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Robert , the Jamaican guy dropped me at the corner of 44 th St. and 19 th Ave. SE , today and while I was walking home in just a few sec. a Caucasian big guy wearing a pair of sunglasses in a Ford Taurus said: Hi Carlos ! I thought he and the other guy, behind the wheel are teasing me so didn't stop and kept walking and also said: I'm not Carlos . The guy said something else like how are you doin ' Carlos and I answered back: yo u are Carlos , this time! I was just steps away from the car when the guy came out and said: Excuse me, this is Police ! I got shocked and turned back and said: I'm sorry. No one have ever talked to me like this . He also showed me his badge. I told him that I'm not Carlos and asked whether or not he needs a proof. He asked for it and I showed my licence and told him: I thought you are looking for Carlos, the terrorist in the 70s ! The guy took a look at my ID and apologized. I still don't know whether or not they were really cops

Spider-Man 2

I went to Paramount Chinook to watch Spider-Man 2 finally last night. Mom didn't come and said it's too boring for her to sit in the theatre for two hours. The movie was excellent and I enjoyed very much. I think part of it is because of the advanced sound system and the big screen. What happened to me in Troy again occurred. I was so excited and also frightened in some scenes of the movie. Story, acting, cinematography, special effect and sound were awesome, all. It's said that the third part will be produced soon. I caught the movie in it's 23th night. (Photo: Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst as Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson)


Beer, soft drinks and coffee are the most popular drinks in Canada . If I prioritize them I'd say coffee, soft drink and beer. Coffee is drunk all through the year esp. in long Calgary winters, which usually takes about 8 months ! You may see people walking around with a coffee mug or siting in a bus or c-train. Soft drinks, mostly Coke is drunk as part of breakfast, lunch, supper or sometimes snack. Beer is very popular in parties and also bars especially Fri. evenings but they don't drink it as much during the week. I have been to bars or clubs just a few times and the only alcoholic beverage that I usually order is beer. When the waiter or waitress asks what the brand I like, I find this question very stupid as all of them taste the same for me. Therefore in order just to answer them, I usually say: get me a Molson . There was news on TV tonight saying that Molson and Coors are goin' to merge. There was also a test for Canadians , the big beer drinkers. Two glass


I was in the bus this afternoon, heading home, asleep. When I opened my eyes, somewhere in Deerfoot Trail , noticed that there's a heavy rainfall and thunder. I was barely able to see through the window and so does the driver through the windshield. Many cars has to pull over and wait until the storm is calm. Once we were about to have an accident as the driver was driving fast and the road was very slippery but he controlled the bus and saved us! When we get to the stop, it was still raining and thundering and I had to walk home. By the time I get there, there was no rain and the sun was shining and I was soaked! A-Channel later said that the storm has passed over the city but there is a high probability of having more of that, this summer. I didn't see this kind of storm in last 2 summer that I was in Calgary . The thunder was so load that it reminded me of the days which Iraqi jets used to fly over Tehran and bombarded the city for several times but not very heavily.

Where The World Meets The West

I took Mom to Glenbow museum today. Glenbow is the most important museum of Calgary and one of the most important ones across Canada as that's where the world meets the West. I was going to the museum last winter when we had stat. holiday but I was lazy and didn't. We entered the museum from the gift shop. Great stuff and of course most of them expensive. Things you can't find anywhere else. The museum, itself, has 5 floors. The main floor is administration, gift shop and theatre. The second floor was prepared for two American artists, painters and I'd say sculpture artists. All about Cowboys and Indians (native Americans ). There's also one department for Asian art and most of them are sculpture from India , Japan , Tibet , and other countries in Asia . Gods and Goddesses including Buddha and Shiva . Iran of course is not an Asian country in North American point of view! They know it as a Middle- Eastern country! There was a big map on the wall.

