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Blaze Pizza: A New Experience

Lazy Ass called me and said that he would have liked to hang out and I said yes. He's a nice guy and his laziness only causes him issue, not me! So he introduced me to Blaze Pizza . With the restaurants re-opening in Calgary and area we were expecting the place to be jammed but it was not like that but at the same time it looked like people are coming out. There were a good number of customers in there. Basically the way that Blaze Pizza works is similar to Subway : You go in there and you build your own pizza although you can order from their menu. It was recommended to me and I followed. I don't eat anything which is made out of White Flour but had to make an exception and why I did that was: 1- They have thin crust option which is as thin as Lavash .  2- I had worked a lot and a little extra sugar would not hurt me. 3- They offer Cauliflower Crust but they charge $5 which considering the price of the pizza, it's a little unreasonable. besides I wanted to

No Purchase for the Accepted Offer

I have an awful feeling since yesterday. I did something bad and it hurt me a lot. What happened is we, I and the realtor, finally found a nice property that I thought I could relax in it and enjoy my time after work. We put an offer and the offer was accepted by the owner. I believed and I still believe it was a good deal. The place was nice and clean with big windows which provides natural light. However since it was part a raw of houses, it was located in a sort of dense neighbourhood but I closed my eyes to that because I have a limited budget and loan available to me.  The next day I talked to the mortgage specialist and he demanded a document which I had obtained that once in Feb. from the employer and honestly didn't feel comfortable top request that again. The mortgage specialist said that he would need that to process the loan and when I told him that I had not been able to obtain that, he said he would give the process a try using my T4 !  I was at the CBSA College

Six Months at Work

I have been working this job for a little over 6 months now. I had a jump of $1.5 in my wage after I passed the probation and despite a few mistakes that I've done, I have been able to keep a good number of hours every two weeks, without a doubt, more hours than 98% of the employees. Some might laugh at this wage increase but $1.5 extra for every hour of work, makes a significant difference in a full-time position.  What bothers me though are two things: 1- They hired a truck-load of people and now the hours are reduced because, obviously, more people are available to do the same work. There were days when I first started that I worked 10 hours !  2- I had a great suggestion for their Quality system, based on my experience and the study that I did to the work but despite the initial acceptance, nothing has ever done to it! These morons knew that applying the new system would increase the quality of their performance but did nothing to it.  I still have a few good

My First Offer

I had my first offer, a couple of days ago, on a small house in a nearby town and it was rejected! It was not a bad house for the price I intended to pay but not for the price that the owner wanted to sell! There were a few problems with the property that I closed my eyes to with the hope that I can get it with a lower price than what it had been listed. Everything happened so fast. I signed the offer that the realtor had sent to me for a price of nearly $16,000 less than the original and she sent it. Then I received a call from her indicating that the seller had agreed to only $900 below the original price!!! It was very funny and I told her. She agreed or at least she stated that she did.  We then, after a short negotiation, added $5,000 and resubmitted the offer. It was rejected again! The realtor said that the seller had been offended by our original price and I told her to say to the seller that I was disappointed at her!  The realtor said that the owner was an stubbor

A Miracle in Downtwon Calgary

I felt a bit, or perhaps more than a bit, of pain in my chest and shoulder a few days ago at work and decided to go to emergency to see what the problem was. The entrance to the medical centre was being guarded by a Peace Officer . He asked me what the problem was and let me in after I told him. Then I was questioned by a nurse who was in mask and gown. The questions were all about the Coronavirus symptoms. I was then given a mask and told how to fix it and then directed to another nurse whom got the initial examination.  Registration usually takes place after that. In this case it was done through a phone call! Then it didn't take long that I was approached by another nurse and then the physician came but before that I had to give some blood samples which was a pain! I always hated needles but the only thing I could do and did was closing my eyes. I then was sent to X-Ray . The physician wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my lungs and then the wait started.

Visiting The Mumbling Guy

I finally visited The Mumbling Guy in his place a few days ago. I remember back in the days that we worked together he always bragged about his house. It actually is not a bad one. It's located in a deep south community of the city. It's nice and quiet and there's a park in the pack. It's good that there's no lane or homes in the back. The small kitchen opens to a little backyard and the park is behind the backyard. So it's pleasant to eat in the kitchen or in the backyard without being disturbed by anything. The surprising thing was that when I rang the bell I thought I was at the wrong address because there was immediately barking from inside! The Mumbling Guy and a pet!!!! Who could believe that? The guy's lunch cost $2 and here he has a nice little cute dog!  So her daughter opened the door but had to close it to not let the dog out and got his father for me. we sat in a little hallway next to the entrance. The inside was really not special. A

My Blackberry

I decided to change my cellphone last summer after I realized that it had issues and particularly it battery drains fast. I experienced that once during a hike , in fact the last hike to date! It was very dangerous because if I had been lost, there would have been no chance to come out alive! So I did a little search and decided to order a Blackberry Key 1 from Staples Canada because it was on sale. The item arrived in less than a week. Beautiful phone with lots of features through the service provider. Everything went well until about a months and a half ago when I suddenly realized that the battery discharges so fast that I need to charge it twice a day!  For someone who doesn't use Wi Fi , texting and even talking, a problem with a newly purchased phone is surprising as much as it is annoying. I wrote to Blackberry and their first reaction was that they wanted me to send them some information so they can diagnose the issue. The information was sent but didn't help t