Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reese's Bar

I'm a person who usually eats a lot but at the same time tries to keep a low weight! I'm currently around 195 Lb and I can't resist revealing my new discovery: Reese's peanut butter chocolate bar!I found the damn good chocolate bar in a Mac's store and ever since I find it very hard to ignore! The strange thing is I've checked a few store and major supermarkets and none of them carry it! So if you're a chocolate lover and not allergic to peanut butter, try that for sure. You'll love it!
(Photo, updated Nov.15.09: Resse's bar is a limited edition product as it's seen here!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pre-Halloween Carving

I just found a little pumpkin carving for Halloween today and that was interesting. The camera I used, none of mine, was not a good one so I didn't get a good shot but still want to display this. I hope there will be opportunities to 31th and I can take better photos.
(Photo: Pumpkin carving in a cold and rainy day while sipping coffee from a travel mug and gulping beer from a glass!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Stepfather

We watched The Stepfather tonight. I think it's an interesting movie, worth watching at least once. I'm saying that because I've watched movies more than 10 times at times and then bought the DVD but not this one. Nevertheless I recommend that. You follow the story to the last minute and it's not really predictable. The story is good, the cast is good and the cinematography is good too. But it's not a multi million dollar Hollywood movie with superstars. But who cars? As long as the movie keeps me seated, I'm fine with that. See it!
(Photo: Dylan Walsh as the stepfather is trying to convince Penn Badgley, the stepson, to stay home and be a part of the new family)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Serpentine Wildlife Area

If you ever enjoyed hiking , nature, photography and wild fruits as much as I do, you would definitely have a good time in south Surrey, B. C. where we were today and it's called Serpentine Wildlife Area. This is a protected habitat for different species like Canadian Goose, Duck, Blue Heron and so on and at the same time there's a path around it and pick nick benches so people who are respectful to the environment can sit and enjoy their time.
We walked around, took a few photos and enjoyed the beautiful wildlife and plants. And surprisingly we found 4 different types of fruits and one was really a blast: Medlar. We enjoyed the unique taste of some wild Medlar while some Nuts were still not ripe and the pears and blackberries were gone rotten.
(Photo: The Medlar trees were all at the other side of the fence where there was a private property. So we did not each much. But whatever we ate and that was after many years for me was fantastic!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hockey Season's Back

The 2009-2010 NHL season is back but I have no TV! I have a TV set but the damn apartment doesn't allow me to have a good reception of CBC, the channel that I always watch the games and it's free. So I decided to go to the local rink with F. F. and watch a bit of the young kids practice and that was nice. F. F. liked it as well and now we're goin' to watch a game soon in GM Place. At the same time I'm goin' to have the channel fixed soon.
(Photo: Kids were practicing very passionately in the arena. This is the goalie in the centre, I'm not sure if he's aware of the importance of his role he's about to take in his future team!)


I had the opportunity to present myself to the interviewers in Atlantic division of CSC last week. That was a good experience and I think I did not do very badly. I think they were happy with the way I presented myself. But I'm too far from being employed by them. I was told the next possible training, a 13-week one, will held in Jan. and I will be informed if I'm needed. A. F. works for their B. C. division and he's quite happy with his job. He says that the wage is good, the job's easy and the commute is fine. But this is not exactly what my former classmate, a retired Juvenal Correctional Officer told me. He extremely prohibited(!) having the job but I'm goin' to go forward with the situation.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Why Do I Hate Tim Horton's?

Tim Horton's, the most popular coffee shop in Canada, which is originally Canadian is not my favorite. It was founded by a player of Toronto Maple Leafs, Tim Horton, was sold to Americans and now is in possession of Canadians again.
There was a time I used to go there every day. Now, I just try to avoid and might even start a campaign to stop people from going there, something might never happened. I have nothing against Tim. I don't know him much. He's a guy from the past, a great Hockey player and a successful businessman but I just don't like the policies.
The first thing you see when you step in a Tim Horton's is We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service (!!) What a load of crap! And what an asshole whoever who put that up! All I've seen so far is welcome to this or welcome to that, we do out best for you to provide you a good time you're here and these assholes start their service with that stupid sign. One colleague of mine said once that they did that because of all the disturbance used to happens in cafes but's another stupid reason. Every fast food might have the same problem. McDonald's has worse problems. McDonald's is usually the gathering point for homeless, street drug dealers, prostitutes and so on. Students usually go there after their school as well to get a burger and soft drink or any other crap. It's most of the time not a pleasant place to stay and It's not just because of the inhabitants, the food is mostly inedible. But they don't post such a stupid sign. Instead, the people who work there rise their hand at the corner and say: Can I Help the Next Guest Here! You see the difference?
(Photo: The Stupid sign at one Tim Horton's shop)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Great Depiction During Depression

A majority of the people who were shouting slogans a few month back, I bet now regret what they've done! Obama is being criticized in the both sides of the border for his plans with health care. I just wanted to share the new picture of him that I found. The poor illiterate people don't really know that this is not Obama who runs the country and he just has to bow to the big companies. Now he's as bad as Bush or may be worse! Bush and his administration was being mostly criticized for his foreign policy. Obama started being hated because his plans for Americans and Canadians. Shame on you Joker!
(Photo: Barack Obama, the US President is depicted as Joker in the last Batman movie!)