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CRA is going for eBayers!

I was to Lover Mainland again today for the second consecutive day to pick up some other stuff and while driving to Burnaby heard something interesting: Revenue Canada is looking for the address and phone number of the people who do lots of selling over eBay ! Obviously they earn dollars and they have to pay taxes! I’m sure they soon find a way to control them and the eBay people retaliate! Ali. G. is one the guys who loves eBay but he mostly buys, doesn’t sell!

The Bully in Lingerie

I had a stupid trip to West Vancouver the night before. I was goin’ to get a MS Project book from Indigo but when I got there, found it closed! They close at 07:00 Mom. to Wed. So I just returned to the Highway and drove to home and what a horrible ride! I’m no night driver. I was in hurry and was stopped once. But why I was in rush? I wanted to watch CBC and see what they say about Ahmadi-Nejad ’s speech in Columbia University in NYC . He was invited to the school for a Q&A session regardless of all the opposition by especially Jews and some other Americans. I have never been a fan of him or anyone from Islamic Republic but what the dean of the school did was out of question. Bollinger , whom is entitled the Bully in Lingerie by me, called Ahmadi-Nejad a dictator, uneducated, ignorant and so on. Regardless of whatever he is, this is not how you treat your guest. Ahmadi-Nejad was invited to CU by the people of CU , either the staff or the students. You could ask whatever


I used to write almost every day for a long time but there’s nothing to write about these days. It’s just work, work and more work! And that’s how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! But something that just happened recently and has been all over the media made me write. Canadian dollar has jumped up significantly and is at the same level as its American counterpart. It has different reactions from different sides. Federal Finance Minister knows this increase a result of strong Canadian economy followed by the lowest unemployment rate in last; I don’t know how many years. Some say people should not get excited, nothing has literally changed. But people don’t listen and don’t care whether it’s temporary or long-term. Reports of Canadians rush to travel agencies and crossing the border for shopping is all over the news. There was also a Q&A in CBC a few nights ago. One asshole Iranian from fucking North Vancouver , possibly one of the worst neighbourhoods in entire Can

Theoretical or Practical?

I started studying for CQE exam of ASQ again. This time I'm determind to pass. The initial schedule is to read 17 pages of module 1 every day, undersatnd deeply and finish it in 10 days. I also have to think of applying the methods to daily work or life, although is not so easy. Last time I wrote the damn exam was ... let me see ... Nov. of ’05 and I, obviously failed. I got 460. I needed 550, minimum. It was 30 points lower than the previous time. I’m now studying for the coming June and seems I have lots of time. Yes. I do. But how much of this time could be used for studying? There are so many things that I have to keep them in mind. I should understand the concepts, methodologies and terms. It’s not so hard. It’s just hard to say which belong to whom! In the meantime I think many of the methods and theories presented in BOK are just basically theories and are not applicable at least in most of the industries and enterprises or should I say their applicability are limited to


Mom had already told me that F. F. would call me. So I was not very surprised when she called me in the afternoon of last Sun. As I told you the story in an earlier post, I was working last Sun. and that’s what I told her when she called. It was almost 02:15 PM. Then she called at night and apologized. We talked a little and she asked if she could have called me again and I said she would. But I have no feeling about her. The only thing I feel is me going deeper and deeper every day. I try to keep me positive and optimist but looks like I’m just keep kidding me. I don’t see that myself Tough Guy anymore. I’m getting weaker and weaker and my mind is being ruined slowly every day. Jeff once told me that he had started her life from the beginning 3 times so far and he’s passed his 50s . The good thing with him is he has his wife and little daughter by him and I have no one. Even if he doesn’t love his wife, there’s no doubt that he loves her daughter and that pushed him forward in lif

Three Days of Absolute Fun

I was too agitated yesterday for whatever fucking reason and didn’t post this but there were absolutely 3 big days full of pure fun last week. It started from Fri. noon when A. J. came over. The reason he came over is a Home Warranty Insurance inspector coming to the job-site in the morning and pointing at a few minor issues. He was about to leave and I thought I left for a snack or something not work-related and A. J. called! Soon after I found out that the inspector had noticed something wrong and that was really bad: All the windows should have been sealed against the rain, condensation and any other kind of moisture and the procedure or method is called Rain Screen . This is mandatory in British Columbia for the houses which are registered in ’07. The inspector asked me about the date of registration but I didn’t know and I told him that. I started doing that shit with the help of A. J. and for a big house like that, it was a disaster. The more we did, the more, A. J. got m


Ekaterina is still in touch with me. I told her that I consider her a fake personality and told her that Canadian Embassy in Moscow had already told me that no visa had ever been issued for such a name. But she denied everything! I received an e-mail from her indicating that she had finally got the money and she was flying to me! She mentioned that she would let me know the date and time of her arrival and asked for my phone number! Regardless of the fact that I still don’t believe this whole shit and sounds odd to me, I sent her my phone number because I don’t think she can do anything through that. I immediately e-mailed the Canadian Embassy in Moscow and asked for help. What I’m guessing is she or he could be someone that I know and doesn’t have my phone number and wants to tease me or disturb me through that. At the same time it’s really awkward to do all this shit for a phone number because what would be the worst thing she or he is able to do? He or she would call me only o

Fishing Season

Although I haven’t been involved in any type of entertainment or hobby in last may be 2 months and schools will be opened tomorrow, but people still enjoy their time in any possible way. The activity that people are involved at the moment and actually started almost 1 week ago is fishing. I am no kind of fisher and know nothing about it. Al , my buddy in Calgary once invited me to join him for a fishing trip but I didn’t go. Here, people wear long waterproof suits and stand in the stream and do fishing these days. Wayne told me that they catch Salmon . I always thought that Salmon is an ocean fish but may be it comes to rivers to lay eggs. I don’t know. Anyhow the above photo shows how people enjoy fishing. I should search for my joy! (Photo: Fishers in Mamquam River. It's about 08:45 AM in a little cold cloudy day of Sep.)