) The other friend that we also went to the same engineering school but were on different majors responded as well. I remember that we also studied for an Physics-Electricity course and we both failed! He now is in California and doing well of course after several ups and down. He mentioned that he did not remember anything and that day was not a special day for him. OK. 3) Mom wrote me about the first horrible months of the war which also brought bad memories to my


The Conservatives lost many seats in the Parliament and Harper soon has to step down as the Prime Minister after almost a decade. He was elected though but the Liberals won the majority and even for the first time they won two seats in Calgary !  NDP was devastated completely. They lost many seats and were dropped to the third meaning they are not the official opposition party. We have to see what changes would come, when Trudeau takes over. (Photo: Country's map does really not show that the Liberals have a majority because the first glance tells you that they have won the three northern territories which have no population but then you see they have won all of Newfoundland which again is not a populated area but won the other Atlantic provinces, Southern Ontario which a very populated area and also its eastern part. Still does not show a majority particularly because you the north part of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in favour of NDP!


Although legally a citizen for year but voted for the first time today in Federal Election . We went to our local voting place and happily it was not crowded and there was no line although people are coming. It took us less than 10 minutes to finish it.  I don't know whether I will be sworn at or mocked but I hope the Conservative s win. Just simply look at the other parties: Mulcair !!! He is against all the main industries in Alberta so who would care for this beard hog! And Trudeau!!! He's just a joke! What makes you a good politician? Simply because your father was a Prime Minister once?! Grow up! Stop nonsense! Get a hair cut first and then stop bringing kids to this world! Is this 60's or 70's to you think, you hammerhead?!  You idiots are are so self-centered and think about your $250,000 + salaries and family fun. You are against Bill C-24 which by the way is not strong enough to protect this country from maniacs who turn it to another Syria or Iraq

Safety in Hiking and Travel

This is what I read just a few day ago: Three people have been accused of killing a Canadian backpacker and a yoga instructor in San Francisco. Sean Michael Angold, Morrison Haze Lampley and Lila Scott Alligood committed the murders with a stolen gun, say authorities. They were arrested in Oregon and are heading back to California, where they are expected to be charged. Backpacker Audrey Carey, 23, from Quebec, was found dead in Golden Gate Park in early October. She was on her first solo backpacking trip and had been travelling in California for a week when she was robbed and killed. Yoga teacher Steve Carter was shot multiple times two days later on a trail 20 miles (32 km) north of the city.  Carter was out hiking with his dog, who was also shot but is expected to survive. The three suspects were arrested at a homeless shelter in Portland, Oregon, after being tracked through the navigation system of Carter's stolen car, detective said.  They could appear in court

Hike to Bow Hut

I and The Hope eventually got a chance to do a hike together due to be out of work, both of us! He's OK because the amount of money he makes is way more than a regular salary. I'm not so much but we had been wanting to do that in the past 4 months or so and finally did it. The goal was to reach a little lake in Icefield Parkway area, near Bow Lake , called Iceberg Lake although there's not much information available about it and if you put it in a search engine, you would see the result of a similar lake in Glacier National Park in Montana . Nevertheless we set up everything and he was supposed to pick me up at one of the LRT stations at 07:00 and he showed up almost 10 min. late. I normally like to start very early but didn't want to force him on the first trip together. Then after a few kilometers drive his car sent a signal to the front panel indicating that it just switched to reserve fuel thank indicating the gasoline level was low. So we had to pull into t

The First Response

I had a message on the phone today from lady with British Accent in regards to the position as Quality Assurance Manager that I had applied a few days back. I was quite positive that at least I would get an interview but she said that the company was looking for someone with a specific mining process expertise and experience and they were very specific about that. It is gone but at least a good start. 

