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HMCS Montreal

This week we got a chance to go to Montreal and board HMCS Montreal ! It's a RCN 's Halifax class frigate which has been in service since early 90's . I'm not writing anything about the ship here because it's all available in the Internet . The things which are not available are the things shouldn't know. The ship was docked in old port and was open to the public. We were welcomed by an officer lady and a number of internal parts were shown to us. I think if a member of the public had stepped in, they would have shown them the same but I'm not sure. We were shown the staffs hang out (which is separated and is based on the ranks), a few public places and the control room which was very interesting to see with the monitors and equipment.  The ship diving team had a demonstration. I'm not usually patient around the people who explain things to audience (if I can call ourselves that!) so when it came to the time that firefighters (one of the most

Good Dream

I rarely dream about people. To complete that I barely dream about anything! The number of my dreams are so low that I can remember the last two dreams that I had!  Nevertheless this is really rare and although it was short I wanted to get it down before it completely is erased from my memory. This dream of mine was about The Lady but before telling it here I have to say, although not pleasant, she left me and we no longer together. It devastated me but I'm trying to stand straight. It's a long story that I don't want to write it down. The dream simply was that she was coming back with her beautiful smile and wanted to be with me. Simple as that. She called me more than a month ago (I don't even have the exact day) and said that was the last time we were talking. She obviously was very upset but probably not because she was leaving me. Mainly because that she felt that the 7 years that she lived with me was a waste!  I truly don't know what that dreams mean

CFLRS Notes (12): The Cheater

One of the other disgusting human-like creatures that I wanted to mention here is this fucking tiny asshole East Indian guy whom I call him The Cheater . I have no issue with anyone from any background and in fact I sat with him for a meal when he first showed up in our group but then I realized what kind of nasty animal he is: This disgusting no-moral, no-ethics, cheap bastard was kicked out of his platoon because he failed four major tests! There's nothing wrong with that to this point. Not everyone is physically fit for the things that CAF asks in CFLRS . We went to P. T. one day and this nasty animal was with us. We're obligated to have a shower after every session of P. T. Some don't because they're either lazy or slow. Some are both! We were asked to present our towels after we lined up. We were about to be checked to see whether we had shower or not. This motherfucker cheater with one another asshole were the only cheater amomgst the whole group! He was st

CFLRS Notes (11): The Player

Similar to any other environment, working or school, CFLRS is not asshole free! One of the disgusting ones is this disgusting scum who, when I was put on rest, lived next to me. Every afternoon after the daily work when I would go back to the cubical, this asshole played his stupid instrument! He only knew one song and he was terrible at it! It was so load and as he was very bad at it, it never had a pleasing sound! Luckily and I don't know how it happened, one day out of the clear blue sky he was moved out of the section and I did not have to listen to his stupid noise!  The other issue with this asshole, who thinks is very smart, is that he once decided to teach us French ! I have absolutely nothing against that, as long as the teacher know what he or she's doing. This idiot didn't: Here we are in the classroom for the first time and instead of starting from alphabet and how they sound in French and then continuing with simple words, the idiot writes a few words an

Mom's Reaction to the New Challenge

When I left home to go to CFLRS I didn't Mom and Farzin where I was going! It's just because I didn't want then to be worried. Mom 's brother was in Army , of course in the old country and mainly before the so-called revolution of 1979 . I don't know much about him because he died young of complications from Diabetes , I believe. I should ask Mom one day. One of Mom 's younger sisters got married to an Artillery Officer through the brother. He died a few years ago in the old country of complications of Parkinson , A believe. So Mom is quiet familiar with military life. So when I told her over the phone a few weeks after I started my training, her reaction was positive and encouraging. I was taken aback how she took it! She said she knew that life had been tough for me but, she added, if I work hard, I would be settled down for life. I guess I'm going to listen to her. My Dad , on the other side, I don't know what his reaction would have been, ha

My Yoga Practices: Class 2

Note: This post covers an even which took place over a year ago (Not that anyone cares! 〠) I was late for the second session because I wanted to get a coffee and first stopped by a McDonald's it was closed! It was around 05:45 maybe and the damn McDonald's was closed in Downtown area!!! Un-fucking-believable! So I headed towards the place but I thought I should still get a coffee maybe my breath smells bad! So I stopped at a 7-11 and got one. I guess by the time I reached there it was 06:05. The old fart was there, sitting on the floor and the instructor was on her feet in her natural cloths. We started and I have to say that this time there was less excitement both from the postures and nakedness! Maybe it was becoming usual or maybe I didn't get as much good look as I did last time. I didn't even break a sweat and I realized that the old man had the same feeling because when I brought that up after she asked how I had felt, his response was the same. I started

