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Wise Comments

The Calgary Flames has lost their last 7 games in this season. One of the games against the Sharks was really a bad loss: A 1-9 (!). Today a few of the players were being questioned about the status of the team and how they will dig themselves out. One of them said: We're goin' to get back on track soon and find ourselves. It's just a matter of time! I don't know what this guy's talking about because we've already passed half-season (52 games so far and the Flames is 9th overall in the conference!) Is this funny or stupid? But listen to this one. This is really something. I'd say unique but not sure if I can call it unprecedented! He said: There're other things in the world that we should be worried about rather than a 7 straight loss(!!) You idiot, you're a professional hockey player. If that's not something to be worried about then what is? Tiger Woods ? (Photo: The Flames lost his last in St. Louis, Missouri, a 0-2 loss and their


One of the daily activities in this society is striking. Employees are on strike at one corner of this country every week. Once there're transit employees. Another time you hear about food court people. This is called a sign of democracy in a nation. I'm not against strikes. It's good that people can stand and speak up but most of the time it's really stupid and hurting to the society. Strike works only if it's well organized, has a good leading team and there's unity. One guy whom I worked with in Alberta told me once that they were on strike and the business owner simply shut the plant and left after a few week calling the employees back and they refused! Strike at times leads to clashes between two groups of employees, the ones who wants to carry on under the circumstances and the ones who demand more. It happened at Lakeside Packers in Alberta a few years ago. At times these strikes are so stupid. A good example of it is the recent hospital cafe worker

Rich People

Who do you think this person is in the photo on the top? Looks like it's a lady walking to a local shop with her shopping bag. And you might also think that she's a green(!) lady because she's carrying a reusable bag. She's net and clean and walking at the side of the street. Everything seems in place. The fact is she's a woman who walks streets to street and home to home to collect recyclable cans and bottles to turn them to cash. Many people live their life here based on recyclables. Some of them are nice and well-dressed like this Chinese woman. The others and dirty and smell really bad. This is s Rich country, Canada ! (Photo: Chinese woman walks on the alley looking for bottles and cans!)

Polar Bear Swim

Every year in the first day of the year, Jan. 1st, in all or most Western countries and perhaps these days some other countries as well, people who live by sea have a little event called Polar Bear Swim . It actually is not a swim. It's Get In, Get Wet, Get Out as I call it or 3G (G. G. G.!) Nevertheless it's brave from people to get naked in this cold weather. In this year's Polar Bear Swim in B. C. people had less difficulty to join the event. It was not really cold and there was no rain or snow. I'm posting just one photo after twenty days. (Photo: People with cloths and some just with swimming trunk are seen in Semihamoo Bay in southern British Columbia in the first day of the new decade. It was not a very cold day but it was windy. You could notice that by the waves and the kid in green jacket with the hood on)

Enough of This Haiti Crap

I had a short stay in the local McDonald's for a cup of coffee and bit of newspaper. I noticed in The Province that 800 teachers in this province of shit and rain have received their notices of layoff just now! Yes these teachers with less than 5 years seniority is going out of job soon because there's no budget and why there's no budget because Canada wants to look good in the world and sends the money to Haiti . Not to mention tens of millions of dollars in Afghanistan . And Oh! by the way I forget to say this: Our honorable Governor General , a practically useless creature who does nothing but wasting money and posing in front of TV cameras is originally from Haiti . So when she appears on the screen and weeps like a really sad person then that's the time the money will flow to that little island. Why not? After all Haitian are more important than Canadians . Let ruin these 800 teachers' life and many more, we can save Governor General 's countrymen!

3-D in Winnipeg

No! I didn't go all the way to Winnipeg , Manitoba to watch a 3-D movie like Avatar but I got 3-D and there they are: I was Disgusted , Disappointed and Depressed ! Yes! I wasted more than $350 and a day and a half and all what I gained was the three ones and of course plus the exhaust! I barely keep my eyes open now but I've gotta right this. I went to Winnipeg , the capital of Province of Manitoba to write a test for a job but first of all I was really disappointed. It happened when I spent a few hours in Winnipeg International Airport . It really looks like a small airport salon in a town of Third World country. I have been to Calgary , Vancouver , Toronto , London (UK) , Frankfurt and even Cologne/Bonn and none of them of course are like this. Even Saskatchewan 's is cleaner and newer than that. Bulb lights were blown up and dust was built up on things. Toilets still have flushes that you would think they were long gone and sinks have faucets that long longer a

Brit"SHIT" Columbia: The Worst Place on Earth

Brit"SHIT" Columbia now is officially the worst place on Earth and also the most stupid one as well. Everywhere else in the country has already felt winter. Here, in the most stupid place on Earth, with the most stupid refugees and immigrants has never gone beyond rainfalls and never bellow -2 C! This actually sounds very pleasant to the coward assholes. It's Jan.06 today and it's sunny and 4 C now! This stupid Brit"SHIT" Columbia is actually being more stupid in a few weeks: The Olympics will be started and many restrictions in and around Olympics sites. But how a government who has to struggle with many problems dare to start a set of games which will cost a lot? If you have money why don't you deal with herds of homeless stinky people in Vancouver ?! That's a shame. This province, I've mentioned it before, is just good to visit. Not to live in. It's just beautiful to see. But very stupid to live in. (Photo: Crescent Beach in south Su

Avatar: Old Story Said in Modern Technology Way

We eventually watched Avatar in 3-D last night. That was the second attempt. The first time, last week, it was too crowded to get a ticket and I hate staying in lines. It was much better last night. Avatar is the same old story of Caucasian civilized (as they think they are!) people who go to native people's land to civilized (!) them, teach them English , tell them who to become modern and in exchange take most of whatever they have, from raw material to women! This story has been told several times in different shapes, languages and dialects. At the end one of the invaders join the native people and fights against his/her own kind. Dances with the Wolves is a good example. There's a little difference between Avatar and that movie: This is less racist! James Cameron should be congratulated for that! Kevin Costner in Dances with the Wolves eventually leaves the tribe with a Caucasian woman who had joined the natives years ago. This is so unacceptable to him to be w