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Crime of Passion, not Profit

I watched Alfred Hitchcock ’s Psycho a few days ago. What a great movie. Unbelievable! A movie like that made in 1962 equals hundreds of craps they make these days and they are just waste of time and money. The movie is amongst the ones I downloaded them in 2003. There are sequels to that but I’m not interested. Notorious is another one and I guess these two are the only ones from Hitchcock that I downloaded them. I made a list of the movies that I have on DVD and CD and it turned out to be a total of 226 titles. I got rid a number of them which happen to be cheap stupid ones, all the ones Resurrect ( Ray or Reza the Microbe ) had brought them from his brother-in-law video store, the one which he ran later and then had to sell it and lost a lot! Idiot. I’m not goin’ to tell the story of that crime here which eventually is known as a crime of passion not profit, as the main character, who actually is a two-face or two character man, commits. So if you like suspense and horro

Christams Lighting and Decoration

I was walking home from work the other night (before Christmas ) and just a few meters away from the main entrance noticed lights. I thought it was Christmas related but when I got closer I noticed an RCMP cruiser, actually two, and one with flashing lights. I recorded a short clip with my camera phone and thought it's better to put it here to see how stupid this clip cameras are today. I didn't want any mobile set like that but these days there's no mobile phone without camera, music player, radio and all kind of that shit. Have a look.

True Meaning of Christmas

It’s Christmas today and I’m home now. Might go out for a little walk. I asked three people, all Christians , about the meaning of Christmas tree and other Christmas stuff, two had no idea at all, the other one knew a little! What a bunch of jerks! I mean how the fuck do you do something that you don’t even know what it means?! You should be a real jackass! S. T. told me that the idea of decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas has come from Germany . He, I believe is a religious Christian . Different Christians believe in different Jesus' birthday, but most agree on Dec. 25. After all I know Christmas has been turn to a big shopping festival all across Canada , the US and Europe and then also assholes in the countries which are not even Christian ! It was said once that retailers have over 30% of their annual sale in Christmas , something that I easily believe. It was though in the news last night the Americans ’ spending for holiday has dropped 6% while their earnin

No News is Good News

I learnt part of my English from my friend The Brave  whom I used to live with as his tenant in his house for a little more than six months. One thing he used to say was No News is Good News. Now I truly understand what he meant. I have been always a big fan of CBC and especially its The National but these days I barely dare turn the TV on. It’s all about recession, global economic slump, bailout and all other crap like those. I also remember the woman who used to say she never listened to the news because there was nothing good in them! I can understand her now. One thing that I don’t understand is why nobody ever wants to find the motherfuckers who are responsible for this fucking mess who damages the entire world! That would be good news to hear when I hear they have been sentenced to life in prison.

Higher Cost of Living

I went to the closest Safeway to get a medication for this damn muscle spasm which has bothering me since Thu., my first day off and had a look at the rice isle as I need to buy some. A bag of Basmati rice of that brand which I don’t recall at the moment is sold for almost $20 now. The exact same brand and weigh, (10 lb), I remember once I bought from a Safeway in Calgary for $14 and that was mid. 2006. It means the price of that product is 1.43 times higher now. I got the same amount of rice from Superstore under the brand of No Name and it was not so bad and cost me only $11. It’s obviously not as good as that one but in this shit situation, I think I better spend as less as possible. But Mom says something brilliant. She says better to spend more on a quality product and consume just enough, not more. So I’ll see which one works for me. But it was mostly blamed on the high price of gasoline and gas is sold under ¢85 a litre now. It, I think was being used as a scapegoat only.

Extreme Madness

I'm a big fan of Mike Tyson and regardless of what he has been through including the recent bankruptcy, I liked his as a good sportsman. At the same time I always thought that he's a crazy man. I look at his biography and watch a collection of his fights that I own and all I see is rage and madness. I believed in that until I watched a few fights on TV: UFC , Ultimate Fighting Championship. That's absolute madness. Guys beat the shit of their opponents. The guys is bleeding like hell and is receiving punches. Looks like there's no rule. Fighters are in a cage and could be pushed to the fence and kicked until go unconscious. That's the time the referee stops the fight. So if you think Tyson or other professional boxers are crazy, rephrase your mind after watching one or two UFC s. (Photo: Tyson here is seen in 2008 Cannes Film Festival where a documentary about his life was shown. I'll write about that later)

