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The Last Two Crucial Steps

It was a quite surprise for me when I saw an e-mail from my potential employer asking me to announce my readiness for the last two stages, before the end of the year, last Fri. ! The majority of companies, organizations, you name it are closed in the last few days of the year. Who would be there to see my response? Nevertheless I prepared the requested document and sent it to them yesterday. I'm also supposed to contact them to provide a few pieces of information personally. I dialed the number and I got the machine yesterday. I thought there might be people working on a Sat. morning. I will try that again on Mon. It looks like everything is planned. If I'm successful in the next stage, which will start in a day in Jan. and I will have a month for that to finish it, I will start the last stage in early Mar. and then it will go, if I'm successful until early Jul. That would be the time that I'd start my career. It doesn't seem to be very easy but I think I can

The Boxing Day Walk

After disappointment over my walk in Christmas Day , I decided to walk on Boxing Day to test myself for the possible upcoming hike. This time I went out in the evening and selected Downtown. Boxing Day is a spending day for the majority of people in Canada . I only shopped grocery though!  I started my walk at about 18:18 and waled towards east on a major road. I don't spend any time in Downtown as I hate traffic, noise, pay parking, homeless and such. For that a number of changes in the area was a surprise to me. Many businesses have been shut down and many more have been replaced. Most of the closed businesses were restaurants. With the minimum wage now gone up to $15 and average people making less money, no wonder restaurants are having a very hard time surviving, particularly the independent ones. I changed my direction and headed south after a while to reach Elbow River . It was not very cold but I think people were tired because of all day shopping and were all home.


I have been wanting to check this place out for nearly a year now: Cathouse . We finally went there last week. We were there around 20:15 which was early by the way. Upon arrival, and I'm explaining to the ones who intend to go, to your left, there's a booth, perhaps I can call it, and a lady in there asks for admission. The admission to the place is $10 and must be in cash! Fair enough. Then a feet away from there you'd a guy, who by the way in the first glimpse looks he's a bouncer and he kind of is, asks for I. D. ! So I wondered: Am I getting on board a plane to fly to New York ? Or perhaps I'm being admitted to a National Defense building!  This step is actually for the time that anyone causes trouble in the place and then it would be a matter of minutes to find him or in rare cases her. The I. D. , in most cases, Operator's Licence goes in a machine and your picture shows on a small screen and your information gets recorded in the system. This sho

My Christmas Day Walk

Weather has sucked, generally, in the past 1 month or so! We barely have seen the real winter of Alberta except for two or maybe three times and they didn't last long. The first time I was in Nevada and wasn't affected at all. This Christmas was not entirely white as everyone wanted. No snow on Christmas Eve . No snow until the evening and it was not much either.  I decided to have a little walk in the morning and selected Fish Creek Provincial Park . After my disappointing experience in last summer, it sounded not to be such a great choice but I just decided to actually walk on the pathway next to the park, partially parallel to Canyon Meadows Drive . It appears that someone or possibly a group has spent quite a long time on building this teepee-like shelter here next to the pathway!  It was cold but not unbearable. I realized that I'm weak now and that's because of the damn job I have, partially. I can't walk as much and as comfortable as I used to.

Unexpected Christmas Gift

I saw an envelope when I came from work one day last week. There was a very nice Christmas card in it and a folded cheque, something that I had not expected that. When I unfolded the cheque the surprise turned to disappointment! You know when sometimes you're hungry and you eat a little and feel more hungry! It was the same feeling! A cheque for $... is just pathetic! I'm not going to reveal the amount but I think it would have been a much better gift, if they had not included the cheque! The amount is so low that you wonder what to do with that. I know it's a nice gesture and Don't look at the gift horse in the mouth but it's similar to teasing someone when give that to him or her. Many don't even receive that. So I perhaps should be grateful.  (Photo: I, of course, do not celebrate Christmas but regardless of the fact that it has become totally commercialized I like it because it's the time of happiness, holidays, gifts and food and drink!)  

