Saturday, July 30, 2005

Right on my ass!

I had a narrow scape for the uncounted time(!) Last week before I fly to Toronto, I was driving to Talisman and noticed that a police cruiser, a Crown Victoria, my favorite, car is right behind me in Macleod, close to 39th Ave. LRT Station. I was watching him in my back-view mirror and had an eye on my speedometer, trying not to exceed the speed limit. (60 Km per hour) and when he caught up with me, I sighed!

Today I was driving home from work and there was a 80 Km per hour speed limit while I was doing almost 110! I suddenly pushed the break and slowed down. Only 30 sec. passed and I saw three cops using their special devise measuring motorist's speed. I looked at my speedometer: close to 83! I passed over them and sighed again! It was close. Really close! How long am I able to play this game?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Back Home with a Ruined Mind!

I checked out at about 11:00 AM today, got a cab and went to the airport while my departure time was 05:20 PM! The damn cab cost me $47! but if I stayed after 11:00 AM, I'd been charged for one more day. So that was the best thing I did! At least saved $140!

After about an hour in Lester B. Pearson, I met a Japanese girl and his Taiwanese handsome boyfriend in a cafe and we talked for about an hour. We took photos and she gave me her e-mail address and they left. Airport shops and restaurants like any others in the city of Toronto are expensive, mostly because of the 15% tax on goods and services. I finally boarded the plane while I was so crashed and depressed. A cute little Canadian boy was sitting beside me and the other side was the window. So it helped me to forgot what happened to me but it comes and goes and I really wanted to cry sometimes. I'm not going to give up on Mojdeh. I'll keep e-mailing and calling her and I'll go to Toronto as soon as I can to see her again and talk to her. I guess this Jan. is a good time.
(Photo: This image shows Toronto, it's downtown and also lake Ontario seconds after the plane took off and still is going up. I took it from the window of Westjet as it's seen)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The First Impression is the Best Impression

I woke up at about 09:30 and grabbed a cup of juice and a muffin then went for a walk. I went to the City Hall and then Eton Centre. Then in the afternoon I headed for M. M.’s condo in North York again. Before that I had a stop in Starbucks at Yonge and King to chat with Ramin for a few minutes. I have known him for years but we have never been close friends. We meet there after years.
Then when I got off subway, went to the nearby shopping centre and bought a bunch of beautiful red roses for her and then we stayed at the apartment for a few minutes to taste the Gano coffee. Then M. M. drove me to get The Lizard DVD movie form a Persian video store in that neighborhood. But before I continue, I'd like to say what happened yesterday:
We went to CN Tower yesterday but because we were late, we saw a long line and by the time we get up there it was almost dark and there was no chance to get good photos. We sat for a coffee (There was a very bad service up there and M. M. was complaining about it, although they make good money. Even the windows were smudged and there was a little chance of having a good photo. I needed a tripod and didn't have as usual!) Then we get down and M. M. took me to a very nice restaurant called Marche. (The name has been changed to Richtree!) We had our dinner there and I escorted her to North York again.
But Tue. after buying the said DVD, M. M. first drove me to a neighborhood where million dollar houses were there and a very beautiful park (I don't remember the name) we walked and talked for a few min. and went to Pho Saigon, a very good Vietnamese restaurant with excellent food. She even paid for me! Then we went for a ride while we noticed that part of Downtown is blacked out again!
Our final destination was my hotel where I asked if I can see her again. She said I didn't spark in her and we just can be friends! I was really surprised because I thought everything went well and we could move forward but I was wrong obviously! Nevertheless I gave her the necklace I had bought in Banff and she opened it there and appreciated although it was dark and she almost saw nothing! I really don't know what went wrong. May be I wasn't dressed up. A suit or I don't know. I don't know what to say and what to do 'cause it's not easy to forget someone like M. M. May be there will be another chance. May be if I work hard and get a good job that sparks inside her! I don't know. But I know something and that's being in touch with her might help and then having another trip to Toronto.
(Photo: The very busy Queen street in Downtown Toronto. People are feeding gulls and pigeons while having their quick lunch)


