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The Bourne Legacy: A Complete Waste

If you're going to catch the new Bourne movie, I know it's a bit late, don't waste your time and money. We watched it last time and it was complete disappointed. Same old story, same scenes of chasing and shooting and bad actors and actresses! This time they were trying to add something new to the story and that was a kind of pill that these so called agent had to take and it made them kind of addicted and dependent! Then there was a scene of a drone which almost convinced me that these multi-million unmanned birds are nothing but pieces of shit! May be that is why Iran easily stole and landed one of them ! The guy who has the major role is the same gut who plays in The Hurt Locker . He was not so bad in that movie but here his performance was in the shadow of Demon 's in the previous parts! Overall it was a very weak movie. I guess because they wanted to make it cheap, they had decided to make part of it in The Philippines . So part of the story, or better

Black Bean Tortilla Pie

  Black Bean is one of the ingredients of Mexican and Cowboy food. Taste wise is not very different from other similar beans and it also is the same shape but smaller. I wanted to make something out of it so I made a Black Bean Tortilla Pie and quite honestly I came out really good. This food is very filling and one slice of it could be enough for most of the people's lunch or dinner. The point is it should not be eaten late nigh, like most of the foods because it would not let you sleep. There will be an entire battle in the stomach!   Here is what is needed: 1- A medium Onion (of any kind you like, white, red, yellow). 2- A medium Green Pepper. 3- Four to five Green Onions. 4- Three to four Cloves of Garlic, depending on how much you normally take. 5- One cup Corn. 6- One to one and a half cup Black Bean depending on how filling you want to make it. 7- One teaspoon Black Pepper. 8- One Teaspoon Cumin. 9- Three to four Tortillas. 10- One cup Chedd

Star Trek's Effect

William Shatner was talking in an documentary about Star Trek and its effect on different industries. I didn't watch the entire show but what they were trying to say was all those advanced technology apparatuses that they showed in late 1960s and early 1970s gradually evolved through years and now we see them in the market and use some of them on daily basis. They show people who basically by watching an episode, they said, they would go and worked on the idea. They received tons of letters from physicians and other health professionals in regards to what Scotty did off and inboard Enterprise . The question is why none of the inventions ever started anywhere else rather than the US ? I remember clearly when I was a little boy Star Trek was shown on a channel called International Channel and it was in Black & White and I watched it a few time on our RTI TV set. It was all before the riot/revolution which is not the point and that is why I don't remember

Kayben Farms

Today we took our second trip to the Saskatoon Farm , this time for the Sour Cherries. And we were late because apparently the other people from the same origin as us(!) had emptied most of the branches. Nevertheless we picked a full bucket. Then we went to Kayben Farm , not too far away from this one, at the other side of Highway No. 2 with everything different. F. F. liked Kayben Farm better because that is where we could pick her favorite fresh vegetables. She picked cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis and squashes. The price was reasonable. Before that we went to the other side of the farm for Black Current . This little fruit which is even smaller than Saskatoon Berry which we picked for the first time as a new fruit, is even smaller than that and has a completely different taste. It's taste interesting. First the bite gives you a taste and then when you start chewing it another more permanent taste comes up. But it's picking was much harder, I guess because a ple

B. C. Road trip (9): Where Did We Stay?

Places of stay could be a big challenge in a trip and could turn everything upside down. We generally stayed in good, not excellent hotels and had a few places but it could have been much better, if we have had organized. One reason that I didn't book any hotel in advance was that we did not what we wanted to do on each day. It pretty much depends on the situation. How well you slept last night, how busy the place that you are going to, is. If there is long line, there is no way that I go. So we pretty much stayed day by day. The other thing was that our first stay would be in the weekdays so we did not have to be worried about rented out rooms. The only time we felt a bit of pressure was the time that we got close the long weekend of B. C. Day . Anyway here is where we stayed and pros and cones: Nigh One - Kamloops   EconoLodge - Quiet place, no breakfast, close to fast food and Highway No. 1 and easy to go everywhere in the town, big issue with the damn bed making noise

B. C. Road Trip (8): The Butchard Gardens

I would like to start this post with this sentence that The Butchard Gardens is a big rip off ! If you want to stay away from being robbed, then don't go to that place. Everything that you want to see could be seen free of charge someplace else. When we got there there were two cars ahead of us in the line to the gate. As soon as I stopped a girl ran toward us and said that she could help us. We didn't even get the chance to see what the admission fee was. My credit card was charged even before I see how much I was going to pay! We then parked and entered the gardens. Soon I found out that these gardens actually had been a limestone quarry and then owner, who apparently had been much wiser than me, had turned it to different gardens with the help of gardeners from around the world and Canada and made even more money that he or she used to through the stone business! The place was so busy which at times you had to wait for the other to go away to take a photo or sim

B. C. Road Trip (7): Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Butterfly Gardens which actually is not located in Victoria , like Greater Vancouver Zoo which is not in Vancouver , is located in at least half an hour drive from the city. As well, there are not gardens as the title suggest. There actually is one small building and it is amazing how people make money out of it. Nonetheless I enjoyed my time over there but they could have made it much more pleasant. This places as the name says it all is a live butterfly show like what I saw in Calgary Zoo but a little vaster. I don't know how but they also gathered a bunch of other animals and display them as well. There were two flamingos, a small bird with a long beck, two dozen small birds which in the first glance they look like pheasants but they are not. F. F. asked one of the crew and the answer was that they would not grow more than that. Then there were two kind of turtles and I guess one of them is not called turtle but is from the same family of course. There were f