The Mule: Worth Watching

I and Farzin watched The Mule yesterday. I didn't want to miss another Eastwood 's movie and we didn't leave disappointed. I would say it's a fairly good movie but similar to the last few movies of him, the story mainly revolves around his character and how well he plays. Remember Gran Torino ? He plays almost the same character and he's gone at the end. The difference is in Gran Torino he's killed. In the new movie he's jailed! The other characters in the movie just have minor roles and probably less famous actors would be as good! Bradley Copper , the second character of the movie, the DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration ) officer, demonstrates an OK performance. Eastwood 's daughter (don't know from what relationship!) performs the role of the main character in the movie. Eastwood has this habit of bringing family members to the set and use them. Andy Garcia who was once very famous for his role in The Untouchables , and I haven't

Asian Buffet (Calgary)

The Brave contacted me last week and invited me to join them for their Christmas gala. This was the second time that I had been invited by him and since I didn't go the first time, I thought that would be rude this time and accepted to go. Besides I didn't have anything to do. The only problem was that I had a big plate of Pasta that afternoon and the supper would start at around 06:00 at Asian Buffet .  I, at first, had a difficulty to find the place but eventually reached there at around 06:20 and the reserved table was full.  The place is actually not nice but it was packed considering being buffet and it was not just Asian s. People from every background, almost, were stuffing themselves! The food is actually mediocre. Despite the fact that it was a weekend and on weekends food finishes faster, none of the food tasted fresh to me and they were mostly deep fried in multiple time used disgusting oil!  I, at first, didn't feel hungry at all and thought I shoul

Caucho Brazilian Grill

My employer invited all of us to join for an early Christmas dinner last week. Considering that I had not gone last year, I decided to go this time to see what this restaurant is about: Gaucho Brazilian Grail . I, first, didn't find the place. The address simply states the building number and then MacLeod Tr. I parked and walked around. There was a little snow but it was not very cold. I realized that the restaurant's main entrance is not parallel to MacLeod Tr. (!) but I finally I got in and people were there, majority of the ones I had expected. I had this thought in mind whether I should wear suit and tie or should I just go nice and neat. I eventually decided to ditch the formal dress although I used to wear that. I surprisingly realized that no one had suit and tie on! Everyone was nice and neat (except a rube who came at last!) but even the manager had a very usual shirt on!  Going back to the dinner, the restaurant offers a Salad Bar which is great for me. The i

The Never Ending Rejections!

I wrote that I went to this company , the size of a two bedroom apartment(!), where everyone stuck to everyone like Sardine in a can(!) for an interview. The interviewer was a young small town, former landscaper Caucasian fella in his early 30's who apparently was lucky to have that job and leave his previous miserable job by becoming some sort of manager in the tiny company!  The interview, as I explained earlier, took only 30 freaking minutes. Even such a miserable place didn't hire me! This is the third interview in the past 12 months and I have been turned down by all the freaking bastards!  I need to figure out what the hell is wrong or I will be stuck to this miserable life forever! What bothers me the most is the people who interview me. When you look at their profile, you see that they're nothing! Absolutely nothing! They at most have a B. Sc. , which by the way everyone's got it these days and disgusting and foolish certificate such as PMP ! With the

A Low Blow by (or to) Loblaws!

Loblaws Inc. one of many a human-killing machines amongst many in Capitalist North America was accused of price fixing earlier this year or late last year, in Canada . Now price fixing was a term that I heard it for the first time when this issue was revealed. The term basically means maintaining the price of a good at a certain level by agreement between competitive sellers! As vague and funny this term is, I don't understand why this could be a problem! Companies do that all the time in North America ! Look at the price of gasoline everywhere in town. You reach at an intersection and there are three gas stations from three different companies and they all have the same price with one or two cents difference. Take the intersection of 37 St. and Richmond Road in SW quadrant part of the City of Calgary .  There's Shell , Husky  and Esso , three major providers of gasoline in the world, I could say, probably. Check the prices of the three the next time you're at that

Christmas Time: Not a Good Time for Everyone

There's this East Indian (from Indian sub-continent without identifying the country) guy who joined us at work almost 6 months ago . A slow guy, both physically and mentally. He was a nice fella though. Spoke English with difficulty after living in Canada for 10 years which is not a surprise. People live in the country for 40 years and still are not able to say more than Hello and How are you! Besides that if you work for Wal-Disgusting-Mart , what else do you need? He was nice enough to let me know of two positions within the disgusting and nasty company: One office job and one floor job. For the floor job I had a telephone interview and then a verbal job offer. I, of course, turned it down. For the good job, I'm sure, the good guys(!), most likely the Caucasian s were given the job!  He was notified by the manager today that he would no longer be working here starting the next week. While I feel bad for him, I should say that's his own fault. Always slow. Always l

