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The Chef's Neighbour

The Chef narrated a story of a former neighbour of his, back to the time he used to live in 15th Ave. SW neighbourhood which I think it'll be interesting to read although translation might ruin parts of it! This is what he said a few days ago when we were walking after a lunch to help digest our food: There was this guy, originally from Iraq , who used to live a few buildings away from ours in 15th Ave., SW. I knew him from a part-time job I had. We used to say hi to each other and at times have a chat. He seemed to be a nice guy, a, probably, supervisor, or perhaps an employee of a cleaning company. What else could he have been? Chevron 's C. E. O. ? The Home Depot 's regional manager?! He was a poor, fucked up refugee who had to leave his devastated country to became a janitor or toilet cleaner to live his life! I saw him once walking on the sidewalk and picking the wild plants which grow irregularly here and there. He had a bag in his one hand and putting the pic


I did PARE in one of Alberta 's town as part of a Government job application last week. It was fairly easy for someone like me who has done POPAT , COPAT , FORCE TEST 1 and FORCE TEST 2 and tons of other physical activities and tests. However I should not ignore the age fact. There were 8 to 10 people in the session altogether and I think there was only one close to me or slightly better than me.  Unlike always I was a bit nervous before the test and that was not because I thought I would not be able to do that. It was because of the silly injury I got in the stupid job I've taken. My left knee hurt a lot and I used Voltaren to ease it's pain.  Except for one guy, all of the others were out of shape. There were two hot Caucasian girls who were amazing in shape and look but struggled in the test. I assume they passed both eventually.  PARE is fairly easy fitness test to pass unless you're really out of shape. I got 03:36 and I had one mistake. The time

CFLRS Notes (39): The Russians

The majority of recruits in CFLRS are of course Caucasian but here and there you can see people of other origins who mostly are born here or were brought to the country by their parents when there were a little child. I was probably the only one, in the entire school, who didn't fall under the two above categories. Chinese are the second most populated recruits and after them comes other race. I encountered 4 Russian s during the entire time I was there: Two males and two females. One of the males was a Master Corporal and was a nice guy. I had a chat with him once. I don't need to mention where or when because I want his identity to be hidden as well as mine. The other one was a nice and quite guy in our platoon. The females were both ugly, rude, aggressive and pretentious. I had a few encounters with the older one and she showed the real face of Russian s as they mostly, and I insist mostly, are repulsive assholes! I mean that's in their nature, I guess! I reme

War for the Plant of the Apes

I was able to catch War for the Plant of Apes finally in the last day it was in theatres and I'm happy I did that. It's a very good movie and worth watching of course. I have to add that I watched that in 3D which intensified the joy. If you haven't seen it, make sure you get it on a disk. You'll be surprised. I don't want to spoil that for the ones who hasn't watched it but that's not what you think. It's completely different story! I remember I read it after watching it that cinematography had been done in Vancouver ! I guess it wanted to say British Columbia because Vancouver has a park which doesn't have that much of room for a big budget movie of this kind. Maybe they shot it in Grouse Mountain area! I don't know but it's beautiful especially in 3D . The funny thing is The Chef said he wanted to accompany me and I tool him although I knew he wouldn't understand much of it. He was humming his own favorite song half an hour

Akward Situation Over the Phone

The Mumbling Guy told me to contact The Screamer last week. he said there would be a position and although temporary, I should contact and indicate my availability. I really didn't want to considering all the shit I had gone through in that disgusting company and its immoral and unethical management. Then I thought to myself that I'm doing a labour job that makes me feel like a corpse(!) at the end of each shift and now that this opportunity is available perhaps I should use it to make a little extra money without injury and agony!  I was supposed to make the phone call on a Mon. morning and I didn't! There was a conflict inside of me and a dilemma outside! Then Tue. came and I, again, didn't call. Just imagining that repulsive turd behaviour threw me away! However I e-mailed The Mumbling Guy to see what he says. He insisted that I should contact. " ... to see how he can get you back in." he stated in his e-mail response to me.  I finally contacted i

Dunkirk: A Disappointment

I finally decided to catch a movie last week. I usually prefer weekdays because the movie theatres are not very busy. This time I guess there was another reason why the theatre was not packed. Perhaps four reasons: 1. Enough number of weeks had passed since the movie, Dunkirk , was first appeared in theatres. 2. The movie was not such a big deal, despite the actors and director who are all considered superb. 3. It was not a superhero movie! Yes! People in North America , mostly the US , of course, are obsessed with stupid superhero movies and never get tired of them! There's already 682 Spider-Man movies and a few more are coming! Superman fought all criminals and now is facing Batman ! They are everywhere and fighting everyone they can and when there's no villain, they fight each other! They even created Antman and the stupid Justice League and Galaxy! 4. There's no girl in the movies and there's no sex scene! Oh! So bad! I'm not gonna waste my hard-earn

