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It's a Disaster

I finally found a good movie in CPL after a few disappointing tries: It's a Disaster . This is a movie about a group of friends who get together every Sun. for brunch. A disaster of some sort takes place during the time that the movie is forming. While not clear enough, it seems from what's shown in the movie that it's either an alien attack or a foreign attack which involves chemical or nuclear  weapons. I thought I had either seen or read something similar to that. The guys then try to figure out what to do and how to survive. One couple, who is the host, is in the verge of divorce. They had planned to let their friends know after the meal is consumed but it accidently revealed. Then in a course of different conversations it appears that partners have sexual or emotional relationships out of their main relationship! The story could go further but for whatever reason the director stops it at a point which you need to see it. I normally rate the movies, not that anyo

The Last Minute Problems

I have this tradition of getting myself into trouble somehow, near an exit, a departure or a similar situation. Here are a few recent examples: 1. When I went to the old country in Sep. of 14, I invited my cousin and her daughter to a Coffee somewhere in Shemiran , a former suburb of Tehran which is now part of the city. I normally don't do that(!) but I decided to do it because they picked me up from Aunt M. 's house, drove me to the Aunt Ag. 's and then drove me to Shemiran where I was supposed to meet my friend, The Tiny Mouse . So here we were in that neighbourhood trying to find a parking spot near the supposedly modern cafe in that area! Coffee is not a popular drink in Iran and any of the countries in that region or generally in Asia . However it has become a choice for the stupids(!) who think drinking this beverage make them modern and a Westerner ! What these idiots don't know is coffee originated from Asia , more specifically Yemen a wonderful co

The Loyal

It's been more than 3 years since I started this story as a draft and today I'm going to finish it! The Loyal is the nickname I've selected for this cheap bastard from Isfahan , a city in central Iran , whom I met a few times back in early 2011 . This guy started his Canadian journey from Quebec and ended up here in Alberta . I guess he's in British Columbia now. Not that anyone cares! With the price of oil so low these days that you have many out of work, I don't think he is having good days but a few years that he worked in his field made him enough money to purchase a house. Not that it's a big deal because I know plenty of guys who have done that after a little more than 1.5 years of working. I simply could do that in 2012 but The Lady at the time opposed to that. Cited Calgary not a good place to settle down! It's a different story. Now years after living in Canada I'm still a tenant in a f*king, disgusting dump!  Anyway this is the sum

The Japo

Japo is the term that American s invented(!) to refer to the Imperial Japanese Army ( 大日本帝國陸軍) soldiers during the so-called Second World War (which actually was a war between different Colonists because they had not been able to agree on how to divide the world in between themselves and suck every drop of blood out of the rich but not able to use their own potentials and resources). That's what American s do. Not that there's anything wrong with that. They either give a thing a new name or alter that. Look at Pizza (!) for example. They invented this disgusting Hawaiian Pizza (!) which has Pineapple! Where in the world someone add something extra sweet to a salty, meaty and bready meal? In America ! Just to add to that they called German s, Kraut which is a derogatory term like the other one but I'm just using this term to refer to this crazy guy who works at the same place that I do. This Japanese fella, when I met him, I thought that'd be interesting becau

Lowering the Costs

With a shity job which demands too much and pays a little, and not only that, it makes me as tired as a dead man, this month I decided to lower my costs by switching to a Pre-paid Plan through a different service provide. I left Freedom Mobile , which I started disliking it a few months after I got it and rejoined Bell Mobility which I had a service a few years earleir. Pre-paid mobile service is mostly for the people who are not approved by the service providers, I was told but I don't mind that. I have never had data plan on my phone, I don't make or receive many calls and I barely use text messages or any other services that people use on daily basis. So I came to this conclusion as why I have to pay $26.71 (tax included) every freeking month while I can pay as low as $15 (tax excluded). The guys at the booth tried to stop me(!) from getting the service and told me that was not good but I'm going to give it a try for a month or two to see how it works and then de