Palliser Again

I went to Palliser for the first time since 2014 again. Not that it's a big deal or anything but went there to see if I can enjoy good food and a few drinks or not, as I have. The answer is not much!  It was good though and I met a few people. This time I had been invited by the organization that I have been volunteering for more than 2.5 years . The invitation indicated party and there was no mentioning of dinner or anything. I, first,wanted to be there exactly at the time that they had indicated the party would start but then ended up there nearly hours and quarter (not that it's important!) after the start. Upon arrival I realized that every guest gets only a ticket for one drink! Of course the hosting organization intended to save money but one drink only?! What's the point? You might as well don't drink at all! I got in and there was no familiar face! I walked around to see if I know anyone and checked out the food. The food, honestly, mostly, were horrible!

Another Short Interview

I was to an interview with this tiny(!) company a few days ago. With all the people's profiles now available, it was interesting to see both the founder and the interviewer. Even before going to the interview meeting it was mentioned to me that the interview would only take half an hour. It proved to me that the short interview I had previously could not be the shortest!  The fella originally from a small town nearby had a number of pages in front of him and would read questions from them and make notes. There was nothing especial about the interview but the company, which was founded in 2010 (and I don't think this would give a clue to curious people to find what company it was!) is very small. I don't mind that as long as I can get a good job. I'm supposed to be contacted for the second interview, if I'm selected. This probably is the last interview of 2018 but you never know. 

Ridiculous Response!

I wrote earlier about this interview I had back in Oct. I didn't get the position although there was no difficulty during the interview. They barely asked anything technical but it always hard to figure out why they choose a candidate over another one.  Many times it's based on the compensation. Most of the companies go for the person who ask for less. this was discussed during the interview but I didn't mention or stress on, any number. If it's a recruiting company that is even a bigger issue because they always try to get a bigger chunk.  Nevertheless I wanted to see if I can get a feedback from the interviewers and e-mailed them. The response was: We went with another candidate but I keep you in mind if any other opportunity emerges!  I already knew that! I wanted to see what made you to select another candidate over me. That's what I wanted to know! This actually was the only time I asked for feedback and I got a ridiculous and stupid response! 

The Nice Story that I Sold!

When I went to Nevada and then California to do that hike I had been wanting for a long time, I wondered how I can justify the trip. I was eligible for three days but I needed more. So I said that I was helping a family member to move. It apparently worked. I went and came back with no issue. At the same time I had a coveralls which had been given to me by a previous workplace and I had never worn that. I decided to try because it looked comfortable. As well I wouldn't have to wear jeans and shirts. So I wear it one day at work and told them that I had found it in a box in that family member's basement, whom I helped to move! I added that the relative used to have a tenant in his basement and the guy, who by the way worked in the nearby facility, left without paying his last two months rent! He also left a number of boxes behind and then when we moved everything, we brought the boxes as well! We opened them and this coveralls were amongst the stuff! I said that I felt bad

CFLRS Notes (43): Eating and Drinking in Rooms

I thought perhaps Remembrance Day would be a good day a story from the time I tried to become a member of Canadian Armed Forces and apparently I failed. This is story number 43 as seen in the title of the post. For all the previous 42 stories just simply type CFLRS and you'll get them all.  Eating and drinking, except for water of course, is forbidden in barracks of CFLRS . However similar to other rules, this as well is broken by recruits at times. There was this guy within the second platoon that I was with, a Korean guy, who was a very strong fella, physically of course, but kind of crazy and dumb! Once a couple of, I must say, beautiful Korean girls visited him in his room and later on it was found out that they had brought him candy and other snacks! He approached me and others with this story that, I don't quite remember, he needs money for something or owes to someone. So he convinced me to buy some from him! His price was reasonable and I, at the time, liked

Like Father, Like Son (2)

A nasty human-like creature joined our team two weeks ago, temporarily, for a small project we were involved in. This useless f*ck was supposed to help, of course. That's why you join when you're called! However this useless as*hole mostly walked around and yelled in his nasty disgusting mother tongue, at times: Arabic ! It turned out later that he was a Syrian , probably born in Canada and his father was an Imam!! Unbelievable but true! For those ones who don't know what an Imam is I can summarize that term with this expression: An Absolutely useless and obsolete creature! To elaborate on that, Imam is basically a Muslim clergy who bullshits people and brainwashes them for his own or his faith's own purposes. That's what Imams have been doing for years in Muslim countries. In some countries they are known with different terms. For example in Saudi Arabia they're known as Mofti . In Egypt they use the same term, I believe. In Afghanistan the term is Mul

