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CSI Wireless

There was a quality engineer in a telecommunication company in Calgary called CSI Wireless which I applied last Jan. Their quality manager called me wanted to arrange for an interview but also said that he was going on vacation for two weeks and we would meet after he's back and he specifically set Feb.22 for the interview. As I didn't receive any phone call from the company on that date, I decided to find out what has happened to the position and e-mailed them in the weekend. Here's his reply: Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. As you’ll recall, I was away on vacation and got back last week… which was extremely busy for me, not to mention a 12-hour jet lag that slowed me down a bit. Regardless, I was going to be able to finally respond to all applicants today. Unfortunately, the news is not so good for you as someone internal has taken the job. Indeed, there was some internal restructuring that occurred while I was away which freed up an employee suited for the QE po

Better than Salt Lake

As I wrote a few hours ago Canada finished 3rd in overall standing of the 20th winter olympic in Turin , Italy with 7 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze medal which is much better than Salt Lake City in four years ago when they won 17 and laid on the 4th place. In the last day Sweden beat Finland in men's ice hockey gold medal, 3-2 and gained it's 7th gold. Finnish goalie was guilty over that goal which was only 10 sec. after the beginning third period! (Photo: the first 10 countries in overall standing of olympic. Seeing South Korea in the 9th and Italy in the 10th [with 5 gold medals!] is a bit of surprise)

The 3rd?

It's 12:15 AM now and is considered the 17th and the last day of the 20th Winter Olympic in Turin , Italy . There are only two events left: men's Ice Hockey final which Finland and Sweden are going to play it and final race of men's 50 km cross-country (that must be really tough!) Canada jumped up to the 3rd position in overall standing with two more golds, and a number of silvers and bronzes. It doesn't seem that its position could be changed in the next few hours left. Men's Curling team won gold while another gold was gained in women's 5000 m speed-skating. Women's Curling team won bronze. It must be mentioned here that Cindy Klassen won bronze in this event and that was her 5th medal in this Olympics ! Clara Hughes won thet gold. (Photo: Cindy Klassen from Winnipeg, Manitoba won 5 medals in speed-skating: 1 gold, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes)

Resource Rebate

There was a pleasing news in the last days of 2005 indicating that the Government of Alberta is going to send everyone in the province a cheque of $400 as a result of province's budget surplus. Basically the people who has filed year 2004 tax are eligible. I, like everyone else was waiting for that 'cause even the small amount of money is better than nothing esp. for someone like me who's drowning in debt! I waited for that and by the time I noticed that it was too late, checked the Government's website . It's indicated there that anyone who hasn't received the check after Feb.10 should call a toll free number that is provided for that service. I called that number and noticed that my cheque had been mailed to my previous address, where I used to live with that stupid psycho animal, Resurrect , weeks before the end of the year. The lady also told me that she would send me a form that must be filled out to receive a replace cheque, regardless the fact that I

The Women Are Pushing Canada Up

Although Canada 's men hockey team lost to Russia 0-2 (the third shoot-out in the tournament) and can not play for a medal but three women gained three valuable medals for Canada and pushed the country to the 4th place in day 13. Cindy Klassen and Kristina Groves won gold and silver in 1500 m long track speed skating and Chandra Crawford won cross-country gold in 1.1 Km sprint. Norway which was taking the lead in the early days of Olympic now is one level lower than Canada in the 5th place. Four out of five gold medals of Team Canada have been won by Canadian women. They won their gold in mogul skiing, cross-country Skiing, ice hockey and speed skating. Canada had a weak win against Czech Republic yesterday. They beat the Czechs 3-2. all the scores were gained in the first period and then they hung out to them. They were lucky that didn't lose that one! The US men hockey team lost to Finland 3-4 and that made both finalists of the past Olympic out! (Photo:


I received another ring from Tri Ocean as I told them I'd be free after Feb.16, last week and I was re-booked for today at 01:30 PM. I went there. It's an engineering company in a tower building in Downtown and I met with the Quality Manager of them who is a nice Canadian lady. During the interview I could not take my eyes away from her hands and beautiful nails which have been manicured very well! But her face was just average looking among all gorgeous Canadian girls. The interview went very smoothly and I don't think I messed up anything. She asked me almost everything and it took about an hour. She will be my boss, if I get the job and that's an office job in that building. Levels 8 to 14 belong to Tri Ocean and they might need to expand their office later she said. As it's an EPC company and they have sent a proposal to a client's new bid, I will be employed only if they win the bid. She said that they would know by the end of the month. That, then w