It's Not Just in the Movies

I was driving to a London Drugs (the one in 8th St. SW ) to shop, as sales starts today. While I was talking to Mom on my mobile, a big SUV was coming towards me but slower than usual. When the car reached me, the driver pointed to below(!) and excused himself for his low speed and blocking the alley partially. I didn't notice what was going on first and to what he was pointing, but after seconds I saw a head with shiny, blond hair, going down and coming up very gently! A girl was giving him a head! 


I was goin' to take Mom to Stampede today but as soon as I parked the car, a heavy rainfall started! As we both didn't want to get soaked, I started the engine and headed to Army & Navy to do some shopping. By the time we finished our shopping the sky was clear, the sun was shining and we went to see the exhibition. That was my third time in Stampede and the best time as I spent as much time I wanted on my own pace. The events or places we enjoyed are: 1- Indian Village, where native people has dancing and singing event goin' on. I took beautiful photos. Mom and me really enjoyed it. 2- Agriculture show, where you can see different animals and the products that come from them. Horse, basin, pig, llama, different birds, etc. 3- Western food, including Corn Dog. Food is usually unreasonably expensive in Stampede . For example they ask $9 for a barbecued turkey drumstick! I never buy such a thing because first of all it's not as tasty as it looks. Just the

Devonian Gardens

Today in the afternoon, I took Mom to Devonian Gardens in Downtown for the 2nd time. It was uncrowded and there was nobody around except 2 or 3 people. Therefore I was able to take some photos and we enjoyed the beauty of planets and flowers. Norma , my first friend in Calgary took me there for the first time when I was new, and it was almost 2.5 years ago. She was a young, nice Mexican girl in his early 20s but a little bit fool as is usual in her age. She left me because I corrected her pronunciation! (Photo: The Sun Garden of beautiful Devonian Garden. You can have your wedding ceremony there and the cost starts from about $475. There are chairs and tables and also sound system provided)

Two Heads Are Better Than One

I saw two sheep heads in the fridge when first I moved in to the new place. Ray told me that he had bought them probably from an Arabic store, as he trade with them, mostly. I was looking for the opportunity to cook them. Sheep head and also leg is a very delicious old Persian and mostly Tehran i cuisine, usually eaten with Sangak bread as a breakfast. Therefore I asked Mom to cook them and she did. It was so tasty after years. (Photo: One of the two sheep heads after being cooked. This one is better than the other one, for sure!)

137th Birthday

Today is Canada Day and the nation celebrates the 137 th birthday of the confederation. This is what I found in American Heritage Dictionary about the foundation of Canada : The Dominion [ territory ] of Canada was formed in 1867 and extended to the western provinces in 1905; Newfoundland formally joined the federation in 1949. The Statute of Westminster (1931) confirmed Canada's status as an independent nation within the Commonwealth . For more information refer to Canadian Heritage website . Me and Mom went to Prince Edward's Island Park to see the celebration. We went to Eau Claire Market first. It's a good place for shopping but usually expensive. You can get almost everything there. From Chinese handicrafts to Cowboy clothing's . There are also restaurants and bars. There were some outdoor activities including South American dancing (just two couples were dancing! but that was really good. South American dance is really erotic) And also some Orie

Fahrenheit 9/11

I and Mom just came home from Westhills ' Famous Players , watching Michael Moore 's documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 . The movie is about the relationship between Bush and Bin Laden families and how George W. Bush took power in 2000 election. It's an anti-war movie. Seems true but I don't know whether or not we can trust the writer, producer and director, Michael Moore . It's a 2 hours movie and a little bit funny. Mom liked it. I tried to interpret some hard parts of the movie for her and it helped. If the DVD is released, I'll get it to watch it again. I used the free pass (2 free admissions) that was sent by Heninger Toyota , months ago. Releasing the movie just months before US Presidential Election could affect voters choice. (Photo: Moore and one of the characters of the documentary, a soldiers, who says he would refused to Iraq if he is deployed again)