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Safeway's Struggling in Calgary

It was in the news that one of a big Safeway supermarkets in northeast part of the city will be closed soon. I'm sot surprised. With the prices that this supermarket offers, not to mention the kind of food, in that part of the city which is mostly the resident of refugees of Afghan , Arab , African, Sikh, Pakistani and so forth, they should have been closed long time ago! I remember that I shopped at that location maybe once back in 2005 when I shared a townhouse with The Microbe , not far away from there. There's a huge supermarket adjacent to that Safeway which imports foreign food, suitable for some of the nationalities I just named them. Barely anyone but a few Caucasian families who live nearby, shops at that Safeway .  This is the second Safeway supermarket that is closing in the area. There was another one on 33 St. SE , not too far from this location, that I used to go for shopping almost 10 years ago. It was a small store but had all the merchandise. It's

Navy Days

I usually tune in to the news while I'm driving and last week I heard of a display in The Military Museum , called Navy Days . I guess it was a sort of anniversary or something that they displayed Navy items in the museum. I called The Chef and he agreed to accompany me although I later regretted inviting him! The Chef is a nice guy but a pure idiot but that's not the subject of this post! We were there around 14:00 I guess and as soon as we parked and walked toward the building I saw a gentleman in uniform and asked him about the display. We were looking at a T-72 on the grounds of the museum and he encouraged us to go inside and see the displays. He was very talkative and nice. He asked us were we were from and I said that he said he know a lot of history about Persian Empire . After a few minutes of talking when I told him that I had an application with the Navy he went silent! I think he didn't like the fact that a foreigner and a non- Caucasian might become a

A Little Gathering in Murrieta

The manager of one of the volunteer works I do, e-mailed me a few weeks ago and indicated that there would be a dinner meeting with the other members of the group. Good! I had no idea where or what Murrieta was when I received the information. It's such a luxury restaurant in downtown Calgary , of course! Where else?  It's a very nice place and expensive but it's kind of hidden although it has its big sign. As a custom in Canada they serve  Red Wine during and after the dinner but I can't drink it because of my problem  Gout ! So one of the guys asked me what I wanted instead and I ordered a shot of Vodka . It's just a small glass of  Vodka  and a few ice cubes and a wedge of Lime but costs some $7.5 ! You get a bottle of 200 ml for $8 probably!  Anyways there were as many as probably 11 people, if I remember clearly. Not that it's very important!. All working! I was the only pathetic one but I revealed that to one person only, I guess!  The appetize

Garbage Makers

One of the biggest issues that the world has been facing for a few decades now is the problem with garbage! And how did this become a major issue for human being? When Westerner s introduced the nasty and disgusting products such a plastic bags, the things that hardly can be recycled! I guess I read it somewhere that it takes a million year or an astronomical number of years like that to have a plastic bag to be going back to nature! It's nothing! It's similar to saying that I have a chance to leave for Nepal tomorrow and summit Mt. Everest by the end of next week!! I remember when I was a little kid in the old country, probably Grade 1 , garbage collectors had a big cart that they pushed and we collected all sorts of trash in  a bin, with no plastic bag and when he would show up, he would dump our bin in his big cart and would go the next door neighbour! This of course was very hard for the man. Then plastic bag was introduced and of course they sold their machines all ar

Early Start of Winter

Winter started early this year. At least so far. I always mild and dry winters such as last year's. The first snow was seen on Fri. and a little the day after and then the next two days including today. I haven't still adopted myself to the weather(!) but I made a bad decision and bought a pair of waterproof Timberland from Camper Village for $125.98 today. I didn't want to do that especially with this disappointing situation in the economy that the city has by 9.5% unemployment which is the highest among the 30 main cities of Canada but before that I went to a local Wal-Nasty-Mart and tried two pairs of theirs and felt not really good!  I know this is stupid but in the past 5 years I always needed a pair of shoe for winder and never bought because I don't like boots and was always concerned about the price but this year is no joke because this pair of Adidas I have and wear on daily basis is very easily broken and provides no protection against cold and r

