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A Pakistani Asshole in a Gas Station

I went to a Petro-Canada gas station the other night after work. I was really low. I realized there was a vehicle at every pump. So pulled up behind an SUV and went inside to see if they have gasoline! It's because this location, unlike anywhere else, writes Diesel on every pump, when you look from the street. There was a very polite and nice Punjabi Sikh guy in the store and he said that they had gasoline. I sighed! Then I went outside and there was still a car at the pump with no driver. I waited a little while and went back inside. A guy who was standing at the counter and said " What? " while I was walking to the clerk! I was really surprised because I hadn't said anything to him. He, by the way was behaving, I later on realized was the driver of the vehicle at the pump. I said: I didn't say anything! The Punjabi clerk was looking at him in shock as well! I don't know what his problem was but he said something like I had to wait. I said: " OK.

A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted

It's now 2 weeks that I started this new job and I screwed up a few times already! I was late half an hour because I had forgotten to set the alarm! I blamed it on the snow and road condition. On the 2nd day a Filipino girl asked me something and I said the idea was stupid. The bitch complained about me and said that I called her stupid! That's the problem when you have to work with ignorant fucks! The Loyal used to call them peasant! I don't look down on anyone but if someone is stupid enough not to understand I mean all I can do is just not to talk to them unless it's absolutely necessary. Then there was, according to the trainer, a number of errors in the last order that we had picked up and I said " we " because it was me and King J., a nickname I gave to a fella worker, who worked on the order together. For that I was not the only one who was criticized. I hope I can work for these asshole as long as I want because the job market is really f*cke

Switched to Another Job!

I finally get a chance to leave The Weird Guy and his(!) workplace to start another one. It was a mistake from beginning going there but I used the best of it in the 10 weeks period that I worked there or at least I think that way! Honestly there were so many issues with that job (some might have already been mentioned, not that anyone cares!): 1- One of the most disorganized companies that I've ever seen in my life, anywhere. 2- Certainly the filthiest and nastiest place I've seen, everywhere. No exaggeration at all. There was a thick layer of dust on almost everywhere except the spots which were accessed on daily basis! The damn bathroom had only one tap and was always dirty. In the meantime there was a nice and clean bathroom for the rest of the people who, I quote, worked in the office! So the policy in this company is that the office people deserve a clean and nice bathroom but the floor people don't! Shame on you.  3- The so-called lunchroom was filled with

What Should be the Punishment for a Spy?

The US Government just increased the reward for any information regarding the former FBI and CIA agent, Robert Levinson who got disappeared in Kish Island , in Persian Gulf  back in 2007 . His case is probably one of the most complex disappearance cases in the history, at least to my knowledge.  This guy first traveled to Kish Island   because the island, part of Iran , is considered a visa free zone . He went there as a private investigator. I'm not saying that he would not have been able to get into Iran just simply because he's American . It would have just taken longer, perhaps, to get there. So he goes there as a former FBI agent and, as I said, and a private investigator and later it's known that he met the convicted criminal  Dawud Salahuddin ! Salahuddin  is an African American junkie like many others in the US who somehow got in touch with anti- Shah Iranian s in late 70's . His birth name is Davis Theodore Belfield . He changed his name after eit