Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Worst in the Best!

I went to Bestbuy in Deerfoot Meadows for an interview last Fri. God! that was so stupid! They first gave me a form to fill out and then one oriental guy took me to their little warehouse for the most stupid interview that I have ever had!
The guy started asking questions that were in a booklet and check marked! The whole interview didn't take more than 20 min. and I was told that If I don't get a phone call from them in the next three days, it means that they wouldn't need me now but they keep my application for one whole year. The gook also told me that only part-time positions are available and sales reps. usu. get 5 to 30 hours a week. I should add that I have already had an online interview the day before that.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not Guilty!

Micheal Jackson found not guilty after almost a year and half, a few days ago. I myself was agitated and disappointed. I'm sure he bribed the jury. If he didn't what was all those testimonies about? If he was found guilty, he would have been sentenced to at least 20 years in prison. Same story happened a few years ago and he just paid the victim and talked him down. He was so scared to death that he lost a few pounds and looked so skinny. Music critics believe that the result doesn't affect the star's future career. Jackson's last album sold only 3000 copies!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Batman Ends!

I watched Batman Begins the day before and it was totally disappointing. First of all I don't know why the hell directors and producers or may be scenarists tend to use backward method and make a predecessor for a successful movie. They did that for Star Wars and the result was not good. Then they did that for Batman and it was awful, in my opinion. Second of all some new movies including the recent Batman finds its roots in oriental martial arts. Hero (A complete bullshit) and Kill Bill (the movie I'd never go even if someone drove me and got me the ticket) are among the movies which are full of martial art fights. The relationship between Batman in Gotham City and Ninjas in, I don't know where in the world, is something that I don't understand. After all I was expecting an action like the original 1989 one but it was mostly full of dialogues. Tom Cruse's new wife performs in the movie but she's something below average and also Christian Bale. I think it was just waste of time and money.
(Photo: The rear view of the new Batmobile probably the only interesting matter in the movie that might catches someone's eye!)

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I and Ali G. (The strange but nice guy) went to Beat Niq for a Jazz show. That was the first time I was listening to live Jazz. Actually Ali G. has found the club a few weeks ago and told me about that and I thought it's good to give it a try. The club is mostly for mid-aged to young people who wants to enjoy dining and live Jazz music. Jazz, as far as I understand, is a style of music that based on playing trumpet and saxophone. The other instruments used are drums, bass and piano. The band were playing last night was consist of 5 guys each playing one of the mentioned instruments.
Some of the songs were incridible esp. the ones which the pianist performed very well. (I feel bad saying that! It's not fair! Music is a team-work achivement and all of them were great). It started at about 09:50 PM. I stayed until 12:00 AM. There was no singer in the band.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Nothing has happened so far regarding the careers I applied and the interviews I had last week. Not a thing. Null. A big goose egg. Besides I didn't write the CQE exam on June.04.05 as I was so tired after work. I should have taken a whole week off before the exam not after that!
So I'm still in the same boat and have to continue job hunting and studying. I'm very lazy now but last week I spent good time on Running Today's Factory and have to keep going. That a good book about Lean Manufacturing.
(Photo: The cover of the book written by Charles Standard and Dale Davis)

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow

It's been cloudy and rainy for about a week or more. Part of the city, mostly Elbow River neighborhood, which is a rich community has been flooded. High River in south Calgary (About half an hour drive) faced flood and some people were evacuated. This reminds me of the movie The day after tomorrow. Of course it's not that bad but it turned to a disaster. I watched the movie a few days ago on MovieCentral. That's a good one.
(Photo: Like most of Hollywood movies, the story of the film happens in New York City. This photo shows the public library while everything is frozen to death)


Today morning (I mean yesterday morning because it's 01:18 AM now!) I went to Hitech for QA Manager position interview. It's a small company in 32nd Ave. NE. Some people even may not notice that there's a factory in there and that's exactly why I didn't find it easily and was 5 min. late! (First impression is the best impression!)
As the lady interviewer told me it's a company with only about 20 employees and they need someone in that position for only a short periof of time. (2 to 3 months!) When I asked her why is that, she didn't answer clearly. I smell a rat here. she said that the former QA Manager has resigned recently. I think he or she might have taken a few month off and they just need someone to take over and when he's back, they'll kick the new guy out! May be there's something else. I'm not really sure.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I met Bob in World Satffing Solutions yesterday morning and although I was on time that bastard made me wait for about 20 min. That usually doesn't happen in Canada. Then he explained the position to me and told me the interview time with the company. It's a QA Manager position with a salary range of $60 to $70K. I'll have the interview with a lady in HR, I guess, tomorrow. He was quite optimist but that's how usually recruiters act because they send the employee for most of the positions that is related to his background.

In the afternoon I went to Springwall. I had to wait there for about 20 min. again and I'm surprised because it has never happened to me anywhere in Canada esp. in interviews but the interview was good. Sprinwall started about 40 years ago in a city in New Brunswick and then started another plants in Toronto, Winnipeg and finally Calgary. Winnipeg and Calgary plants were combined a few years ago. Right now they are looking for a self-starter to take care of their quality needs while they have nobody in position. What made Dale (A mid-aged handsome Canadian guy with blue eyes and very intellectual personality) to call me is QMS (Quality Management System). This is what they want to establish in the Calgary plant and this is the first thing is seen in my resume. So If I'm lucky, I'll get the job.
When I asked him how busy they are in the plant here and how the business is, he showed he's an expert (He's the vice president of the company) He mentioned that Canada has faced several disasters in last few years:
  1. Drought in Prairies which led many farmers to deep huge debts.
  2. Mad cow disease which almost killed beef industry.
  3. The US put too much tariff in Canadian lumber.
  4. Flood in Manitoba.
and the mentioed problems had (and still has) serious effect on their business and all other businesses as well.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Split up

I have a very bad filling tonight. Resurrect and I are going to separate at the end of this week. Although we have never been close friends, we didn't spend much time together and sometimes we fought (He started!). I feel lonely after he leaves. He's going to Vancouver to see his sister and then flies to Europe, probably to Romania, his favorite country (Honestly who else even looks at him!) and then Iran.
And what the hell am I supposed to do? I have two interviews tomorrow, one in Springwall Sleep Products and the other one with Bob in Diversfield Staffing for a QA Manager position. Also I went to my dentist for hygiene and they told me that they have to plant that bridge for me soon and it'll cost me about $3000.
Therefore I'm ruined emotionally and financially, both!! I talked to F. J. and Kh. today and also called M. M. (Didn't answer. I left a message and received a called later and left message too) but now all of them are gone and I'm lonely here at the desk.
It has been raining for about 4 or 5 days and I can't go out. It's still raining. I had a plan for jugging the whole week, I mean every day, but didn't. May be we go to Talisman tomorrow with Resurrect.

Star Wars, Again!

I went to Paramount Chinook yesterday to watch the new Star Wars movie. It's the third episode and the predecessor to the very first Star Wars which was directed by George Lucas in 1977. The movie is good and worth watching but is not something that I wanna watch several times. The story is average and the actors and actress(es) perform average performances. But the combat scenes, costume design, special effects are good and really catchy. One of the interesting things of the movie is the way Yoda, the very short Jedi knight, speaks. He starts a sentence form the middle! He doesn't talk like everybody does, starting with the subject. For example he says: Are under heavy pressure, some of the people!
(Photo: George Lucas the director of the movie is being interviewed here. Empire soldiers can be seen in the back in white armour)