The Second Consecutive

Canada 's women hockey team beat Sweden 4-1 today and won the second consecutive Olympics medal. I watched the game from the last minutes of the first period when Canada was leading the game 2-0. Then they scored two more times in the second period and that was the Sweden in the third period which had several shots on Canadian net and few powerplays but only one of them led to score and they were defeated 1-4 at the end of the game. Canadian women scored a few beautiful goals which were as nice as the ones we see in NHL games. Sweden were defeated by Canada 1-8 in preliminary games but then they beat the US and advanced to the final game for the first time. Americans won bronze after they blanked Finland 4-0. (Photo: Happy Canadian girls of women hockey team after their gold medals and flowers have been presented to them)

Both Defeated

Both finalist of the previous winter Olympics men's ice hockey were defeated today and that was the second consecutive shoot-out for Team Canada . This time it was the Finnish team which beat Canada at the same score of 2-0 , although they didn't have Miikka Kiprosuff in their net. Kipper announced he wouldn't play for Team Finland before Olympics because of an injury and would rather rest for the upcoming games of Calgary Flames . Canada is third in group A of men's hockey while women will face Sweden for gold medal tomorrow. Two silver medals were handed to Canadians today: One in two-man bobsleigh and the other one in women's 1000 m skating. Those two silvers places Canada in the 5th place after Russia with a total of 13 medals which only 2 of them are gold. Even if Canadian women gain gold medal tomorrow in hockey, that won't help Canada to climb up the standing. Just helps them to stay where they are. (Photo: Niittymaki is taking over Kip


Team Canada lost to Swiss in the morning 0-2 . That was a shock to Canadians . I turned the TV on and it was the third period, just few minutes to the end of the game and two-nothing Swiss ! This is the first time that Swiss beats Canada in an important event. They have already won over Czech Republic . May be Canadians took them lightly! That was a bad day for Canada in other sports as well. Men's and women's curling team both lost to the opponents and are just trying to keep up in the first four teams which will advance to the next round. Also sky-jumpers all were disqualified for the final jump.

Moving Up, A Little

Canada jumped to the 4th place today with 11 medals, standing side to side with Germany and Russia . The two teams got more golds. Skeleton helped Canada to move upward. After a bronze in women's yesterday, Duff Gibson a firefighter of Calgary International Airport at the age of 39 and Jeff Pain won gold and silver respectively. Those two plus a bronze in women's snowboarding helped Canada to reach the new position in overall count. Two Canadians were in the final of that race and both crashed! The 1st girl was taken to a hospital and she's doing fine and the second one continued and got bronze. The American snowboarder who had the lead just until few meters to the finish line, slipped and that made the Swiss girl to win the gold! The US has won the most gold so far but is the 5th behind Canada , surprisingly. I just jotted down the speeds of 8 heats (runs) of men skeleton to show how crazy this sport is. The data is not sorted and is in kilometer per hour:

Two Good Points by Cherry

Don Cherry is a hockey icon and he was invited to CBC studio today and also yesterday to talk about hockey games of Olympics. He mentioned that Team Canada should not take Germany short. " They're tough " he said. Fortunately they played very well and won over that team 6-1 . The first score of the game was very catchy. Germans went toward Canadian net and there was a one-on-one which was blocked by Brodeur . The rebound was shot again on the empty net but got blocked again, this time by the defender and then a long pass to German net and a nice score. But what Cherry mentioned is first Canadian Women Hockey Team shouldn't have run up the score against the host of the games and Russia . He confirmed what a member of the US Women Hockey team said a few days ago and I read that and I was surprised! Her point is Canadian shouldn't have done that because Italy is the host! As I reached this point I didn't read more. But what Cherry concluded is if


Skeleton is one of the most exciting races in Winter Olympics . The athlete lays down on a small piece of metal with two rails which is not much bigger than his or her body size and slides down a track, face-down! That's too much of a risk. The speed sometimes gets up to 120 km/h ! He or she controls the speed and manoeuvres using his or her legs and also trunk. Canada won a bronze today in women's event. Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards (Prob. her family name comprises her and her husband's) from Cochrane , Alberta (A small town north-west of Calgary ) was on the podium beside the Swiss lady who took the gold medal and the British , the winner of silver. I watched the second heat (The second time they slide down the track) of the athletes and that was so exciting. (Photo: The Canadian bronze medal winner in her last seconds of one of the two heats in Skeleton event)


