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My Issue with Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I used my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for the 2nd time since I have purchased it a number of years ago! Why? Because it's a lengthy and expensive process. This time, I made Mango Gelato and  I was going to impress the lady at workplace but when the result didn't come out well, I didn't even bother offering her that!  So what the problem is, and I just sent a message to Cuisinart Canada in that regard, is that either the ice cream or gelato is very icy and hard. The instruction says that keep it out of the freezer for 15 minutes before serving but even that didn't help much. The texture is simply not good. What I'm going to do, before receiving any response from their customer service is to go through this simple process: 1- Leave the gelato out of freezer for 15 minutes. 2- Mix it very well with a fork and soften it with the back of teaspoon! 3- Leave it for another 5 to 10 minutes to see how it responds One issue might be that in the recipe it is asked for Mango

Testing in Fish Creek

After our not so successful hike in Jasper National Park , my Mexican buddy blamed the failure on lack of snow shoes(!), partially, and said that we should buy a pair and do another hike soon! I agreed although I believed that even with snow shoes we would not have been able to go so much further up!  I looked around the website and a few stores and finally I found a nice pair in Winners ! Yes! Winners  stores have a small sports goods section  and the price was very attractive and less expensive in comparison with stores such as  MEC and Camper Village . It's better than what my Mexican fella purchased from Costco! A cheaper, smaller and way less durable thing(!), which is made of aluminum tubes! it comes with a bag and a couple of poles, though! All for a total of $85 (!) while I paid $75 + tax for mine, a reduced price from $99 but it's bigger, stronger, more durable and is made with better materials in Quebec ! We decided on a day and he suggested to go to the east si

Joker: The Worst Movie I've Ever Watched

When first Joker 's trailers and clips were shown back in 2019 , I knew it would be nothing but another crap! That's why I didn't even consider going to theaters to catch the movie. I got a chance to see the film last week, eventually! What a disaster! Sure the acting of the main character is good but there's no story, no other actors or actresses who have a role in the story! So if you haven't watched it, be happy that you haven't wasted any time or money or both! Looters have filled their trunk and probably the cabin with everything that they could have their hand on during the 2005 hurricane Katrina. I'm not sure but looks like the vehicles plate is blacked out or has been taken off! This scene is seen a lot in this stupid movie of Joker!  I, however, understand why American s, some of them, loved it and still love it! Why? Because the movie has scenes of riot, looting, shooting the face, killing on subway, people with mental issues, and such which, by th

Disappointed more than any Time!

I was excited that I'd get a good chuck of money at the end of the year as the year's end bonus was supposed to be deposited to our account. I was thinking of anything between $2500 and $3000 , at least, considering that: 1- I worked year 2020 very hard 2- I never missed a day, never called in sick 3- I did hours of overtime, and The supervisor was generally happy with my performance and he mentioned it in the annual performance review meeting with me. When I saw the amount, it was a total disappointment, beyond belief: Only $1128 ! When I talked to a senior member of the team I realized that is considered a good amount due to the fact that we have at least 30 employees who are paid year-end bonus and the amount the company has put aside was divided to that number! What can I do rather working the same shit job and keep looking? Nothing! (Photo: Even this picture cannot depict my disappointment and frustration!)

The Way to Start 2021

There's this guy that if he was not nice and friendly, I would eventually give him a good lesson. He started insisting about going for a hike before Christmas . We eventually decided on the New Year's Day and once while we were talking this Hispanic fella heard and showed his interest. After a week, we finally decided to go as a group of 3, I, him and his brother and no more. That was after one guy said he would join and the next day he excused himself! For me that is it. He would never be in any hike with me and the guy whom I'm calling The Woman (!) here, stopped talking about it after his brother also denied joining! So you see what type of assholes I'm dealing with here!  At the end it was me and the Hispanic fella and he was the man of his word. We met at the predetermined spot at about 05:30 on New Year's Day and despite the fact that he was late, I hopped in his pick up truck and we headed west. I consider that as a demerit for him but he gets a positive