Games in Life

Remember when you were a kid, in elementary and playing snakes and ladders? I have it clearly in my mind: Roll the dice, go ahead, get stung, go way back, reach a ladder, jump up and on and on. This is exactly how the Capitalism society of West works. You get a job, have a family, build a life and go forward and eventually you find yourself unsupported, suspended in the air. People take too much risk. They most of the time spend more than what they earn. At this time of the year, Christmas , people put so much on their cards and it’s usually takes 6 months to pay it off! Also it’s said that retailers usually gain more than 30% of their annual profit at this time of the year. I’m getting off the road. That’s anyway is what drove the whole world to this mess at the moment. People in the States received too much credit to buy homes and then they were not able to pay and received foreclosure. And that caused more trouble, like a domino game! So you have live your life in a way you pla

Don't Do It!

I saw an advertisement in The Peace Arch News local newspaper about adult correctional facility officer opportunity and decided to apply. The wage sounds good and the job seems secure but decided to consult my former classmate W. M. who is a retired juvinal correctional facility officer. We were classmate for over 3 weeks. He’s a very nice gentleman in his early 60s. He wished me lucked in my way to the Navy. This is his wife’s answer to my question. She is a retired officer of the same position. Stresses and explanations by me: Adult corrections have lost 75% of their employees – and there’s a reason. The inmates are abusive to you (physically and mentally), you have no one ‘backing’ you up for safety, you’re in the middle of a large room with up to 60 inmates walking around (you’re by yourself), you get spit on, feces thrown on you; you get crappy shifts and there’s no respect from your peers, your supervisors, your managers and certainly not the inmates. People who come in usual

Poverty (2)

I need to buy some stuff and those are not fancy things like an iPod . Those are things that I really need in my daily life. First of all I need a pair of boots because this damn pair of shoes licks. I have two winter jackets and both are more than 7 years old! The Columbia has no zipper in front, it’s broken or whatever you call and the Timberland has the same problem but has button. The problem with that is I lost the hood almost 3 years ago. So basically it’s useless. I paid more than $350 for that Columbia and think have to pay the same again. Today I was going to a London Drugs to buy a bag for my cameras because I left mine in Nottingham when I was visiting my cousin but turned back because I don’t know where I will be in the next week. Car dealers advertise all over the newspapers with cash back, free gas, not to pay for 6 month, 0% financing, free oil change for life and other services and bonuses like that but I can’t buy even the cheapest one because I’m uncertain of m

Se7en Sins after 13 Years!

1- Greed (An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth) 2- Sloth (aversion to work, laziness, indolence) 3- Pride 4- Envy 5- Glutton (a person who eats or consumes immoderate amount of food or drink) 6- Lust (intense or unrestrained sexual desire) 7- Wrath No! This is not what I’ve done in past 13 years. Or maybe I did! May be I committed some of ‘em! Let’s see: 1- I’ve never been the one with greed. I actually am against this and has clearly stated by my behaviour and also in my posts. A. J. is a good example, a person who does anything to gain money. That’s a different story but it’s mainly because he was deprived of everything when he was child and then after marriage he found someone who’s being looked down by his wife’s family and has been suffering from that ever since! 2- It’s something that I’ve never think of. I might be called workaholic and energetic. Who could work for Cargill Foods for more tha

Long Overdue Just Has Been Done

Stephan Dion finally stepped down as the leader of the Liberal Party . That could have been one of the most stupid mistakes ever the Liberal did in the history of their existence: putting Dion as the head of the team. He appeared for the last time in a video which was horrible: Blur picture, same English illiteracy and bad accent, etc. Michael Ignatieff eventually got appointed as the leader. No campaign, no banner, no party. The other two candidates simply stepped away and made the path clear for him. Ignatieff was being accused for two things which prevented him from being leader in that last campaign: 1- Showing sympathy to Hezbollah and Lebanese in 2006 short war between Israelis and Hezbollah . 2- Living abroad for a long time and not being aware of Canadian politics as a result of that. But the Liberals , I guess, didn ’t have anybody else and had to use him. Rae , a close friend of him who at the beginning looked like that wanted to start a long battle, changed hi

A Very Pleasant and B-e-a-utiful Day

Today I experienced personally one of the most beautiful scenes that I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. I’m still thrilled after almost 8 hours . Here’s what happened: There’s this bar and there’s a guy who always parks where he’s not supposed to. He has a big truck and a trailer attached to it. I gave him a verbal warning once and then a warning ticket. The third time I saw him I gave him a real ticket and he said that he would meet with me the day after to discuss the situation and I obviously explained to him that I only enforce the law, I don’t legislate it or whatever you call. Then I ticketed him another time. So the number of tickets rose to 3. Today I was driving and saw him parked there, this time in a way that no vehicle, specifically mine could get through. So I stopped in the middle of the road and ask J. M. to issue a citation, this time for obstruct. As he started I got out and took a photo and called the supervisor and explained the situation. He confirmed what we w