I just read something that shocked me a little. Todd Bertuzzi is in trouble again. The Vancover Canucks right winger is hit by a lawsuit by Steve Moore , the guy who was punched by him in 2003-04 season and still is out and his parents. This time I have a different feeling toward him. I feel sorry for him and don't want him to be hurt. First of all because he's out to Torino with Team Canada and played well in the first victory against Italy . I was watching the game and in the third period he was right in front of the Italian goaltender when Iginla shot the puck and he jumped high and let the puck get in the net. That was a very nice move of that veteran NHL er. Second of all I think he has been punished for what he did esp. because he appeared on TV and apologized the public and Moore . He forfeited US $501,926.39 and hundred of thousands in endorsements. But that doesn't make Moore and his parents happy. Moore is still out of NHL and his future is in doubt.

Not Doing So Well

Today's the sixth day of 2006 Winter Olympic and Canada hasn't done much. They have got only one gold, one silver and two bronze and they are 7th in the medal count with Finland and Italy . Women's hocky has started early and the team pounded all the openents so far: Canada 16 - Italy 0 Canada 12 - Russia 0 Canada 8 - Sweden 1 Men's games started today and in the first game Canada beat Italy 7-2 . Jeremy Wotherspoon a native of Red Dear , Alberta who slipt in Salt Lake City and lost a chance of medal slipped up this time and was 5th in his best race which was men's 500 m. I don't think we see him in Vacouver 2010 as he's 29 now.

Tri Ocean

Another career opportunity is gone like many others! I applied for a position as Quality Engineer from an oil and gas company in Calgary , Tri Ocean and had a voice mail from them in Feb.01 but didn't notice that for a week and then when I called them, an interview was set for Feb.09. Last Tue. when I was in the Government building to write my citizenship test, actually after that, they called me and mentioned that that's a temp. position with a one year contract and asked if I'm OK with that or not. I said that I was OK with that. I thought I would work for them and if there's a chance to get my contract extended, that's fine. If there's not I'll pack and go to Iran and rest or go back to that stupid career haunting! Then I was dreaming about having a Downtown job and I went and found the company building, a tower in Downtown , and imagined myself in a nice office behind a desk and with a falt monitor and beautiful Canadian women as my colleagues! But


The 20th winter Olympic games officially started yesterday in Turin , Italy . I watched the openning ceremony on CBC and that was magnificent. That's the first opening ceremony of Olympics, summer or winter which I was able to watch on TV. Salt Lake City Olympic games in the US held for years ago and that was the time I just came to Canada . About 80 countries attended the games including a few Africans and Central Americans !! Imagine countries like Senegal , Brmuda and Ethiopia that never get snow in the year. These stupid people have sent 1 athlete and 2 officials to the games! International Olympic Committiee must have a minimum record for the athletes. The main competion would occue between the US , Canada , Russia , Northern European Countries and the three Asian powers, Japan , China and Korea . Korea marched under one flag but they compete as two different teams. Iran has a small team too. They have two skiers in two different classes. (Photo: Team Canada marche

Mutual Stupidity

There’re different reactions toward the cartoons which first were published in a Danish newspaper in last Sep. in Canadian universities. Some of them say because that might raise anger and violence, they won’t be published. Some oppose censorship. CBC didn’t show them. But I will put them here. There could still be people, who haven’t seen them yet and wonder what those cartoons are which made extremists to invade and burn Danish embassy in countries like Syria , Lebanon and Iran . The funny thing is all that happened after more than 4 months. Whatever the cartoons mean, people don’t have the right to climb up the walls, throw stones and burn the embassies or tear off the flags. There’s no limit for the stupidity of fundamentalists. The idiots don’t fucking simply understand that they make life more miserable for minority Muslims in European countries and make them more and more isolated! Also the Danish newspaper’s editor who gave the permit for publishing the cartoons and t


I wrote the citizenship test today and I should say that was the most ridiculous test I’ve ever written ... Well the most in Canada . We all sat at the tables after the test supervisors checked our documents and then one of them explained how the test runs. The test has 20 multiple-choice questions and you have to get 12 to pass the test. Beside the last 5 questions are mandatory and you have to have the correct answer for the first two and correct answer for one out of three for the rest. The test started at 11:00 AM and we had 30 min. to finish that and hand in the answer sheet and questions booklet. I was done by 11:04 AM and got out immediately. I’m going to write to every media I can and tell them how meaningless this test is. People like Khadr family who used to live with Al-Qaida leader, Ben Laden are Canadian citizens and abuse it like many others do. Also I’m going to write to the new Immigration and Citizenship Minister who was just appointed to the office yesterday aft