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Murdered Cop

An Ottawa cop was murdered the other day and the accused is an RCMP officer on leave! That's embarrassing to the Federal Government officers . The RCMP has been the centre of many accusations and wrongdoings in the last few years. From the Polish guy's death in YVR to drunk driver officer. What's interesting about this tragedy (I know I shouldn't use the term " Interesting") is the murdered was 51 and a newly joined member of the force! It means the guy had been offered the job at the age of 47 which is amazing! I should be pretty confident about myself! I went to the gym yesterday and the day before. I've been doing better and better everyday in terms of machine and push and pulls but my Cooper Test practice results are just awful! I haven't been able realty to practice and just the day before I had to stop at almost 09:00 minutes! I'm goin ' to see my physician to see what to do to improve as haven't seen any progress lately. One

4 Clint Eastwood Movies

I've recently watched 4 Clint Eastwood movies in the last few weeks: 1- Unforgiven . 2- Gran Torino . 3- Magnum Force . 4- Letters From Iwo Jima . They are from different times and different genres. Besides Clint Eastwood has no role in the last one. He directed and co-produced it. The Iwo Jima movie is one incredible movie. Great story that opens your eyes to the truth about Pacific War , outstanding performances by Japanese actors and great soundtrack. I never knew that Japanese were so cruel on their soldiers during the Second World War in the way that is displayed in the movie. Unforgiven is Western , Magnum Force is another story about Harry Kalahan a SFPD cop and Gran Torino is about a war veteran. What impresses me the most is the Japanese discipline and attitude in the war that you never see in Americans . That's part of their culture. And that's why they're here in the world. Japan always has been one of the places I wanted to vis

Benjamin Button: A Strange and Lovely Movie

It might not be really important but I got The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from the mac's store we go to regularly and the first disk was scratched and we couldn't watch the movie. The store owner is a nice Panjabi guy and changed the disk for me. What a strange movie! It was very slow and unattractive for me in the beginning specially with that bad scratched disk experience. Then the more the movie went on the lovelier and at the same time stranger it got. Brat Pitt speaks with strong Southern US accent and that I believe makes his character attractive. The story is very new, strange and attractive. That's the most important element in the entire movie. Anyway I own the DVD like many other movies and it's a good movie to enjoy. It's a thoughtful movie too. It made me think about my past when he took his father to the pier early morning to see sunrise. The movie talks about forgiveness partially. (Photo: In this scene of the movie the young-old Ben

Charter of Rights and Freedom

The problem with this Canadian people, some of them I mean, is they think they're so special. They actually don't think, they believe they're so important and unique and whatever they say and want it must be done! The example is bunch of stubborn ski jumper who were dreaming to jump in the upcoming Olympics ! They were all rejected! And why? Simply because you're not as good as they think or believe they are! So I. O. C. or whoever is in charge, simply put them away because why would the money which is hard to come get wasted by on bunch of girls who happened to jump and they might fall after that! That drove the girls mad and they told themselves that they were very very special and there're three reasons for that: 1- They are women! 2- They are Caucasian ! 3- They live (born and raised) in Canada ! And because of that specialty that they think they have in themselves, they also think that they are unique too(!!) so they complain to a court to obtain their righ

Animal Farm

Have you read Animal Farm of George Orwell ? They are all amazing. I bought the book last week from a HMV store although I had read it years ago, several times in Persian . Animal Farm is literally the story of every revolution, more specifically Islamic Revolution in Iran . This is a coincidence because one of the key figures and founders of Islamic Republic, H. A. Montazeri was dead today. He became one of the strongest, outspoken critics of the Islamic Republic in the past few years. He was under house arrest for over 5 years for that reason. That's exactly what George Orwell describes in his book: The architect of the revolution becomes the opposition and then either dies or is exiled. It's very brave of someone to confess to his or her mistakes in the past in that culture and he did bravely. He was toppled from his position, the leader-to-be for criticizing the regime. That's also very appreciated and very rare in that culture. (Photo: Cover of Animal Farm b

Smoking Is A Hobby Of Third World People!!

