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The Shortest Interview Ever!

I was called to an interview a few days ago just one day after I applied for the position! It's not a top position but better than being unemployed or doing a labour job. At least it's in my own area of expertise. I had the phone somewhere that I didn't know where it was. So I couldn't pick up on time. The guy, who would interview me left a message. I called him back when I found the phone and told him that I was driving! He set up the time. This is a sort of factory, of course in the industrial part of the city and it's not too far. I reached there a little early and the old lady, who was at a desk, called the guy. His office was just at the back and seemed shared a few others because there were 2 or 3 others in the room when we sat but they left shortly. When he introduced him to me on the phone his name definitely sounded Hispanic . When I met him he looked Oriental ! I know that was the same person. I just don't know why he was called himself that name!

Problem With the Desktop Again!

I bought this desktop from a Future Shop in Surrey , I think, back in 2009 and it was working fine mostly except for the times that I screwed with it and had to take to a Future Shop (before it is sold) and Best Buy, at least two times. It's a Gateway machine with a big HP monitor. There were numerous unknown (to me) issues with the machine. I was not even able to update the maps of my Garmin GPS . And then one day adds started popping up in the middle of a website or the machine would kick me out of YAHOO when I was sighed in to read my e-mail. The first thing I did was downloading, installing and using a sort of software which had been introduced to me by The Brave . Since he's a cheap guy always trying to pay as less as possible, that didn't quite worked! Then I bought a new version ESET NOD anti-virus. I don't even remember when I had bought or downloaded the older version but I paid some $20 and upgraded the system. That helped a bit but not with the

First Call after the Return

I received a call from a recruiting agency last week in regards to the position I had applied. That was my first call after I returned home from the damn prison ! I was quite optimist although it was a temporary position. The guy asked regular questions such as: 1. Are you currently working? 2. Would you be OK with the nature of the job being temporary? 3. How much are you expecting to be paid? 4. What was your salary on the last job? I answered them honestly and politically. My answer to the third one was Whatever the norm of the industry is. To the last one I told him the truth. He then told me that he would send me the detail of the job and would expect me to answer the next day. I agreed. The bastard never did! The next day I send an e-mail to their general e-mail address. They said they had forwarded my e-mail (and the same resume because I had attached it) to the guy and he would contact me. He, of course never did. I assume he simply found someone with less expectations al

Sony's Lithium Battery

I took two extra Sony Lithium Batteries with me when I was going to Quebec with the hope that when I needed to take a photo, I would simply exchange the discharged one but when we went to Chambly Canal National Historic Site , I realized that was a mistake! Or perhaps I can call a trick by Sony ! None of the other two batteries work on the camera! The camera would turn on and then the screen would go blank and this message would appear on the screen: I don't know know what kind of funny game is this that Sony is playing! I have to keep the battery charged until it's ruined and should be thrown out or recycled and so does the camera!  It's obvious that big companies always try to screw customers to make money. Sony is not the only one. Sony actually has lost a huge market in the past few years. It had Sony  stores all around the city and now none of them exist. In Calgary there was a huge Store in 8th St. SW that I was shopped in there and got my Sony Card as

CFLRS Notes (36): CAC-PAR

The recruits who are to be released from the Forces, without being graduated, are transferred to this section of the school called CAC-PAR . CAC is for the people who have done something against the school rules or are awaiting their situation to be changed and PAR is for the ones who are simply awaiting their release. Some attempt to come back. Some leave for good. PAR stands for People Awaiting Release . What is that people do during the day? A typical day in the section starts from 08:00 until 11:30 when people leave for lunch. They need to be back to the room by 12:30 hours. Then there is normally another 3 hours. Normally at 15:30 and sometimes wait could be as long as up to 16:00. Then they are on their own.  I spent quite a long time in this freaking section awaiting my release. However any chance I got, I tried to get the hell out. That would have happened only if someone had been moving to CAC-PAR or going to any sections of the school for his or her release process.

CFLRS Notes (35): The Sword of Allah(!)

This time I'm going to write about a guy whom easily can be called a dickhead! I apologize to any reader if he or she is offended but that what he really is. This fella who is introduced here as Sword of Allah and that is the translation of his name, literally, had issues with almost everyone during the training, even me! He once sees me eating Pork Sausage for breakfast and he goes: This is Pork ! And I reply: So?! He goes: This is not Halal , referring to Muslim 's restriction for eating any Pig product. I go: It's OK! We later got into an argument in the break room. I didn't want to disappoint him. So I fist said that the other meats he eats are not slaughtered based on Islamic laws. So they are not Halal as well and he should not eat them! The idiot didn't have any answer for that and said something nonsense such as " they are not banned meat! ". I told him that his sin was as bad as mine as long as he eats that kind of meat. Then in the fasting