B. C. Road Trip (6): Whistler

Whistler was one of the places which there are lots of talks about it and many know it as one of the best B. C. , spots to visit but I found it completely disappointing and I was not impressed at all. Whistler is B. C. 's Banff version. It is a spot for high-end shopping, live cheap music, fast food and restaurants and having casual sex. Rather than that there is barely anything new that you could do that you're not able to do anywhere else. So if you're going for something new to Whistler , You won't find it. You can eat, shop and sex the same way anywhere else. You don't have to go to Whistler all the way! When we got there I noticed a big screen and the people who were watching Olympics ! What a loser you should be to drive all the way to Whistler to watch fucking Olympic games! Nevertheless there are outdoor activities that you could do and again those are things that you find them anywhere else. The only new thing was the chair lifts for mountain biker

B. C. Road Trip (5): B. C. Ferries

I wanted to go to Parksvile in Vancouver Island to see the sand sculpture show so I decided to get a ferry ticket from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo because it is only half an hour drive from that city to where the show is running. I picked up the phone in our hotel and dial B. C. Ferries number and it was an automated system. I realized that there was no ticket available for those days I wanted to go to the Island and I realized that was because of the long weekend. So I said to myself that I would get a ticket from Tsawwassan to Victoria and then would take the remaining of Highway Number 1 to Nanaimo and rest of the story. So I booked the ticket for myself and the system charged me some $17 . I also wanted to be safe than sorry so I booked the returned ticker from the same route, with the same cost. We woke up early and had our breakfast in the hotel (I will tell about the hotels we stayed in in a separate post at the end) and headed toward Delta for Tsawwassan but I

B. C. Road Trip (4): Grouse Montain

I had previously been to Grouse Mountain once in 2006 but did not complete it! This time F. F. suggested to walk up the mountain instead of getting on the gondola like I had done with others. So we started and I got a bit surprised by the number of the people on the path but it was a very good experience and exercise for both of us. I was soaking in sweat by the time I reached up there! We rested for a bit and then walked up to where the Lumber Jack show was playing, something that I had missed the first time. It was just the beginning so we enjoyed the entire show. It was very funny and interesting. After we walked up to the Birds of Prey show. It was repeated for so I just sat still. Then F. F. said let's finish it and walk up to the pick and see the Wind Turbine closely. There is a chair lift over there that you can use and I guess it costs $15 but we hiked up, ignoring the big red sign which read hiking is not recommended or something like that. There we found our

B. C. Road Trip (3): Capilano Bridge

Capilano Bridge in North Vancouver , I think, is one of the places that people want to visit the most. It actually is not something very extraordinary but not too bad at the same time, a suspension bridge over a long and deep hole which it is said is as tall as Statue of Liberty . We got there in the morning and it was quiet busy. It was a paid parking in front of the entrance across from the street but if you don't mind walking for a few minutes, you actually can drive up a few meter and park on the street for free as long as you want. As I said it was a very busy morning but we tried to use the best of it. There is a section called Cliff Walk that we had to wait to be let in for that section. Lots of Oriental people and all very excited were there. At noon we decided to have lunch outside although there is a cafe in there. When we came back in the afternoon more than three quarter of the crowed were gone. We did everything again and took sole photos on the bridge. Like

B. C. Road Trip (2): B. C. Wildlife Park

The first place we visited in British Columbia was B. C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops . The park is somehow in between Alberta border and the Lower Mainland . So for us who stayed the night before in Kamloops was a planned visit. B. C. Wildlife Park really worth the money and time spent on. We had previously visited Vancouver Zoo , Vancouver Aquarium and Calgary Zoo and still there were things that we enjoyed. The good thing about the park and in another way the bad thing about it (the disadvantage for the park) is it is far away from the major cities so you never see the crowd you normally see in the above places. We really enjoyed our time and the shows although it was a very hot day. The other interesting thing about the park is that there is a path that you can take and it leads you to a small waterfall and then you can go up the hills. Most of the animals kept in the park are the ones who either had been injured or lost their parents and there was a little chance that t

B. C. Road Trip (1): The Route

We came back from our B. C. road trip Sun. after the mid night, I guess it was close to 01:00 AM. I was dead tired! I truly believe that the amount of time I was behind the wheel driving to and from B. C. equals to the entire time that I had ever driven a vehicle in my entire time! We obviously took Highway No.1 in both direction. After leaving Alberta , I guess it was after Golden that we had this sign telling us to adjust our time. We did not have a problem with the dark because we were going toward sun. We had a few small stops including Golden and Revelstoke and a major one at Salmon Arm . Each of these places are similar but could be stayed at if anyone feels tired. Salmon Arm's waterfront is nice but not busy. I guess it's because it's not close to a major city. White Rock had same sort of waterfront with the only difference that it has beaches too but it gets really busy because it's close to Surrey, Vancouver and other major cities of Lower Mainla