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Essentials of Life

I've been trying to get a haircut for more than a week now but there's no place open. Hair salons, according to the Government , are considered non-essential services! Funny thing is all the liquor stores and newly established Cannabis stores are open! The thing is the Government wants you to be loaded, stupid, dazed and high but not clean, neat and organized! The idea behind that is obviously practicing social distancing which they say help to stop the spread but still it's not fair that I have to live like a Hippie (!) and others spend their money on mind altering items! So I started looking in Kijiji where people advertise their shit or offer a service. A lady called me after I responded to her advertisement and when I asked her how much she charges she said $40 ! I asked if that was because of the virus thing. She said OK I charge you $30 only! I accepted and went to a branch to get cash as she obviously doesn't have a machine. After three try I got my card

Disasterous Drive-Thru and Disgusting Line!

I neither eat at McDonald's nor their stupid and ridiculous Drive-Thru ! In fact I never use any Drive-Thru of any so-called fast food. I hate this stupid and annoying system which is designed for the lazy trash-eaters of North America . Yesterday, though I was heading to see a rental and I had a few minutes. I thought I should get a coffee from a McDonald's . Bad mistake! I got stuck there for nearly 20 minutes and it was not even lunch time! 20 freaking minutes for a stupid cup of coffee from McDonald's ! Eventually when I reached the window to pay and extended my arm with the coupon card (sticker card) the young lady said it was okay and let me go!  This Covet-stupid-19 has made a life so miserable that every damn place you go there's either a freaking line or its closed! I went to branches of my bank and they were both closed and it was because I had entered the wrong PIN and now my card is locked! After the third try the machine spat my card like a ch

Impersonator Murderer

I and Farzin were in the lobby getting ready to go out a couple of weeks ago when two CPS officers showed up at the main entrance and one of them knocked on the window asking me to open it for them. I opened the door and said: " What can I do for you officer? ". The police, a young Caucasian lady who was being accompanied by a male officer, with dark skin, said: " Nothing ". They both approached the stairs without anything else to say. Farzin turned to me and whispered: " Why did you let them in?! ". I looked at him and said: " What do you mean? They are police officers in CPS uniform! ". I added: " Why are you whispering ?! " He said: " They might know Persian ! ", referring to the language we were speaking. The dark skinned fella officer could be a guy who could speak Persian but I never thought of that! He repeated: " Why did you let them in? " I said: " I told you they are police officers in CPS un

The Second Car Break-in

I hopped in the car in the morning, as usual, a few days ago and realized something strange. The little compartment in front of the shifter, which has a lid and could be used to connect GPS or similar devices, was open. Another small compartment on the left side of the steering wheel, which is rarely used, was open as well. I keep a Bible in another small compartment on the right side of the wheel and it was on the floor, on the mat!  What does all that mean? I was sure that I had not left them all open. Did anyone break into the vehicle? I checked almost everything and nothing had been taken. There was a break-in once a few years ago and they took my GPS , flashlight and all of the CD s.  Today I open the glove box and I realized my hair brush was not there! Did the thieve only take the brush! There were not many valuables in the car but the CD s were not touched!  My only explanation to this is that the guy found one of the doors open. He got in and wanted to take things

The Amazing Kabocha

I think this is the third week in the row that we receive out fruits/vegetables basket bonus. It always has been good. The second time a Kabocha Squash was included, something that I had never tried due to the fact that first it is not grown in the old country and therefore it has never occurred to me to come across it. Secondly it does not look very appealing considering that I regularly eat Zucchini Squash or at times if I have access to, Gray Squash which is called the amazing name of Vege Marrow by Punjabi s!  I asked Mom to make it and I feel bad now that I put her through this: It is very hard to peel and cut if you don't have a good knife and cutting board but Mom managed to do that and cooked it. The result was phenomenal! Tasty, filling and nutritious. I usually eat a lot but that day I was off and had not had any physical activity. I ate that Kabocha just by itself and I was full!  Kabocha is originally part of Japanese cuisine and it will be on my shoppin

The Last Two Dreams/Nightmares of Mine

I rented a room from The Brave when first came to Canada and stayed at his house for nearly six months. Our relationship/friendship has had ups and downs but now is in stable condition! I visit him at times, praise him(!), he bullshits(!), we eat and I leave! This has been like this for the past 3 years or so. I'm Okay with that but I will change it and there will probably posts about the changes! I dreamt of him a few nights back and when he called me I forgot to tell him. I dreamt of going to his house and the house was much bigger than this house that he currently resides in. He has another house at the other side of the city and that is where I originally stayed with him. That is where The Chef lives in the basement after losing his house. In my dream, when I got there, The Chef was not there and The Brave was about to leave the property which contained a very big yard full of trees, with a bunch of guys who were all his tenants at the house!  That was it but I wa

Unappreciative and Disgusting As*holes

I have written about this issue that Canada has turned itself to a big public toilet of the world by letting every pile of s*it in, unscreened to the country. I took me 5 years to get my immigration visa and here I am with almost nothing after all these years! People come to the border or go to UNCHR and make up stories to benefit from the country. There are hundreds of thousands of them in Canada involved in all sorts of illegal and legal(!) activities to suck blood out of the society: 1- Human trafficking. 2- Tax evading 3- Cash working 4- Hanging out around Alpha House , D. I. and Mustard Seed 5- Mooching off the Calgary Food Bank 6- Joining or creating extremist groups to harm people and the country. Example: The 2006 Toronto terrorist plot. With that in mind, I came across this big African guy just a few days after I started this new job who asked about my faith. These human-like animals don't understand that religion and belief is something personal an

The Show Must Go On

Despite the widespread of the novel virus, we have been working like horses to get the orders out, these days. Last week was the only week that we worked 5 days. The orders were a little less than usual. We're back to 5-day work schedule work this week and we will work even on Fri., which is a statutory holiday. We always worked statutory holidays! It's not something new but I thought now that the stores have limited hours maybe we don't work that much. The employer, in the meantime, tries to show that they appreciate the employees. They have given us some of the mid-quality items and bought us lunch. Twice it was cheap(!) Pizza and I didn't even touch them! Last week though, I guess we were not working full-staff on that specific day, they served us Japanese food!  I'm not a big fan of Oriental food in general and Japanese food, specifically. I used to enjoy Sushi but since I stopped eating White Rice , I don't eat that anymore. The Lady learnt to ma

Scary Ghost Town

My front tires were worn out and although it seems that winter is over, I had issues a few times on the road and decided to get them exchanged today while the temperature was -19℃ in the morning . The guy at the Toyota service said that all four should be changed and then convinced me to have them balanced as well. Fine, I said. I don't know where exactly this poor guy was headed but I do know that Uptown Bottle Depot is closed. All I can do is wish him an easy day Then they offered me a ride or C-Train tickets. I took the latter! I walked to the station and happily I had my Heated Jacket on. So I turned it on and the walk became a little bit better! Just a tiny bit. There was no one at the station or on the cars but hobos! I was supposed to get off at 7th St. Station but somehow(!) I missed it and damn(!) I went to Sunnyside !  Then I decided to cross the river on foot! Not such a good idea in the cold morning! The wind was blowing and the streets looked scary