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The 3rd Teams

I was at work, as usual, on Thu. and during a short break I decided to check my e-mail to see if there's any message from the lady who had a short telephone interview with me, last week. In fact I noticed a message form the Quality Manager of the company indicating that he had tried to call me but it had not connected. I knew why and I was not surprised! If anything I actually was happy! When I'm inside the building there're spots that the signal is the weakest or even doesn't exist. I the call had been through, then I would have answered it in the noisy environment of the workplace and I probably not only would have had issues hearing clearly, but also he would have heard the noise and wondered where the hell I was! So I got out and called his office number which was available in the e-mail signature line. The fella asked me why I had not called her on his cellphone!! I had no answer for that! Then he asked me a few question while, obviously was looking at my resume.

The Best Time to Take a Trip

I've been planning for a trip outside North America for more than 6 months now! It might sound silly as why I've been busy with such a thing for too long but a trip without planning would turn to a disaster, particularly if you're going alone and that is the first time to the country. My original plan was going to Italy because there're a guy living there whom I knew. We met in Firearm Safety Course once and I took him to a cafe shortly after that. I never saw him after it until he sent me a text message from Italy a few years ago and said he was there! We eventually started talking when WhatsApp was available and popular, back in late 2020 but I put a stop to that after he acted weirdly a few times! He lived in a small town in southern Italy which looked like a poor area. He said that I could stay with him and indicated that he would go to Etna with me but he had some requests! He wanted me to buy him (and send him!) some vitamins and white socks! I had and stil

The Mumbling Guy's Advice

I've already written about my miserable life and how shit it is at the moment! Not that anyone cares or would like to know about it! But I'd like to attract your attention to what The Mumbling Guy said to me once. But I would like to introduce The Mumbling Guy first so you get an idea what kind of guy is giving you an advice!  The Mumbling Guy is a short, ugly Indian (from India , not an Aboriginal!) fella who has been living in Canada for over 15 years . He used to live and work in Ontario , with his family but then came to Alberta and joined the company that I used to work. He started in 2012 . He did a Master's Degree while was in Ontario but that worth shit 'cause he has showed that his technical knowledge is as good as everyone else who doesn't have that, if not less! The only thing has helped him to live his life well (in his own opinion!) is being a good ass-kisser and shit-eater! That's the character of most of the ( East !) Indian s! Submissive

Short Telephone Interview of Apr.

I received an e-mail from a lady, representative of a company, indicating that she wanted to have a chat with me for the position that I had applied. It's a job located in Calgary and sounded good. If it had not, I wouldn't have applied for that! I said yes and left work an hour earlier to talk to her at home which is more comfortable. It was just a short talk with basic questions and considering she didn't know much, I have no idea if it was acceptable or not but now it is Saturday and I haven't received any response from her (she was supposed to arrange a MS   Teams interview with their technical guys), it probably means I'm out!  This is really disappointing. Not only because it was a good position and close to home but also because I always pass the first stage easily! Her last question was about salary and I told her that I'd be okay with whatever the company offers and in fact I believe that'd be something to talk about at the last stage. I added tha

Difficulties of Financing a New Vehicle

It's been over a year that I have planned to get a new car and haven't been able to yet! Why? It's not that I don't have money or have a bad credit (as I'm planning to finance one). It's just the jerks which call themselves Product Advisor or Sales Associate or whatever and haven't been able to provide the service I needed or didn't actually want to provide it!  My car is not bad but it has a number of issues and it's getting old. Its Check Engine light comes up for no reason and goes off after either a few hours or few days! The windshield has a big crack and I don't feel safe when I'm driving. I've never been good with ladies(!) and am not in a relationship now but in case I wanted to, say, take someone to a dinner or movie, this vehicle would not be a ideal choice!  With that being said I went to a Toyota dealer, a different one from the one I wasted so much time in(!) and talked to a person from sales. I've been looking for a Pr

Halloween in Easter!

There's not much going on in life. Just the same damn shit work and come back home, eat, clean, do some other home chores and g to bed, sometimes as early as 20:00 hours due to exhaustion! Last night was no different but I was trying to study for my exam a bit while watching the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony! I know it's silly! I was working on Consumable s section where the filler metal for FCAW and MCAW processes are discussed (that was my problem in the past two attempts) and in between (I know I shouldn't have!) was picking on the ceremony. Why was I watching the 2016's in 2022? Perhaps because I had not watched it and it was available! Jimmy Kimmel was hosting it and then he somehow arranged for a bunch of tourists who were on a bus to come in the theater, unexpectedly and surprised them. Not so cool but it seemed that some of them liked it and they were engaged with the actresses and actors who were sitting in front row. There was this Black man in a ridiculou