Chambly Canal National Historic Site

I and guy from New Brunswick hung out for a number of days in the same pod before being released from CAF . He was a little bit crazy but funny guy. The poor fella had some mental issue and for that he got released but it was not too serious to prevent me from spending time with him. The subject of this post is not him but I thought I should refer to him briefly before I go to the main topic. We shared good laughs together and I know he or anyone he knows ever finds out about it. So I'm not worried although I'm not telling anything bad about him. He admitted he had problems in the first week of training. Anyway we left the school together one Sat. morning and walked all the way to Richelieu River  in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu . It's a very nice place. Good for jogging, cycling, fishing and photography of course. While walking on the pathway we reached a small building with Parks Canada logo and people who had the uniform on. We then realized that we had reached Chambl

The Disaster of Going Back Home

This time I'm writing from Ottawa International Airport because I'm stuck here! I booked my flight to Calgary through Ottawa and I realized that there was 01:55 hour delay! The flight from Montreal to Ottawa was very easy, short and comfortable. I was given a seat next to emergency exit with no one next to me. However when I got to Ottawa I learnt that my flight had already left!  One lady from Air Canada tried for minutes to get me another ticket. Meanwhile I realized that my plastic bag containing my laptop and all the related is not with me! I was nervous and a little bit disoriented as a result of missing my flight and even now that I'm writing this I have a light headache, something I barely get in years. I remembered, after a few minutes of thinking that I had left my bag in the cart when I was rushing up to the check-in section! The lady eventually was able to get me a flight to Vancouver and then Calgary and offered me a hotel room in Downtown Ottawa

Free, After All

I'm writing this from Pierre E. Trudeau International Airport in Montreal . I finally was released from CFLRS without any problem this morning. I was a little bit nervous because you never know what might happen to keep you for a very long time! In fact something silly did happen(!) but it was a stupidity which I will write about it separately but generally it was easier than I had thought.  My room was not inspected although I had cleaned it and put everything in place. I had returned all my military stuff and had done all of my paperwork. The only thing left was to return the room key and my Exacta Card which I did after that and went to the office and reported.  The lady who was responsible for the section, a Master Seaman , even helped me to get a cab and gave me the metro and bus maps. However I only got a cab to the bus terminal in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu which cost me $13.15 only. I got the bus to Bonaventure metro station in Montreal from there which cost $10

CFLRS Notes (34): Summary Trail

One of the staff, a P. O. (Stands for Petty Officer , a ranking in RCN , in case you didn't know and that could be P. O. 1 or 2 but they are only addressed as P. O. ) approached me and a few others once and asked us if we would be doing anything the coming Mon.. The answer was no and he ordered us to attend a Summary Trail at a certain hour on the day. From the name of the event I knew someone was in trouble and would be punished. At the specified date and time, people almost filled the room and a Major and his aid walked in. The accused was then ordered to enter. He was marched in by one of the aids while escorted by two recruits. They were ordered to stand in front of the judge, the Major , all three of them. The story was an idiot had a bottle of Red Wine on him when he returned from leave and it was found in his closet in a plastic bag! The guy said it was a gift from his grand mother(!) and added he never drank! The Major as a judge indicated that he had to prove

Dime in the Public Phone

One of the things I noticed here in Canada is lack of respect(!) for small coins! When a person drops or finds a Nickle , a Dime or used to drop a Penny , they don 't bother bending and picking it up. My understanding is they are too rich to care about that much of money! I think it doesn't matter whether your rich or not. You need to pick that up. If you don't need it, drop in a tip jar or a donation box. Is that too hard to do? Don't act like a ignorant, selfish, fool.  I remember in the old country once my Aunt was back form a trip to Canada and had some change on her and gave them all to me! Although I was not a little kid, that amount of change, for me who had not been abroad at the time, was a treasure! I kept a number and then used the Dime s, mostly, on a public phone! There was no mobile phone available on those days. We didn't even had landline for years and I don't quite remember the year. I don't recall whether we had landline back then o

Flashback (32): Mohammad of Allah(!)

I haven't written under Flashback s for awhile. Something came to mind which reminded me of this guy and his story back to 15 years ago . There were a number of guys from Afghanistan in the apartment where I moved to after I left The Brave 's I guess in June or July of 2002 . One of them was this guy named Mohammad of Allah (literal meaning!) from Afghanistan who lived right in the unit below ours with a roommate. I had a roommate from Afghanistan as well and he worked night shift while I worked day shift. I remember one night a bunch of us went to this strip club in Downtown . It does not exist any more. It was called  French Maid . I guess they either transferred the business somewhere else or shut it completely.  There were a couple of strippers that we watched and then we took a break. I saw this great Muslim (!) playing pool with one of the girls who was clothed in shorts and T-shirt ! I didn't know at the time that strippers, maybe not all of them, hang out