Smoking is being fought against here in Canada by health groups and authorities. Smoking is banned in most places, public places including banks, restaurants, bars, shops etc. But you still suffer because of the selfish people who smoke inside the residential buildings and outside on the street, at the beach or in the parks. I remember this time, years ago, I was working for Almase Saz Co. and there was a group of Germans working there as well to help to commission the factory. One time I was going home and instead of taking the usual shuttle bus, I took theirs which I remember clearly was a bit more luxurious. It had air conditioning and comfortable seat and it was cleaner. They were our guests and foreigners after all and they were Germans ! Those reason all were enough to treat them differently from the permanent employees of the company(!!) Anyways we were heading home. I was seating beside the driver and the Germans were all over as well as a few of my colleagues. One o

Still Free

I have been using free Internet Service since I moved to this new place. There was only a short period of time that Telus provided me with the service and then for whatever technical reason the idiots were cut off be me. I didn't get a good reliable service from them and I canceled just after a month. This wireless service I'm using at the moment has its ups and downs. I make overseas and long distance telephone calls to Canada and the US , download movies and songs, watch Youtube , do my online banking, search for jobs and check my e-mails. But at times I get disconnected and that's frustrating. Now after the last lost opportunity, I'm just trying to survive and cut the corner for that reason. For a few days I was buried on pile of bills. I had to use my saving account to get out from under them. Nevertheless I just had my cable hooked up today. I just couldn't live like that anymore!

Dive in Vain

I've been trying to get a job in Atlantic Canada for almost 6 months . I had two interviews which I passed the first one and I had a reference check and apparently the second interview didn't really go well. I felt good at the end and thought that I gave good answers but I was wrong. Or may be the other candidates were better than me. It was a permanent job for the Federal Government and may never happen again. I was thinking a few days ago about the ways that I could go all the way to Nova Scotia . Now I'm thinking to start over! That's shit.

Tiger and Tyson: Resemblances and Differences

Mike Tyson and Charles Barkley have always been my favorite athletes while assholes like Tiger Woods never made any impression on me. I know quiet a lot about Tyson and almost nothing about Tiger " the asshole " Woods . Nevertheless I can make the following list:   Resemblances: 1- Their given names start with T! (What a wonderful discovery!) 2- They both screwed up their life through a woman ( Tiger cheated on his wife and but Tyson raped a woman and went to jail for that) 3- They both are big in sport and will remain in history forever. 4- They are both coloured people. 5- They are both American . 6- They both messed up in religious terms! Tiger is a Buddhist , the religion which is stresses on decency, honesty and other stuff like that. Tyson converted to Islam in prison and even changed his name to Samad (!) and was wearing a cap but there's no sign of that conversion these days, probably because of all this shit we see with Muslim extremi

Saved a Little Over $300

This whole Capitalism system of the US and Canada is like a big drum. There's nothing in it and is just load. If you dig really deep, you'll realize that many industries here are just founded to serve the kind of the needs that they're not really needs, they're not essential or vital. They just make employment! Everyone survives and lives without them in peace. I kind of wanted to provide you with a long list but give you just a few examples: 1- Insurance companies. 2- Wineries. 3- Professional Sport Clubs. (Gosh! That's a big sub-list itself!) 4- Universities and Colleges. (Most of them!, Not all! Believe me. It's true!) 5- Dance Studios. 6- Tourism related businesses. 7- ... I can go on and on but there's no point. And then when there a economic recession most of the people who are involved in the businesses are in trouble. Who the hell wants to spend $180 on a ticket to watch an NHL game? You might say there are many but at the same time there might

A Two-Week Mandatory Break

I had to stay away from my regular exercises for about two weeks. I had a pain in the chest one day after my Cooper Test practice. It actually was I think I got out of the building when I still was sweating and panting and I caught a cold. The doctors don't think so. (I saw two different doctors three times and I had two lab tests!) She also doesn't think that there's anything wrong with the heart. She just warned me of fatty stuff as the test result shows a bit of high Cholesterol . That could be a result of eating too much egg, as many as 6 in a week ! The electronic scale showed 195.6   lb  and I felt good after the exercises . I didn't push it too hard, though. (Photo: My ECG. One doctor found it normal and I'm going to show it to another doctor today)