The Disturbing Anniversary

This is not probably someone would want to remember but one year ago the motherfuckers threw me out of the company! One year passed so fast. Just these past 14 years and so which seemed went by fast! I met K. M. A. today after a while. In fact she met with me because I asked him to be my reference for Firearms Licence and he accepted. He seems alright and was a bit nicer than usual but went through the form line by line! I wouldn't probably do that but it's OK. I mailed the form after The Chef acted as the other reference for the from. Of course not with the same attention! K. M. A. is also the guarantor for the form. He told me something, very calmly, that left me in a shock, a little bit, at the end. He said that his little girl was autistic! D. H. , my first landlord has an autistic boy and I know that he hears well but cannot talk. If that's the illness of the little girl that's devastating. Good that he seemed calm and relaxed. At the same time what can he do?

Why did Canadians Condemn the Anti-Muslim Poster in U of C?

It was in the news a few day ago that a number of anti- Muslim posters were seen in University of Calgary . This is quite similar to the anti- Sikh posters which were seen in University of Alberta a few weeks ago. I'm not surprised at all. Obviously there are people in this country who don't like the immigration policies of Trudeau. The problem is that they have to have other ways to have their voices heard. If you call this democracy then you will have to either go to your MLA or MP or simply have a rally but I guess you're too busy with your drinking, your pot smoking, your iPhone s and your girl or boyfriend! Putting a few posters up won't take much time. Going to the MP and have a through talk with him or her or organizing a rally requires lots of energy, planing and effort!  However the question is why the university and some Caucasian people condemn this. The answer is very simple: In this economy if Muslim students boycotted an university, the result

The Neighbourhood was not the Issue!

I don't follow Football . Not that I dislike it or anything! In fact I don't follow any professional sport these days but follow the news for sure. One of the players of Calgary Stampeders , a very young Black guy, originally from Detroit , was shot dead last week. He was killed by a Black guy who later denied. He still has to appear in the court and they will determine his fate. He will most likely go to jail for a few years and will be freed. He is charged with Second Degree Murder . He still have to be convicted.  His mother or sister said that they were happy about him moving to Calgary because they considered the city and generally the country a much safer place compare to the US !  Yes. Calgary is safer but when the trouble appears you still could be shot and dead and the trouble was the culture of Black people (or some like to call them African-American ) which is all (maybe most) about violence, swearing, street fight, you name it. I have no issue with Blac

Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park

The Chef called me last weekend and we got together after nearly a month for a nice home-made meal. I had not called him for a while because the last time I was at his place he got drunk and acted very weirdly! So then when I was leaving his place he said that we should go outside the city for a barbecue and little walk. I accepted. When I called him on Fri. he said he was sick and he had to come home early from work to rest. I said we would do the short trip one another weekend. He then called me in the afternoon and he said he was fine(!) and wanted me to plan for the trip. I had a bag of Shrimp in the freezer and got another one based on his requested and marinated them both. In the morning we headed south on southeast side of the city and followed Highway # 22X to Carseland , a small rural community with grain fields and cattle farms around. It was a cloudy day and the closer we got to the town, the thicker the fog got. At spots where the speed limit was 100 Km/h, I had to

Firearms Safety Course (Restricted)

The firearm safety course for Restricted firearms which are the handguns, are quite similar to the previous course, the course for Non-restricted firearms. It's a shorter course because most of the topics are already covered. The main difference is the type of cartridges. There are others as well which if you wanted to know, you would have to take the course! Today's handguns are mostly semi-automatic. Revolver s are no longer used by law enforcement agencies. Muzzleloader is of course for target shooting and collection but is an interesting handgun to have and work with if you follow all of the safety concerns. The other thing that you learn is that handguns are either Single-Action or Double-Action . Single-Action is the one which by squeezing the trigger it does only one thing. You need to cock the gun yourself every time you want to shoot. Double-Action fires and cocks at the same time and of course is faster. This course was thought by the same gentleman who