CFLRS Notes (10): A Nice Fight

Fighting, physically of course, in any work-place in Canada gets at least one of the sides, if not both, fired. It, I have to indicate that, who witnesses that. If it's where authorities witness that, it's very hard to get away from it. In other situations there are chances. All of the work-place fights I witnessed, or heard of goes back to Cargill Food Solutions days, more than 11 years ago! People, mostly from poor countries, would think that they were still in their country and fight each other and would get fired. The winner of those fights (or better to say the loser!) were mostly Afghans! I also once witnessed a very nice fight between a Lebanese fat-fuck and a skinny, tall Caucasian guy. I don't know what triggered the Lebanese asshole but he called the skinny guy White boy a few times, I remember! They eventually went at it and in a second the locker room turned into a battleground! Other worked were trying to split them. The Caucasian guy's collar was g

My Yoga Practices: Class 1

Note: This post covers an even which took place over a year ago (Not that anyone cares! 〠) I decided to do something new last year. Something that I had not have tried: Yoga. But it was not simply Yoga. It was naked yoga. So when I saw the advertisement with a little photo I was quite excited. The drop-in fee sounded reasonable just to try for once to see how I feel. Imagining in a room full of nude people, hopefully mostly women was very exciting! At the same time I was nervous because I was not sure how it would turn out. Just meeting new people causes enough anxiety. You add being naked to it, It doubles the nervousness! I had not have a good sleep in the past 2 days before the session. One day because of the asshole neighbours playing their music loudly past the midnight. The other night because I woke up early for a hiking trip and that turned to a complete disaster and I, not only wasted time and money of gasoline, not to mention mileage on the car, but also didn’t get any

The Miserable Weather of Quebec!

When I lived in British Columbia , or to be specific, the disgusting  Lower Mainland , one of my main concerns was its damn weather: Raining most of the time! I hated that! Here, in Quebec , it doesn't look it's much better than there! It hasn't rained for a few days but the cold weather and chilly wind still exists. I just checked the weather and I realized that there will be rain for the rest of the week and even the next week! Thanks! It's been either rain, snow, extreme wind, snowstorm or chilly weather since I came here. Probably as many as 3 sunny days!  I don't have big plans for the weekend. Where can you go without a proper vehicle?! You're like a crippled person(!) but I wanted to have a walk around the town which now seems far fetched especially with the damn cab fees here! The damn cab charged me $9 for a 3 Km ride last weekend! (Photo: Bad picture! I took it when I was being driven from P. E. T. International Airport to Saint Jean Sur Rich

CFLRS Notes (9): Padre

I've never been religious in my life. Maybe it's not entirely true. I was partially brainwashed(!) during junior high when I attended Elm-o-din (meaning Science and Religion) school. In case you wonder it was called that name, I should say they probably intend to say that they care both about science (education) and religion at the same time in the school. The religious team of teachers and staff were strict over students over those years particularly because those were the years of Iran-Iraq War , the very bad days that both sides, mainly Iranian s had high casualties and that was because Iraqis used chemical weapons against the Iranians. I remember posters of injured soldiers with big blisters and wounds all over their partially covered body on the school corridor. You could not, not be religious (this is used in Seinfeld !) on those years because that was a religious war or as they call it Sacred Defense . I'm getting off the track but this is short top story is a

CFLRS Notes (8): One Night in Farnham

Farnham is a little town south of Montreal which is used for field training by CFLRS . There used to be a WWII POW camp there. We were scheduled to go there for a day and a night. That was my second trip to the place. After the primary activities and a little theory courses, we were to set our camp in a swamp which it's actually called bivouac! Yes! Recruits set up there camps in a forest area and that day it was raining and it was wet and muddy everywhere. The first thing you have to set up is your tent so you don't get wet during the night but there's a little issue: There's actually no tent! Instead you have a long tarp which has zipper at one side and you match with another recruit's and make a roof on the top of your heads! It's very narrow and the two people, especially if they're a little big, will have a hard time fitting in! You use strings and pieces of wood to tie two ends of the tarp to two trees and stabilize the tent-like shelter to the

CFLRS Notes (7): The Clinic

There's a big clinic in the garrison. Who thought there would be a need for that?! ... Well ... It definitely is a must in an environment where all sorts of injuries happen. However you need a variety of specialists with good experience. Unfortunately there's neither specialty, nor experience! I first ended up going to the clinic when I had pain in my left knee and my left calve was swollen twice its normal size! I realized one afternoon but I ignored that. It must have been the result of continuous working my feet: Going up and down 5 floors few times a day, marching, running, squatting, you name it.  One day we did an intense exercise and then in the afternoon there was a march drill. I thought I should go to the clinic. I found a time that it did not interfere with any course.  After waiting for a few minutes I was examined by a physician (I assume) in uniform (I rather not disclose the rank). There I was told that I might have had a blood clot!!  I'm quite fa