An Unpleasent Encounter with an East Indian

There're two East Indian fellas in this place that I started a job almost 3 weeks ago. East Indian , unfortunately and according to my experience through all the years that I've been living here, and I'm not being racist or biased, are amongst the worst to work with, either directly or indirectly. They brag about their education, home, family, food, you name it. I was once going to tell one of them that if he thinks everything is the best where he comes from, why doesn't he go back?! Why did he come here in the first place?! East Indian s always team up against non- East Indian s in a workplace. They try to ruin their competitors (as they look at everyone who's non- East Indian in the workplace!) so they can be replaced by East Indian s, mostly their family members, friends, neighbours and eventually people of their own village or town back in India ! Why do they do that? It's simple: They're most comfortable around their own kind. But one thing also

Kebab with Traspassing Taste(!)

Different nations are obsessed with different food. Canadian s and American s love  Stake and Hamburger !  Oriental s cannot live without Noodle (which I hate the most!), East Indian s live for their Rice , Curry and other hot and spicy food and Iranian s must eat Kebab off and on! I'm happy that I have never been accustomed to any kind of food which lack of it might drives me nuts! With that in mind I have to say that now and then The Chef insists that we should get out of the town for a hike and then make some Kebab ! And now that his knee is shattered (As he refers to what happened nearly two years ago) he insists on light hikes only. Our last hike together was to Horsethief Canyon and we enjoyed that. On the way back, as I explained we realized that there was a fire ban for the area. We headed back to Calgary with the hope that we find a place on our way before reaching home! What a bad idea! We checked a few parts in Airdrie and Calgary on the way home and they

CFLRS Notes (37): Who Joins CAF, Normally?

I once wrote about the people who join military and how similar they are everywhere in the world. That seemed not enough to understand the situation until I got enrolled into  CAF . There after awhile I realized what Charlie Sheen , playing Taylor, really means when he says the following in the beginning of  Platoon : ... Live up to Grandpa did in WWI and Dad did in WWII. Well I'm here anonymously With guys nobody really cares about Most come from the end of the line Small towns you never heard of Pulaski, Tennessee. Brandon, Mississippi. Pork Bend Utah, Wampum, Pennsylvania. Two years high school, about it. If they're lucky a job waiting for them in a factory. Most have got nothing. They're poor. They're unwanted. Yet they're fighting for our society and our freedom. It's weird. Isn't it? At the bottom of the barrel and they know it. ... The situation in CFLRS is not very different from that. I bring a number of examples here just to

Ranked Third and Second

I didn't want to do just nothing and sit around most of the day after I came out of the prison ! I decided to get whatever job is available in order to not only make a few hundred bucks but also be out of the damn apartment. I went to a recruiting agency and they quickly hooked me up with a labour job! Why? Because not many people would like to do that. Simple as that! Here, as usual and for the privacy of myself, I don't reveal the name of any of the involved companies but I must say that it's not that bad. I did similar job back in British Columbia for a short time. Only from Sep. to Jan. This one is quite similar with this difference that a more advanced system is used. Does it make the job easier? Yes. Indeed. But not for the poor labourer! It's easier for the office people and of course for the company. Since this is a part-time job, I did it for only 3 days the week before and the interesting thing is I was ranked the 3rd in terms of performance while the

Horsethief Canyon

I wanted to have a hike after my return from prison! Once I talked with this guy whom I've associate with recently. He wanted to start at 06:00 while I normally start at 05:00. So we couldn't get to an agreement. Besides I would have been the one who drives, had we been to a hike and I don't like that much although we share the cost of the gasoline. I eventually saw myself with this crazy guy, The Chef ! We decided to go to Drumheller on a weekend and do a light hike, considering his knee was shattered! Our time was set at 06:00 and that was because I would wake up at 05:00 in order to reach his place at 06:00 but the plan was torn apart because of the unusual int erview! I got myself home, changed and rushed to his place after the interview and we headed north to Drumheller . We had a short stop at McDonald's for a beverage and then went to the town's information centre. The place was busy despite the fact that we were there in a weekend. I got map and exp