Unusually Warm

It has been warmer than usual in the past two days or so. I remember just last weekend when I went to Brow-Lowery Provincial Park and how cold it was even at noon. It is now some 24 ÂșC which I find it disgusting for this time of the year. Hiking would probably not a bad area but I checked around and there is either rain or snow! Besides after being fucked that hard , I don't think anyone would want to hike although I have done jogging, weightlifting and walking because they have all been free. For hiking I need gasoline and that has gone up to ¢115.9 since last weekend that I purchased! Nevertheless we have this unconfirmed plan to do a hike together finally with The Hope for one of the coming days. We'll see. (Photo: I took this photo from Downtown Calgary form the high part of the city around 4th St. A thick and oddly-shaped covered the area. No rain or snow though) 

Lost Sleep Over It

You heard that expression which goes: I won't lose sleep over it ? Well I actually did. I couldn't sleep much last night. It was all going on in my head as how this happened and which bastard did that. The Lady says that I should not think about that any more and shall only focus on job searching and studies for an upcoming courses.  I got together with The Hope today. He's a buddy of mine from the old country. We worked for the same company for a short period of time. He's out of work as well but his situation is different. His income is high because of the line of work he's in and seems that he doesn't give much shit. He's been out of work since May this year I guess but has been back to the old country once and is planning to visit a family member in Down Under in about a month. While sitting at a cafe and talking I realized there was a guy staring at me. I didn't know him and he looked a bit similar to Afghan people, although at times it

Chopped off!

This post probably makes many happy. Today shortly after lunch I was told to leave the company. All those maggots and assholes who barely know their right hand from left now are laughing behind my back but that's my fault. You cannot fight with someone if he or she has the support from the manager. I guess it was planned right after I had an argument with the supervisor. He was yelling and using profanity and I opposed to the nonsense he was saying without searing back of course but it happened! The detail is not important. The bastard East Indian most likely knew, the fucking Mumbling Guy and the supervisor knew too but it's no important any more. I have to figure out what to do. That's all. 

Brown-Lowery Provincial Park

This past weekend I had this plan to a park which had been found on the map long time ago but never was given the chance to be discovered: Brown-Lowery Provincial Park some 35 Km from the city limits. I woke up very early at around 05:30 not knowing that the real fall of Alberta is not really easy to deal with particularly in the early morning! I guess it was around 2  ° C but felt much colder. I drove all the way to Spruce Meadows Tr. but still was very dark(!) so I decided to check a local McDonald's for a coffee. The place was like most of the McDonald's : A garbage dump. A fucking stupid Oriental guy was walking with broom and mop and when he saw me decided to help with my order. He leaned his stuff against the ice cream cone machine(!) and intended to come to take my order! Fortunately there was a girl who jumped in and got me the coffee, not that she was much cleaner than the guy or something but what the hell can I expect? It's freaking McDonald's '


One of the issues you frequently face with, if you work in a public workplace in the old country, and that is seen in the country I was born and raised in, not sure whether it is a problem in the neighbouring countries or not, is over-staffing. I've been to the places where I saw workers sleeping under machinery or in the locker. I saw that almost every time we were in Paxan . I and my buddy spent a few months in that company, would go once a week maybe, to interview people and collect date for a final project we had for our degree. While this is not the subject of this post, now years after what we accomplished, I can see many flaws in what we did.  Nevertheless I never imagined that I would see the same problem here where productivity is emphasized upon a lot and due to high wages, it is almost insane to have a worker or employee who contributes nothing and only consumes oxygen and occupies space(!) but I have seen that here as well. Perhaps not to the same level as what i

Bill C-24

Bill C-24 which became a law in June of this year has become a hot topic of discussion between the parties for the upcoming October federal election. This law which also is called Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act allows the Federal Government to revoke Canadian citizenship from people convicted of act of terrorism, treason and espionage provided they are also citizens of a second country. While this is not bad but I guess it's not enough to keep Canada safe from the freaks who look at each and every way to harm the country and its people. One good example of that is this guy who has just been released from Guantanamo Bay , Omar Khadr . He was fighting with Al-Qauda against American s in Afghanistan and got wounded during a firefight. He was captured, treated for his wounds and then transferred to and kept in Guantanamo Bay for years for killing an American soldier. The charges were ridiculous because I don't think you can put someone on trail and sentence