Ghost Dog

One movie out of tens that I downloaded a few years ago, could be 5 years ago (Gosh! What a waste of life I’ve had so far!) is Ghost Dog . I just wanna say that it’s a great movie and a must see for sure, no doubt. The story just ends too soon, though. That’s the only problem with the film. And guess who the star is? Forest Whitaker . He became famous after he received an Oscar for the best actor in The Last King of Scotland . I have seen another movie of him and that’s Panic Room and that one is great one too. There’re a few points in the movie which either the director or screenwriter/author wants to mention: 1- Elderly people watching cartoon while pretending reading book. Or watching cartoons as their first hobby. 2- The best friend of the main character of the movie is someone who doesn’t speak the language he does! They communicate and remain friends, play chess and everything. 3- A quiet and calm dog at times appears in front of Ghost Dog and stares at him! 4-

The Booming Business

There’s one business that is hiring and pays good, if you’re looking for a job in this uncertain economy. It’s not a supermarket of a fast food restaurant or a retailer in a shopping mall. It pays a lot more and you’ll be hired a long time and don’t have to be worried about your job security, especially if you have good customer service capabilities. But there’s one condition and that might be applied to you: You should be female. Yes! They only hire women. They might extend their business to men soon, but there’s no near future plan, as far as I’m acknowledged. So what’s this excellent opportunity which has everything that someone might need? I tell you what it is: Being a prostitute! There was news on YAHOO that the request for being prostitute has gone up significantly in the US , where prostitution is legal. The madam, a former prostitute who runs the whorehouse said she even received an application from a 72-year-old woman! She stated though that the rates are much lower than

Dion’s Avenge Goes in Vain

The three opposition parties formed a coalition to overthrow Harper ’s new government. The reason was Harper wanted to cut back the public funds to the parties and that drove them mad. The Conservatives is the only party who’s not heavily dependent of the said source for his expenses. Dion who’s under pressure from part of his caucus to resign, accused Harper of directed the country in the wrong direction. So did the NDP and Block ’s leader. While Harper condemn what they had done, the parties expressed that same kind of coalition could have been formed when Harper is election race a few years ago. Another election could have cost millions of dollars again and Harper simply didn’t want Dion who’s frustrated after his loss to become the Prime Minister that easy. So he asked The Governor General who was on a European trip to shot down the Parliament ! She immediately came back and did that and now the Parliament is closed until Jan.26. I, as mentioned earlier, didn’t vote

The Chess Players

I went to Burnaby to get a package sent by Mom from DHL last week. The asshole came all the way to my apartment and without phoning or buzzing just stuck a note on the entrance, two times. Can you imagine someone this much stupid? So my advice to you is never ever send anything by DHL unless it’s business related. If it’s residential building, you just waste your money. Anyways I got there and it was pouring and the damn shoes was leaking! Again don’t buy any shoe from The Shoe Warehouse . I paid almost $110 for this pair and after 2 min. it’s like you’re walking barefoot! It’s actually even worse because your socks absorb water and get heavy! I’m getting off the road. So I’m in there and there’s a young East Indian fellow probably 15 or 16 and you know how they are mostly not open. The girl grabbed our receipts and said that she would be back in a few min. I said that we would be playing chess. I always joke around and people like that. Then I told the young fellow that I had

Nov. Result

I didn’t have much time to do my Cooper Test exercise in Nov. That’s mostly a result of this stupid time frame of work. I most of the time have to start at 12:00 and finish at 20:30. Basically there’s time for nothing. I performed my exercise only 9 days while the usual count is 15 at least. The result is not so bad. There are things that I have to consider for this month and after: 1- Always use the same treadmill. (This is not possible though!) 2- 14:00 to 17:00 is the best time of exercise. Don’t pass 18:00. 3- Gym attire is important as well. Don’t put on long sleeve and other clothing that make you sweet like a big. 4- Concentrate on the run especially in that last minute and half. Let’s hope the above prescription helps. (Photo: The horizontal axes is days and the vertical is time. No need to say that it was not nice consecutive days. May be I show the empty days in the next chart. Would be helpful)