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Ongoing Temptation

I have this feeling that makes me outrages. It’s not rage, actually. It’s temptation for violence. I used to feed this desire with Operation Flashpoint but that game does not run on my laptop. Neither Call of Duty which I bought in ’05 and did not run on my desktop. I have a huge willingness for the last version of the game, Call of Duty 4 which was released early Nov. but have to buy a desktop for that, also! That will cost something between $800 and $1000 ! Is $1000 too much to cure an illness?! What if I see a psychologist? He or she is probably able to fix me with less money. Or, I was thinking, what if I sign up for the Army and get deployed to Afghanistan ? Ha?! That way I’ll kill two birds with one stone: I put off my rage while I get paid for that. But don’t forget the third bird: I might get shot and killed or may be a suicide attacker blew himself up near or convoy and I get rid of this misery forever. I think I, first, consult the physician and then do it. Getting kille

Murrin Provincial Park

I had a short ride to Murrin Provincial Park today in the afternoon. The park is located on Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99) shortly before you get to Squamish . It was a little hard for me to leave home because it was more than a month that I had not been to a ride. I finally got out at about 03:00 PM. I was doing very well because when it’s cold you pedal faster to get warm and there’s no disturbing heat that makes you sweat and overwhelmed quickly. It took a little less than an hour to get to the park. There were only three fishermen in there. Murrin is actually a very small park but in summer gets packed. People go there to swim in Browning Lake , walk, do a little fishing or have something at the picnic benches. The park is named after Mr. Murrin , the head of British Columbia Electric Company , the firm which donated the land. I stayed only a few minutes over there, took photos, rode around the lake and headed back. It got colder and darker on my way back but didn’t have any

A Little Chat after a Long Time

There was a girl once I was in touch with; I call her N. M. here, from Montreal . She’s a nurse. We had a few e-mail exchanges but like the other girls, we got disconnected. I received a link which introduces an Internet telephone service, from her, the night before. Obviously she’s looking for a match. And there’s no doubt that she just had broken up with a boy because some girls can’t take it and as soon as they are single again, they start looking for another one. I called her last night and she didn ’t pick up. I left a message. I called her again this morning and woke her up! We talked for a few minutes. She told me that she had just moved to Toronto and has her job as a nurse in a hospital. I usually don’t care about the girl’s job because I don’t get anyways, so that doesn ’t matter! but never had a good feeling about a nurse. F. F. is a nurse too and we’re back together but she’s in the middle of a job-change process. I just called her to see how she is. She was very willi

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

D. H. my Bangladeshi friend was in a very bad situation when I first met him in late ’01. His wife had just left him and he had no money and was taking care of his two sons, one of them suffering from a disease which has made him unable to speak. He helped me a lot regardless of all his problems. I have written a bit about the stories I had with him in other post but one thing once he told me after a conversation was five ways that would have made me a millionaire! I asked him what it was and said writing the book that we were talking about! I can’t recall what our topic of discussion was but I remember I asked him why he wouldn't do that and he said because he didn't need money! Horseshit! Today I found out one way that would someone a millionaire and that’s serious. I’m not joking. I just don’t know why it hasn't been done yet. I have talked both to A. J. and a painter in last few days regarding the exterior paint of the houses. I've been told that the paint can

Executive Decision

I was extremely exhausted yesterday and didn’t do much, probably because we’re back one hour. Daylight saving is over. My cousin called from Denmark and we talked for a few minutes. He invited me to spend a few days with them there although they will go to London , England for their Christmas and New Year holidays. Then I talked to Cyrus in Cologne and told him that I would be there anytime between Jan. and Mar. He insisted to go there after I visited my cousin. After that was talking to an old friend of my Dad , who’s visiting one of his daughters in Virginia , at the moment. I’m in touch with another daughter of him which is a separate story. In the evening I worked a little on a Project Diagram to present to A. J. later and had an eye on TV. When I was couching potato, a movie caught my attention, Kurt Russell and Steven Siegel in Executive Decision . The movie like most American actions has great surprises and also downwards. It’s a combination of Flightplan , Air Force

The Killing Bears

It has been all work and work in last few weeks and nothing to post. I booked a ticket to Boston to  see Alfa but I think I have to cancel that because of the prolonged project. Yesterday I was driving down the road very fast regardless of all the speed limit signs, there were two cars in front of me. A baby bear suddenly jumped into the middle of the road and the drives pushed the brake. I did too and did it very hard because my breaks are not actually very good and also I was speeding. Fortunately there was enough room between the vehicles and nothing happened. The bear crossed the road to the woods and we all proceeded. 17 bears were killed the last summer in Sea to Sky Highway . It's obviously because of the high number of commutes and the ongoing construction. Underpasses are being constructed for the animals with the same features of their habitat. It's hopped to save the number of wild life in Sea to Sky Country . That was the 4th time I saw a bear in B. C. No ch