Recycling and Reusing

I was talking to one of the middle managers, I assume he is(!),  about recycling in Canada and he made a good point because I truly am disappointed by the way these as*holes at work and generally everywhere in the country, who pay little or no attention to recycling and reusing. I asked him when the concept of recycling had been introduced to Canadian s and he said 25 years ago or something like that, as he was not sure. I remember recycling of paper had been started in the old country then. I then asked him, by pointing at an empty can in a garage bin while the recycling bin was only 3 feet away, why is that. His response was both interesting and truthful! This is what he said: There's nearly 1.5 billion people in China and almost the same in India (or generally Indian sub-continent, I'd say), see how little or no attention they're paying to environment in general. In North America there's barely 350,000 people live. How would they make a difference?!  He

Another Crucial Step: The Third Interview

Two months went by until I got another message for the position I've applied a long time ago and number of its crucial stages have been passed. This time it was another interview, the third one(!) but on a different subject. For that I had to travel to another city and considering that I try to avoid putting too many kilometers on my vehicle, I rented a car.  This was quite similar to the interview I had more than 2 years ago in British Columbia for a position that I didn't get it. It's hard to say what the outcome of this would be but I was honest and chatty! Tried not to forget anything and have no contradiction with the previously provided information. The whole process took 01:40 hours . The interviewer said, at the end, that she did not see any problem but still needed to receive the result of two other evaluations from two other organizations and then she could send the recommendation to the employer. I know nothing would happen in the next 2 months and less and

A Good Gathering

I was invited to this group gathering for the volunteer work few months ago. All the cost would have been covered by the organization, if someone had lived outside the city. I, though, missed the first day because my flight got cancelled. I got to enjoy other things but missed the some others. The seminar was not bad. There were mostly nice people but as there always is an as*hole everywhere, this little group was not an exempt! I don't know why I even mention disgusting creatures such as that ugly Latino female! It's probably because I intend to show my disgust! Stupid and shallow people like that are very easy to come by here in this country! People who didn't even have bread to eat and now after using all the benefit the Government has given them, forgot who they were and where they come from, taking about years that they have been supervisor and manager!  I also happen to see the guy who bugged me a few times with his irritating and sometimes irrational comments.

An Interview in the Anniversary

I was invited to an interview exactly after a year of starting this so-called surviving job of mine. I had very low expectations for receiving a call and I didn't! Instead I received an e-mail from their head office in the US for the interview. However it was clear that they had lots of candidates as different time of different days were suggested to me. I coincidentally selected the anniversary date!  The location is just less than 5 minutes drive from where I work now. So it wasn't hard although I went home, changed and came back! I made up a story so I could leave at a good time.  There were two people, a Caucasian woman and an East Indian man. With what's available these days, it's not very hard to find who is what. However I was only able to find about the woman. It was a simple interview with only one technical question being asked by the fella. I knew a little bit about that. So I told him that I didn't know much in detail. The other questions were

Won for the Second Consecutive Month

I was in Pahrump , Nevada where I submitted my monthly volunteer work to the organization. I didn't have much hope for winning but it was there, after only a few days, that I realized that I had won! It was a good feeling because I wanted to have a good impression shortly before our seminar. In fact two of the participants pointed at my wins by saying that they had read my name, a few times, as someone who had submitted the most number of items with the highest quality. The thing that these guys don't know is that I have been out of the circle for a quite long time and despite all of my efforts haven't been able to get back. I will write more in the next post about our seminar. (Photo: This is the place I was staying. Pahrump is a small but beautiful unincorporated(!) town which is a perfect spot for staying if you've planned to enjoy some of the best hikes that states of Nevada and California offer. In fact I'm planning to go back next year, if everything goes

Airliner Tries to Compensate

I received a message from the airliner which caused us all anguish by cancelling the return trip. Although it was very stressful and disturbing, after a nice hike and a few relaxing days, I got to go home by a direct flight, instead of going through Vancouver and also I got to stay one night in a nice hotel and get myself familiar with Las Vegas in case I would go back. I will!  The airliner gave, all of us I assume, a sort of points which we could use for the next trip. While it might not seem much but it's good. I believe that they didn't have to do that because they already have given us a very nice hotel room, meals, etc. It's nice and appreciated and I will use it, hopefully in 2019.  