I flew to Toronto Sun. morning and I'm writing this from a in Downtown (King St. W). It's raining today so I guess there's no chance to go out. I met M. M. last night and also the night before. Such an incredible girl: gorgeous, sweet, slim and kindhearted. My flight took only 03:30 hours and I enjoyed satellite TV with different channels. Westjet doesn't serve food and you have to buy but I didn't. I had my own food (Chicken sub and Greek Salad) but didn't have them. I think it might look weird! I just had the snack: my own coffee (Gano coffee) and cookies. I took the airport shuttle and went to my hotel in Downtown (Travelodge) but had to walk for about 15 min. The hotel is alright but damn! Toronto is really hot! And the closer you are to the lake Ontario the hotter it is and humidity is souring. I called M. M. and we met at the corner of King and Yonge. I could not believe I'm meeting such a beautiful girl. So sweet and charming. We took the subway and streetcar to somewhere in Downtown that exhibition was going on. She said that the old building used to be plants and factories and new being used for entertainment after being abandoned. It was more likely similar to open market combined with live music and exhibition but seemed that M. M. didn't like it so we left and headed toward Queen St. where most of the bars and restaurants are located. We settled down in a bar for a drink and salad and talked about everything. M. M. is so friendly and sociable and it's like we've known each other for a long time. I escorted her to her apartment which is in North York and came back to the hotel taking subway. Downtown Toronto is so hot and humid as I said but North York and all the districts in the north are little better. I had to take a shower right after I came back to the hotel although I only had a short sleeve T-Shirt and a pair of jeans on. M. M. is petite and so cute and she had she looked gorgeous in her red pants and sleeveless top but she felt hot too.
(Photo: I took this photo from CN Tower, one of the highest buildings in the world in Downtown Toronto in a hot afternoon)

Sunday, July 17, 2005


NHL and NHLPA have reached agreement last week but the detail hasn't been announced yet. This means that we'll have the next season pretty soon after 10 months lockout which that sucked! It also means that the teams are not now able to hire some of (or many of) the players because of their high price and the new salary cap. Stricter drug policy also would be applied and every player would be tested twice a year without a notice. There are more on the new agreement that might be written later.
I went for rollerblading for the second time today. The Uzbek guys are my instructors and they are good regardless of the age. I'm getting better but I'm far away from being relaxed and a good in-line skater. The one I have is a size 12, 2Xs Sports which was bought by Resurrect in a yard sale and I traded it in with a suitcase before he leaves almost a month ago. We then played field hockey and although they are all teenagers but I got really tired. (They used their in-line skates, I had my shoes on) That was really fun. If I was younger I would definitely play hockey and would try hard to join one of the 30 NHL teams.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dark Water

I went to Paramount Chinook last night to watch Dark Water just by myself. I caught it in the last show, 22:35. It's a very good movie. Jennifer Connolly performs fantastically but I didn't get what happened at the end. How did she die? She was in the bathroom and was paranoid and ...??!!
There's also a very cute and sweet little girl in the movie (Connolly's daughter) who acts very well. She exactly look like little cute Iranian girls with long hair and black eyes. When the DVD is released, I'll rent it.
(Photo: Jennifer Connolly and Ariel Gade in a scene of the movie where they notice there's a leak in the bedroom's ceiling)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Way of Enjoying Canada Day Weekend

I didn't go to any of Canada Day's celebration in the city but in the afternoon I called Ali G. and we meet in a Second Cup for a chess game. I totally destroyed him in the first game then we had a break and decided to watch War of the Worlds. As a result of that I resigned the second game and we went to Famous Players in Shawnessy. We were late and had to sit in the 3rd or 4th row! That's so close to the screen and you have to turn your head continuously and hold it up while you see the dots on it! After a few min. I told Ali G. (That was his fault. Moron!) to go up and we did, sat on the stairs! The movie is good, in terms of cinematography, special effects and sound but I'd say average in performance. We both didn't get the last and the most important part of the movie: What happened to the machines? They were broken down and crashed. Also they hunt people, suck their blood out and spray it all over. What was that for? I may watch the movie again. After that we go to Tony Roma's for our dinner. Ali G. usually takes me to fancy restaurants and the bastard pays a lot as tip! The food was good (I ordered pork rib) but as I was not very hungry as a result of no physical activity on that day I didn't enjoy a lot as I usu. do from eating.
After dinner I kind of urged him to go to downtown to see what was going on in there. We tried a few bars and finally settled down in the Yardhouse for a few drinks. Then headed toward where he parked (11th Ave.) and found a bar where live music was going on but we were late and it was almost finished. So we left for home.
The next day (Sat.) we went to Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. That was my second time and his first. I went by myself in Sep. 2003 but this time the road was really beautiful. We also stopped in Horseshoe Canyon in our way to Drumheller. It's beautiful and reminds you of Mars when it's occupied by human being and it's atmosphere is breathable! (Remember Total Recall and also remember Aliens where there's a big machine for that purpose in the planet)
(Photo: Edmontonia, the dinosaur which used to roam around Edmonton millions of year ago and has its name from that northern city of Alberta. I took the photo in the museum)

A Different Side

I called M. M. and talked to her for about half an hour. Actually I called her and in a few min. I ran out of the card and she called me back. She was different compare to the all previous times I talked to her on the phone. She laughed a lot and was very friendly. I guess that was partly because she was home alone and was bored. So she spent much time on the phone and called me herself. I told her that I'd be in Toronto to meet with her and see how the things go. My plan is for the period of July.23rd to 27th. I hope everything goes well 'cause I'm sick and tired of this shitty life. I don't wanna spend time and money on a girl and in a few months or weeks find out that she's not the one.