Sunday, September 25, 2022

Another Reason to Buy an EV

I went to this dealership to get my oil change the other day and do you know how long I had to wait? 2 freaking hours! I don't care anyone notices which dealership it is but these thieves charged me more than $85 just for the damn oil change! Did nothing else! Imagine that I earn $15 an hour. So the total cost of my oil change would be more than $100! I tried the other dealerships but they were all booked up.
This is another reason why one, how is financially stable, should think of buying an EV, preferably a Tesla! Gasoline price jump does not affect you. You don't have to line up for the damn oil change, no spark or mostly, no other mechanical part change, comfortable and enjoyable drive, you name it. However people still prefer to spend $60,000 on a pick up truck rather than an EV.
My employment situation is uncertain. I don't know if I will be in after these projects. Otherwise I would go to Tesla website and would order one, specifically now that I have put around 150,000 Km on my vehicle.  When I first thought of Tesla 3, the interest rate was lower and the more options were available but it's not like that anymore, although the delivery time is reasonable. 
(Photo: One of the Toyota dealerships in the city)

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Betraying your Older Brother

A few Ukrainians have joined our team as labourers recently. I can tell much about them because I don't want anyone to know who they are. Protecting people's privacy has always been my first priority here. Most of them don't speak a work of English. There're one that I have talked to several times and he is engaging. Even provides suggestions at work although no one gives a damn! There's another one acts as the translator for others. Once I asked him: I always though that Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. Why happened? He and one other who understood as well shrugged and said they did not know!

Devsatation in Ukraine. That is how Russians fight. Try to find photos from the time that Soviets were trying to capture Berlin. You see not much difference! 
There's no doubt that it was the plan by the Western countries such as the US and Britain, as well as France and a few other tiny puppets of the first three to cause issue and make these two countries fight each other. So they can benefit from this war in every possible way. All the weapons and supplies that they send to Ukraine and that worth hundreds of millions of dollars won't be free! Remember Marshall Plan? Ukraine will have to pay the Westerners for decades! And then comes the usual " Rebuilding "! Who is going to invest in a new Ukraine to rebuild it? Of course the Western countries! And those will be benefiting from that. I hope this post could help the ones who have their heads buried under the sand!
(Photo, top: Russian BMPs in Ukraine)

Sunday, September 04, 2022

The Real Canadian Super"asshole"

Eating out and taking home is part of Western eating culture and has contaminated(!) other cultures which have long history of cooking good food at home. I hardly believe anyone cooks anything at home here in Canada if they're Caucasian. If they do, it'd be limited to throwing something on a barbecue or in an oven or asking Chef Mike to cook it for them! I have a picture of Chef Mike here in this post. Tell me he does not like familiar! 
I have resisted to this disgusting habit, which is part of Fake Economy concept, which will soon be another topic, but admit there have been times that I had to get something to save myself from starvation because I simply was in a situation that I could not cook, say, on a road trip. 
I'm now going to review a packaged food from one of the biggest thieves in North America, or perhaps I should say, in the world called Loblaws which operates under different names in different cities and provinces. This food is from The Real Canadian Super"asshole", the home to, mostly, pathetic losers, who think saving a dollar or two change their miserable and stupid lives! Not to mention the boneheads who eating garbage is an inseparable part of their silly lives! This store is so cheap and disgusting that I clearly remember that when I came to Canada first they didn't even have a website! Why? Obviously the cheap bastards intended to save money! Now they have robbed enough from people, they have a website because there are idiots who think, as I mentioned earlier, using stupid coupons and saving a buck or two, would change their pathetic and cursed lives! The food we are having here, and trust me I haven't tried it and I will never even feed that to my pet, is named Butter Chicken and White Rice, apparently an East Indian meal in a 400 g plastic package and must have been frozen. It is sold for $7. Let's assume this 400 g meal consists of 200 g rice and 200 meat, which is hard to believe because it does not look that way. 
The first question is who eats this meal? I don't think an East Indian would be interested. They can make it easily at home. A labourer? Maybe? but he would at least need two meals to be full! That'd make it $14 plus the tax plus a beverage, which is inevitable to have with a meal! How much this food cost for the company? $2, maybe! How do you think a company like that makes over 53 Billion Dollars? That's how! And then when you go to pay for your groceries or whatever that you have purchased, if you're lucky that you don't have to stay in a long line, which is the case many times during the week,, because the company does not want to hire cashiers and pay them(!), they ask you if you'd like to donate to a charity!
(Photo: The meal from the Super "asshole ". Chef Mike helps you to prepare it!)