Stuck in the Meadow (Las Vegas!)

I left Pahrump early enough to make sure that I reach McCarran International on time, especially because I had selected an economy car, which by the way was useless for such a trip, and then I thought there would be issues with returning the car or getting to the gate but really there was no issue at all. I reached Las Vegas without any problem. bought gas, followed the GPS and reached the return center. The Enterprise guy was nice enough to ignore a, probably, few liters that I was low. I then got on the designated shuttle and went to Terminal 3 . That was where the disaster started! The airliner kept postponing the damn flight from 12:30 to 14:30 ! I was so tired as a lack of sleep near Death Valley (!) and had pain in my right ankle and foot, due to lack of hydration and eating cheap, processed food and barely could move. They eventually canceled the damn flight around 15:00 hours, I guess, it was and sent us all back to the ticketing center! Over there I was issued a

Las Vegas a Year after the Massacre

I arrived at Las Vegas one year after the shooting which left many innocent people dead but did not have a chance to visit it until the 4th. I always wondered what it was about Las Vegas that made people to spend hours of their life and thousands of dollars of their money  there. What does gambling have. I finally find out: The city itself, or should be said, the Las Vegas Boulevard , is amazing! I just drove through and all the billboards, hotels, restaurants, statues and everything made me think that I should come back one day and see everything closely and take pictures. Hell's Kitchen and Trump Hotel were amongst the buildings which caught my eyes but there are many more to the city. You could stay at expensive hotels or stay at the cheap ones. You could buy cheap souvenir and eat East Indian food (which is cheap of course!) or dine and wine at Michelin Star restaurants. Considering that State of Nevada offers lots of great hiking and mountain climbing, I will defini

An Apology

I've posted earlier that in this volunteer work of mine I deal with an annoying East Indian who, at times, with his stupid remarks causes anguish. I couldn't remember who he was from the dinner meeting we had 2 years ago but then I realized who he is during a seminar which I will write about it later. I replied to a number of his inappropriate comments until one day, a few weeks ago, I received a message from the manager of this V-Work apologizing for that behaviour, I would say, or the remarks/comments. I told him that I appreciated that while that was not his fault. I didn't want to expand the issue and be, as they say in CFLRS (!), a shit-pump. So I let it go. I saw him, as I mentioned earlier in a seminar and I will write about him in the related post. In a nutshell it was interesting to me that a person, one who is not responsible, apologizes for others comments. My thought is they don't want to lose the people who do free work for them but at the same time that&

Telescope Peak, California

I had Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park , in California in my list for a very long time and eventually was able to hike it and reach the summit this Oct. . Alphonse (the name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual), my buddy from university days, who now lives in California joined me in Pahrump the night before our hike. We chatted for a while. It was our fist meeting since 2001 , in the old country although we have been in touch through e-mail and telephone the whole time. I will probably write about him separably but just to say that I didn't want to be hard on him after all these years. So when I asked him when he would have wanted to wake up in the morning for the hike and he answered 06:00, I agreed.  We had our breakfast at the hotel and then headed toward the park. It was hot day, as it's supposed to be in Death Valley and it was a very long drive. However I'm sure it's much better this time of the year. It took us nearly 0

Ash Meadows, Nevada

Alphonse  is supposed to join me to do a hike in Death Valley National Park , which by the way has Pahrump as its closest (unincorporated!) town. I was thinking what I should do and after a quick check of Google Maps I decided to go to Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge . This place is the true definition of oasis! You're walking in the middle of a desert and sun is shining on you and you're hot and all of a sudden there's a small pond of blue beautiful water, marsh, trees, shrubs, birds, you name it! The beautiful blue water in the middle of desert help the wildlife to survive and at the same time makes the grow of lots of plants possible Of course the earlier during the year, the greener the area but also hotter. According to the visitor center lady, the snow on the top of nearby mountains (there are many around Pahrump both at Nevada and California side) melts and reaches the middle of the desert through underground passages and basically emerges from th